Hiking on Bevers Trail with Wild Flowers

July 6 – Monday –
–Many phone calls for Art Festival. Some good connections, some needing to call later. But got some things finalized. Chatted with another potential food vendor and the other new one. Both will apply quickly. Wrote the copy and downloaded images onto a CD for KRDO Sponsor TV ad.
–Walk to PO. Another replacement check, but no applications.
–Gathered things to take tomorrow on errand run for self and Festival.
–Facebook invite from Brian G. Johnson to a party at his new home later this month. Yes, I am going! Have a mysterious note about another event on my calendar. Ignore it.
–Kept working until almost time to go to meeting. Got asked if I wanted to be the artist of the month and give a talk tonight at 5:04 pm. NO! need more prep time.
–Key in front door would not release. Left it there.
–Walked in the rain to the meeting. Interesting proposals for ways to change the shop. One I am sure would mean we would be out of business in a year’s time. A couple interesting. But need to be aware that we can’t do anything that would require pulling a permit and most of these could.
–A member interested in doing security. Then an email reminder from another member of another person interested Tuesday. Will work it out to make it happen for less than a Security company would charge.
–Went to Keg with many members. Mentioned my lock challenge. Another member had just removed 5 deadbolts and would give me one to replace the problem one.

July 7 – Tuesday –
–Aine in the morning.
–Remembered festival phone calls I didn’t make yesterday.
–Called City Works person and he answered the phone. Resolved 5 issues in one phone call.
–Headed out to drive errands. Banks, Supplements, picked up a lock for front door, cream cheese, German bread bakery, etc. Post Office and drove past the burned building. So sad that a person destroyed people’s lives and killed pets over a personal disagreement that allowed her hurt emotions take over any bit of reason and not having the courage to face a change.
–Marketing meeting. Stats from the web site creators. Google loves us. Relevant content.
–Canceled Wednesday Hike due to rainy conditions.
–Webinar with Tony about T-shirt selling and a bit of creation info.
–Worked way late into the night on my Dream Journals. Updated and changed some images. Fixed some line problems. I think they are about ready to get reviewed. But if I use IngramSpark, need to learn how that process works.

July 8 – Wednesday –
–I slept late. Must have needed it.
–Call from Greek friend, back in town and new medical adventure to learn more.
–Confirmed possible hiking on Friday.
–Festival tasks galore. Working on the “If you don’t ask, the answer is always ‘no’, but if you do ask some times it is a ‘yes’ beyond your expectations” theory. Got some new prizes for the Art Festivals Free Drawing. The Security is now taken care of, a couple of parking issues resolved, the Festival FB header is updated with all the correct sponsors, a feeler out about some new & different advertising as a trade for booth space and the Group Booth is now being handled by someone other than me -not that I have ever overseen that, but it was headed that way this year.
–Got lost in getting some images to the PPB for the “Save the Date” Press release.
–Took care of a few personal things -bills, subscriptions, etc.
–Fixed dinner, but Mel didn’t get home.
–Changed the lock on the front door, but it just doesn’t seem quite right.
–Gonna go read IngramSpark info and see what Tony said in the Coloring Book Training about how to publish there.
–OK, it costs $49 per book to publish on IngramSparks. Plus to get distribution it costs another $12 per title. I think I am going to go with CreateSpace and test the waters for these types of books there. Played with writing on one page and drawing on the flip side with colored pencils using one of my proof copies of another book. Seems to not show thru too much on either side. Emailed Inner Circle Tony for some feedback.
–And need to add the idea of using colored pencils to draw with or crayons to the introductions pages of both journals.
–OK, once again on the computer past 11 pm. Time to close up shop . . .

July 9 – Thursday –
–Festival emails. Walk to PO. Food vendor app there.
–Sent emails to Italian Gallery re: Rusty. Saw Gwenn’s confirmation for doing Rusty Muffins and maybe lemon snowballs for the fund raiser.
–Checked my own emails. Tony confirmed I should use CreateSpace for Dream Journals to start.
–Drove to City Hall. Saw Shelley drive by. Went into Planning to get Flag placement approved, no fee. Walgreens for sunscreen on sale. Really good deal. Met w/ KCME new rep. Wanted a higher fee this year. Asked to see if could stay same as last year one more year.
–Stopped at Commonwheel to make copy of application & put in Food Vendor envelop for Deb. Found parking by garages. The Barricades have beem moved.
–Parked at home. Had ice cream bar for a snack.
–Walked in the drizzling rain to Inner Health for traded massage. Had an error on the one page I had made many corrections.
–Walked in drizzly rain to MAC for Creative District meeting. Very few in attendance. Worked towards mission statements of goals.
–When got home had the urge to go weed the garden. Didn’t change shoes or pants. Pulled up many weeds from the Tomato and Poppy beds. Very wet ground. Brought in lettuce and herbs for salad and egg & potato dinner.
–Will Mel on the porch after dinner watched hummingbirds at the feeder. There were 5 and mostly they shared as many as 4 at a time rather than fighting. It was raiing again.
–Fixed the Inner Health Module 6 pages and sent pdfs to KM.
–Looked at the new web site pages for the Festival. They are beautiful. Good job Robyn! Told her that by email. And then there is the chair decisions to buy for Festival and the basement . . . cushioned ones are in the mix. Not sure how they would work if it rained at the Festival . . .
–Wanted to look at the list building program I bought, but couldn’t find it on the NAMS account that the thank you page sent me to. Went into NAMS another way and didn’t see anything but my NAMS 13 replays. Wrote a support ticket.
–And now so tired, not getting anything else done tonight.

July 10 – Friday –
–Felt an urge to change our hiking destination. Called Shel and she agreed to a new adventure. Went off of Bevers Lane in Crystal Hills. Really glad we did.
–Great unusual flowers at the beginning. Rude looking Prairie Cornflowers delighted my hiking friend.

Cornflowers - Rude Flowers
–Cactus in full bloom in many colors.

Cactus in Bloom In Manitou Springs
–A very pretty delicate flower. A Mariposa close up.

Mariposa Close Up
–Check out my www.spiritrenewinghikes.com to see more photos.
–One of the best parts was we took an extra bit of walk down a hill to the pond. there were Dragonflies and Blue Needles mating and dancing around for us.

Mating Dragonflies
–Came home tried to take a short power nap. The phone rang twice. Hadn’t rung the whole time I was gone.
–Got the poster and postcard ready to print. Have to do pdfs with marks of the jpg images. Redid the back side of the postcard in Quark, as it was a pdf and I couldn’t convert into one with marks without redoing it. Look good. Thanks Kathy.
–Communicated about some other shop related things
–Chairs – cushions or no cushions, that is the big question.
–Mel showed up as I was fixing dinner. Added some rice & quinoa mix to the chicken and veggies and had a salad and it was plenty.

July 11 – Saturday –
–Headed off to the Farmers Market and errands relating to groceries.
–Worked most of the day on the 2 Dream Journals. Got them to a point I thought they were ready to be reviewed, so sent them off to CreateSpace. Immediately saw a typo that I will fix along with some other glitchy things.
–Fixed dinner using leftovers and a Salmon patty. Easy and tasty.
–Posted about the Dream Journals on FaceBook.

Turn a July Day Around

July 1 – Wednesday
–Checked Fest emails. Answered a couple. Checked other emails.
–Correen arrived early. Talked a bit about Coloring books and her secret “idea” that hasn’t been worked on yet. Walked down to Green Horse. Dar has a new puppy. So cute. Went to lunch with Sharon and Correen at Townhouse. Nice to sit in the sun.
–Back at house told the “Keith” story after showing her the Rockey book and talking more about coloring books.
–Tried to get marbled image, then a feather mandala into black and white line drawing. Neither worked. Give it up!
–Inner Circle meeting. More about what Tony is doing than any real training. Talked of things that won’t help me much.
–Mel fixed dinner.
–Now back on computer to get something accomplished.
Fireworks Movie 4th of July 2015
July 2 – Thursday – So many ways to turn a day around
–Woke to very grey skies. Called my hiking partner and she wasn’t into even a short hike. Weather forecast she heard was it would start raining early in the day. (Never did in Manitou.)
–Headed over to Post Office and to take the new Festival Storage Lock key to Commonwheel.
–Ran into a Creative District friend. She was walking the same direction. Wanted to find a gift for a friend going on a trip. And we talked about book writing. She didn’t find a gift at Commonwheel and I suggested she stop by my house to see the books I have published on CreateSpace.
–Looking at my Essential Oils book, she mentioned something about a specific oil good for keeping bugs away but that it smelled bad. I let her sniff Purification and she loved it! It keeps bugs away and has a bit of that one oil in it, but smells much more pleasant. I did have an unopened bottle and it was in her price range for a Bon Voyage gift for it turns out a mutual friend.
–She was interested in being a distributor for essential oils and I mentioned I had a half off voucher to sign up with. She took it and will do that in the next couple of days.
–Called a potential food vendor for the Art Festival. Caught him at a perfect time. He doesn’t have a gig on Labor Day Weekend. Had enjoyed doing the WineFest. Sent him an application. Sounds like we will have “gourmet” Cheese Steaks this year.
–Drove to the bank, forgot the new check. But deposited checks for me and Festival.
–Stopped at the small Farmer’s Market in Manitou Springs. Bought some colorful eggs, Kolorabi and radishes.
–Got home in time to catch a call from a member who can do Balloon Twisting on Saturday, the day the professional Balloon artist couldn’t. Replacing our long time balloon artist who moved away. So glad to still have this to offer for kids at the Festival.
–Had the urge to write up the note I want to send the people in Aweber that joined one of my lists long time ago. They will either stay or unsubscribe. Offering my revised version of “As A Man Thinketh” by James Allen as a sign up bonus. Have go in and do some fixes, as it is related to Vivian Rice’s book on many pages. Easy to change.
–Worked on getting the Dream Journals closer to being ready to publish. Web site a little more figured out. Need to ask to be an affiliate with Hay House, but want it to look a bit more finished before putting in that request.

July 3 – Friday –
–Started out on Festival Tasks again. Got info to Balloon artist, worked on the flyer, & revised the Eco Requirement letters for artists and food vendors & sent to be proofed.
–Created a 3-up flyer to invite artsts to our show. (Forgot to add closed categories.)
–Long chat with the new Food Vendor. He might know one more to invite . . . and he is excited to be coming to ours this year.
–Walked to Commonwheel via the Post Office. One replacement check, no new apps. Made copies of bills, checking deposit and the flyer I made up for handing out at the Pikes Peak Art and Music Festival tomorrow. Got someone to go with me too! More fun that way.
–Hurried to Inner Health for Tune-up, but she was behind schedule already. We settled upon a date for my full massage owed and when to work on Module 7. Plus she had problems printing the Module 6. When I looked at that at home, many of the images were in the wrong file type, including some as bitmaps and TIFs. Fixed the 2 pages that were unreadable for her students.
–Chatted with tenants about becoming YL distributors using a $20 voucher and they want to do it. Heading out for a job interview and some other things, but will connect with me later this weekend.
–Put my new phone system on line. And a few other tasks I have been putting off done.
–Am I creating a “Swiss Army Knife” web site with Transformation Tools for Life? And that would be a bad idea? Or am I just making it more complicated than it needs to be? Something is holding me back from completing tasks to get the Dream Journals finalized and proofed.
–Did research on Dream Interpretation books on Hay House. Need an affilate link for this company as Amazon won’t pay me affiliate fees because I live in Colorado.
–Also looked into how to link to Tony Laidig programs. Discovered the link I thought went to PhotoShop Instante Expert went to a Jay Boyer program. So glad I tested it!

July 4 – Saturday –
–Went to America the Beautiful Park with Ace to solicit artists for Commonwheel’s Art Festival. Had a gate fee of $5. Took CC, so told him to charge 2 on CMWL Fest card. He charged just one, and I said I needed 2. Gave me the 2nd entry for free. Have value of getting $5 off Georgia O’Keefe show at FAC and beers that weekend. I don’t drink beer.
–Some good artists. Some disgruntled by the promises of the promoter of what the show would look like. Some may apply this year, some next year to Commonwheel.
–Heading home, message on my phone of “Smoke seen behind the Cliff House.” Scary. Later, message arson of a house on Cañon Ave. Not a good thing for Manitou.
–Got to the shop to work the 2nd shift. I sold 3 times what the morning person did.
–Noticed many young people came in tonight and so many tattoos. So much art on the bodies of some of them . . . mind boggling.
–Nervous about the fire so close. But no warning to leave nor did I smell smoke. Later find out a disgruntled girlfriend poured gasoline on the porch, blocked the door and set fire to a building that housed 4 families and had pets inside. Pets did die and people had to jump out of windows to escape. How can someone have so little respect of lives and property to do such a thing? And then set fire in a town that had barely escaped the Waldo Canyon Fire?!!
–Walked up to Mabel WilliePark and past it to sit on the side of the road for a perfect view of fireworks. Coreen came up and joined me. Tried to take movies on my camera.


Should have tried with the phone also, but just kept watching and enjoying the beauty. Stopped at Cupit’s on the way home. Never been in this house of hers. Nice. Helped a lost young barefoot girl get back to the B&B on Ruxton when I left.

Exhaustion Levels Around the House Are High

June 25 – Thursday
–And I did feel fine in the morning after the hike.
–Worked on Festival tasks.
–Got all the images for the Press Releases onto a Thumb Drive. Worked a bit more on the Short PR and the “Save the Date” to take to JC tomorrow.
–Called to find a new Balloon Twister for the Festival and got a good lead.
–Tried to turn the Shorter Dream Journal into a pdf and it came out huge still! How can a 3.3 MB file turn into a 970 MB file? Changed all the Tiff images into jpgs. Still a huge file.
–I had one heck of a time trying to pay for the Coloring Book class. Did it wrong, got a refund, and was informed I was using the wrong code and looking on the Inner Circle web site when should have been looking at the Facebook post for information. Got it.
–It had rained a bit, so didn’t water the gardens.
–As I was reading comics on the porch ADT Security called and I drove down to Commonwheel. A member was chatting in the street with his girl friend and friends. He had been in there and said he closed up properly. Didn’t offer to go in and reset the alarm. When I came out and told him it was the front door, didn’t seem to care. His girl friend then said, “You needed to get out for a walk anyway.” I had driven and been disturbed when resting by a phone call asking if they should send the Police. Not my idea of fun moment.
–Went home and worked late into the night on the SpiritRenewingHikes web site.

June 26 – Friday
–Sent out requests for food items for the Keep Rusty the Snowman in Manitou Springs.
—Asked the MAC and Chamber what food booths they had that we might ask to fill in at the Festival. Some good leads. Not gonna call them on Friday though.
–Did call the Balloon Twister who was at an event. Interested, but only can do 2 days.
–Walked to PO (Still now new applications.) and Commonwheel. Gave the Thumb drive to JC. The other person who gets Security calls was working the gallery. She hadn’t heard her phone last night and wondered about the call, but didn’t follow up on it.
–All day kept trying things to turn the Dream Journal file into one of reasonable size. All the PDFs files were huge. Looked at other books with more images and same amount of pages for clues. I even tried just the first few pages, no images and one week of recording pages. Still huge file! Then I wondered what would happen if I changed the lines that were done in Chalkduster
–While doing the PDF tests, got the rest of the Festival Booth images sized and onto a Thumb Drive to move to to my personal computer to work on WeVideo on a bigger screen in the near future.
–Email from PPB marketer asking to meet about Festival next Tuesday for lunch at Adams.
–Kitty Little’s owner paid a visit.

Little Kitty on the sofa

Showed him some squash plants he could take. And some Oregano and Catnip to grow in the greenhouse. Little was happy to see him, but then didn’t act too sad when he left. She is getting very spoiled at my house . . .
–Watered the Garden at 5pm.
–Changing Chalkduster font to Calibri Light for lines did the trick!!! Put the Tifs back in the 12 week Dream Journal with just 2 pages to journal in. Came out way under 100 MB and that will work for CreateSpace.
–Then decided to work on the 2 month Dream Journal and turned it into two almost complete 1month/5week Journals. I think they will hold up much better being shorter. Doing Volume 1, Volume 2, etc. with all different Cloud pictures. I might make them into TIFs also to print better if I can get away with larger files now that the text size if fixed.
–OK, not getting to bed very early, but heading off now just before 11pm.

June 27 – Saturday
–Got up at 6am for the all day webinar on creating Coloring Books for Adults. He will have to finish it up on Monday night for the Marketing piece. Lots of good info, too much for one day.
–When I took the cat litter to the trash, discovered that the Recycle Bin was filled with inappropriate items. Dirty empty Plant Plastic containers, dirty cardboard and even dead plants and just dirt! What was Mel thinking?!? (Learned later that she was very exhausted and just wasn’t paying attention.)
–On a break caught up with some Commonwheel queries regarding the Festival web site and an note from a potential applicant.
–Decided not to try to go to the Farmer’s Market on the Lunch Break which was only 50 minutes, not an hour.
–Really tired and couldn’t do much the end of the day, but went to clean up the Recycle bin and water the gardens. Dumped water onto the bush Mel had planted. Got a good soaking for it doing that. How to write a note that doesn’t cause her to take it the wrong way. Why am I stressing over that? She did something that makes no sense and I need to let her know I am not happy. Yet I am more worried about her taking it the wrong way? And is leaving a note make any sense? Will write it and if I don’t see her before I leave for Denver tomorrow, I will leave it for her to find. She actually has done this before, but not to this extent. And I have told her that dirty plastic plant containers are not appropriate to put in the recycle bin. This was way beyond that type of error to have been totally accidental. Dead plants and dirt certainly don’t go in a recycle bin.
–Tenant K was out at the same time watered their plants. I thought I had a short hose in the basement, but didn’t see one when I went to look. That would make watering the back plants easier than moving a hose from the front garden. Not sure why he just doesn’t fill a container and water the 2 Kale beds. And they may want to move to the front if we can find a sunnier place.
–Need to go to bed early tonight, barely able to stay awake to write this.

June 28 – Sunday
–Was really tired. Decided not to drive to the Farmer’s Market. Actually took a short nap after making that decision.
–Gathered books and put thing in my purse to drive to the 50th Anniversary party. Drank a coffee drink. Ate a light lunch.
–Was going to bring Fresh Sage and Oregano and maybe Spring Water. It started to rain and just didn’t have the energy to do this. Later glad I didn’t. The beautiful catering Barb did would have been lost in that energy.
–Picked up a card at Walgreens. Terrible traffic, but people let me in when I put on my turn signal and less traffic on 30th Street. Guess the race crowd was let out early due to the rain on the mountain.
–Then stop and go 10 mph traffic most of the way to Denver on I-25. Got to party just before 4:30 and saw Thos & his wife when they came in just after me. Realized we could have car-pooled and only one of us would have had to deal with driving slowly.

Ron & Dulcie Camp's 50th Anniversary
–Lots of good connections with past friends, great food, was a surprise to Ron & Dulcie. Very relaxed and good break from my business. Gave Jason a “Squirrel” book for Cooper, his son to read.
–Drive home much faster, but did hit some rain near Colorado Springs. Still, easier.
–Pretty much collapsed and headed to bed.

June 29 – Monday
–Festival Looked at being sure had all the correct logos for Poster & Postcard and for Web. Got info about the Brewery that will be doing the Beer this year.
–Set up Festival meeting date for the 15th and had a call from St. Francis asking if I had gotten a heart view that was suggested. Told her no, and that the person recommended for the Herniated Navel couldn’t see me for another year. Set up a new appointment with Dr. Reed to discuss other options.
–Figured out why I couldn’t read Thumb Drives from USB port. It was unplugged!! Fixed!
–Decided to use TransformationToolsForLife for marketing journals and coloring books and more. Really don’t want another web site domain. Will see how that works out.
–Tried scanning some things that could use for Source Images in Mandala Coloring books. My Feather mandala came in really crisp. May work better than photoing them. But how to get them into Black and White images that have just outlines in Black and get rid of the color sections need to work on that. Which is why I bought Perfect Effects Suite with the BW piece, then couldn’t use it.
–Marketing piece of Coloring Books watched for 2.5 hours.
–Dinner and “So You Think You Can Dance” for an hour.
–Bought Perfect Effects 9.5 only to learn my computer must be upgraded to OS 8 to work. Thought I had lost the version 8, but reinstalled it after some hassles.

June 30 – Tuesday
–Walk to PO & Commonwheel. Left Food Vendor info for Deb.
–Errands by car. Northstar Bank, then Lunch with PPB Karen. Always a lovely time. Gave her a Squirrel Book to share at the Paper. Ideas for where to take it: Poor Richard’s Bookstore. And have her do a review.
–Natural Grocers for herbs and Pea Protein. Left Coupons at Lans & met her daughter and 2 grandsons.
–Key made at Lowes & a flashlight to go to storage shed. Canned cat food for Little One. Small shopping at Costco. Forgot my list, forgot to get eggs!
–Dropped off Commonwheel’s donation for Fireworks at Fire Station.
–Almost forgot I was going to Coreen’s lecture. Started to sign into webinar, but phone rang & someone needing to park at my house for a meeting. Fine. And Lan was just down the street, so took her 6 Arcade coupons and a Squirrel Book to see if likes it and wants to buy one.
–Headed off to Cottonwood. Kinda hungry, ate Cherry Pie bar.
–The projector had a color problem. Everything was tinted pink. Interesting talk. Went to Poor Richards for after conversation, but they were closing. A new place had fish tacos that were divine! Good to have time for friends and conversation.

A week of Commonwheel Festival Focus

June 19 – Friday
–Walked to Commonwheel, then PO, then D’Vine Wine. Got a good prize from them again for the Art Festival prize drawing. Talked about the Rusty fundraiser being in a better, more high end attendee place than just a house concert. May get some wine.
–Picked up an envelop at CMWL in the Fest box, but was really for the Gallery. May invite him to apply to the Art Festival, grabbed the email.
–Called the “artist” who wanted to know if an Icon booth would be approved. I told him with what he was describing, didn’t sound like a fit, but needed to see images and go thru the jury process like anyone else. He got miffed and asked if I was cutting him off because “I am a Christian?” That made me realize I had given him more time than any late applicant and once again repeated I could not make a decision without the other 5 members of the jury looking at the work. He wanted to email images and I said no, need to send an application with both fees just like any other late applicant. And I ended the call with that concept.
–Drove to Dollar Store, Petco for Litter and Costco. Bought a new phone as can’t get this one to answer any more. Not good at this time of year.
–More cloud pictures.

Lovell Gulch Clouds


Lovell Gulch Clouds
–Art Walk around Manitou. The Tattoo neighbor was at the Italian Gallery. I was not in the mood for conversation. She did compliment the garden. I didn’t want to get involved with asking why the shop was closed. Said I was meeting someone and left.
–Nice shows everywhere. Conversation with old friends and a son of a past Commonwheeler at MAC.
–Home, short rest. Catching up with the last few days. Should do a post . . . and I did. Finished up May Posts in Life Upside Down-Write It.
–Did some good research on Journal Cover ideas on Amazon. Looked at titles and what people wrote about them and how many pages. Good research session!

June 20 – Saturday
–Farmer’s Market and stopped to get bread & pretzel rolls. Just enough cash.
–Eating lunch at noon time and just finished when the sharp back pain started. Stretched out and it went away. What the heck is this caused by?
–Worked the rest of the day on my Dream Journals. Shortened them both a lot! Just too many pages compared to other ones I researched last night.
–Watered the gardens at 5pm.
–Fixed Chicken and Steamed Chard for dinner and so I could have chicken for lunch on my long day at Commonwheel.

June 21 – Sunday
–11 long hours at Commonwheel with no cooling system working. At least I had a mid-shift who was very interactive with the people who came into the Gallery.
–Got some emails handled for self and Fest on down times.
–Also got some images prepped for a Fest Video on slow times.
–Came home and cooled on the front porch reading the Sunday paper.
–Did a MAP Coning and then to sleep.

June 22 – Monday
–Festival Tasks including finding receipts I had sent to Accounting and the report said “no receipt”. About an hour wasted finding and resending and printing them.
–Asked Marketing to post the extended call on print media. And I posted it a couple of places.
–Walked to PO. Still now new apps.
–Watered the gardens.
–Worked on Dream Journals. Finalized 2nd cover. Found some large images. Put small images in the journal that has very few cloud images.
–Walked to Commonwhee Board meeting. Not a Quorum. Have to have an email vote on what we discused and was motioned.
–Celebrate JCs birthday at the Keg. Listened to SK about how she lost the job she so loved and just had a short time and we had been so happy for her. Sounded like a disgruntle male had been looking for any small mistake she made to get her gone.
–At home did a bit more on the Dream Journals. Finished adding the large images.

June 23 – Tuesday
–Festival Tasks: Put the Festival jobs matched with members names to send out to them. Asked for some people to fill in jobs and looking for Security, etc.
–Walked to PO, no new applications. Dang!
–Met Chi in Memorial Park and looked at places for the Little Library to move to. It needs books!
–Walked to Chase Bank. Measured where a food truck could go on Old Mans Trail.
–City Hall to figure out permission to put up flags. Needed to talk to someone not there, she called later and will get me an email about yes.
–Parking Authority. Familiar person. Complicated to get permission to use the Mansions Park Parking area. Talk to Brad at City Works, who I need to talk to about barricades by garages on Lovers Lane in Commonwheel parking spaces.
–Took pictures of clouds and maybe got a good one of a “little brown bird” for kids book from Public Domain story I have.
–Connected with hiking partner for tomorrow’s hike.
–Tony Laidig Expert Media Show about “The Cost of Free” webinar. Ended talking about the Coloring Book all day class this Saturday. Can’t believe it starts at 7AM! And may miss the Farmers Market, unless I can do that in an hour break . . .
–I know what I will base my first coloring book on: MASKS! May include some of mine, but I bet I can find some awesome public domain -free- mask images to use.
–Gonna post some of this on this site tonight and work on finishing clouds into the Journal with the most cloud pictures.

June Is Bursting Out All Over

–June 1 – Monday.
–Got what I needed to talk about at the meeting written up. Revised what we need to talk to CMWL Landlord about written up.
–Looked at all the Fest Jobs and what needed to be still handled. Then forgot to bring the Job Sheet to the meeting.
–Emails – some images from one vendor that was missing images.
–Rause did send a short description for “Frog” book. It will work, but now can’t work on that until later this week.
–Walked to PO and got 3 more applications. Put them into CD for Joy. Later at the shop found about 10 more applications. Will have to put those in the excel and then images for Joy tomorrow.
1 hour of Proven Content listened to before the meeting and then finished up after the LOOP.
–Questions about if someone could still apply from Ace, said yes, but need to have the apps in the PO or at the shop by Friday, Saturday latest.
–Commonwheel monthly meeting got stuck on some points that just didn’t make sense to me.
–Going to have the Jury at my home. Got some help agreement from Jon to help PR with signs before the Festival.
–After meeting went to LOOP with Arlene, Sam, Nancy & Ace. Sam bought me a birthday drink. Nancy bought Nachos. Good girl conversation and some about Commonwheel Artist Co-op.

June 2 – Tuesday—-.
–Thought there was an Aine session, but next week.
–Green Webinar from Small Business Association, really all about loans.
–JC came at noon to get the FaceBook Permissions sorted out. Wasn’t simple, but we got it done.
–My “Discover the World of Squirrels” Book came. It looks great!

Discover the World of Squirrels on Amazon
–Someone in one of my groups had trouble with the bonus piece. And said I couldn’t say it was FREE, then ask for an email address to get it. That doesn’t seem right. But there is a problem with how it looks on Safari. Will really have to check this out soon.
–Stamped checks from jury and took them to Chase and checked the PO. 1 more application
–2pm the Chamber Marketing Task Force Meeting.
–Transfered cash to HGB from Fantafaces because my Fest Coord check wasn’t at the shop and Accountant hadn’t told me when it would be.
–Greek friend was at my house as I was leaving, walked to CMWL as she was headed to Rockey’s. Gave me a box of Organic Saltines. Always feeding me.
–Met with Richard and Nancy. Went into the basement and discussed what needed to be done. He really wants to get it done right and soon. Has person to do the concrete and someone to do the rest to meet with tomorrow.
–My check was in my box. Still no message from accountant. Frustrating.
–Swamp Cooler has died. It is our responsibility. We own it. Expensive to replace and probably not fixable.
–Walked back to house and was late for the Laidig webinar. Seems like he had been talking about other things and just got to the focus on “Favorite Plugins” when I got there.
–Shell had wanted to hike today, but suggested Wednesday would work better for me, so set that up.
–How many meetings/webinars can a person have in a day?
–Got all the images to Joy from Monday’s applications earlier. She tried to send a PowerPoint to Fest email, wouldn’t go thru. Had her send it to the Fest gmail and it worked.
–Inputted all the rest of the data from the apps.

June 3 – Wednesday
–Woke with a good vision of how I will do the Jury Set-up on Monday.
–Took time to get ready for the hike.
–Stopped at both banks with Fest and my deposits.
–Cheyenne Canyon hike. I should post more images on my Spirit Renewing Hikes blog, maybe next hike . . .

Cheyenne Canyon Waterfall

Hot, but not too bad. Lots of water running there. Great waterfall pictures.

Cheyenne Canyon Waterfall

Got some really good cloud photos. Maybe one will be a cover shot for the Dream Journal.

Clouds for Dream Journal

Clouds for Dream Journal–Picked up another Fest App at the PO on the way home.
–First Session of the Tony Laidig Inner Circle. Ended at 8:45pm. Lots of information. Really need to figure out how to monetize what I do have. Some really good ideas.

–Went out to test the watering system as it had been hot and wanted to water some sections of the garden. Really hard to turn on the valves. But got them.

–A couple of Poppies bloomed. Hope I didn’t tear up others that might have bloomed. Then saw others that were very dead still in the garden. Will enjoy the few that bloom.

-Took photos of Iris.

Beautiful Iris in Manitou SpringsSo really beautiful. Tried with a brown cloth covered board behind some.

Beautiful Iris in Manitou Springs

 Really hard to hold onto, but may have worked for a few photos

–Catching up with this journal and will download photos to end the night.

Beautiful Purple Iris in Manitou Springs

–Maybe do a post on Facebook.

June 4 – Thursday
–Stray Grey kitty in the back. Gave him/her some food. Little One had a “hissy fit” on the other side of the window.
–Set appointment dates for working on Module 5 of Craniosacral Course with Inner Health and scheduled my Inner Heath Tune-up tomorrow.
–Emailed my first Inner Circle Question regarding the concept of Free, but ask for email addresses with all the webinars about what the FTC is cracking down on. TL thought what we are all doing with bonuses in books is just fine. Still, need to check it out and be sure how I word it and if it needs to change at all. And the person who started this concern listened to JJFast webinar and backed off a bit too.
–PowerPoints came in, but she wanted to do some as pdfs as too large to send. I suggested break them into 2 parts for the larger ones. Worked great.
–Couldn’t get the projector to work with the Fest Computer. The other computer doesn’t have PowerPoint on it and won’t connect to the Internet.
–Called MacSuper Store and they have the connector I need. Decided to drive there with both machines. Good thing I did. First clerk tried to get me out the door with a connector that looked like the one that didn’t work last year. Waited until Lee was finished with another customer. Tried a few connectors and got it to work with a different one than first given to me.
–Stopped at Commonwheel and straightened out my masks. Left the old computer there. The person who made copies for me folded the original for the legal sized one that I needed more copies made.
–Stopped at Staples and ordered the Deposit Only Stamp, got more copies made and found 2 plastic storage boxes with handles to replace the broken ones for Festival.
–Got some more canned cat food for Little One.
–Took photos of clouds on my iPhone. Gotta figure out iCloud to share someday soon!
–Worked on the Jury sheet and sent email asking what people wanted for food on Monday for the jury session. Have food challenges: Gluten-free, no chocolate and I have no coffee maker . . .
–Module 6 of Proven Content with Tony Laidig went until almost 8pm. 3 hours!
–Watered the garden and took more pictures of the Iris.
–Worked on setting up the Jury Sheet with all the Artist Data . . . still have to check PO a few more times to be sure I have everyone on there and in PowerPoints.
–Downloaded more of the PowerPoints and emailed to be sure I have all that she sent and am awaiting a few more categories.
–And then there is email checking, posting on FaceBook (my Squirrel Book cover) and other communications I needed to do.
Will post a few more days of May on LifeUpsideDown-WriteIt – this blog.

June 5 – Friday
–Walked to PO, got last apps. Put all the data in the spreadsheet and finalized the Jury sheets. Printed them out. Filed what needed to be filed. Sorted out checks to deposit.
–Decided I could not volunteer to help at WineFest on Saturday.
–Walked to Tune-Up and took some more Iris pictures.
–My favorite stealth proofer handed me my Squirrel Book back that needed some fixes. Mostly “grey” and “gray” mixed up. And some mis-spellings of course.
–This guy that got my book still hadn’t gotten the Bonus. Emailed telling him I had to make corrections on the Book and would send him the Bonus tomorrow.
Went to Celebration of Environmental Day at Seeds. Really nice food. Won 2 tickets to a MAT performance. Think I’ll share them with my stealth proofer.
–Connected with someone at the Community College about Sustainability. Hope to have coffee with him next week.
–Driving home, sheets of rain made it a scary drive home. Safe!
–People saw my letter to the editor in the Indy and liked it. Self-promotion relating to Nicole’s article about MeadowGrass and recycling. (I got lots of positive feedback from this letter to the editor for the next couple of weeks.)
–Posted about book yesterday, now had to admit it was delayed.

June 6 – Saturday
–Quick trip to the Farmer’s Market. Not much local produce. Some asparagus, organic strawberries, and some peppers from California.
–Cleaned up parts of the kitchen, my office, living room and took coats upstairs.
–Walked to PO and no apps were there.
–Fixed the mistakes in both books.
–Did some changes on the web site and aWeber. Added a follow up email sending them to get the book on the web site. Too big of a file to just send off. Really need to understand Redirecting better and get the plugin to do it.
–Updated Socrates on HieroGraphics Books site. Maybe that will fix the problem the critic guy had.
–Sent the bonus to the critic guy. He liked it. But thinks the pictures are fuzzy. Had tried to add an affect to make them more like a children’s book illustration. Gonna leave them like that.
–Uploaded to Kindle. Still going to wait a day to republish the Paperback version. Changed some spacing on it. Want to make sure I like the new look.
–Really want to go work in my studio for at least an hour or more. Got a Calico Cat Crown and a magenta Queen Fantafaces created.
–So glad it did not rain on the WineFest!

June 7 – Sunday
–Major Multi-tasking day.
–Mel did some housecleaning. I moved some items. Put a cooler with ice packs in my car to go shopping.
–Stopped at CMWL to make copies, drop off newspapers and . Parking space in the back by garages! Score! One more application was in the Festival box.
–Shopworker was having trouble, as always when I come in it seems. Shipping and was about to charge way too little. Then had both the shipping items & the not shipped items on one receipt. Sort of worked. But I couldn’t check my inventory.
–Staples for the Check Stamp and scored $0.50 of large paperclips & small clips.
–Kings for most of the jury groceries. Ran into Marcy M and had a positive chat about the Park and our town. Worried about the public restrooms not being cared for properly. Mostly at Soda Springs Park.
–Dollar Store, then Safeway and I bought some wine, in case we want to have a drink at the end of the day.
–Mel & Don had bought me lasagne from Adams when they had dinner last night. Made a quick lunch and dinner for me tonight. Added asparagus for dinner, the roll for lunch.
–Got the last app into the system. Too late for the print outs.
–Did some reformatting of the CreateSpace version of the Squirrel Book. Added a photo and changed how some pages were laid out. Sent it off to be approved.
–Printed out the 2 versions of the park layout with booths. Probably just use the same one we have used for years. Wanted one more look at it with the numbers in place.
–Watched the Tonys as I put up material on windows to block sun tomorrow. And a white cloth on a wall for the screen. Tested the projector again. Need help tomorrow to get it set up.
–Update Parish Gap’s performance dates and the Socrates Theme. Had some errors on the site. Checked it against the Facebook calendar. Not sure how that happened.
–Was hoping to get to bed early for my early morning rise for the Festival jury . . .

Mineral Springs Dedication June 2015

June 13 – Saturday
–Mineral Spring Dedication. Talked with the Greens about sculpture for Art on the Avenue. And they said really nice things to me. Made me feel they appreciated me.

FB-Where Water Comes From_4772
–Talked with Pete Lee a bit. Thanked him for being at Manitou’s special moments.
–Heard a councilman who wasn’t going to run for re-election changed his mind. Told him that made my day!
–Drove around Crystal Hills and took photos of Iris blooming.
–Farmer’s Market. Got some Organic Greens for $1.00 a bundle. Stopped at Safeway for cat food.
–Had lunch on the porch. Still feeling a bit of a tummy upset.
–Worked a shift for myself at Commonwheel when another member couldn’t work hers. Told her to work an extra one in July, but I didn’t want to just trade for one of mine.
–Took the Festival computer and sized more images for Web, FB and PR. So happy Robyn is helping with getting the images on the web site. Really appreciate her help.
–Posted on Facebook more garden shots. Took photos of Iris and Peony.

June 14 – Sunday
–Juiced Carrots and some greens in the Bullet.
–Worked for 4+ hours in the garden. The Poppies have new starts coming up, so cleaned up the bed more. So glad to see they were not dead underground after the hail damage. Planted the berry bushes near the far wall. Kept saying I was quitting, then pulled more weeds.
–Took out Squash starts and put them in little plastic containers for someone to take home and plant. Charlie showed up near the end of my time in the garden and took half of them.
–Fixed Bison and Chard for dinner.
–Did a MAP coning. Couldn’t stay focused. Need to do another soon.

June 15 – Monday
–Was going to do some work for myself, but decided to see if I could finish up the image re-sizing for the Web, PR and FB posts for the Art Festival. Kept working late on it and got it done after the MSAC meeting.
–Some glitches of who was and who wasn’t on the list I sent Robyn. I think I have it all right and done until others come in as new applicants.
–Working on getting a time to meet with Chi about Little Library. Had seen its door was missing and emailed her about that, but she had already fixed it.
–Webinar at 5pm that I had to leave for MSAC Board meeting just as it got interesting.
–MSAC Board meeting. Interesting mural proposal discussion from some young artists. Looked at other sculptures to place. Talked of the new web site and fundraiser. After guests left, I brought up some of the things that upset me at the Creative District meeting. Needed to be said and we are looking at ways to get past the negativity.
–Walked back with Audrey, who bought a “Discover the World of Squirrels” book and gave her the remaining Squash starts and some Lilies that hopefully will grow for her.
–Rained and rained hard into the night. I kept working late wanting to be sure no siren went off.

June 16 – Tuesday
–Got past financial reports to JC for Grant research, then she said she had gotten them from our accountant.
–Walked to PO and picked up another application.
–Posted on Festival Facebook page about 3rd Friday show.
–Worked on getting the sponsors corrected on the Festival FB header and sent to Robyn to change on the web site if she has time.
–Expert Media Show – deep one. “What am I doing here?”
–Emailed Tony about finishing coaching and a couple of questions for Inner Circle response.
–Connected with Shelly to go hiking Wednesday at Lovell Gulch.
–Did Bills. Still need to decide about the Cruise. Got a notice I have a roommate and was charged another payment.
–Wrote checks for Vivian and Edie. How can I sell more books? Not just for them, but for me.
–Catching up with many days for this journaling tonight.
–Only rained a little bit.

June 17 – Wednesday
–Went hiking in Lovell Gulch outside of Woodland Park. Really beautiful. Fields of Wild Iris, the yellow Toadflax and another yellow flower, plus a flower I don’t know the name of put on quite the show. Indian Paintbrush showed up singularly, then near the end in profusion.

Lovel Gulch Indian Paintbrush

Got totally distracted by pine cones forming in all different shapes and colors at the beginning and end of the hike.

Pine Cones on Lovell Gulch Trail

The weather held off until we were nearing the end. A few sprinkles. Clouds on and off. No butterflies, except one would pose for me.

Lovell Gulch Butterfly

–Lots of purple flowers including Wild Iris and a Columbine.

Lovell Gulch Purple Flowers


Lovel Gulch Wild Iris


Lovell Gulch Columbine

–No reply from Tony. New Grandbaby is quite the distraction I guess.
–Phone call from a long time artist at the Art Festival. Got into Sausalito, big money there, but he was torn about missing this show. Told him we would miss him, but shouldn’t miss going where there were people with lots of money to spend.
–Downloaded photos and did a post on Facebook and on my hiking web site.
–It did rain enough to water the garden, but now it is predicted to be dry the next days.

June 18 – Thursday
–Worked all day on the Press Releases for the Art Festival. What pieces I am missing still need to be added.
–Updated the excel with the checks that came in and the late applicant that was accepted.
–Logos for all the sponsors found and sent to helper with the Fest Web page.
–Mel had a bush and rose bush that needed planting. I helped decide where and started pulling up tall weeds around the house.
–Late dinner of rice & quinoa with a bit of garden parsley and sage. I had picked some tiny lettuces – people pay big money for a baby lettuce salad, so enjoyed that als
–Worked a bit on Clouds for covers of the Dream Journals. Not finding the perfect ones.

Jury Time for Commnwheel 2015 Art Festival

June 8 – Monday
–Got up 7:30 am, early for me, to get ready for the Festival Jury Session. Put out food, washed fruit, etc.
–Good, but long session. Some disagreements of what belongs in the Art Festival and what bad booth shot could mean for what they would show up with. Some easy decisions. Too much food and drinks that weren’t right for who showed up. My bonus for the next week for eating and drinking pleasure.
–A couple members had to leave. One had not realized the envelopes that the apps were in were the return envelops, so another member had to fix it. Got the checks ready for depositing tomorrow.
–The couple & Sam stayed and we chatted with wine for a bit about the history of the Festival and its financial help for the gallery in years past. Pleasant conversation and lovely people.
–Checked emails & the sites I had updated the Theme had lost their headers. Fixed that and added dates for Parrish Gap Band.
–emailed the info about the checks and the office supplies and food bought to Pres., accountant and marketing. Probably should have sent to Treas.
–Saw email about Commonwheel’s rent being raised. Wonder why he didn’t talk to us in person when out here?
–And email about a note on a member’s car that was a threat to tow it from the place our landlord told us we could park. Strange, no signature, just a threat.

June 9 – Tuesday
–Aine session about blessing energy. Invite them in and let them do what they wish.
–Took the checks to the bank. NO errors! Yeah!
–Had an Etsy order for a Calico Cat Mask. Just when I was giving up on seeing orders from there.

Calico Cat Mask on Etsy
–Stopped at Commonwheel to copy the receipts and checked my inventory. Later in the day got a call that I had sold 4 masks today, so am heading to my studio to make some more. Some very easy to replace: Winged Tiger, Irr and Calico Cat.
–PO dropped off all the applications.
–Took some more Iris photos.
–Walked up to Itallian Gallery. Hit the Jackpot for interviews for Creative District and have 2 people interested in that Task Force or the Manitou Springs Art Council
–Home and interview by another Creative District Task Force person. Have my 3 now also.
–KM and got the Module 6 updated. Interviewed her also for Creative District.
–Webinar about creating Video Member Sites.
–Ordered supplements. Really low on many.
–Mel brought home Chinese food for dinner. Better than the cold pizza I would have had.
–To my studio now. Created 3 masks: Winged Tiger, Winged Calico Cat & Winged Irr.

June 10 – Wednesday
–Got up early again. Early for me. But not early enough to ship mask before going to CMWL.
–Packed the Calico Cat mask and took four masks to Commonwheel Artists gallery.
–Wasn’t really needed at Commonwheel for the video shoot. JC upset about a note, and I don’t blame her. Members can be so thoughtless some times.
–PO to ship mask. Had many applications that needed more postage. Told him to send them on “Postage Due” and I paid partially for one that had NO postage. They need to learn some lessons about paying what is required for the apps to be returned.
–It was drizzling when I left CMWL, quite by the time I got home. Called my hiking friend and she was up for a hike as it did look like it would clear up.
–Dashed to the bank with my Diamante investment check.
–Decided to try a hike I had never done, newly opened route up Iron Mountain instead of the Bevers Lane one I had thought to take.

Iron Mountain Flowers

It started out looking a bit like the Manitou Incline, but that didn’t last for long.

Iron Mountian Incline

It was really a good, not to hard and great views in all directions.

View of Manitou Springs from Iron Mountain

 Lots of photos of flowers and a new perspective on other hiking areas we could see from this uphill climb.

Iron Mountain iron deposits

The rusty deposits gave clues why this was called Iron Mountain.

Yucca about to Bloom

–There were many flowers beginning to bloom.

Iron Mountain Flowers

Iron Mountain Flowers

Including the dreaded Toadflax. So pretty but considered a noxious weed.

Toadflax on Iron Mountain

–Cold pizza on the porch because I was hungry. Short nap.
–Greek friend had come by as I was preparing for hike, then called later to tell me of some beautiful Iris and yellow roses she saw. I think I am going to take a drive tomorrow to photograph some really spectacular Iris I saw today.
–Typed up the Creative Interviews, downloaded photos from camera and caught up on emails relating to many things, including updating Parish Gap web site with show date.
–Should put some things on Facebook from today and maybe another series of these as posts on my blog.

June 11 – Thursday
–Festival Tasks of emails and sent some images to DropBox for someone to do a Gallery of accepted artists on the Festival Web page.
–Got some images of Clouds done for the Dream Journal. Need to determine how the best way to create Black & White images really is.
–Walked to Commonwheel Artists Gallery and then MAC for Creative District Session. Left a feeling a bit disconcerted from one comment made when we were asked to write down goals. “Create an Art Festival” What?!? Commonwheel’s 40 years of hosting art festivals doesn’t count?!? Brought up a bunch of emotions around this after the PARAB encounter and made me really question what I have been doing advocating for the arts and artists for the years I have lived here.
–And then there are some odd comments relating to Essential Oils in emails that are confusing. Really, we shouldn’t connect the healing properties of the the Oils to specific illnesses or health issues or the FDA will shut down Young Living? Essential Oils and herbal healings have been around for centuries and have very few side effects but rather many positive ways of healing people without any side effects that most FDA approved drugs come with. Weird world concept going on with big $$ people making the rules that harm fellow citizens.
–Facebook Garden post and Parish Gap gig added.

June 12 – Friday
–Didn’t feel well all day. Maybe the Almond Butter I ate yesterday was rancid. Threw out the rest of the jar.
–Festival Tasks. Did some sizing of photos for web, FB and PR.
–Talked with tenants about cat-sitting. Suggest they talk to her brother who was staying with their Mom until he found a place that he might want a place to stay on hi own for a week. (On Monday, they told me he loved the idea and would do it.)
–Can’t remember what else I did during the day.
–Rested a couple of times.
–Posted that I would have squash starts for people soon and 2 said they would like them
–Did go to dance to Sugar Bear. Had nice talks with the 2 Judy’s. Danced, but didn’t last until the end of the second set.

Nearing the End of May 2015

So sorry for the duplicate posts of May 15-21. 🙁

At least had some different pictures, not sure how I mixed that up . . . but going on now.

May 22 – Friday—-.
–Checking emails for Festival. Attended to some tasks.
-Realized I had missed a meeting at Commonwheel to look at the basement. Haven’t heard back from the person I was to meet. Maybe she missed it too . . .
–Emailed a B&B owner who makes great muffins and asked if she would make some for the Save Rusty, the Snowman fundraiser. Realized the MSAC website isn’t totally functional, so didn’t want to direct people there yet for this fundraiser.
–While Roomer & her BF worked on the gutter fix, I planted tomatoes, squash, berry starts and more in the front garden. They put in the proper flashing and then created an amazing gutter configuration to take water away from the foundation back there. Maybe this will also help with the water in the basement problem . . .
–Showered and Took a short power nap.
–Listened to a webinar by Jeff Herring.
–Changed and went to StarGazers for Tiny Barge and the Big Chill. Danced the night away.

May 23 – Saturday—-.
–Walked in the rain to the Commonwheel Gallery to bring mask boards & the “Care & Feeding” info pieces I forgot the other day. Took note of what I had sold so I could make items to bring in tomorrow.
–Stopped at the PO to pick up applications. Still need to see at least 40 more to even feel slightly happy about the number of booths we can have.
–Sun came out. Almost talked self into working in the garden, but didn’t. Rained again.
–Talked with upstairs tenants about what I had planted and where they could plant some of their tomato starts in the front garden.
–Talked also about the bathroom project they are working on.
–Did a schedule fix for Parish Gap. Quick email check & Deja Vu greetings.
–Sized all items to go on Etsy and the CMWL web site. Retook the photos for CMWL web site. Realized I need to use a different background for the jewelry items to make it work quicker than the black one that needs to be cleaned up of dust.
–Put items on Etsy.
–Worked in my feather studio. Only 2 masks, but got Crown one’s set-up and Wings for more in the future.
–And here I am catching up with computer items.

May 24 – Sunday—-.
–Made 4 more Mask Boards. Walked them and the notes to add items to inventory for the web site and 2 masks to Commonwheel. Sprinkled, almost sun, then drizzle of rain on the way home. Getting the info in the computer on my return also took longer than I had anticipated. And I think I made some errors. Discovered I had put in a Blue Macaw necklace when it should have been Green. Will have to fix it next shop visit.
–It got busy as I tried to do this. Helped WM out.
–Came home to “lunch” created by my roommate. I never have been a fan of many foods mixed together, but that is how she cooks. It was a meal I didn’t have to fix, so that was good.
–Got the sabre saw from the basement for tenants to use on their bathroom project.
–They had heard racoon sounds in the chimney, but never mentioned it to me. Need to spray some YL Purification at the bottom to discourage them.
–Wrote emails about muffin donation for Rusty, asked MZT for info if she had any Cripple Creek hotel prize and others relating to the Art Festival. And asked a member if she could do some help for the Jury as she won’t be around during the Festival. And trying to get the projector for the jury which is now at the shop, found out after I got home.
–Gathered the letter info for creating the Jury letters.
–Thought I could finish The Bonus for “Discover the World of Squirrels” but it took longer than I had expected. Illustrations refined for the poems and getting it in order with a table of contents. Then the maze alone distracted me for over an hour.
–For some reason I am really tired. Not sure I can do the AWeber part for the bonus.
–Think I will put some more of these posts on web site, then play on Facebook for a moment.

May Gardening And Park Challenge Addressed

May 15 – Friday—-
–Call from JC that no one was at the Gallery, could I go and work for a few hours? Hesitated -immediate money- Said NO. Had other plans for the day.
–Festival emails sent and answered.
–2.5 hours of moving Lilies and trying to make space for the Rose Bushes. Not even halfway there.
–Art Walk. Looked like rain, but never really did. New challenge at CMWL-bags are “disrespectful to the wall artists” according to MH. She has been moving them without consulting with Festival and never wants them back hanging where they were selling.
–Nat was worried about doing the confrontation with PARAB chair in public would “embarrass” her. That was what she meant by a “car wreck” about to happen.
–Green Horse had a lovely opening with lots of people from down south of the Springs.
–Home and watched Amazing Race.At the end, the TV, just this channel went black. Could hear, but not see the finale. My favorite team came in 2nd. They were ahead, and I can’t figure out what happened at the end from just hearing it.
–To bed, read more Brunson – may be too big a concept, keeps talking about his team. Then a few pages of “Violin” and off to sleep.

May 16 – Saturday—-
–Checked emails. Fest had reply from Zeb to meet Monday after my Hearing appointment. And the person who has my healing triangle brought back by Aine from Brazil can meet happily after that meeting at Trader Joe’s near Costco where I have to go also on Monday. Good series of errands set-up for Monday morning.
–Walked to MAC for local Garden Club Plant Sale. Spent $23 on Cilantro, some flowers, Cherry Pepper and Winter Squash start. Saw Karl A, getting over the flu. Walked back with Nancy, stopped at PO and then home. Iffy Weather.
–Gardened early until rained a bit. Lunch break. Got the rest of the Lilies moved. Now to figure out the placement of the roses with the plant Mel has in the middle of the bed from last year.

Where the Lilies moved to

Where the Lilies moved from
–After lunch, clipped and pulled out much of the dead poppies. So very sad. Depressed I am over not having them bloom this year. So many dead heads . . . Some Iris have survived and blooming. And picked a few strands of Lily of the Valley to sniff at my desk.
–Caught up with this journal. FB post with photos of dead poppies . . .
–Feather studio 4pm until . . . 8pm. Masks for ETSY! and the Commonwheel Gallery.
FACEBOOK POST: “Trying not to cry . . . but I don’t think any Poppies survived the SIX inches -yes 6”- of hail the other day. I was able to cover some of the bed, but couldn’t get the sheet off to keep them from freezing that night. And the Rhubarb was shredded also.
–Still will probably have a great mint crop . . . it seems to be coming back just fine. Along with the weeds . . .”

–Spent about 2 hours clearing out the easily removable broken Poppy leaves, stalks and buds from the garden. Still have more to do, but after soaking wet the 3rd pair of gloves, had to quit.

Shredded Poppies After Hail Storm

Poppies Tried to bloom then froze
–Besides I need to get into my feather studio and play with colorful feathers to cheer myself up a bit. People walking by asking, “What are those?” “Dead/Frozen Poppies.” Not my favorite answer after so many years of having such a glorious riotous display of orange flowers each spring. OK, can’t dwell on this, will just have to plant more flowers if the weather ever gets warm . . .
–Brought in 3 sprigs of Lily-Of-The-Valley. Smells so lovely. Live AromaTherapy.

Lily of the Valley Hail Storm Survivors
–Got only 4 masks created and 2 more set-up for Peacock Party Masks.
–Ended the day watching Survivor and catching up with emails.

–My back is sore, so time to get some sleep. Then did a little work on the Squirrel Bonus instead for 30 minutes.

May 16 – Sunday—-
–Took photos of FantaFaces items that I want to put on ETSY and Commonwheel Shop Web Site. Pulled some out of storage. Discovered some Hat Clips that I had thought were all sold, not sure what to do with them . . .

Irridescent Green Blue FantaFaces Mask
–Mel didn’t like my saying the rose was dead, wouldn’t leave it at that, had to push to make me say she killed it, just didn’t want to go there. Came back to solution of how to get it out of there.
–Got Squirrel Book downloaded to Kindle & CreateSpace. In Review Process. had to redo the cover in Quark. Too big when created a pdf from the PhotoShop version.

Discover the World of Squirrels Kindle Cover
–Greek Hiking friend showed up at the house. Walked up Ruxton with her. Took pictures of beautiful lilacs. Deer in a yard also.

Deer in Manitou Yard
–Fixed Turkey Burgers for dinner for Mel & myself.
–Tried to get Sinister Frog into Kindle. Missing pieces: description and keywords. Also noticed some formatting needed fixing. Also reworked the Title image on the cover.
–Need to ask TW & Rause for ideas.
–Little Kitty has been a pain today. Shedding, won’t let us brush her, wants fed constantly.
–Upstairs tenants and request for payment to cover cost of Bathroom floor & paint fix. OK. Also want to paint the kitchen area . . .
–Posted more about Squirrel book on FB and blooming Iris.
–Up really late tonight . . . busy day tomorrow.

May 18 – Monday—- Very Full day.
–Hearing Appointment.
–Zeb Confirm with TrP at least Restorative Justice work, if not a booth.
–Hobby Lob – glue & Silver Sharpie for masks
–Picked up my Healing Triangle & met J from Aine Group. Learned a bit about Casa in Brazil and how life changing going there can be.
–Costco, gas & groceries. More groceries at Kings. PO Stop for apps.
–Worked on Westword ad & online banners. Information glitch. Which size should the ad really be? Emailed that question.
–Connected w/ Fest Com member about apps.
–Mask Boards, Masks & hair clips to Commonwheel.

E_HC-Macaw Blue_Hair_3421
–MSAC meeting. Brought rice snack from Costco. Mentioned the idea about Pleinair event again. This time others had more ideas. May happen next year. Need to ask some people for donations to help with the fundraising concert – muffins – Rusty Wine – later this week.
–And it is still raining.

May 19 – Tuesday—- Very Commonwheel day.
–Slept later than normal.
–Learned about how to work on Weebly to do updates on the Commonwheel new website. 2.5 hours of training
–Raining and more rain. Drained the container in the basement once.
–Got Westword ads and web headers done and sent to Westword. Hope I have them all in the correct formats . . .
–Laidig webinar. What is your Legacy? The Art Festival? Questioning that myself lately.
–Walked to and from City Hall in a misty light rain.
–City Council. Bit my tongue as PARAB’s Chair basically lied about how they felt about festivals and much more. Saying nothing of what she said to me or published in the paper. But PARAB should be very clear now that they are an Advisory Board and can’t make decisions about planting trees or more in the park without sending requests and info to City Council first. Still was hard to listen to her act as if she had never said any of the things she raged at me during the Lantern Parade.
–Talked to Chamber L afterwards. She does realize some of the new requirements for placement of food booths and portalets and trash might not work logistically for the Winefest because of the Shuttle stop and other considerations of how to fence them. Gonna walk the park with Police Chief and my map in hand to look at options. And if it doesn’t stop raining soon, the park will not be dried out and damage can occur.
–Home to the finale of The Voice and easy dinner.
–Really tired. Time for a bit early sleep.

New Fence Section and Old Rose Removed at the End of May 2015

May 25 – Monday—-.
–Kept falling back to sleep, so I guess I really was very tired.
–The sun was shining. Called my hiking friend. She wasn’t up for a hike. Didn’t trust the weather to not rain hard today.
–Something told me to open the Festival email. Committee members working at the gallery needed direction about inventorying the T-s and how to put them out and where to find the ones that were not out. Called and got that moving in the right direction.
–Dug and dug and dug . . . about to give up when I got the really old, dead rose bush’s roots to come out of the ground.

Dead Old Rose Root Removed

It was very dead and very deeply planted.

Dead Old Rose Root Removed
–As a “Reward” I fixed my self a decadent holiday breakfast. Einkorn pancakes with raspberries & dark chocolate bits and berry syrup. YUM!
–Sitting on the porch eating my meal, I watched two dudes talking, throw a jacket on the most unstable part of my front fence. I thought I need my camera, then I should go tell them to not lean on it, then one of them did . . . and it crashed with him on it into the garden. Stinky dudes, they did put it back up. I asked if that had looked like a safe place to lean? “Gee, didn’t think about it.”
–I called my handyman who had been suppose to fix this weeks ago. He came down and screwed one of the long boards behind the most bent board into the posts. Will come tomorrow and work on this some more. He had had food poisoning AGAIN! from food he ate at his own home. Was looking a little green still today.

–Looking at the root, it made me think of Star War creatures. What do you think it looks like?

Dead Old Rose Root Star Wars character

Dead Old Rose Root Star Wars character
–I then worked in the garden until 4pm. Cleaned up more of the dead poppies.

Shredded Poppies after hail storm

–Moved 2 Hollyhocks and a large different type of Poppy out of the garden bed that we want to plant herbs in this year. Hope they all survive. Put them in the corner bed behind the Poppy bed next to the Trading Posts wall.

Shredded Hollyhock

–Then I started pulling weeds along the back area. Freaky as I was right along the edge of the wall with the creek roaring below. Kept reminding myself to be careful every time I moved my feet to not fall in. I was obsessed.
–When I took bundles of weeds to the back, I moved a shovel and discovered the dead blind squirrel my housemate was going to bury. I dug a hole where we have buried kitties before and but him in the ground. We had fed him for many years, but his eye suddenly looked worse, then we never saw him again until they found his during the backyard gutter project.
–My body is a bit sore . . .
–Tried to do a bank transfer for the Tony Coaching program, but bank site was wonky.
–Finished setting up the Squirrel Bonus using Aweber and on my HGB web site. Hope this is the start of a list. Maybe not perfect, but at least it is there.

Mama Squirel Climbing a Tree
–Posted on Facebook about the rose root and gardening I did today.
–Posted on a couple of Groups about the Squirrel Book. A few comments showed up.

May 26 – Tuesday—-.
–Woke late, but just in time for the Aine meditation.
–Karl was out in garden working on the fence replacement for 2 sections. No concrete under the post nearest the Ruxton Trading Company building. Cut up the old fencing into burnable pieces. My hiking buddy doesn’t want them. Will ask others with a fireplace if they could use the pine and cedar to burn.
–Momma and baby squirrel playing in the yard. Took some pictures.

Mama & Baby Squirrel at Play

Hopefully some will be useful.

Baby Squirrel Eating
–Drove to bank with tenants rent check, picked up Festival apps at the PO.
–Sat down to my decadent lunch and the phone rang. Food vendor needing a application that wasn’t at the shop. Told him I would print it off and he could come get it. Reheated my food and enjoyed the comics on the front porch.
–Realized I needed to add copyright info to the workbook. Then added some more info. Reloaded it into the bonus download section. Also put it on the HieroGraphics Books web site.
–More positive comments on Facebook about Squirrel Book in the groups.
–Write a letter to Indy for Sustainable Festival relating to article about Meadowgrass. Too long, asked to edit it.
–Eye Migraine just before Expert Media Show and now another one at 10:30pm.
–Expert Media Show was on editing videos. I bought the Fire Sale video package and the upgrade. Both can be resold and have trainings with them.
–Created the letters for the jury process for the 2015 Art Festival. Update & changed all the information. Will read them once again before I publish them.
–Posting on Life Upside Down-Write It the 2nd week of May. Almost caught up.

May 27 – Wednesday—-.
–Made the “parking spaces for the art Festival” phone calls. One person wil call me back, another yes, if . . ., message for Briarhurst.
–Fest job for BH suggested again.
–Copier Jam when trying to print the Legal sized letter. Bought this copier to do legal sized items and it has frustrated me since. Got it done.
–Quick lunch before walk with hiking friend up Cañon Avenue to the Governor’s ribbon cutting for the Phase 1 & 2 Mitigation Flood work in William’s Canyon.

Colorado Governor Hickenlooper

Colorado Govenor Hickenlooper, Manitou’s Mayor, Mark Snyder and a few other officials cutting the ribbon.

Flood Mitigation in Manitou Springs

Dedication Plaque Phase 1 2 Flood MitigationCompletePretty impressive work.

Flood Mitigation in Manitou Springs

Great that so many governmental agencies helped fund and worked together to get this done in a timely manner and on budget.

Above the Flood Mitigation Channel

  My camera battery died! Just recharged it. Used Phone for the last photos of people speaking and cutting the ribbon.
–Stopped at PO to pick up 2 more Festival apps. Will bring what I have to AM at the Board meeting Thursday night. Really wish about 25 more would show up!
–Wanted a power nap, but Little Kitty was hogging the bed. Her shedding has made her very Hissy lately.
–The fence is done and looks great. Wider spacing for the slats, more light and visioning into the garden area.
–Got the copies printed and matched with the colored paper and someone to do them next Monday for the Festival Jury. Had to reprint them when noticed hadn’t changed the name from “Arts & Crafts” to “Art Festival”.
–Put together info in case BH can be convinced to get some prizes.
–Said “No” to doing the Art Walk Map for volunteer time. Emailed Nat that decision.
–Downloaded photos from Celebration and did a Facebook post with them.
–Mel did a “leftover” dinner. I did dishes.
–Emailed AR our pictures from the Mona Lisa outing and the Squirrel Book with cover and the Bonus workbook.

Ann and me at Mona Lisa's
–Answered brother’s email about doing a forum for Ellis. Had some other suggestions for using the Blog that already exists. See what happens.

May 28 – Thursday—-.
–Will she, won’t she buy Rockey’s book?
–Decided to do the year-long $97/month coaching with Tony Laidig. Make it or lose all is sort of my concept right now.
–Did some Fest Computer Tasks for Jury.
–Walked to the PO, then took the Envelopes to the Shop for Ace. Also took the items to be copied. Didn’t want to get caught in a rain storm with all that precious cargo.
–Spent 3+ hours on getting the Fest office area more sorted out. Some things to just give away discovered that belong to me. Still not perfect and one of the plastic “shelving” units is collapsing. And things are in sepearte areas, not in notebooks, nor are they in “date” order. But there is actually some space there. Gonna keep the colored papers that were from Marketing for the Festival. Saves new purchase and plenty for what we need. I did use my own legal paper for the jury Artists Accepts.
–Got caught in a conversation with the “Hippie” Shop owner. Started talking about the missing Star sculpture, then went many directions. He mentioned having “grant envy” or confused why Commonwheel got them and he didn’t. “We all suffered from the flooding.”
–D’Vine Wine wasn’t open until noon, so went home for a short time. Then back to ask for the “10 person tasting” prize for the Art Festival. She will talk to the owners, but pretty sure it will be a yes. And then I mentioned the “Save Rusty” campaign and asked about doing a label for him, maybe donate some for the House Concert, of for some sales.She mentioned they might have some bottles that would be fun to label and donate. Still need to talk to the owners.
–Put “Save Rusty the Snowman” on Facebook and shared it a few places.
–Had to skip the Laidig training for Proven Content to go to the Board meeting that got moved from Memorial Day Monday to tonight.
–Was told the Ts can be on the top shelf by Wall Artist. Not sure who said differently.
–Never opened my personal computer . . .

May 29 – Friday—-.
–Started my morning out in an unusual way. Skipped protein shake and shower. Went directly to the garden.
Worked until Greek hiking partner showed up. Walked and had lunch. She had something for Rockey, so she did that afterwards.
–Stopped at PO, a few more apps. Later apps showed up at the shop and Shop worker had cardboard for me and brought that and apps to my house. Grateful for that.
–Decided to go back and work more in the garden.

–I am so sore . . . Got everything planted: 2 rose bushes, lavender, other flowers, the Cherry tomato plant and herbs.

Herbs planted in Manitou Garden

I had some hesitation about where to put thing, then just did it. Moved more Iris from where the Roses were going to be planted.

Weeds gone and raspberry starts planted in Manitou Garden
–Fence talk with neighbors. Encouraged them to just go for an option they have to buy a home that had much love from its previous owners. Would be really exciting if they do it. And they would still be close neighbors. Bonus.
–Haven’t heard back about Rusty or Art Festival from D’Vine Wine. Breath!
–Two loads of laundry done also.
–Pictures of beautiful Iris in the garden and at the Episcopal Church on my walk.

Iris Twins In Manitou Springs
–Pictures of a raccoon being cute.

Raccoon on Guard in Manitou Springs

And a few of a squirrel early in the day.
–Just as was about to get the hose all laid out in the garden, began to rain. Went in and washed my hair and showered. And it had quit raining. So went out and finished the hose project.
–Yelled at a young boy about to do a daredevil trick on slippery pipes above the raging creek. He backed off. I really didn’t want to see a human disaster in front of my eyes today.
–Fixed Chilli Relleños for dinner. Had 3 matched pairs, so just did it. And had a Tequila drink. Feeling it now. Really wanted a Hot Fudge Sundae, but resisted. There are brownies from Mel in the kitchen.
–Catching up here and then will put some on the web site.
–Feeling like most of the gardening is in place. Just need to water and weed during the next few months.
–The House Concert’s date needs to change and maybe a new venue. One person’s relative is very ill and another member is getting married that day!
–Really feeling sore as I catch up with my web site. Time to head to bed and rest in hopes of feeling great in the morning.

May 30 – Saturday—-.
–Farmer’s Market wasn’t there . . .
–Rockey’s Book of Love Day #1. Yes, I bought it.
–Walked to CMWL with a folded item & change in instructions for member to do when copying items for the Jury of applications.
–Visited with Rockey a bit. But other ladies were vieing for his attention.
Stopped at the PO and picked up a few more applications.
–Ace dropped off the box with the ones she had opened and put into Excel just as I sat down to eat lunch.
–Decided I would buy the book. It is just to beautiful to pass up. And lovely stories inside along with the illustrations by Rockey. It will be treasured by me and hopefully by someone in my family in the future. If no younger family member wants it, it is sure to increase in value and be sold when I age . . . after all the stories are read.
–Opened the other applications. Emailed people who made check mistakes. And a couple of food vendors whose apps I did not see. Everything in Excel and filed.
–My right leg has been really bothering me, today was no exception. Printed out Excel.
–Greek hiking friend wanted me to join her in some of the activities. Said I would come out for some of the music later perhaps.
–Created 7 pairs of earrings, then went to the Cliff House to hear the Storys play. Chatted with Rockey as the 2 musical acts changed out. Gave him a kiss on the cheek.
–Chatted with David Ball in the hall before leaving. Really need his story for the updated version of the “Flood” book. After seeing the mitigation work, maybe am about ready to do that.
–Home and 3 more pairs of earrings. Cut up 29 mask boards from the cardboard delivered yesterday.
–Walked out to dump cold water on plants just as Greek friend was walking up. Offered a bathroom break and the phone to call home.
–Head to bed or clear up the living room a bit or check emails and facebook for 30 minutes? Went too look up some info on Comcast email and got lost in FaceBook instead.

May 31 – Sunday—-.
Four hours of working with Joy on getting the application images into the computer.
    Hardly any problem children. Still took that long. She brought brownies and gorp, which she left.
–Wanted a break and laid down, had to talk myself into getting up and going into my studio for a few hours.
–Studio time. “Got the Blues” music and lyrics. So much more time to make masks with the feathers not as quality as in the past. And the new White Feathers will also be challenging.
–Made 3 Fantafaces masks using the crown concept that I had set-up the other day.

Mixed up Masks & Earrings