Awesome April Second Week

April 7 – Tuesday
–Caught up to Webinar #4 for Trust Funnel. Still working on the Kids book, but going forward with deciding on my main niche, which I pretty much knew before starting Brian’s class.
–Am asking now 3 places which URL to use for my main web site. CreateSustainableLife or CreateASustainable Life? VOTE here if you would. (Someone commented that adding the “A” avoids it being thought of as something religious or ProLife.”
–Finally got a handle on the DropBox problem! Operator Error. And it is now totally resolved. Took care of some Festival & Gallery Marketing tasks for Commonwheel.
–Went for half hour walk including up the stairs and farther up the hill. I will never do the Manitou Incline which is many times longer and straight up, but these stairs are enough to get my leg muscles stronger.

Stairs by Miramont Castle in Manitou Springs–Tony Laidig’s Expert Media Show session #132 was so AWESOME I shared it with my link with 4 different groups of people.
–Roommate apologized again for the drama she created. Let it go at that.
–Will do a bit more work on Kids Book, then time for a more restful night sleep. May listen for the 5th time to a series of healing chants if quit working before 11pm.

April 8 – Wednesday
–Delivered festival request for a PARAB grant.
–Festival TV sponsorship meeting. They agreed to do the same amount of sponsorship again. I so enjoy working with these two awesome women. And everyone’s happy the Fest will be back in its home park of 38 years again.
–Researched how to do a SmartPhone view for Future of Wellness web site. AWESOME! She likes my suggested solution.
–Enjoying the AWESOME spring flowering trees all around town, then slowly drove home thru the Garden of the Gods.
–Got hearing aid and computer glitches resolved. Removed Parallels. New back-up drive is in process of backing up.
–Began looking at how to lay out the entertainment, food court and beer garden to meet with all parties and discuss if it will work. Need to go measure where a tree is first.
–Started putting images in the Kids Squirrel Book. Rearranging some of the text.
–Changed my birthday hot spring celebration trip to next Monday so I don’t have to miss 2 live trainings Tuesday.
–Been able to keep from having an emotional response, staying rational, about a very heavy discussion on the CMWL Board.

April 9 – Thursday
-Made Turkey soup from the Easter Turkey.
-Even tho knew I would drive somewhere after a meeting AND it was raining, walked the 1/2 mile to and from the MAC for the Creative District Task Force Meeting. And it was an AWESOME productive meeting.
-Went to our local small theater that presents never before seen work. Had an AWESOME good time. Connected with people I rarely see and gave out my business card many times.
-Did some mapping out of a new Festival Booth lay out and concepts of where to move Stage to accommodate Beer Garden as a new addition to the Art Festival.
-Unpleasant surprise later when walking thru the park to see a newly planted Memorial tree right in the middle of the pathway for booth set-up after I gave them actual pictures and the map of suggested places. Will have to deal with this tomorrow.
-Did a few simple changes on 2 web sites I handle.

April 10 – Friday
-Challenging Day and not in a good way on many levels.
-Tried to figure out how to handle the tree in the middle of the pathway at an art festival. Some ideas, but all meant giving up 3-4 income producing booths.
-Accepted dinner invite from neighbors & brought nothing but myself. Really lovely people, helped to get my energy and belief in the future more positive.
-Went to the Lantern Parade and took some pictures for the coordinator. This is an AWESOME endeavor by a small group of people. The kids and their lanterns were so very fun and creative.
-Walking down the street laughing and got verbally attacked by the person who determined the placement of the tree. Seriously, Now?  She told me to take our art fair with a 41 year history of positive energy being brought to Manitou and go to Colorado Springs, they didn’t need us here. And a lot more ugly things were said by her directed at me. It brought me to tears. I allowed myself to talk to other friends, and graciously let go of one conversation it became apparent that it would be more appropriate for her to talk later about this. Another friend took me for a glass of wine and confirmed that what the PARAB person had said was totally out of line and gave me much validation for all the work I have contributed to the town the last 40 years. She will step in and help mitigate this situation and has the position to make that effort. Sent her all the info I had before writing this to clear tomorrow for some personal business time.
-I make every effort to approach challenges with a solution-based approach, so this situation has me reeling and confused by the anger directed at me for wanting the best of both worlds that would be easy to achieve if dealt with in a rational way.
-Found a bag of chocolate Easter eggs on my bed from my roommate. Not in my diet plan, but accept the gesture for what her positive intent was for giving them to me.

Lantern Parade in Manitou Springs

–Went to do Laundry and discovered didn’t have the right part. Called GE got a really helpful person. Figured out how to get the shaft into the new part. But still needed another part that I had described when ordering the parts. I had laundry going, but when tried to see if the fixed part would work, it turned it off with water filling the machine. Was told whe would overnight the needed part for free. Had to remove the clothes as was afraid my favorite white based items might get colorized by the dark blue sweaters.
-At Safeway, bought good artisan bread as a comfort food, but resisted some sicken sweet gooey chocolate covered pastry to appease my low feelings today.

April 11 – Saturday
–Decided to stay away from the drama that had me in tears last night. So stayed off the internet, until now, to not be tempted to write emails.
–Instead I decided to see how close to finishing both versions of the Kids Squirrel book. I just couldn’t do a quick and not valuable book and I have published many books alread. As this progresses I am really liking liking how the Paperback version is looking. That will make the Kindle version a breeze to create.
–A dear friend did call and gave me much loving support and although friends with both of us, really confirmed the other person was very out-of-line in what she said to me. She gave me much love and validated my worht and the importance of the 41 year old Art Festival.
–She also made me aware how long the tree had been planted and I just hadn’t been in the park to notice it. Distressing as this tree is a Memorial Tree to a very dear friend of us both. Even moe distressing is that in 2011 an council woman who is still on City Council emailed saying a situation like this that happened back then, would never happen again. And this is pretty much a total duplication of that situation.
–Where to go with this next is still to be decided by me and my Festival Committee and perhaps the Chamber will get involved.
–The woman sharing my house & caused me distress on Easter is making amends with food items including bringing me my favorite German Pretzel Rolls.
***Stress and food gifts are making it difficult to even consider dieting right now.

April 12 – Sunday
–Checked in with the friend to go to the hot springs to celebrate our birthdays in April.
–Called my plumber friend who was able to put the timer piece on my washer and got it to work. Asked me to take him to lunch at our favorite awesome Ethiopian restaurant on Tuesday. Then did 2 loads of laundry.
–Took all my scribbles about Friday night drama and put it in a point by point email to my Festival Committee and Commonwheel Board. Sent a note of regret to the person who this will aslo cause heartache to-such a shame a memorial tree for someone who dearly loved this Art Festival is causing financial stress for all future festivals. But the threatening conversation on Friday night cannot be ignored for the sake of future events, not just ours in the park. Sent the emails off and won’t do anything more until Tuesday.
–Next Spent 2 hours in the garden and putting pansies in a pot for the porch.
–Would have had my squirrel book’s paperback version finished except my upstairs tenant’s car died and she needed a lift back to the house. She had gone to look at gardening stuff and I had given her some money to buy the potting soil that was on sale, so her car was filled with soil and groceries. They were lucky it died today and not before as they had just returned from a trip to the Sand Dunes.
–Got packed for tomorrow and now heading to bed.

April 13 – Monday
–Drove to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs with a friend. Having a special day to celebrate or 2 April birthdays. Insisted on bringing a 2nd big robe for her and she was very happy I did. Warm waters, chilly breezy air when not in the water.
–Shared the recent drama, as she knew I was upset. Was as shocked as others by it.
–There were more deer and antelope along the way than I had seen in years. Awesome enjoyable scenic drive! Stopped when saw a herd of buffalo on the side of the road on the way home. Will see how the iPhone did taking pictures Tuesday. Couldn’t see what I was trying to take a picture of because of bright sun. And not sure how to get all the photos off my phone. But here is one of the buffalo and snow-capped mountains in the background.

Bufallo in South Park Colorado

—Got to the springs and let go of that while in the healing waters. Focused on ideas for my HieroGraphics Books and some next steps to take and just enjoyed the beauty and the healing waters.
–Had a lovely dinner and wine tastings before going home. Bought her desert for her Birthday.
–Went directly to bed without checking emails.

Awesome April First Week

April 1, 2015
Got up early enough (not a morning person) to get to the Art Co-op in time before others arrived to sign up for the desired shifts for the next 6 months. Walked there & back.

-Received 4 gifts today: a friend returned proofing on a journal creating; extra batteries hearing aids; a coupon for glasses that the seller gave me when realized I didn’t have it; extra $ back on grocery purchase when clerk made an error. Very grateful and thanked everyone well.

-Been putting of getting glasses, just did it! And really happy to have taken this action today.

-Bought 2 rose bushes to replace one that died by my front porch. Looking forward to planting them at the end of the month

-Colorado weather isn’t very predictable in April.

-Now a couple of hours on one of my books, probably Children’s book.

–OK, an hour into working on my children’s book a long-time client called at 9:30 pm and needed an old flyer to update. Deep search on my computer, but found it. She gave me misinformation about the version of Quark she was using, so took much time to get it sent to her in a way it would open for her. Gently kept asking questions until I figured out what was needed and got it done. I trade for massages with her, and felt I needed one after this fun adventure. Just saw LCE post and have to say my awesome part here was not ignoring the phone call and getting this done for her without sounding frustrated with the situation.

April 2:
–Walked over the hill to CMWL gallery today. Then up more hills to take photos of the Flood Mitigation work on Cañon Avenue. Need to get inspired to update my Flood Lessons book.

–Spent many hours finishing up the text for Kids book and gathered photos to use inside. Next step find which photos of mine will work & create cover.

–Didn’t watch new webinars, kept on task for current projects & trainers

–Kept my cool when told that the next possible time to see a recommended surgeon would be June 6, 2016, yes, next year. Gotta ponder a bit on our medical system. Luckily, it isn’t an urgent need . . .

-Action I took: Watched Felicia & Lou’s 1st videos in a 30 day Video Challenge to tell stories.

-OK, need to start writing one story a day of my own. Too late tonight. But one more push to do this.)

April 3- Missing

Awesome Sky

April 4:

Listened to Nichol’s interview while working on getting images ready for the Kid’s Squirrel book. Then tuned into eTown on radio in time to hear an Awesome story relating to Sustainable life and then a song about not giving up. Really connected to this.

–Took a 30 minute walk up some stairs & up the hilly road

-Got the best picture of nest for the book I have taken yet.

–Actually got into my feather studio & created 13 pairs of earrings (which have been flying out of the door at the CMWL gallery) & 2 masks.

–Suggested a small Easter dinner party & everyone accepted . . . defrosting a turkey now.

–Connected Chi & 2 people who she needs some info that they have regarding her Farmer’s Market idea.

–Took some winter coats to the upstairs closet, it is time to weed some things out of there . . . future project.

And just for fun posting a picture of the sky I saw last night and may be a cover of one of the Journals I have almost done. But staying on track of finishing one project first – Kids Book – before working more on two other books in progress.

 Awesome Sky Awesome Sky






  I thought this was one of the most Awesome skies I have seen in a long time.

Awesome Sky Awesome Sky






 April 5 – Awesome Easter Sunday
OK This is long, but was a very full day

–Worked with my roommate to cut down junk elm trees that are shading garden areas. Two friends appeared just as we were dealing with one of the largest and heaviest bits of tree and got it out of the garden area safely. One tenant came down to help & carried 3 cans of the small branches up the hillside where is a big compost area. Her boyfriend showed up with hinged clippers to cut up some larger branches. Also got the four that were in the back yard giving racoons access to the roor & a fire hazard as too close to house.

–Invited another friend to dinner and the upstairs tenants (vegetarians, but we would have lots of food they could eat & asked them to bring a salad.) I had wanted to keep it simple, but then just kept inviting people. Had a really fun meal. Lots of laughter, a little bit of wine. We had gotten into some pretty heavy conversations and I had spoken fairly clearly about something all didn’t absolutely agree upon, but we had lovely rational conversations and lots of more laughter. Wonderful raspberries, strawberries and a chocolate cake for desert. My tenants asked if I would mind if they painted some color on a couple of walls, saying they would repaint it white later. And oh, could they do some replacement tiling in the bathroom. All very fine with me. And then . . . after everyone left, my roommate made a very strange accusation that was so far from reality, I couldn’t believe she said it. I told her that made no sense at all and she got more angry and repeated that I was drunk and so of course I didn’t remember what happened . . . I was no where near drunk, and what she said hadn’t happened. She slammed her bedroom door saying we would talk about it in the morning. My Awesome reaction: Instead of pounding on her door, or getting into a shouting match, I let it go with her. Then I called two of the guests and both of them said no, that did not happen, and they had drank as much, if not more than me, and I seemed perfectly lucid and pretty normal. And I am writing this now, and had put most of my pottery dishes away without breaking anything, so I am sure my memory is correct and I was not so very drunk to not remember everything that evening.

-What this makes me know that I need to get more awesome in a way that creates enough financial freedom that I no longer need a roommate. The last one was totally crazy, and this one does have moments that I just don’t understand where she is coming from. So working towards that change is my goal.

–DropBox is being problematical. I moved many files out, but they are still there. So moving them one by one to clear up space. And they showed back up again! Moving again and trashing the files left on DropBox. Hope that works

April 6 – Monday
Had a surprisingly decent night sleep, then started the day w/ roommate loudly being angry over something I didn’t do, but her boyfriend acquiesced to her perception, then later told me he had done that, putting me in the middle. Ridiculous! Later she did apologize and kept on about how she & he were having issues. I told her I appreciated her talking to me, but I couldn’t apologize for something I didn’t do & we agreed we would give some space here & she repeated that I hadn’t done anything wrong. Exhausting.

-A friend had called & suggested we go to breakfast. Even though had much to do, went to get away from strange energy. Not right that I don’t feel comfortable in my home. We talked about the situation & some of his insights did help, tho some were ones I had last night. —Worked a deal for ads for Fest & Gallery in Summer Fun Guide for less than 1/4 the cost. Score!  -Got the Fest Grant proposal written.

-Walked 1/2 mile to & from CMWL monthly meeting.

–Got the 13 pairs of earrings & 1 Fantafaces mask into the Gallery.

–Really tired, but doing a bit of work w/ Dropbox issue, slowly making progress.

Catching Up After A Break

OK, after NAMS, I started a new training program – actually 2 programs.

One was around writing books taught by Brian G. Johnson of Trust Funnel fame, and the other was sharing our AWESOME selves.

So I have been writing up my days and not posting here. Decided to post all that info a week at a time I think.

And will share more about the new book in a different post.

So here goes sharing a bit of awesome Julia. The pre-April posts are below.


March 29,
-Making inroads on cleaning up the outside areas of my home. Getting ready for creating more garden areas that my tenants and housemate can share the daily chores and reap the benefits of growing more of our own food this year.
-KLS: That is definitely an awesome self sustainable endeavor!
March 29 at 12:00pm · Like · 1

** Julia Wright 2 Reminders:

* 1. Never work in the garden where dozens of people walk by without a business card or more in your pocket.

* 2. Always engage in conversations with people interested in what you are doing.
-Julia Wright I had to run into the house to get my business card when a woman and her husband reacted interested when I told them I help people publish books.

* Julia Wright Lesson #3: Wear a head scarf or look like a really wild woman with as crazy hair as Brian G. Johnson. Looked in the mirror when I came in and wondered if anyone would take me as a professional with the way I looked out in the garden.
March 29 at 5:34pm · Like · 1

*Julia Wright I moved a very wicked rose from the pathway of the garden. It is one of the plants that survived when about 1/3 of the garden fell into the creek in 1997 flood. The hooked thorns have injured me many times and it was growing right in front of the Poppies and Rhubarb, but couldn’t just throw this survivor away. So giving it a chance to survive by moving it to a back corner of the garden.

Wicked Rose Dig By Rhubarb_2639 Wicked Rose Replanted_2648

Wicked Rose Hooks CloseUp_2636

K W: Julia Wright, I love your gardening efforts. I am preparing beds, too, in a new garden so I can grow more food to feed myself and others. My favorite reading lately: all about microbes and the soil. I am geeky crazy for this subject! LOL

March 30, 2015
–Met with a friend who is thinking of doing a Farmers Market this Summer. Having lots of knowledge of a past one gave her Pros & Cons – ideas of best timing and locations if she was to do this. She took lots & lots of notes. I coordinate an Art Festival, so could give her some hard facts. Then I congratulated her on getting Little Libraries all around our town and suggested she write a book that I could help her get formatted & published. She had not thought about sharing her knowledge about the hoops she had to jump through to make this happen.
–Ate healthy, met with my handyman to resolve problems & plan on how to water the garden easier & fix fences & gutters. I walked to a meeting, and did lots of other things on my “to do list” for the Festival and the Art Co-op. –Wrote a letter praising some “at risk” boys who help with the Festival in hopes they get to continue being a part of our Art Festival doing community service and the program won’t be discontinued.
–And now back to the Children’s Book I have been working on.
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AW: Good for you, Julia! You accomplished so much today. You should be proud of yourself!
–Julia Wright And saw the mailman hadn’t picked up my letter, so walked in the dark to the Post Office so it will go out tomorrow. Beautiful Night!

March 31, 2015:
–Walked 1 mile to Chamber meeting, 2 bus errands on the way. Walked back a bit longer, got photos of many mallard ducks in the creek (surprised to see them) & squirrels & collected Festival mail at the PO.–Every other Tues. join a small healing meditation group-was Awesome! -Doing my Tony Laidig webinar soon. —Will end the day with working on Kids eBook.

No I Haven’t Been On Vacation

Yes, more than a month has past without any posts.

Have I been busy? VERY!

I finalized pieces for the Commonwheel Marketing job and it is now in someone else’s very capable hands. 

Immediate money was nice, but I really need to spend time on future money projects.

On that note, signed up for Brian G. Johnson’s Trust Funnel course a bit later than the beginning date. So trying to catch up to the current module. And do all the homework. An artists would come into one of the sessions and create fun art of the most important points and the presenters. Below is Brian with the artist when they hung all of her artistic endeavors around the main room.

Brian G. Johnson & Artists at NAMS13

NAMS13 in Atlanta was Awesome!!! My flight from Colorado Springs was delayed twice. I was running from the farthest end of DIA to the next flight when I heard “Final Boarding for Flight 507 to Atlanta.” I was at gate 24 and it took off from gate 38. I kept running, but it was too late. Some other youngsters were also there. I heard the attendant say the next flight was totally full. I raced back to where the Courtesy Attendant was and beat the youngsters by moments. I was red of face, and breathing hard. When I got to the counter, the attendant said 1 seat had just come available! I said book me! I knew my friend picking me up in Atlanta wasn’t going to like coming to the airport during rush hour, but couldn’t be helped. United won’t give you anything for a flight delayed by weather and I didn’t think to mention that it was first delayed because of a technical problem. I went to go get some food. I rarely drink soft drinks, but wanted a bit of caffeine, so picked one up to go with the noodle bowl. When I got to the check out, the girl asked if I was OK? My face was proably still a bit red. I said I had run from one end of the airport and missed my flight, then run back half way to the courtesy counter. She said, “I am buying your drink.” Awesome response. And of course, even though there was no “tip jar” I gave her a tip.

Was able to have lunch with my favorite Coach Tony Laidig. He and Kristen Joy both looked at two of my books and complimented me on the formatting. Now if they can help me with the marketing, that would be awesome. I also gave a copy of “How To Plan a Sustainable Event” to Charlsa Perdew (wife of David Perdew who organizes NAMS) and Kathleen Gage-a very inspirational speaker.

On two of the nights, music and dancing happened. Karoke on one night and then an incredible Band of various members of NAMS trainers came together for an awesome sounding set of music.

NAMS13 Jam Band

My roommate couldn’t have been a better fit. We immediately connected when we met. We had dinner together one night. She would get up just a bit earlier than me and get dressed and then headed for Starbucks, leaving me plenty of time to shower and dress after she was gone. We chatted and just generally got along well.

I boldly signed up for the Marketers Cruise next January. I have until May to make a final decision about that.

Captain Lou & the NAMS 13 Trainers & Staff

And I also signed up for 30 Days of Awesome Julia with Nicole Dean. Come Join me here:

I will be doing a chart of what I am doing to change my life for better health, lose weight, get my home less chaotic inside and out, get the garden in better shape to grow food, and have more books written and published. A new web site will be coming soon that will be my focus Niche web site based upon creating a sustainable life. So this site may just get the info copied from the chart. Will see how that goes.

Transition Street Pilot Program meant a weekly meeting to look at the program to help them get the “bugs” worked out before the big launch in May. Really enjoyed this group of people. And we will be meeting a few more times in the future to stay focused and support each other.

At the last MSAC meeting we talked about Rusty The Snowman leaving soon and how to create fundraisers. Just before I left for NAMS, I sent out 4 emails about this and they got quite a few responses. Since then, what I set in motion has been taken up by other member on the Art Council. So glad to see that, as I really can’t put any more time into other volunteer events. The Commonwheel Art Festival now needs more of my focused attention as always starting at this time of year.

I did get a couple of hikes done this last month. But the weather did not cooperate totally to get outside. I was a bit grumpy and not as productive as I should have been because of the cold. So it goes . . .

I did get my hearing aids. The sale of a Diamante property that I had a small stake in paid me a bit more than I anticipated. So I was able to get the better quality hearing aids. Interesting thing to have to pay attention to, but they do help. At NAMS I had little or no problem hearing speakers and people I spent time with sharing meals together. A big plus!

I also got one more person signed up under me for Young Living. We went to a seminar in Denver. Ted, my friend from the big YL conference last year in Utah drove us. She really enjoyed learning more about the oils and signed up soon afterwards.

I will be taking another trip in April. I will be part of the Manitou Springs Creative District group for the Seminar in Fort Collins. I have been to the last 2 Creative District Seminars and am glad to go to this one. Trying to figure out how to get my book more noticed and will have copies with me and many cards. Just before NAMS I had 500 cards printed for HieroGraphics Books LLC, so have plenty to share!

I now have an iPhone and an iPad. Just need to figure out how to make them more functional. I have great pictures on the phone, just don’t know how to get them to my computer.

And then there was the computer challenge. A friend came to give me lessons on the iPad and saw the notice about needing an “integrity check” on my computer. Whatever he did made it so the computer would not shut off. I took it to the MacSuperStore where Lee is now working. They needed it to stay there for days! I got it back late the night before leaving for NAMS. It would not let me in! They had changed the password, but it was too late to get that info. I boldly took Commonwheel’s Mac to have a computer. I would have been fine taking the iPad, but I didn’t know that until I got there and went to some of the trainings. I just needed to be able to take notes, not actually do any work on a computer. When I got back, called in and the password was given to me, but the girl said that it hadn’t been noted on my paperwork, so that was why no one mentioned it when I picked it up. And I had had the feeling I should have turned it on, but talking to Lee, I just felt all was fine and left without doing that. More disappointing though is that the message about needing to do an “integrity check” came up and I can’t get the Time Machine to do a backup. It says there is not enough room and I can’t find a way to get it to erase old ones. Very Frustrating. And I cannot afford to not have my computer for the next few days. Will call and discuss the problems with them tomorrow.

Now my back is aching (see next post for why) and I am going to try to get to bed at more reasonable times as one of my changes for April.

Garden of the Gods Hike in February 2015

During the last few weeks, I did get a short hike at the Garden of the Gods during one of the sunny breaks in the weather with my hiking friend. 

And yesterday, I would have loved to have gone out in the sunshine, but just couldn’t  break away. Had people coming to my home, and one didn’t show up, who rescheduled for Friday.

Plus a webinar to end the night.

Today I have a Transition Street meeting and hopefully get the proofed Commonwheel member business cards finalized and to the printer.

On February 9th it was a blue sky day at the Garden Of The Gods.

Ancient Cedar in the Garden of the Gods

I am always amazed at the beauty of the ancient cedars here.

Devil's Tower at the Garden of the Gods

This rock formation makes many people think of Devil’s Tower.

Red Rock Formations at the Garden of the Gods

Contrasting colors and types of rock formations.

FB_PikesPeak GofG Cedar_1372

Two views of Pikes Peak on this short and often overlooked trail in the Garden of the Gods just minutes away from my home in Manitou Springs.

Pikes Peak viewed from the Garden of the Gods

Looking forward to more hiking soon. But another snow storm is on its way for this weekend. Gotta love this wild ride of weather in Colorado.

Seriously Weeks Have Passed Since Posting

Ah, how time flies! And meetings have filled so many of my days.

Colorado weather has had its usual wild ride of sunshine after snow and then snowy again.

I have been to an interesting Branding workshop that had ideas for all lines of business am involved in.

I have been the point person for sending out info to people who are interested in the new position at Commonwheel -Marketing Manager/Shop Coordinator that came out of discussions and meetings last month. Then I have been collecting the applications and getting them to a file at the shop. Now they need to do the interviews. No one has gotten back to me on how they want the info for contacting these folks, so not sure where that stands.

 I am ever so glad I created about a dozen masks to put at Commonwheel. I sold a few and will have a good stock for the next few months.


Now if I can just get into my studio this Saturday to create masks for ETSY, that would be good.


I took some of the estate jewelry down to Commonwheel for the Display Art Again, a Secondary Art Market in hopes it might sell there. Mostly rhinestone jewelry and pieces that were signed.

One of the Handbook To Health books sold off the web site. Wondering how the person found that, but glad she did. Reminds me that I need to get my focus back on my own business and books.

One person I have given the “unproofed” copies of “How To Plan A Sustainable Event” actually went on Amazon and did a nice review! Thank you Beth!

My roommate has lost her job due to the death of the person she was care-giving. Not unexpected, just a new challenge to find a new position. And she is on a job interview tonight, so hoping it goes well.

Transition Streets Pilot Program is very interesting, but I really haven’t been able to give it the time it really deserves. And next week I am hosting the session on “Wasting Away”, which fits well with my “How To Plan A Sustainable Event” book focus. Really enjoying getting to know the people in the group. And two couples live just up the street across from my house.

On Valentine’s Day Morning the sky was blue and the air was warm, and I had a lovely surprise in my yard.   Hello There Valentine Deer

A visiting Deer.

Valentine and Carnivale Deer at Cottage

This was also Carnivale in Manitou Springs which is always great fun! But being Valentine’s Day and a long President’s Day holiday weekend, it might have cut into the attendance and participation of Carnivale.

I went into the Soda Springs Pavilion filled with people enjoying Gumbo.

Gumbo Cook-off Manitou Springs Carnivale

Gumbo Cook-off Manitou Springs Carnivale

I took photos at the Gumbo Cook-off, which I had never done that before.

Gumbo Cook-off Manitou Springs Carnivale

Perhaps I had an inkling that I’d get fewer photos later as the parade was shorter than normal. I didn’t even get many photos of people in costume on the street. Also, not many bars had good or any Cajun cuisine. I actually had a bowl of soup to sustain me at Swirl while catching up with D from Communidance. We talked of Essential Oils and what could help a fussy baby at her daycare. (And she bought a bottle of Peace and Calming later this week and it did help.)

I checked in at Commonwheel to see if more masks had sold. Just a couple, but these sales will get me a decent check for February.

I went to the Townhouse, but never ordered a drink or food there. But did dance to 2 sets of music. And went home to take the night off. Got lost in wicked TV shows. Not really peaceful things to watch, but that’s what I did.

I went to an appointment with an Audiologist. Yes, I need hearing aids. Now how to afford them and which level to buy at. $500 each is where I probably will go. The ones that cost $3,200 total are better, but I don’t really want to use up all of my Marston money on just one thing, so will look at the lower cost ones and hope to have some hearing improvement that will make me happy for many years.

I bought a used iPhone 4S. Now I need to learn how to use the iPad2 and this. Just haven’t had time to focus on these items. Lannie gave me some lessons on both at different times. Still, I need to sit down and learn how to use them soon, so can be adapt by the time I go to Atlanta.

I worked a full day at Commonwheel on President’s Day. Had hoped to catch up with some Festival things, but the computer acted badly and then Juergen came in to fix it and that was distracting. There were people in the shop that I engaged in conversations and had some good sales for the last day of the 20% off sale.

Aine is back from John of God healing journey. Would love to learn more about the group’s adventure there. Was a lovely session. Two weeks ago just 3 of us showed up to hold the space. So it was good to have a real healing session again. Been doing this for many years now. My one time of meditation that I really miss when I can’t be there.

Chamber Marketing Task Force had a very small attendance this week. But we got lots discussed. I made some suggestions for changes on ads that were well received.

The Festival Committee meeting also had low attendance. Again, got things discussed and tasks taken on. Still am waiting for others to respond to the minutes and questions about tasks that they did last year and asked if were willing to do this year. Met with one member to take on the Grant task and forgot to ask her if she had had any response about getting sponsorships. My brain is on overload for all the things I have been juggling.

I finalized two more ads for the PPB for the ending of “Display” and “Snow Softly Falling” that opens 3rd Friday in March. Still need to get the desk card done. Then work on the Colorado Journey’s ad that is split between us and 2 other galleries. Next week’s project!

A major task is almost complete. Getting business cards created for 8 new members is at the final proof stage. One came in that was not what I sent them, but might have had on file from when W– was doing the marketing. Asked them to change that. This has been an interesting learning process. Got the instructions in bits and pieces, so took longer than it would have if I had known all the requirements from the beginning. So it goes.

And I will be getting a sizable check for Marketing the last two weeks of work.

Really wish I knew what was going on with Marston. I might just bother Judi with an email or phone call to find out if it is on schedule to be sold and distributed.

Both my brother and KM questioned their Springs Hosting bills. I had to go in and send them the invoices and explain to them that it was exactly billed as it should be.

Then KM needed updates to a flyer and her web site. Next schedule time to work on her manual for her Craniosacral classes that haven’t been updated yet.

And one MSAC meeting. Need to change the day we meet on to Mondays for one of the members who is the Treasurer. So now 3 of my Mondays will have meetings. I guess I am kinda happy that will free up more Wednesdays, which is a day I do like to hike.

Writing this amazes me of all I did get done.

Meetings, Meetings and More Meetings

The changes at Commonwheel have inspired many meetings. Two groups of meetings. One for the web site and one for the Marketing Manager/Shop Coordinator position. Each one of these have met at least once a week. This is on top of my regularly scheduled meetings for the Commonwheel General and Board meetings. Then there is the Art Festival meetings and Manitou Springs Art Council meeting.

This weird little cold that keeps on hanging on is very annoying. Keeps me tired, but I am grateful it isn’t complicated with any other real symptoms. No coughing or sneezing, and although my voice sounds very sexy, my throat isn’t sore. Thank you spirit!

We also had some snow storms and very cold weather. This, added to not feeling 100% healthy, has kept me from hiking. Even on the sunny days, I just couldn’t get myself up and out there. Tooooo tired!

Though I did go out one night and take photos which I shared in another post.

FB1_Snowy Branches Against Blue Sky

And then the next morning with the snow clinging to trees so beautifully I walked up the street and took more photos. FB2_Blue Cloud Wisps Branches_0661

FB3_Gog Magog Blue Cloud_0697

Did that also the next morning after the second snow storm.
That was almost a hike . . .

FB4_Snowy Trail_0688

I did go to the Millibo Art Theatre for 2 shows with my Greek hiking friend. Both shows were totally enjoyable. Bill Bowers had us laughing so hard our jaws hurt when the show was over. The one-woman show was very different. She played many characters. Her body movements, facial expressions and voice changes were exceptional. Sorry I missed the first show in this series, but the heavy snow storm kept me from venturing out at night.

I also skipped a Deja Vu Singles dance night and B-Positive Reggae at the Townhouse. Kept thinking if I stayed home and rested a lot this cold would be totally gone quickly. Nice thought, not reality though.

Manitou Springs had a Manni Award community potluck on Thursday. This conflicted with my plans to go to a Sustainable Event to promote my book. I had helped get some of the awards made by Commonwheel members, and really didn’t want to miss this night to honor the most special artist in our town Charles Rockey. Was glad I went. Easier to walk there than go to the CS event. And I did get a little walk on a lovely night.

I had leftover hummus dip and chips, so took them to the shop job meeting on Saturday afternoon. Others had brought food the last time. I was the only one with food this time, but someone did bring wine. And another walk. Afterwards one of the newest members to Commonwheel and I went to the Keg and had hot buttered rum. The waitress came and told us someone had bought our drinks. It was her studio partner who came over and chatted for a bit. Interesting artist, he does performance painting and very big paintings. Was nice to get to know Sarah a bit away from the meeting environment. She grew up in McHenry, Illinois and we both talked of how we don’t miss the Midwest with its snow that stays forever, grey days, bugs and humidity.

Sunday, Feb. 1st was interesting. The day started with a morning meeting for Transition Streets with lovely muffins and hot chocolate served. (This is the new thing I am taking on.)

Then the person I have been masterminding and helping with her web site called and asked if I would like to come up for lunch and do the meeting at her house. Lovely turkey soup, homemade bread and fermented water. Healthy and relaxing. Unfortunately she couldn’t get to where she needed help. And wit out my cheat sheet, I couldn’t remember how to get there either. When I got home I figured out that we were typing .com instead of .net, which caused the misdirection. I sent her that correction and did look to see that the problem she was worried about was not a problem at all.

A friend who I have watched the Super Bowl with for years emailed me with a last minute invite to her home to watch the game. She said they had plenty of snacks and just bring myself.  I did bring some spinach and cheese dip that was a hit. We played ping pong during part of half-time. It was a lovely way to end the day.

On the way home, police lights came on behind me. I hadn’t had much to drink, I wasn’t speeding, so had no idea why. The officer told me one of my headlights was out. I had no idea. Brought up memories of when Keith had fixed this problem a few years ago. I handed him all my papers. Luckily he decided not to ticket me, but cautioned me to get it fixed as soon as possible. So no driving at night until I get that done.

During these last few days, I had a bad run-in with the person doing the Facebook. She “has a plan” that she won’t share with anyone and wants me banned from posting. After last year of doubling the # of likes to our page, adding over 1,500 Likes, she thinks I am getting in the way of her “plan” that she won’t share.

I have had many classes that relate to Facebook and what is a good way and number of posts to do. For her to tell me I am “spamming” people is ridiculous. I engaged people enough for them to share and Like many posts, and as I said, more than double the number of Likes to the page in just one year.

Both people who ran the last 2 Commonwheel Gallery shows: Holiday Market and Pottery by the Pound constantly complained to me that she wasn’t doing the types of posts they requested. That was why I put posts on and did some Tweets. Many of my Tweets got reTweeted. None of hers had. I know, because that info comes to the festival email. She actually said she was giving Twitter a rest. That made no sense at all. You quickly lose your followers interest if you don’t connect with them on a regular basis.

Some of L’s reasoning was our web site isn’t worth sending people to now. Well, that is just crazy talk. We aren’t trying to send people to the web site, but to the gallery. We haven’t had a good eCommerce situation ever, so why would we send them to the web site. She had told S-m that 80% of the people on Facebook were from out-of-state. Where she got that idea, I can’t imagine, since the Likes that came in were from people who actually came to the gallery or the art festival or saw posts from local friends. And they share local events relating to not just Commonwheel but Manitou Springs that I posted about last year.

I have 4 posts with my masks and text as if they are talking. I had two posts scheduled and two more to schedule. Now with Carnivale coming on Valentine’s Day, I think these posts need to go up.

FantaFaces and Carnivale in Manitou Springs

















They tried to tell me I was banned from posting. I got upset, angry, emotional about this. Not the best way to handle any situation, but damn! I do know what works on Facebook and this is one of the times that my FantaFaces masks sell well. So I will do some self promotion, then step back from Facebook for 2 months. I really want to see her “plan” though.

I had avoided going to get more kitty liter and food. On the Monday of the Commonwheel meeting I kept working on the eVites for the next 2 shows so they could possibly get put up on the web site before the person who took it on until the new one was built could post them before he left and in time for the public to know about the 20% Off Sale and Display Art Again. I made a quick run to the bank to deposit the cottage check and get kitty litter, it just couldn’t wait another day. I got home later than planned, but realized I couldn’t drive to the meeting, not that I wanted to do that.

So I came in to the Commonwheel meeting a bit late and had forgotten I had promised to make copies of some information about what the grants could be used for. Got confronted by a member about the FaceBook, started to tear up. When I get angry, I often cry instead of yell, though I can still talk and make my point, just doing with tears in my eyes. Not very helpful to sounding rational. The meeting got to a late start also, for other reasons than this confrontation. Was able to sit where I wasn’t facing the group, just the person at the other end of the Board table. 

After the meeting, I didn’t want to talk more about the FaceBook situation. Did go to the Keg and had another hot buttered rum and ate some of M—ca’s offered food. There really hadn’t been a great spread of food at the meeting and I was still a bit hungry.

After this small social gathering, S– did talk to me about the FaceBook situation again out on the street. I told her I planned on posting the mask posts for Carnivale and the 20% Off Sale. I didn’t think “banning” me from posting was a very helpful way to address the problem with the person who really isn’t doing a good job. I asked her if she had seen L’s “plan” and she said no, she hadn’t and L– wasn’t sharing it with anyone. At the end, we agreed I could do the 4 or 5 posts if I get the video made, then I will not post anything but Festival related posts on the Gallery Facebook page. That doesn’t stop me from posting Gallery posts on the Festival Facebook page, as the other person refused to post there from the start of time when she took on the Social Media for here committee job.

Meantime I have been trying to keep up with creating ads and other pieces of marketing for the gallery shows that need to be done while we search for a marketing manager/shop coordinator. Just posted the job listing with a few papers, festival Facebook, Craigs List, ArtBar, etc.

And then my brother needed some Parish Gap web site changes. Plus my Sharing Inner Health friend needs some brochure updates.

Some day I will get back to my own business. The Sleep Journals are way out of schedule for getting completed. And perhaps if it is sunny enough on Thursday I will take my car and get the headlight fixed and go for a walk in the sun somewhere. I know not hiking has me a bit out of sorts.

I think I am kinda caught up to today. I plan on awaking with a clear head and lots of energy in the morning, so heading of to get a good night’s sleep now.

Atlanta Here I Come

A few weeks ago I sent out emails to 2 friends who live in Atlanta. The last time I had heard from either of them were a couple of emails in 2010 announcing they were each getting married. We lost contact after that. We had met when sharing a Condo in Snowmass for Peak Potentials “Seminar of the Century”. That was a very inspiring event and we all connected well during the times the event wasn’t going on.

I had visited with Deb when I had a UFirst event in Atlanta at least one year before 2010. She had let me stay at her home and use her car to get to and from the event. Very generous of her. We met with our other friend for dinner one night and had a lovely visit.

So after 4 other people told me as much as they would have liked to used my extra ticket for the NAMS 2015 March event, they couldn’t swing it for those dates. So I thought of my friends living in Atlanta. And  just for a lark sent out emails to them asking if either of them would be interested in using my second ticket. Deb emailed back and said it was perfect timing for her. She was really interested in learning more about marketing on the internet.

We set a time to talk by phone and it was if we had just seen each other a day before. So many changes in both of our lives. Some sounded like we mirrored each other in some ways. My “Hell” years were 2013-14 with the suicide of Keith and all the deception that followed. Then the flooding of Manitou Springs the next summer just before the Commonwheel Art Festival.

Neither of us went into much details about these things. Leave that to another talk. We did talk about our learning experiences and where we wanted to go.

She needed to look a bit closer at the web site, but was saying yes to going to this event. She can give me a ride from the airport and I can stay with her what ever nights I chose.

I didn’t mentioned I was considering staying at the hotel for some of the nights, but wanted to think about that. I forgot to ask her how far from the venue was her home. In an email she told me it was 30 miles away. And the venue was in downtown, rather congested area.

When I did ask that, I called to reserve a three nights at the hotel, since 30 miles was a bit far to actually have time to do networking and get rested. The reservation person only booked me for 2 nights. When I called back I was told that the Sunday was only at the full rate, but I could have the group rate on Monday night. And what good would that do me? I asked.

Tonight I again tried to get booked at the group rate after seeing and email telling us make our reservations and if we had trouble getting the group rate to write a ticket to support. So I called the hotel and asked to extend my reservation by 2 night and was told the group rate would not apply to either of those nights. So I have a ticket into the support team.

Will have to wait and see if support can really fix the rate. I can’t imagine staying both of the nights if not. But may do the Thursday and leave on the Sunday. That would be the same cost as all 4 nights at the group rate.

Gonna email Deb again and set another time to chat. My world has been filled with meeting after meeting and have had the cold that won’t go away. Mostly just very tired, no coughing or sneezing. But my voice sounds very sexy and that is a dead give away something isn’t right with my health.

So ready to make a change in my financial situation!

Another Snowy Day Really Snowy

Today we are experiencing a snowstorm like we haven’t had in quite some time. It is reminiscent of storms in Illinois where I grew up. I went out and shoveled a bit in mid-day, just to make a dent in it. My MSAC meeting was canceled and resceduled on top of my next week Tony Laidig Tuesday webinar that will actually be held by Jay Boyer. Many marketers are on a cruise together. Dang it would have been a nice winter break.

Sort of all over the place today. Got all my emails written and sent out to Festival sponsors to check in with them for their interest in the 2015 Commonwheel Art Festival sponsorship. That was good. Always takes longer than I expect. Make them very individualized invitations.

My brother wanted to know if I could pay back the $400 I was holding onto from the loan. Really wasn’t wanting to do that until Marston got sold. And that sale is postponed until end of February, but does sound like it will happen then. I decided to pay him half. That may mess up my ability to pay half of my Property Tax at the end of February. But will see how other payments happen and how expensive my utility bills are next month. And I need to get $300 back to the car loan account before the end of February also. Really had counted on the sale of Marston happening sooner . . .

I created a dozen masks for Carnivale over the weekend. When I do early Spring Cleaning up there, I use mis-matched feathers to create masks I will sell for less than my regular masks for Carnivale. They actually take me longer to create, but use up feathers that have been cut up and not used because there is only a few of any color remaining. I will share some in the next post. I do need to crop and size them to post in Facebook and here. I have some ideas for having them with “talk bubbles” in posts for the Commonwheel.

Really cleared out lots of feathers that were mismatched. Cut some up from a couple of bags. Can’t really see that I did that much clearing, but I did. Making space to create masks in 2015 without so much clutter in the studio.

On Monday, when the sky was perfectly cloudy, I first tried photos of them with a normal background. But didn’t like how they turned out. Want to do some fun posts on the Commonwheel Facebook for the shop and Carnivale leading up to the 20% off sale all wrapped around Valentine’s Day.

I did play a bit with some miniatures to see how they photographed. Turning them a little bit at a time and snapping shots makes them look very different. Can understand how one might use characters that have no moveable parts to look different in various scenes. Will be interested in seeing what Tony teaches about taking photos of miniatures in a couple of weeks.

On Tuesday I brought down some different pieces of cloth and decided to use the brown one for a backdrop. Will see how that worked later and post images of what I discovered.

I had been having some flushing problems with just my toilet. No other drain was acting problematic. Earlier on Monday, I had tried putting drain cleaner down the shower drain that I don’t use to see if that would help. But no, a little later in the day,  my cottage tenant called to tell me water came up in his shower. I called Budget Rooter and he was able to come over right away before it got dark. Roots! at about the same place as when he came a little over 2 years ago. On unexpected $100 expense that didn’t make the call from my brother any easier to handle.

Yesterday I wrote up all the invoices for people I did work for in 2014 and I had not created. I need to send them out now. Haven’t heard from Zo since he ordered his books. Should probably send him an email and check in with him. This task might have been inspired by Tom’s call and the Rooter bill . . .

I also got the comparison done for our web site meeting coming up. I sent it off to SK to add to whatever other info she got from other people. I had done the research before the first meeting, so just needed to put it in a comparison mode rather than long paragraphs.

Tony’s webinar started with him talking about why presentations were important. Then he demo-ed a piece of software that makes creating them very easy. I had seen the end of a sale pitch about this last week and bought it from someone else with interesting bonuses offered. Tony rarely pitches anything on his free Tuesday Expert Media Shows. And he really did explain how to use it to its best advantage. So I enjoyed getting that training. And it is an amazing software that creates so much finished products from one answering just 43 questions. I need to play with it.

But right now, I am going to take a break and watch a bit of TV. Not something I do often, but want to see how the Mentalist is ending soon.


Visioning Into The New Year of 2015

And it snowed enough on Monday the 29th to cause all sorts of havoc. Then it cleared up the next couple of days, but was FRIGID!

Tuesday, worked on ads and other gallery tasks.

Tony Laidig did an end of year talk. What he had done, asked us to reflect on what we had done. How were we going to move into the new year. Reflecting on what to do next, always a good way to enter into another year.

New Years Eve Day, I got some more ads finalized and then went to work at the gallery for another member. I moved the food items around for Holiday Market that had been marked down. Not many people in, but engaged in some nice conversations. One led to the couple keeping adding food items one at at time until they had 5 to buy.

It was a really cold day. I was tired at the end of the day.

Walked home, thought about going to the Townhouse for dinner and dancing, but fixed dinner instead. Then fell into watching TV shows that were not very uplifting. Went to change clothes to go dancing and just couldn’t do it. Felt very alone. Didn’t want to go out on New Year’s Eve alone. And some bad memories of the one with Keith came floating into my mind, making it even harder to get motivated to go out in the cold alone.

Snuggled into bed with a book and read until midnight. My usual bedtime. Greeted the New Year with a few affirmations and went to sleep.

On New Year’s Day, decided I wanted to create some Vision Boards. I missed doing this when 2014 began, but have done them many other past years.

Went to see if I could get the items for this that were stashed in a closet in my roommate’s room. But no, a large framed picture was balanced on a bookshelf in front of the closet. And this item was about to fall out of the frame and I didn’t want to risk breaking the glass.

So I went up to my studio and found enough mat board to make at least 3 Vision Boards. More smaller ones if I was so inclined. Then down to the basement where boxes of magazines were stashed. Discovered all the glue sticks I had were dried up, but decided I could lay them out and finish them another day. Got into music and cutting out words and pictures. 

One is focused upon writing and publishing books. No surprise there.

Vision Board for Creating Books

I couldn’t find some of the words I wanted, such as “masks”, “Best Seller”, “camera”, “transition”, “feathers”, etc. Realized I was using only two types of magazines, whereas in the past, I had had more variety of magazines to find different images and words within.

Still I was able to create three Vision Boards I am very happy with.

Vision Board for future travels

One is focused upon traveling. Adventures both near and far. Hiking and trips to visit with family and friends. I would love to get to drive to Arizona to visit with my cousins and stop in the Grand Canyon where one of my past tenants is living again.

And to go snorkeling off a warm island. Bask in the sun and float gently in the ocean to discover the many wonders below.

And a new, better Canon camera. One that shoots at 300 dpi and takes good night pictures.

Then there was the one focused upon making changes in my life.

Vision Board for creating wealth & positive changes

Creating abundance on many levels. Perhaps a bit of true love. The bull is the symbol of Taurus, my sign. Saint Michel is Archangel Michael who I call upon often to keep me safe, so seemed appropriate to ask his help in keeping me safe during the times of changes. I loved the lion roaring “You can now.”

It was interesting trying to recreate them when I got new glue sticks. I took photos of them completed, then took them apart and tried to figure out which image was on the bottom to rebuild them. I am sure some things got shifted, but mostly got redone close to the original layout.

All in all, I had a fun day off the computers and visioning what I would like to see change in my life over the next year and in the not too distant future.

Occasionally took a moment to get up and dance when a song came on that inspired me to move a bit. I had some special treat foods for my brunch and dinner. Easy to prepare and enjoy on my breaks from visioning.

And baby, it was cold outside . . . so glad I was able to stay warm inside.