Another Snowy Day Really Snowy

Today we are experiencing a snowstorm like we haven’t had in quite some time. It is reminiscent of storms in Illinois where I grew up. I went out and shoveled a bit in mid-day, just to make a dent in it. My MSAC meeting was canceled and resceduled on top of my next week Tony Laidig Tuesday webinar that will actually be held by Jay Boyer. Many marketers are on a cruise together. Dang it would have been a nice winter break.

Sort of all over the place today. Got all my emails written and sent out to Festival sponsors to check in with them for their interest in the 2015 Commonwheel Art Festival sponsorship. That was good. Always takes longer than I expect. Make them very individualized invitations.

My brother wanted to know if I could pay back the $400 I was holding onto from the loan. Really wasn’t wanting to do that until Marston got sold. And that sale is postponed until end of February, but does sound like it will happen then. I decided to pay him half. That may mess up my ability to pay half of my Property Tax at the end of February. But will see how other payments happen and how expensive my utility bills are next month. And I need to get $300 back to the car loan account before the end of February also. Really had counted on the sale of Marston happening sooner . . .

I created a dozen masks for Carnivale over the weekend. When I do early Spring Cleaning up there, I use mis-matched feathers to create masks I will sell for less than my regular masks for Carnivale. They actually take me longer to create, but use up feathers that have been cut up and not used because there is only a few of any color remaining. I will share some in the next post. I do need to crop and size them to post in Facebook and here. I have some ideas for having them with “talk bubbles” in posts for the Commonwheel.

Really cleared out lots of feathers that were mismatched. Cut some up from a couple of bags. Can’t really see that I did that much clearing, but I did. Making space to create masks in 2015 without so much clutter in the studio.

On Monday, when the sky was perfectly cloudy, I first tried photos of them with a normal background. But didn’t like how they turned out. Want to do some fun posts on the Commonwheel Facebook for the shop and Carnivale leading up to the 20% off sale all wrapped around Valentine’s Day.

I did play a bit with some miniatures to see how they photographed. Turning them a little bit at a time and snapping shots makes them look very different. Can understand how one might use characters that have no moveable parts to look different in various scenes. Will be interested in seeing what Tony teaches about taking photos of miniatures in a couple of weeks.

On Tuesday I brought down some different pieces of cloth and decided to use the brown one for a backdrop. Will see how that worked later and post images of what I discovered.

I had been having some flushing problems with just my toilet. No other drain was acting problematic. Earlier on Monday, I had tried putting drain cleaner down the shower drain that I don’t use to see if that would help. But no, a little later in the day,  my cottage tenant called to tell me water came up in his shower. I called Budget Rooter and he was able to come over right away before it got dark. Roots! at about the same place as when he came a little over 2 years ago. On unexpected $100 expense that didn’t make the call from my brother any easier to handle.

Yesterday I wrote up all the invoices for people I did work for in 2014 and I had not created. I need to send them out now. Haven’t heard from Zo since he ordered his books. Should probably send him an email and check in with him. This task might have been inspired by Tom’s call and the Rooter bill . . .

I also got the comparison done for our web site meeting coming up. I sent it off to SK to add to whatever other info she got from other people. I had done the research before the first meeting, so just needed to put it in a comparison mode rather than long paragraphs.

Tony’s webinar started with him talking about why presentations were important. Then he demo-ed a piece of software that makes creating them very easy. I had seen the end of a sale pitch about this last week and bought it from someone else with interesting bonuses offered. Tony rarely pitches anything on his free Tuesday Expert Media Shows. And he really did explain how to use it to its best advantage. So I enjoyed getting that training. And it is an amazing software that creates so much finished products from one answering just 43 questions. I need to play with it.

But right now, I am going to take a break and watch a bit of TV. Not something I do often, but want to see how the Mentalist is ending soon.


Visioning Into The New Year of 2015

And it snowed enough on Monday the 29th to cause all sorts of havoc. Then it cleared up the next couple of days, but was FRIGID!

Tuesday, worked on ads and other gallery tasks.

Tony Laidig did an end of year talk. What he had done, asked us to reflect on what we had done. How were we going to move into the new year. Reflecting on what to do next, always a good way to enter into another year.

New Years Eve Day, I got some more ads finalized and then went to work at the gallery for another member. I moved the food items around for Holiday Market that had been marked down. Not many people in, but engaged in some nice conversations. One led to the couple keeping adding food items one at at time until they had 5 to buy.

It was a really cold day. I was tired at the end of the day.

Walked home, thought about going to the Townhouse for dinner and dancing, but fixed dinner instead. Then fell into watching TV shows that were not very uplifting. Went to change clothes to go dancing and just couldn’t do it. Felt very alone. Didn’t want to go out on New Year’s Eve alone. And some bad memories of the one with Keith came floating into my mind, making it even harder to get motivated to go out in the cold alone.

Snuggled into bed with a book and read until midnight. My usual bedtime. Greeted the New Year with a few affirmations and went to sleep.

On New Year’s Day, decided I wanted to create some Vision Boards. I missed doing this when 2014 began, but have done them many other past years.

Went to see if I could get the items for this that were stashed in a closet in my roommate’s room. But no, a large framed picture was balanced on a bookshelf in front of the closet. And this item was about to fall out of the frame and I didn’t want to risk breaking the glass.

So I went up to my studio and found enough mat board to make at least 3 Vision Boards. More smaller ones if I was so inclined. Then down to the basement where boxes of magazines were stashed. Discovered all the glue sticks I had were dried up, but decided I could lay them out and finish them another day. Got into music and cutting out words and pictures. 

One is focused upon writing and publishing books. No surprise there.

Vision Board for Creating Books

I couldn’t find some of the words I wanted, such as “masks”, “Best Seller”, “camera”, “transition”, “feathers”, etc. Realized I was using only two types of magazines, whereas in the past, I had had more variety of magazines to find different images and words within.

Still I was able to create three Vision Boards I am very happy with.

Vision Board for future travels

One is focused upon traveling. Adventures both near and far. Hiking and trips to visit with family and friends. I would love to get to drive to Arizona to visit with my cousins and stop in the Grand Canyon where one of my past tenants is living again.

And to go snorkeling off a warm island. Bask in the sun and float gently in the ocean to discover the many wonders below.

And a new, better Canon camera. One that shoots at 300 dpi and takes good night pictures.

Then there was the one focused upon making changes in my life.

Vision Board for creating wealth & positive changes

Creating abundance on many levels. Perhaps a bit of true love. The bull is the symbol of Taurus, my sign. Saint Michel is Archangel Michael who I call upon often to keep me safe, so seemed appropriate to ask his help in keeping me safe during the times of changes. I loved the lion roaring “You can now.”

It was interesting trying to recreate them when I got new glue sticks. I took photos of them completed, then took them apart and tried to figure out which image was on the bottom to rebuild them. I am sure some things got shifted, but mostly got redone close to the original layout.

All in all, I had a fun day off the computers and visioning what I would like to see change in my life over the next year and in the not too distant future.

Occasionally took a moment to get up and dance when a song came on that inspired me to move a bit. I had some special treat foods for my brunch and dinner. Easy to prepare and enjoy on my breaks from visioning.

And baby, it was cold outside . . . so glad I was able to stay warm inside.

Getting Caught Up In The New Year of 2015

Friday, January 2nd was the first tune-up day of the new year. My shoulders and neck really appreciated the mini-massage after all the time I spent cutting and leaning over the table laying out three Vision Boards the day before. And my Greek friend was there with a gift of some homemade sweet breads.

And my holiday loneliness and sadness funk had been worsened a bit just before this. The hiking friend I had tried to get to go see the movie “Wild” with called to ask me if I was “feeling spontaneous” as she and a friend were going to see “Wild” in an hour. At the theater she said she wouldn’t go to on a Friday “Happy Hour” time downtown CS which would make parking crazy difficult and the movie crowded. All the reasons she said she wouldn’t go when I asked. When I talked with her a few days later and told her this had left me a bit disconcerted. I mentioned that it had been the first time I had wanted to go to a movie since Keith. She sort of apologized, but said she could change her mind about things at any time, and her friend really wanted to see the movie before leaving town. Then told me that neither of them liked the movie and how glad she was that we hiked the way we did.

Meanwhile, I had asked my plumber friend to go to the movie, and he had gotten very ill that morning, so we planned on trying later in the week. That time did work. Had a nice visit with him and we both really liked the movie. The ending had me in tears as she spoke of looking back on her life and wouldn’t have changed things as they had lead her to where she was standing now at the end of the trail with her whole life ahead of her to do as she envisioned on this journey.

But before the movie escape time, there was the two Commonwheel meetings. Both were on Monday, Jan. 5th. First, I had to go in and help take down Holiday Market that morning. The coordinator thanked me for all I did to help market it and make it successful, including spotlighting the food items that had been marked down.

The meetings were challenging.

At the Board meeting we needed to have someone step into the role of President. No one came forward easily. Finally one of my Festival Committee members stepped up, but that meant she would leave that committee . . .

Discussions about what to do about the web site with the web master/mistress resigning and it being in a program that is based on HTML and not web based were all over the place. Decided we needed to set a meeting for a smaller group to look into this. And Russ had not gotten me his proposal. Though when I called him the next day, I learned he had sent them to the Festival email, but somehow they were not arriving there. He tried to send it off again while we talked and it never showed up, so had him send it to one of my personal emails and it arrived quickly.

The discussion about hiring a Shop Manager to also do the Marketing got very heated. One member who rarely speaks up did with a very calm and reasonable suggestion. Since we are only committing to doing this for a year, and we have the funds, we have nothing to lose, lets give it a try. Then more discussion, a vote to do it for a year, with another committee being formed. That committee was the one that was to have met tonight, but didn’t due to lots of snow and foggy conditions making driving very challenging.

As much as I would like to step away and not attend these meetings, I just can’t. So will hope the rescheduling of the Manager meeting will work for a time I can attend without having to miss any trainings.

Tuesday the sun was out and I took advantage of it to run errands, including getting food for the Festival meeting. I stopped at a friend’s house for a visit to catch up which was fun and relaxing. At Costco, I decided to buy a “Bullet” and lots of veggies to get a healthier start on the year. I haven’t exactly fallen in love with what it makes. Too much pulp, but working on it. And how else could I get myself to eat 2 carrots and an apple, plus some greens. Drinking them is so much easier. Will keep trying new amounts of water and items to put in it in hopes of making the drinks more tasty. I got home in time for my Laidig training, but had forgotten about the Chamber Marketing Task Force meeting earlier that day. I hadn’t made it on any of my 2015 calendars.

The Festival committee met on Wednesday night, without the President member, but with a couple who always do everything together. I was not as prepared as normal. Still had been working on ads until that day. Had to spend the morning getting the agenda done. Walked to the gallery to make copies and sign checks.

The meeting went well and the new members stayed and we chatted a bit. Their daughter had had a major concussion and I told them some of the things that had helped me heal and get back on track with my brain. They really liked some of the things I told them. (And yes, that is one of the stories I had hoped to write this winter. Well, winter isn’t over yet!) I asked them where they lived and the asked me if I knew the rock formations Gog and Magog. I said yes, I had always wanted to hike to them, but not up the very challenging and not well-marked trail that starts at the end of Ruxton. Well, they live at the top of Crystal Park and there is a not too challenging trail of 2 miles that they hike often. We will have to make a date when the sun is shining in the Spring to hike it. Something really fun to look forward to when the weather gets better.

I did get to see the “Wild” movie on Thursday with my plumber friend and home in time for Tony Laidig’s training on Easy Books Illustrations: Miniatures. On Tuesday, when I was running errands, I had stopped in at the Dollar Store by the Natural Foods Market and saw a bunch of animals. I bought 10 or 12 with the idea they would work well in a story that I used miniatures to photograph to illustrate it. What that story will be, still not sure. And Tony assigned us homework to come up with a story by the next Thursday. So he put a fire under me to create a story. I do have some in mind, just not sure they are ones that would use miniatures to illustrate them. Still have a couple of days to figure this out . . .

More ad work on Friday. Sent one off and the person who got it made a suggestion that she thought would make it look better. Tried her idea and I liked it. That meant going back and make a similar change to all the other ads I had created. Got that mostly done, plus the changes suggested by the Festival committee to an ad for Sunshine Artists. Have to admit, I like them all better now.

On Saturday, I was scheduled to work all day for Pottery by the Pound. The weather on Friday had been pretty nasty, so we expected people who had not made it to the opening day would show up on Saturday. We had 3 people in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. We never got that busy. Disappointing. I had dreaded working on the new POS system for this sale. But our now ex-Pres had figured out how to make this work really well and she worked the computer for the morning shift and the other person who was there all day took it for the afternoon shift. All in all, an easier day than I had anticipated.

I was a bit disconcerted by an email from someone trying to set up a meeting about the web a week out. Especially since I had sent out an email asking people which one of 3 suggested days would work for them this coming week. I called the new Pres and we talked it through. I sent out another email mentioning that 3 people had already said they could meet this coming Wednesday, so could we make that happen. So far most have responded favorably. Now it the weather just gets a bit better so we can meet, that will be a good thing.

My Mastermind for books friend came over on Sunday. She had finally gotten her domain to mitigate and wanted some help getting a WordPress site up. She brought me some Kombucha and another fermented water. Perfect timing to go with eating healthier and the “Bullet.” She is a strong advocate for this type of “juicing” and told me about many of the benefits of using this versus a regular juicer.

After she left, I worked on my Sales Tax Report some more. I had started this last week, but not gotten it finished. This is complicated. And when I got it to the point I wanted to put it on the real form, I pulled it out of the envelop only to discover it looks totally different than it has in the past. Not even sure all the lines are the same . . . so need to get that finalized tomorrow and then file it online, which is also different from past years. But all this work gets me closer to having the information together for my IRS & State Taxes.

My roommate was scheduled to fly somewhere on Monday, today, buy the weather was so bad they closed the airport. This was the trip she had to cancel when she got the flu before Christmas. She hopefully will get to take off tomorrow. This really bad weather is what led to the canceling of the meeting for tonight that I did not get the email about the cancellation.

One of the emails I looked at for marketing reminded me that I need to create some masks to put on the “Journeys” web site for sale. Plus need to make some less expensive one’s in anticipation of sales for Carnivale. I really am looking forward to getting in some studio time this weekend!

Caught another email I missed about the web site. Replied to it. There has been lots of conversations by emails about what we should build it in. I am an advocate for WordPress, others don’t like it and have suggested Weebly, which I find to be very weak and some other site building programs I have never heard of. And with all the coaches I have taken classes with over the last 2 years, they all suggest WordPress and steer people away from Weebly for internet marketing purposes. Should be an interesting meeting on Wednesday.

And yesterday the author of “Sinister Frog” said he would be happy with any of the 3 covers I had created and sent to him to look at over a month ago. Another project someone else’s book on Kindle . . .

Snowy Winter Night of Reflection

So much time has passed since my last post. Think I’ll just do one for today and see where I go after that.

Got up and tried to find a doctor that takes Medicaid patients. Don’t recognize any of the names, the DO I called doesn’t and a Naturopath told me Medicaid won’t pay for their services. Quit after about 5 phone calls. Another day’s project.

I also sized up some images for our Pottery by the Pound Sale going on in the Commonwheel Gallery so I can easily do some posts tomorrow morning.

Emailed a couple of friends to see if they want my extra NAMS ticket. Would love to find someone to share a room with and learn together.

Emails were flying about the web site for Commonwheel and what to do since the web master/mistress quit. Have a meeting scheduled for Wednesday.

I missed an email canceling the Shop Manager meeting tonight. Walked to MAC in the wintery snow. Wished I had brought my camera. Especially when I spotted a snow covered bicycle. I had a bowl of spicy chicken soup. Chatted with Natalie. Called someone and was told the meeting was canceled.

Snowy Night on Ruxton Ave in Manitou Springs

As I walked home I realized how much I have been missing getting out for walks due to the cold and all the Commonwheel tasks that need tending to and I have taken on since the marketing person became ill, then resigned.

So I went in and got my camera.

Snowy Night on Ruxton Ave in Manitou Springs

Walked up Ruxton Avenue a bit and took some photos.

Snowy Night on Ruxton Ave in Manitou Springs

I need to learn more about night photography.

Snowy Night on Ruxton Ave in Manitou Springs

And I really want a better camera, but that will have to wait a bit.

Played with a couple by turning them into black and white so they would look more like what I saw.

Snowy Night on Ruxton Ave in Manitou Springs  It was such a lovely walk. Really enjoyed the stark beauty.

 That made the rocks look bit more spooky and the branches more graceful.

And posted them on Facebook for fun.

Am going to try to get up early enough to get some photos in the daylight before it all begins to melt.

Snowy Night on Ruxton Ave in Manitou Springs

I have gotten way off track for what I had planned on doing regarding books and marketing. Need to figure out how to get back on track for my own business.

And need to have fun in my feather studio and create some masks for Carnivale which will be on February 14th this year. Yes, on Valentine’s Day. Should be interesting. Wonder what the weather will be like that day. Yesterday it was 54 degrees and today a lovely gentle snow. Never can tell what Colorado weather will be very far in advance. Looking forward to sun on Thursday, but then that could change when we see the next forecast.

As The Year Draws To A Close

On Wednesday the 17th took a short ride to some friends home after a day of computer work. Here we shared a Mexican based meal we each create a part of and drink margaritas. Ended with Cherry Pie and ice cream. Then on to the entertainment of watching the Survivor Finale together. Glad to have this down time that is just relaxing and time to catch up with all of our lives.

These last few weeks are kind of a blur in my mind. Been in my studio some, working on Commonwheel marketing and holiday gifting and celebrating. And working on some Festival tasks.

I had ordered gift certificated for a restaurant my family in Oregon loves to eat at. It took until Saturday for them to show up in my email for me to be able to print them. I finished wrapping presents and making up packages on Friday, then added the Gift Certificates in cards and closed up the boxes. The Post Office wasn’t very busy, so was able to get them sent off in time to arrive before Christmas. Next week my brother sent me an email saying he had put $ in our joint account for me to spend on something I would enjoy as a family gift back to me. I am going to put it as “mad money” to spend on meals and/or a movie in a real theater.

Continued to work on Marketing pieces for Commonwheel and trying to catch up with my business world. Discussing ways to look at how to get marketing done in the next year beyond the first few shows that I and our President can handle. The idea of having a manager who would also do most of the marketing and use that salary as the base pay is being discussed. How to sell it to the membership or just the Board will be a challenge. But it is time to look at this very seriously.

I also did some major clearing of the laundry room that is also my walk-in closet area. I was able to get rid of some items and cleared 3 shelf spaces that I thought I could use to put some items in my roommate’s room into that are hidden on shelves that I could use if I could get at them more easily. And I do remember watching the finale for “Amazing Race” that evening and being so proud of the girls that won.

On Saturday the 20th I went into my studio to make some FantaFaces masks, but instead got into sorting out feathers in a couple of big tubs. There were some real treasures there. And I moved some bags of feathers that had more treasures. On Sunday, I created some masks and earrings from those finds. I had done some curling of the long Ringneck Pheasant tails not too long ago and finished those masks with these feathers.

When 8pm approached, I quickly changed and headed to the Townhouse to dance to Starburn with Deja Vu Singles. Here I treated myself to a burger with Calsitrate beef and French Fries. Having worked all day in my studio, I needed an easy meal. Lots of people showed up and we danced until about midnight. My knee began to give out and my leg felt a bit swollen, so I headed home. And for some reason the next day my shoulder was sore. Took a few days to get that unkinked.

Began to feel a bit down as Christmas approached. Missing family and friends a bit I think. And it has been cold and I haven’t gotten out for a hike recently.

Still, I worked very hard and got both versions of “How To Plan A Sustainable Event” finished and back on CreateSpace and Kindle. I have about 15 copies with all the errors in it to do something with. Will be giving them away with the caveat of not a perfected version, but ask for a review on Amazon of the concept.

I had asked my dreamer friend to help me with some wording for my Blank Book Dream Journals. She gave me lots of feedback, but with the twist in my world for the gallery marketing, and being so determined to get “Sustain” updated and republished, I haven’t had a chance to even look at that. Maybe tomorrow . . .

Took some inventory, including the newly made FantaFaces masks and earrings, down to Commonwheel on Monday when the Prez was being interviewed for the CS Business Journal. Now, I had gotten that interview to happen, and brought our history books down, but wasn’t invited into the conversation. Seemed a bit odd, but didn’t want to force myself into it. Our accountant had brought in checks, including one for me. I handed mine to the Prez to sign and realized later she hadn’t given it back to me. She had given it to the accountant who left with it. Annoying challenge. I called and texted for her to mail me my check so I could have it by the weekend.

Decided I needed some play time in PhotoShop and looked for more clouds to be used in the Dream Journals, but also did some marketing work, looking for things needed for ads for Pottery By the Pound and found the
Display It Again” ads from last year on my personal computer. Then got lost for awhile in Facebook.

Continued on catching up in other ways leading up to working at the Gallery all day on Christmas Eve.

And I did drive to Costco one more time when saw how little eggs and Rice milk we had. Lunched there and bought myself a couple of treat foods for the Holiday.

Tony’s training on Tuesday was about creating backgrounds and patterns. This was something I really wanted to watch and learn as that is what I had decided I wanted to do with some of my texture photos I have been taking the last few years. He had said he would include some marketing tips, but the training in PhotoShop went long and he just glazed over some ideas of where to sell these types of items. Still, it was a good lesson and I better understand how to create patterns. One he worked on was creating “marbled” patterns. I have dozens of marbled pieces of paper I created years ago. So am inspired to make these into digital images and play with them in various ways to offer for sale. AFTER I finish the Dream Journals!

I was scheduled to work all day on Christmas Eve day at the Gallery. A couple of people said they might show up for back-up shifts, but neither did. A couple of people had said they would come and work as back-ups, but neither did show up. Luckily a recently ex-member showed up when there was a rush of people and helped me out by packing items, getting bags from the back and showing some jewelry pieces when I was tied up making other sales. He even replaced some burnt out light bulbs. He invited me to the family “Shrimp Boil” that I have attended a few times in years past. It is his cat that I am fostering while he and his lady are building a new home in the San Luis Valley.

Then a couple of new members who wanted to add inventory came in and helped to move things along by showing jewelry and packing items for me. They needed to use the same computer as sales are done on to add inventory, so made themselves useful when sales were being done. Later I was told I did as much in sales almost alone as they did on Sunday with two sets of 2 people working each shift. And my sales were many “stocking stuffers”, as in small items. Many a person shopping that day gave me a great big smile and huge “thanks!” when I offered them gift bags or boxes for their purchases.

During my Christmas Eve gallery shift, Commonwheel’s Prez called to tell me that our marketing person’s husband had called her and let us know she was resigning. He wanted us to get things from their home and off her computer on Saturday before she came home from the hospital so she wouldn’t have to watch things leave. I said I could do that on that day with the Prez.

When the ex-member was there, I had talked about feeling rather depressed the night before due to no relationship and missing family, etc. He said he had all those things in his life, but was also feeling blue the night before. Perhaps it was just in the air.

Soon after the ex-member left, My roommate showed up with early Christmas gift for me. It was a gift certificate to a restaurant I consider a “date” restaurant. It took a lot of strength to not answer her question, “Do you know this place?” with “Yes, it is a date place” and  not burst into tears. Instead, I was able to step back and breath, then thank her for it. She was in a rush and I had customers, so I would have time to get past that reaction. And, when I thought about it, I decided I wanted to take my friend who is helping me with the Dream Journals and we have tried to get together for drinks and food at least a couple times a year. So this should work for that type of relaxing time together if I can just pin her down for a time after the new year begins.

The Shrimp Boil meal was fun as always. Lots of shrimp, potatoes, onions and carrots to enjoy while conversing and catching up with each other. And way too many desserts afterwards. I brought up some catnip for his sister’s Mane Coon Cat who is so very beautiful and huge. Got to see some photos of the new house under construction and just relaxed for the night. Talked about when Little One could move to her new home. Probably not until mid-January when the walls are up inside.

On Christmas morning, I decided to clear out some of my sculptural art work from my roommates space to give her more shelf space. Started with one, then discovered more things I could remove from the shelves I was moving them to, and cleared all the shelves. Then did a bit of rearranging in my bedroom, but decided that needed more time another day. Feeling exhausted, I discovered the fish I had taken from the freezer was still solidly frozen. Had the not so tasty, but easy to reheat gluten-free pizza I had made 2 of a couple of nights before. Caught the “Grinch” on TV, then watched another movie, ate some chocolate from my roommate and rested into the night.

I made some phone calls and did a bit of computer work on Thursday. But was still in a bit of a funk and called on another friend to try to make a movie “date” for “Wild”. She wasn’t up for the movie, but let me talk through my funk. Went to take some items into the basement and decided to tear down the metal shelf unit that had collapsed. Something from my Dad I had moved many times. When taking it apart, realized the bottom 2 shelves could be rebuilt and used. Did that. Took me about 1.5 hours and about midway through wondered why I was doing that. When finished. it was very useful in getting things off the floor and making space to store some other items. So was glad I had done that. Even brought some other items down out of the hallway so I could put more things in their place there. Sort of efficient, but the hallway is still filled with things that narrows it down a bit. I fixed a very “snacky” meal with my smoked salmon and special cheese. Then went to bed early to do a “coning” that I had meant to do on Christmas night, but hadn’t.

Friday the Prez got back to me about Saturday and that 10 am would work for everyone. And I learned by and eamail that our Web Master was also resigning without giving 30 days notice. She also does many high quality photos of member’s art for the web and marketing purposes. That will be a challenge to replace her in both capacities. I emailed a friend whose son does web sites to set up a discussion about him helping us get the site moved into WordPress so other people could work on it and what his fee is for doing this work. He’ll talk with me when he gets back from a trip to California.

After my marketing check arrived in the mail, I took a drive to the bank with the Apartment Rent check and got my “mad money” for future fun. It got sunny enough to lunch on the porch, but then took a turn for the cold again. Started clearing some space in my bedroom and putting things away that have hung out in piles for quite some time. Breathing space and maybe even stretching space was created. Put the ceramic heart on my heater that acts as a humidifier when I fill it with water. That felt really good!

Saturday I met the Prez at our marketer’s home at 10am. She had thought it would take an hour or two to download the info from the computer. At 1:30 we encountered files saying it would take 2 hours to download. We set the computer to work and went to lunch. I rationalized that it would be better for the Co-op to buy us lunch than just have us sit there getting paid to watch files download and she agreed. We discussed ideas for how to grow the Gallery sales and how having a manager could be very helpful. Returned and did another 45 minutes of file transfers and left with what we hoped was everything we would need on the little hard disc.

I was really tired and laid down to nap for a few minutes and woke up more than an hour later. Tried to get some work done by checking emails, but got lost on Facebook and then had some sweet popcorn and watched another movie. Just didn’t have any energy.

Sunday got up and took a little walk through town and to the shop to see if I had sold anything I could relace when I worked on New Year’s Eve. It felt so good to be walking in the sunshine that I headed up to Waltham and took the long way home. Had a snacky lunch, then I started working on getting my studio space cleaned up and more workable. Put away all the holiday gift wrapping items and created 2 shelves on the long table. Found boots in the storage area that I decided to take down and see if any fit, and if not, they were headed to the ARC. I discovered 2 boxes with inventory of pendants and earrings that I had totally forgotten about. Some can go on Etsy and some can go down to the Gallery without my having to create more. And I have decided my “stone” pins can go to Pottery By The Pound Sale next month along with all the Hat Clips I discovered in the boxes and the ones at the Gallery. I then took a TV and dinner break. After that, I headed into my side of the office to clear it up that out a bit. I got lost in that project and looked at the clock and it was 12:19 am. And I wasn’t totally finished! Well, Monday would be another day.

At 8:05 am on Monday, my phone rang and the shop worker could not get her car started and it was snowing. She asked if I could work the shop for pay, and I said “yes.” So I hurriedly got dressed and grabbed some food to eat there. People showed up to shop just as soon as I opened the doors. I was fairly busy all day long with customers and getting some things unpacked that arrived and cleaning up a mess left from the Sunday worker. I had brought the Festival computer, which was very lucky. I didn’t get much work done on it, but got into the conversation about the Board meeting that was scheduled and got canceled due to bad snow. I am not happy with the time the Board meeting is rescheduled to, but it seems set-up against my reasoning of why it is a bad time and that 2 people will not be able to attend – one’s last meeting and another’s first Board meeting. And right before the general meeting which makes it hard to have an agenda created and let the new President, who ever that will be have time to prepare to run the meeting. Maybe the current Prez will handle all that . . .

When the afternoon shift person arrived, we got into conversations about marketing for PBP which she coordinates and then ideas for rearranging the front room of the shop. Time passed swiftly and it was 4pm. My roommate had called and wanted to fix us dinner before she had to go to work if I would be home. I said I was trying to leave, and yes, I would love to share a meal with her.

Came home and got the trash out. Had a call from one of the places with a deadline for an ad in early January for the Gallery. We have a plan to make sure that deadline is met. Shared a meal and listened to what my roommate had been up to and her plans for a future trip she was to take in a couple of weeks. Then sat down on the computer. Checked my emails, bought the next Tony Laidig course on using miniatures to illustrate books. Got a little lost in Facebook and then writing here.

Now it is time to head off to sleep so I can work on marketing ads for Pottery By The Pound tomorrow and catch up with that before the Expert Media Show Tuesday evening.

Escaping The Flu And Other Illnesses

So on Saturday the 6th my roommate calls from work and tells me she is really sick and has to leave her job to come home. She has a horrendous version of the flu. I go take some Thieves and then gather the little diffuser and fill it with Purification to help keep the air filled with essential oils to help ward off as many germs as possible.

I know I got distracted with other things, and never got to doing the Festival ads. But heck if I can remember what I actually did. I think I did get in my studio that evening, but what else . . .

My roommate just barely got home feeling so very sick. She was going to stay in her room other than getting to the bathroom and some things from the kitchen. She had the kitchen phone as her designated phone. I kept taking Thieves and running the diffuser with Purification.

She was suppose to have flown off to a training Sunday morning, but that was not going to happen.  Her boyfriend brought her things to stay hydrated and hopefully get well as quickly as possible.

Sunday I wanted to go to the Colorado College Holiday Craft Show and take a hike. The morning started with a call from our Marketer’s husband and we talked for over an hour. I then did some work on gathering info for Pottery by the Pound and emailed a couple of people about what I needed from them and what I was going to do. Time slipped away and after I grabbed a bite to eat when I headed to the CC show, decided to go on the hike first. It was a gloriously blue sky day. And I got the last parking space in the tiny parking lot at the trail-head.

I started on a trail that would be a short loop, but got distracted by a side trail off-the-beaten path. Got to be among the Cedars, so very soothing to my soul. This trail was as wonderful as the one I have taken many times that is now a bit dangerous after the heavy rains in 2013. I had to force myself to turn around, and besides, I was running out of battery on my camera, so didn’t want to be tempted by more photos I couldn’t take. And then, I had not realized how far I had gone and kept thinking I should be back at the main trail. But as long as I kept the park in view to my left, I knew I would find my way back. There just seemed to be so many more choices about where to walk coming down than going up. Found the main trail and headed back to the car.

I found a really close to the building parking space and headed in for just an hour of time to visit with friends. It sounded like most did well and it was filled with lovely art. It was an enjoyable afternoon off. I came home and watched an episode of Amazing Race to end my day of rest.

Monday I worked on getting the flyers done that were needed at the front desk of the shop. And walked to the shop to make copies and put them out. Made some phone calls and emails to schedule times with the Indy and PPB advertising folks for ads. Learned that our marketer had never actually worked out a plan with either of them in the past and both thought they could give me some good deals, so set future appointments. Put some posts for Holiday Market on the Festival Facebook page also.

Tuesday started with an Aine session, then I started working on the Festival “Call For Artists” ads. When the time for the Laidig webinar came around, I was not finished. Took that break, then went back and got the “Calls” finished late that night. Each one needs different ways of doing the information. A couple could have images, but of course they needed to be different sizes. The descriptions have to be either under a certain character or word count, or they can be very long. Was so glad that was finished.

On Wednesday, I worked on various things, including Galloping Wind’s corrections. I went to look to see what I could gather together for gifts for my family and found enough in my gift cabinet to get a good start. And then searched through cards to find ones to send to them and one to DJ and for my hiking buddy. I watched Survivor in real time.

I continued on working a bit on my Journals and sent an email to a Dreamer Friend to see if she would look at them. She agreed. I tried to create pdfs, but they came out huge! After many tries, turned of “transparency” and they became a size that I could send off to her. I set up my lunch for the next day when I had a hike scheduled.

Thursday morning my roommate was feeling better and needed to have a conversation about what happened at City Council.  That was a good thing and cleared the air. She had thought about some things and wasn’t as upset as she had been. Even admitted she had been a bit more angry, so not on track at the meeting.  As time slipped away, I broke away and called my hiking friend to ask if we could meet a bit later for the hike at the Garden of the Gods. She was agreeable, so I didn’t have to rush as much to get dressed, but I forgot my lunch. We took the same route as I did on Sunday. Again, it was a beautiful blue sky day. Being among the Cedars was really wonderful. Afterwards I headed to Costco to do a bit of shopping. Then headed home realizing I was going to be late for my Laidig webinar. Missed the 1st half hour, but listened to the rest and then took the night off.

Friday, just as I was getting ready to leave the house, my Sharing Inner Health person called and was trying to get a flyer to print in color, but it wouldn’t. I tried talking her through some things to look at on the computer, but still only printed in Black & White. So I suggested she put the file on a thumb drive and a copy of the printed flyer and drop them in my mailbox, as I had to leave. I ended the day with going to the Independent’s 21st birthday party. It was not very well attended, but I enjoyed free champagne, someone’s cold french fries and a lovely piece of chocolate cake. I kept going up to a small group and introducing myself and everyone was either an Indy employee or a relative of an Indy employee. A couple of people I did know showed up and we had interesting conversations. The reporter from the PPB was there and we talked about the last Council meeting and other Manitou related issues. Drove home safely, but felt really tired so headed to bed early.

Saturday at 10am I had a meeting with our CMWL President and a person talking to us about the Grant we had received. When I got home, I decided to do some gift gathering for my family. I also do some house cleaning and laundry. I wasn’t going to open the computer, but my remembered I needed to get the flyer printed in color so opened the computer. There was an email from the Galloping Wind author and he hadn’t seen I had sent the corrections to him earlier in the week. I replied and sent that off to him again. Later we connected when he couldn’t get it loaded into CreateSpace, so walked him through that or I did that from my computer. I went into my feather studio and used the weird feathers I had ordered on Amazon to make 2 pairs of earrings and three hairclips. I also set up 2 Aztec masks and 2 Curled ones. But one of the curled ones I curled the opposite way than normal. Will be interesting to see what I do with that one.

Sunday I did some more gathering of presents and worked on the computer a bit. Commonwheel’s Holiday party was scheduled that night. I cooked a gluten-free green chili cornbread. It was not very well attended, but again had some nice conversations. I had wanted to bring wine, stopped at one store and bought a Pinot Gris, then realized it wasn’t cold, so stopped at another store and bought a nice Riesling. The weather had turned very cold, but no snow that was predicted, so the roads were clear, just chilly outside.

Monday I had a 9:30 am phone call with the Indy Ad rep and she offered me a great rate, but I also realized why we didn’t advertise much with them, the ads are expensive. Then a 11 am meeting at Adam’s Mtn Cafe with the PPB sales rep who bought me breakfast. I really enjoy her and we talked of many things beyond Commonwheel and I gave her a copy of my book that needs corrections and was clear about that with her. As I was leaving, I saw one of the Deja Vu singles ladies sitting with other women. I turned out both of them also knew me, artists from Cottonwood. And one I had traveled to Spain with years ago who also is friends with our marketing person. We talked about that situation a bit as discretely as possible.

I then headed out on errands. Office Depot, Hobby Lobby, Ackley’s, Lowes and Costco. I headed back to get some supplements and they had just sold the last White Willow Bark, so stopped at Mtn. Mama’s for that which I really needed the most.

Got home with about a half hour to get ready for the Chamber’s annual Holiday Crush Party. That also was not as well-attended as in the past. But I got to meet some new business owners and talked with people about the City Council meeting and prepped some for the one I had to attend tonight relating to getting the Festival approved to be back in Memorial Park. I left the uneaten bit of cheese and crackers to have at the Marketing Task Force meeting the next day.

Tuesday, the 16th, I worked on the ad for the PPB that was due at noon. There was nothing I needed in Dropbox, so I had to recreate it and didn’t get it looking quite how I wanted, but since I had been told I could have color, created it using some color. I so would have liked to have had more time, but even at that, I was 20 minutes late. Zo called and I had to tell him I would call him back after I had the ad done. He needed help ordering Galloping Wind, so that was easy to do. At 2pm I had a Chamber meeting. I spent some time working out a chart to see how much $ Commonwheel will save by not having Wendy work right now. I don’t put in as many hours as she does, so that savings could be applied to more ads and I will work on emailing that out tomorrow. Then at 5pm a Laidig “Success in 2015 Plan” webinar that didn’t end at its usual time, so had to dash off to City Council before it ended.

Nicole was walking across the street when I pulled up and she asked me about the Tattoo Studio. She had seen there was a “For Rent” sign still in the window . . . and now when I think about it, I think that is for the cottage, not the building . . . will have to email that info to her tomorrow.  City Council was a bit of a challenge, but not for allowing us back in Memorial Park, but a discussion about why the grass would not be planted as we hoped. Some citizens spoke about this and had ideas how it could work better. Then there were two parking conversations. One before the Festival request and one afterwards. Since there had been a big discussion at the Chamber meeting about the “unfriendliness” of the workers, it was interesting to hear the Council’s view about what a good job the company was doing. There is a Parking Authority meeting tomorrow that I will not be at as I am having my Survivor Finale dinner with friends that I am totally looking forward to enjoying.

The Challenges Continued Early Wednesday Morning

On Wednesday morning, my roommate is not talking to me and leaves the house without discussing what is bothering her. Lovely way to start a day.

So I start my day as normal, get my supplements lined up and take the first group with a glass of water while reading the paper. Go take my shower, and think I hear a voice. There is no message on my phone, but a missed call from Commonwheel’s marketing person. I put my “green” shake together and call the number back. Her husband answers and tells me she was back in the Hospital again. I had meant to call her yesterday since she had told me she would be at the Monday meeting, but didn’t show up. But all the other challenges kind of took precedence over making a call to her. Later I discovered he had called my cell phone and left a message, but this news took me by surprise.

It is our Holiday Season and the busiest time of year for our Co-op. I asked him to read me what was in her calendar. It did sound like most of the important marketing tasks had been taken care of. He said he would leave that calendar on the porch for me to pick up later that day to see if there was something he was missing.

I had thought I had a webinar that morning, but couldn’t find the link for it, so spent time looking into the Marketing for Commonwheel to see what would need attention.

Called Commonwheel’s President. Neither of us sound to enthused about doing her job right now, but whatever we do, we will get paid for. I got into her email account and saw that there wasn’t much that needed immediate attention. That’s good. Still mulling over how much I want to do when I need to focus on my own business after the ASM detour I just took.

I had a hair appointment at 1pm that I was very much looking forward to, so drove to get the calendar, dropped $ at Chase bank and saw I was almost out of gas. Really didn’t need another car challenge, so went to get gas before the hair cut and still arrived on time.

Came home and looked at the calendar, seems to have everything under control for a few days, so gonna focus on some Festival tasks. And one person sent an email that she was interested in doing a couple of the Awards, so forwarded that info off.

Galloping Wind had a few errors in it that I have no idea how the correct type got messed up on the Copyright page. So I fixed that for no charge and then decided to do a spell check on the whole book section and chapter by chapter. Found a couple of double words in sentences and thought horse race should be 2 words, rather than one word. Fixed them all for noting no charge in my time calendar.

At 5pm there was a Laidig webinar for a new class, Picture Book Triad and he started off saying that this would be a long session. Now I had promised myself I could watch the 2 hour Survivor show and work on putting up catnip tonight. It was a very interesting webinar filled with lots of very detailed information on how to do this concept of creating books. About 7:10 when he was in Q&A I decided to go turn on my show and put some soup on for dinner. Not sure how much longer he talked, but I could listen to it later if needed.

I really needed an entertainment break and wanted to get the catnip into some of my many empty plastic supplement pill bottles so I could give it away this Holiday season. That project took me all the way to 11:30 pm. Now I just need to make labels.

My roommate did not return home that night. In the morning when I tried to call, realized I did not have her new phone number anywhere, and I had erased it from the phone days ago . . . Called another friend to see if he had it, no. So called her boyfriend. She was with him and they were visiting his Mom in the hospital. She took the phone and said she wasn’t ready to talk about it. And she probably would not get home in time to talk with me at home before I went to my Green Drinks that night. And she didn’t.

I worked on the cover for “Sinister Frog” and some Festival tasks and thought more about the marketing tasks, but glad none are pressing to get done. Lucky we have no regular gallery shows with artists that need to be contacted, and it looks like much of the advertising for Holiday Market is done. But then there are the ads for Pottery by the Pound that will need attention soon . . .

Green Drinks was at an address challenging to find and ended up parking in a lot and just walking to where I thought it would be. I noticed my lights didn’t go off totally, but for some reason didn’t let that stop me from going to the meeting. Talked to the owner about the great lighting that was in room focused on paintings. Traded one of my “How To Plan A Sustainable Event” books for a DVD about PermaCulture. Met an interesting younger couple. She bought my other book. If I had had another one, I could have sold it also, but wasn’t properly prepared. This event was one of the most enjoyable ones I had attended, had time to talk to many people and just relaxed.

I told a woman I would give her a ride home. When we approached my car, the lights were still on. Not another car challenge. Thank goodness it started and we got home safely. I thought I had tried everything to push or twist to get the lights off, but they stayed on. I looked in the manual, no help. Called my plumber friend and he came down and pulled out one of the fuses. That worked. Such a good friend.

My roommate had come home and gone to sleep before I got home. She left the next morning before I got up to do her two days with an overnight job. And then she would be taking off early Sunday morning. She emailed me but didn’t say anything. Just had the flight agenda that I am sure she wanted me to print out, so I did.

Called my mechanic and he told me to look for a button on top of the steering wheel. Now I thought I had pushed that yesterday with no results. I pushed it, put in the fuse and the lights went off. “Operator Error” big time. Had to tell my plumber friend this later. He just shrugged it off, saying happens to all of us.

The rest of today has been uneventful. I sent off 3 versions cover ideas for “Sinister Frog” and added a gig to Parish Gap web site. Worked a bit on the Festival Ads For Artists text, but couldn’t stay focused on that totally.

My proofer showed up with my book, not totally finished proofing it, but could see she had some comments on the text beyond just typos. I walked her to her Tune-up and a little more until the sun was no longer on us. Then walked home and worked for a bit longer. Walked to my “Tune-up” and the psychic who had done the “bait & switch” on me was talking with my proofer standing in the doorway. She did move out of the way, but could have done without that little challenge encounter. Mentioned I had a disagreement with her to my proofer, but didn’t go into details when she asked why I wasn’t doing a reading with the psychic that day.

Listened to a webinar that was really a sales webinar. He did give me a better idea of what the program I bought could do when used properly, but then it had costs I hadn’t expected. He was selling a monthly fee program that would do all the work for you and save you all the other costs. I quite listening during the sales pitch.

I really need to get the Festival Artists Ads done and send the application to Colorado Tours tomorrow. Then see if I could get at least one of the Dream Journals finished. (Goal)


Cigar Smoking Harley Riding Challenge

So here we are sitting at City Council and finally the long very controversial item is finished. One Council member was pulled to the concept that a Short-Term Rental would be just fine in a very established neighborhood, but in the end the neighbors won and City Council denied the request. This same councilwoman thought that having the Tattoo shop open until 10pm in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by residences would be just fine also.

Short break, then our item comes up. And it will be controversial also. A new Tattoo shop wants to open in the building at the street in front of the house next to my home. They had requested staying open until 10pm. I Googled other Tattoo Parlors and found the ones on the Westside and downtown Colorado Springs mostly closed at latest 8pm, some at 7pm and one at 5pm. All are in commercial zones with other businesses around the shops. Some across town and in less respectful neighborhoods stayed open later.

The new owners came up and told the Council they had changed the hours requested to end at 7pm. Then it was interesting that the woman stated that the smoking area would be 400′-500′ from my homes door and this got quoted in the newspaper by the reporter. Very untrue. Makes me wonder how many other “promises” will not be followed through on as the year progresses. I use a 100′ hose to reach my garden area in front of my home. From that point if it is 100′ or at most 150′ to where the designated smoking area will be, I would be astounded.

They said they were buying two parking permits for a parking lot that is about 3 blocks away for their customers. Now I am not sure how that will work. The permit must be displayed in the vehicle, so the person has to get it, then take it to the vehicle, or somehow pick it up at the business then go park. Then later return it. She said she could offer “valet” service as she wouldn’t be doing the tattoo work. One council person suggested they might use the one parking space for a customer and have the other employee use the parking permit.

The landlord from across the street was very clear he had not received any notification and my mentioning this shop to him just two days ago while he was out of town had left him no time to research anything about it and that was why he was not at the Planning Commission meeting two weeks ago. He voiced concerns about traffic and the late hours proposed.

My roommate got up and talked. She was really not liking this business at all. Worried that there would be Harley’s revving motors, loud voices and cigarette smoke would drifting into her bedroom window at the front of the house when she was trying to sleep or wanting to relax on the front porch on summer evenings. She got into talking about things that had to do with them as renters of the home and directed some comments to the owners. The Mayor let her go off on a tangent for a short time, but the second time she addressed the owners and not the Council, he requested that she address comments to the Council. And he pointed out that anything to do with the rental of the home was not something that related to the Tattoo shop issue.

Later she told me she was very upset that when the woman had turned and said something short facing her, that the Mayor had not corrected her action. And she didn’t like the way the Mayor talked to her at all. Now, I have been at many a City Council meeting and this Mayor was very gentle addressing her and had let her talk off the topic for quite some time. I agreed with her that he should have corrected the other woman, but she had really only did a quick turn, not a long speech to us, and reminded her that she had gotten off the topic quite a bit and he had not stopped her talking about some issues unrelated to the Tattoo shop. She did not like it that I did not totally agree with her. She is still not over this and let me know by not talking to me and is about to leave on a long trip after a two day work schedule that she will not come home before she has to catch an early flight. It is her stuff, but not the most comfortable place to be right now. Still, not much I can do about it.

Back at Council. I actually hadn’t really heard the distance the woman mentioned, or thought I had misheard it, so didn’t address the smoking area distance from my home. I did talk about the fact that having people smoking in the area is a problem, but would see how well controlled this challenge is by the owners. I said this building and its parking area is on a blind curve. I have almost been t-boned by drivers who come around the curve in the 20 mph zone stepping on the gas. In fact that very day, I had had a close call, so I did not think having many different people using that parking area was a good idea. Especially since they would most likely be backing out trying to turn around across two lanes of unseen traffic. I mentioned I was concerned that strangers would be unsure about exactly where they were going, and could not only use my driveway to turn around in, or if walking, walk up to my home, so the late hours proposed, even the 7pm felt a bit unsafe for me and other people at my home. No other business in the area stays open that late and no other business is surrounded by residential properties on all four sides. Maybe a single home to one side, but none sit in the middle of residences.

The owners got up again. He said he smokes cigars and they live in the house next door, so not much I can do about that. And after she stated she also smoked Cigars, she very pointedly said that whoever will next rent the small cottage very close to my office and bedroom (about 4′ from that window) will have no noise or smoking restraints, so I should be aware there could be more challenges depending on who moves in there. She almost got a reaction out of me over that, but I held my tongue. Then she went on to tell us she rides a Harley and has no noise control on it. She wants people to hear her when she is riding so they won’t run over her. Told how in Florida people would drive right into the same lane she was in and she felt having a loud machine would help protect her more, but not totally.

Side note: Today when I was walking home in front of my home, a couple I did not recognize came towards me and the man said very pointedly “A motorcycle just went past.” Took me a moment to connect that he must have either been at Council or had been talking with the owners. And I wasn’t the person who talked about motorcycles at all that night. Had me a bit on edge for awhile. I really don’t like being at odds with my neighbors, but they are not making it easy.

Nor is my roommate gonna make this an easy situation. I do hope that none of her “fears” come to pass and it all goes smoothly starting in January when they open.

Did I mention in my last post that I had gone up to the MSAC meeting that I had to leave early. I had had a glass of wine, and was so glad I had, since it helped me stay more relaxed after this very challenging day.

Roller Coaster Challenges and Solutions Tuesday

Challenge, solution; challenge, solution; challenge, solution; challenge, challenge . . . .

Woke to the sound of the trash truck and realized I had forgotten to take the trash and recycling out the night before. Put on pants and shoes over my night gown and dashed out with the remaining turkey trash. Saw the truck up on the hill, so thought I had missed it. Went back to get the recycling and as I pulled that cart out, the regular trash guy was pulling my trash bin to the truck. Good save. Raccoons would have been interested in food smelling trash all week long when the weather is predicted to be above freezing.

Put the turkey bones in two pots to cook, so could make some soup later. After an hour got ready in my home clothes, not really dressed for doing much more than driving and very short shop. Had planned on going to the bank with 2 check, and getting some eggs and golden potatoes from Safeway while letting the turkey cool off.

Saw an email suggesting we meet for the MSAC potluck at 5:30pm rather than 6pm, so those of us who had to leave early could enjoy dinner and have the meeting. Worked for me on one level.

Saw an email from the owner of the property across the street saying he had no letter from the Tattoo Parlor wanting to open next to my home and its hours. He emailed a letter to City Council and as he was out of town, wasn’t sure if he would make it to the Council meeting, so sent me a copy of the letter also. He didn’t like the late hour closing either.

Started working on a Festival task, but decided to check my regular mail.

Went to get my mail and a note from my tenant said “You have a flat tire. Be careful.” And yes the back driver’s side tire was very flat. Now these are brand new tires! Thankful for the note and that this happened in my driveway.

I called the # on the card I have for auto service and was told it had expired years ago. Called my Insurance agent and was given a different number and said I should have received a different card long ago and she would send that out. Called that # and was told there was no record of my account. Called the insurance agent back, got a different person who told me I had a totally different type of service than I thought, or the last one had told me I had. Have to pay for the service, then get reimbursed. So called Manitou Auto Shop on a lark. The person who picked up the phone said that the “boys” were about to go to lunch, but would see if “D” would take a later lunch and help me out. He did come by, put air in my tire, told me to drive to where I bought them for repair and said I didn’t owe him anything. I will have to bring Cookies to the shop for this lovely save.

Decided didn’t feel like changing clothes, and didn’t look that bad. Just not spiffy. Drove to Costco, was told there would be about an hour wait, so did some shopping. Got eggs I needed, but not gold potatoes. Indulged in many of the the offered food treats, as I was hungry. Even took a couple of treats to eat twice . . . not my usual way of doing Costco. When I got to the check-out, was told my card had expired the end of November and would I like to pay the $275 renewal fee right now. NO. Our accountant had my check over a month ago and should have taken care of this. Another clerk/manager came over and overrode the expiration and asked me to take care of this as quickly as possible. So went to the tire area and called our accountant. She had all the paperwork in her car, just hadn’t done it, but would that very day. Was told the problem with the tire going flat was there was some corroded area by the seal area on the wheel. No, they hadn’t noticed or cleaned that up when installing the tires. But did clean it up today. Really? Hope I have no more areas like that are hidden time bombs of trouble. Was ever so glad the flat happened in my driveway.

Got my gold potatoes on the way home and bought ice cream. I needed a treat!

Started chopping veggies to go in the soup, and had them boiling while I cleaned the turkey bones of meat. Then hurriedly made my Chili Relleño Casserole for MSAC meeting.

I had to give up watching my Laidig webinar, had at least wanted to check in and say “Hello”, but that was not in the cards for today.

Got the casserole in the oven just in time to for it to cook its 45 minutes. Changed clothes. My roommate showed up and I told her I would meet her at the City Council meeting about the Tattoo shop.

 Got to the MSAC meeting potluck and had a glass of wine to calm my nerves. And others did show up in time for us to eat and have the meeting before I had to leave. Missed having the social hour time that we had last year.

Got to Council Chambers and someone was doing a very long talk for the Community 3 minute item not on the agenda and the door was closed. Have no idea what that was about. My roommate was in there. Then the next very long item came on and the across the street landlord showed up . . .

Time to go today, will finish this later.


How Many Meetings In Four Days?

On top of having to make some big decisions, attend some webinars and figure out health insurance last week, I had 4 meetings, a “thank-you” party and 3 webinars to attend in just 4 days!

I made some calls about Health Insurance, and after a 45 minute time on hold, got a person who was helpful and came up with a denial for Connect Colorado and gave me a phone # to call for the next step. That call ended about 1:20 pm and for some reason, I was thinking the storm delayed Festival meeting started at 2:30pm and began to hustle to get the food together and print off the items we needed to look at and the agenda. The recipe for the gluten-feee apple crisp I wanted to make was really off for the amounts of what it needed to work, so had to add more ingredients to make the topping actually top it. Then realized that no one had arrived by 2:30 and the meeting was at 3:30. And I was the one who sent out the notification! So cleaned the litter box and vacuumed a couple of rooms. A new potential member showed up and that was good. Got lots accomplished.

Encountered a very unhelpful operator when trying to follow up on the Health Insurance next step. After about 4 calls that went nowhere, gave it up for the day as I had to be at a Marketing Task Force meeting at the MS Chamber. That went long. Some big discussions going on and not resolved by 4:40pm. Set another meeting date for next week, same time to work on this decision.

Headed off to the KRDO thank-you party for advertisers. I had a lovely time. Met some new people and reminded them about Commonwheel for the Holiday shopping. And a friend I had not seen in quite a while. When she mentioned some people who I had become ex-friends with when one had accused me of things I never did. I told her a little about the long rant he had gone into when I had stopped by with a hiking buddy to bring him a bottle of Dos Amigos Tequila to celebrate his birthday. Then realized I had gotten into a negative line of speaking that I usually avoid, especially in a public setting at a fun event and changed the subject. Got her talking about their kids and then mentioned something of ASM and how I was wishing I could find some local craftsperson to represent. She mentioned an item her husband makes that could be a possibility. Later, I did email him, but haven’t heard back, and realized after the Thursday webinar, that this whole thing did not make sense for me or doing it with any craftsperson.

I did some heavy soul searching and watched some other trainings that night. Came to the conclusion this program wasn’t where I needed to be. A quote from Don Juan in the book “Everyday Visionary” pretty much got me realizing it wasn’t my heart path and so that was why I wasn’t able to get into the steps. I have all my life been into promoting artists, my art work and now my nephew’s company. Purchasing and selling items from strangers, whether in the USA or from China, just did not resonate with me.

On Wednesday, the 19th, I had a Marketing meeting for Commonwheel to discuss future needs and ideas with 5 of us involved in marketing the Gallery and shop in general. The Festival was an addition to this, but most focus was on the Co-op’s needs.

Came home and tried to make some more calls about Health Insurance. The operator wasn’t helpful and so I decided to look for another phone number to call and after a long hold, left a message with another person.

Then had to go to a MSAC meeting which went past its normal 2 hours. When I got home I was exhausted. I think this very cold weather is getting to me a bit also.

Thursday listened to a very interesting and uplifting webinar with Ben C. that had valuable information even if I wasn’t going forward with ASM. It was very long and ended about 20 minutes before the ASM webinar was to start. On that webinar, one of the people who talked really brought it to my mind that this was not the program for me to be into rather than inspiring me to stay in it.

During the day and after the theater show, I backed 4 batches of cookies that needed to be at Commonwheel for the Holiday Market open Friday night. OK, I cheated, I had bought a tub of cookie dough earlier in the week when I went to Costco. When did I go shopping, can’t really remember, but glad I had done it.

I decided I needed to talk to my brother, and he actually picked up the phone. We chatted a bit and he said he would call the next day to talk more when he had more time. This was one of the few weekends his band actually didn’t have a gig.

Just after we hung up, the woman I had left the message with called me. She was so very helpful and cut through much red tape and got me set up in the best situation possible for my Health Insurance needs possible for this year and into 2015. We also discovered we had blood clots in common. I looked at the clock and realized I needed to get out the door to make it to the Millibo Art Theatre to honor my ticket that I had ordered for the show that started in about 40 minutes and it was a 20 minute drive. Ever so grateful for her. And the show was really fun. About 5 people I know performed in different sections of 10 Minute Max this year.

Saturday, I spent time in my feather studio making some fun pins and hair clips and a couple of masks to take with me when I worked the shop on Sunday morning for Wm. When I got home, I had a meeting with the other person working on books with on Sunday. That was uplifting and interesting.

And some times this past week, when I was feeling frustrated with the ASM project, spent time looking for images of Sinister Frogs and worked a bit on my Dream Journals. That is where I need to focus more the next few days.

My chat with my brother confirmed that I was on the right track to resign from ASM. I had thought that the 21st was the last day to do that, but when I emailed them, I learned I had until the 24th. When I contacted support to tell them that, I got a message one of the creators of the program wanted to talk with me on the 24th and set a time to do that. When he did call, I was clear that I was done with the program, and he said he just was checking to see if there was a reason to talk about my decision, but I was clear enough that he didn’t pursue the conversation very long and wished me well.

Sunday the “Galloping Wind” Author called  and needed to have me do some fixes, but had to wait until Monday to take care of them. He came by in the morning and showed me what needed changin on the cover and the gutter just wasn’t perfect either. I had to do some shopping for Thanksgiving, and then came home finalized his changes today, Monday the 24th. Plus, I caught some text errors while fixing ones he wanted me to correct.

I opened a Facebook post from someone who had condoned the horrific situation and people involved around the suicide in 2013 because the image was intriguing. He posted about these incredible muscians ad  have been listening to them as I wrote this. Ever so glad I got past the negative thoughts of the person sending the post, as this is incredible music.