Cheering the Pikes Peak Marathon Runners

I have always said it all those runners can run up Pikes Peak, I will get up and cheer them on. So I did that Sunday morning. I did go back to bed both days and am feeling better for doing that tonight.

I have a cow bell from the shop next door that I ring and take some photos. There were very few people where I was standing this year.

Saturday 1,600 runners go up Barr Trail 14 miles to the summit of Pikes Peak. They have two starting times. The first and faster qualifiers start the run at Manitou Springs Memorial Park at 7am. A second wave begins their ascent shortly after 7:30am. It is quite a sight seeing that many people racing by. Some have no idea what they have gotten themselves into, others return year after year to do either the Ascent or the full Marathon. And a few even do them both! Now that is really crazy in my book.

They head up my street which ends at the start of Barr Trail that goes to the top of Pikes Peak. Some are already walking when they pass my house, but surely they step it up to reach Barr Camp in time to not get turned around.

Pikes Peak Ascent Runners 2014 in Manitou Springs

It was challenging to ring the Cow Bell and take photos of a mass of people running past me, but I did get a few good images. Have quite a few blurry images too. I couldn’t find anyone else to ring the Cow Bell, so alternated between ringing and snapping photos.

Then on Sunday about 800 runners take Barr Trail and run up to the 14,000 foot summit and turn around and run back down.

Pikes Peak Marathon Runners_2069-86

This year was one of the best years for weather they have had in a long time. That was really a blessing considering all the rain we have had. It might have rained late in the day, but not sure where, as it didn’t in Manitou, but I heard the thunder booming around 4pm for a short time.

The man in red was way ahead of the rest of the pack. I wonder if he was the winner. I was up in my FantaFaces studio when I heard the crowd cheering the first runner coming down at 10:36 am. There may have been a new record set. I will check the Sports Page tomorrow to see who won and his time.

There are many different age and gender categories for awards, but a male runner has always had the best time.

Matt Carpenter owned this race for many years. Winning the Ascent and Marathon many times. And some years doing both. He has become involved in the organization side and hasn’t run the last couple of years. He still does other marathons, but I don’t think he ran this one this year.

On Saturday, I went to the Farmer’s Market after cheering, and stopped and did some more measurements at Fields Park. Ran into Reverend walking his dog and talked to him about the Art Festival. He took some flyers up to the Church. He is very active in the Flood Preparation and opens the church for an Emergency Shelter when necessary. I was really tired this day, so took a nap mid-day, and that helped get me energized to spend time in my feather studio to end the day up there.

I was able to spend a good amount of time in my FantaFaces studio both days. Got quite a few masks created. I still need to get some earrings, barrettes and pendants to have a good showing for myself at the Art Festival. And I really need to have more masks created also. Will see how that goes the next couple of weeks.

Tomorrow I have lots to do on the computer for the Art Festival  really need to get the FaceBook posts done and put in my billing for that time.

The Cottage bill will be close to equal to 2 months rent. It does seem like this new tenant will be staying awhile. He and his Dad got work done on painting the two front room floors. I saw the red floor and it looks really nice. Sort of like a redwood flooring. Definitively an improvement from the scuffed and dirty wood look it has had for years.

And he was doing some “landscaping” in front. Used bricks that had been piled in the yard to create a planter space in front of the porch. Very ambitious young man. Really grateful I chose him to move in this time.

On my lunch break, the most beautiful large butterfly floated past me. He landed on a tree where I couldn’t really get a good photo of him. Except for this one. And then he flew away. Maybe he will return this week. I will be looking for him. He was exceptionally beautiful to watch and made my heart sing, though wishing I could be out hiking . . . can’t go there now.

Monarch Butterfly

I noticed that the Hummingbird Feeder was nearly empty. Yesterday it had had plenty of syrup, so there must have been a major gathering of hummers dining on it last night and this morning. So I filled it back up for them.

“Little” kitty is still acting very needy at times, or disappears. Her owner stopped by to say he still loves her, and took a bit of time to find her again. But when she did come out of hiding she was really happy to see him. And she does enjoy playing with string and catnip makes her very happy when she is meowing at me. Still not sure exactly what she wants, but trying to keep her as happy as possible under the circumstances.

My roommate hasn’t been home since “Little” arrived. Working long days and spending time with her boyfriend. Should be interesting to see what she feels when they do meet. Maybe she can give me some insights of what this kitty needs to be more relaxed and happy during her stay here.

I sent out reminder emails for Tony Laidig’s 100 Expert Media Show this Tuesday. I have to head off to City Council as soon as it is over. But I am not leaving until he has given away the last prize. This is a Free training series, and to celebrate his 100th show, he is giving away physical prizes and access to courses to some lucky attendees. I am visualizing winning one.

I also touched base with some people about Essential Oils, and set a date to meet with one person next Monday.

I am so looking forward to having time for my art and book businesses. And getting my affiliate web sites up. I do have at least one program I will start to promote just using my email list, or on Facebook. And really need to get the corrections for the “Sustainable Event” book done and uploaded to Kindle. Then finish the cover and upload it to CreateSpace. I still have vision of getting that done before Labor Day Weekend.

So I am caught up with these posts. Wish I could say that about my hiking site, but there are only so many hours in a day, and I do fill them up with various business focused work.

Stressfull Art Walk Friday And An Awesome Sky

Friday morning started with “Little One” arriving for her month long stay. She had started her life around here and I had had to find homes for her and her kittens. She is really beautiful Tortoise Shell colors. My long time potter friend had taken her in we think 2001 and she had loved where she lived with him and they became best buds. Now things were changing as he and his significant other were moving far away and in the process of building a home that wasn’t finished and their home in Green Mountain Falls was closing that afternoon. So she needed a place to hang out until the new home was finished. She has always been a hissy cat, and this morning and the next few days she exhibited that behavior often.

But not into being picked up and has a fussy meow that is hard to interpret what she is looking for when using it.

When released from the cat carrier, she immediately dashed off and found some place to hide. I will be using a bit of Young Living Peace and Calming around her to help her settle in over the next few days.

My tenant called me and asked if I would look at some ideas he had for making the floors much more beautiful than they are now. His Dad had refinished floors and his sister had one like he wanted in the two front rooms. I had never considered painting wood floors, but the images and the confidence he had in doing this sold me on the idea. And he also wants to lay some tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. They had done this at the store and showed me some really nice looking tiles. I just couldn’t say no to either project.

Then there were emails about new pricing for the t-shirts and I was just done with that. I told them what ever the committee decided, I would be fine with it. Though I am concerned we might not sell as many at the higher prices, what would sell would make a better profit. We will see how that all goes at the Festival and in the Shop over time.

I had dashed off to the bank to deposit the checks from yesterday and once again made it a long morning before stopping to eat. There were some odd Festival emails that I had to respond too. Seems I need to be the point person that everyone has to check in with or ask many questions of, which is normal. The day just seemed to be filled with many small annoyances, or I was really tired and not handling people in a cheerful manner. 

I had stopped on my way home from Fields Park at Memorial Park. There was just one parking space that I saw, so I grabbed it. I took time to size and put the photos for a couple of ideas where the memorial tree could be planted without causing problems for events in the future and sent that off.

The Cottage Tenant called and asked if he could come by and talk a little more about the floors in person. He arrived at 6pm. I was all dressed to go to Art Walk, but it was raining and that made me have to think about umbrella or no umbrella. I decided to wear my black hat and a jacket, as it was just lightly raining.

Took 3 Patty Pots to Green Horse for them to sell and add to a fund for her health challenges. They had come from Keith with 2 strange and one very sweet saying, but I wanted them gone and as they had sold her pottery there, thought that would be a good solution.

At Commonwheel, had some more food and a glass of wine. Took photos of the Wanyama Africa Gallery show to finish up the Facebook posts for that show. Then stopped at Mountain Living Studio for a Jalepeño Margherita. Tasty and fun. Chatted with some more friends who are headed to Wisconsin Labor Day Weekend. Brought up memories of vacations our family took in Wisconsin as I was growing up.

As I walked home, I noticed some very unusual clouds in the sky.

Adobe Sunset in Manitou Springs

Then they began to change and transform colors like one rarely sees in Manitou Springs.

Unusual Sunset in Manitou Springs

I chased the colors in the sky with my camera for quite some time.

Pink & Orange Sunset in Manitou Sprngs

I was really enjoying this celestial show of colors and shapes. I don’t think I had ever seen so many different colors and cloud formations all in one sunset anywhere.

Golden Angels & Orage Tree Sunset in Manitou Springs

I wasn’t the only one taking pictures. Everywhere I went, someone had a phone or camera out capturing this awesome show. And I was ever so glad I had my best camera with me on this walk.

When I got home, I couldn’t even do the dishes, I was that tired. I just fell into bed and asleep.

At 11pm, I woke up and Little was meowing. I went to see if she needed food, but she was rubbing on the floor in a manner and place that made me think of giving her some catnip. She loved that. And we played with a string for awhile, then I headed back to bed.

My alarm was set for 6:30am to get up for the runners and needed to sleep deeply to be ready to do that.

And now it is time to get some sleep, as I have stayed up late posting. Someday I will get caught up and hopefully do a nightly / daily post to not get so far behind. Right! And Little needs some attention, perhaps her food dish is empty . . .

Very Full ThursDAY-Oh Deer!

I was scheduled to meet someone from the the Manitou Springs Parks in the morning to discuss some issues and learn how the water and electric worked. They showed up close to on time, but didn’t have the proper keys to unlock the electric panel. So while waiting for him to go get it, looked to the south and saw a lovely deer, then two spotted fawns appeared behind her.

Doe & 2 spotted fawns at Fields Park in Manitou SpringsI had my camera with me and was able to take a few photos as they hurried along.

But I had to hold my breath as the Doe crossed El Paso Blvd. and then the two fawns came dashing after her. A car had stopped for the doe, so everyone was safe this time. Still, will worry about them now as this is a well traveled road.

The electric panel is really an improvement from generators and the water access is way better and safer than what we had to use last year. Should make the food vendors very happy.

Next the Beer Garden Sponsor and coordinators showed up and we discussed where it would be set-up up. And since they were doing the music tent, aligned that in our minds also. Talked about how the waste would be handled and the type of cups that would be used. Hopefully they can use recyclable cups for both the beer and the wine to make sorting very simple during the Art Festival. They are really nice people and I am sure this will be a great addition to the Art Festival and profitable for us all.

I hung out afterwards and made some measurements of the food court area. It is very difficult to draw out with trees and curving sidewalks. I know I will have to come back again, but got a good start on it.

Came home really hungry! I hadn’t meant to stay that long, but the weather was nice and I was enjoying being outside, so it had made sense to do the measurements.

Then Karl had some more things to show me in the cottage. This is getting really expensive. And I will have to pay this bill over a few months, but many things will be taken care of to make it a better space for the new tenant.

I made a start on the Food Court layout, and it did not look like I had measured many places that would have helped me get this done. Did some Facebook posts to stay ahead of that project, but still need to take time to do all of them leading up to the Art Festival.

Then had a 5pm Webinar with Tony Laidig that went for almost 2 hours. Really good information and I am getting really excited for Tuesday’s Webinar and all the giveaways that he will be doing.

The Cottage Tenant showed up just as the webinar ended to pay his rent and the other half of the deposit. We went over and looked at what was being done and he wanted to make some measurements. I asked him if he was good with technical things and he said yes. I asked if he could look at my new printer and see if he could help me set it up. He was agreeable to that and quickly got it set up for me. I could have done this, but it would have taken me much longer and he just whizzed through all the steps with total confidence and it works great. He told me when I was ready to set up the Fax feature to let him know and he could help with that if I needed assistance.

What a great decision I made choosing this young man to rent the cottage.

A Day Filled with Serendipitous Timings

Wednesday didn’t go as I planned exactly, but the timing of what I did do was filled with serendipitous moments.

I called a friend to chat with her about the artist who was going to have surgery and give her some other good news. She was at her gallery and another artist wanted to talk with me. She told me she had heard I had one of my photographs in the 36 Views of Pikes Peak at the very north Library. She wanted to know if when I picked mine up, if I could get hers back also. She had had a horse related accident and couldn’t get around really well yet. I said I would do that if I could find out when we needed to pick them up, or find out more info in general about this show. I had thought the images would be sent off to another gallery space first, but didn’t have any solid information at this time. I do believe I have until mid-September to figure this out. And it is much farther away than I had realized, but need to get up there with the show up to make note of my photo(s) being included. Next week I think.

I had planned out my errands with exact timings that got quite changed many times as the day progressed.

It began with me meeting with the person working on the cottage. I had to put on shoes I could go up on the hill to get on the cottage roof. I had meant to change out of those before I left.

I packed my car with my Laptop to get help from a tech when I picked up my new printer. I had wanted someone to help me set it up and get it talking to my computer.

I stopped at the Commonwheel to deliver a mask, leave some items in the Accountant’s box and pick up something left for me.

As I drove out of town, I realized I hadn’t changed shoes or grabbed my water or camera. But didn’t want to drive home again through downtown traffic.

I took a deposit to the bank, then went to Spectrum Glass where I had needed to give them my Resale Tax Lic to make a copy for purchasing the leather necklaces last week.

I decided I had better get at least a couple dollars of gas, and as I was pulling into the gas station my phone rang with a question from a Festival Committee member about something I didn’t have the perfect answer in my head at that moment. But winged it.

I got there earlier than planned and debated about going to Costco to at least buy gas, but decided I should pick up the printer first. As I parked, the tech that had sold me the printer was getting in a car to leave. And although I had been told a tech would always be there, there was not one there to help me. The girl at the counter assured me the ink cartridges had been filled and I just didn’t want wait until someone did show up. So I decided to take the printer and my computer home instead of going to Costco. Good decision as there was a huge traffic jam going east on that road.

Drove slowly through the Garden of the Gods, enjoying its beauty. I am very grateful to have this beautiful place so close to my home and it is free to drive through.

As I pulled into Manitou downtown, my phone rang. And the person making copies at the shop hadn’t noticed the copier was out of ink and had ruined some pieces of paper and needed 20 more of the blue papers. She had replaced the toner cartridge. I told her I was headed to my house and could bring the paper back on my way out of town.

As I pulled into my driveway, the new Glass Artist was about to leave the dolly at my house. I had meant to call him, but forgot. I asked if they could transport it to the Art Festival to make my life easier. He readily agreed that that would be easy for him to do.

On the way back to my house, I had been repeating – shoes, Chai and camera, all of which I did remember and the blue paper when I left this time. I had taken all of the papers on my front seat into the house at this time.

I dropped the blue paper off at the Gallery and as I drove away, I realized I had left the directions to the House Warming party for a friends’ mother who had moved to Colorado recently. I knew where the building was, but not the apartment number. But just could not get myself to drive back through downtown traffic one more time. I figured there would be a desk with someone who could direct me to her new space.

At this time, I decided I needed a treat. I had thought I was going to have a bowl of ice cream when I stopped at the house, but didn’t with someone waiting for blue paper at the shop. I stopped and got a Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty in a Waffle cone and found a quiet shady place with flowers in my view to take a moment and savor this treat.

I stopped at the Indy’s office to drop off some promotional pieces before going to the Radio interview at KCME. Just as I was about to turn off my phone, that same member called with a different question. A financial decision to be made. I asked her what she would have done if I hadn’t picked up. Gone forward with the project, so I said, just do it then.

Chatted with the interviewer about what we would talk about, then did the interview. It was taped, so if anything really strange got said, it could be edited out. I think I spoke really well at this interview and had a lovely conversation afterwards with the woman who did it.

I dropped of coupons at my friend’s home on my way to the party. She wasn’t home, and I was pretty sure she wasn’t out of town, so boldly left them on her front porch, with promo materials in the package also for her to share with friends as she has in the past.

I got to the complex of Independent Living spaces, and after circling around a few times spied a young woman and asked her where I should park and where the entrance was for me to find my friend’s new home. She told me all this, and knew the apartment number the party was being held at. So I parked, and being early, read a bit of the Independent. A car pulled in next to me and it was my friend whose mother’s party I was headed to. I helped her carry some items in making that very good timing for us both. And she had a moment to talk to me about a trip she had taken. I hadn’t realized she was in Hawaii on a Cruise ship during the Hurricanes approaching Hawaii. Scary stuff, but they were fine.

At the party – people who knew me better than I remembered them, were there. And then someone who wanted to plant a tree in Memorial Park and a PARAB member both approached me about the best place to do that. I said I’d have to look at the park and give them some feedback later. But there is a bit of a rush on that, as the tree has been bought and needs to be planted soon. The PARAB person and I had a bit of a difficult conversation that I tried to get away from, as this was a party and not a place for her to be talking to me about this type of stuff.

I headed home and watched the end of “So You Think You Can Dance” while trying to figure out how to set-up the printer. Two glasses of wine and pretty techy sounding instructions did not get this task finished. And I was pretty sure the box had never been open, so it would have been hard to have had the ink cartridges filled.

Tomorrow is another day and so went to bed feeling as if I had accomplished plenty that day.

Never Ending Details for Commonwheel’s Art Festival

Did more advertising and Facebook posts and can’t even remember what else for the Commonwheel Art Festival right up until I walked over to Sharing Inner Health for a Tune-up Session. She actually called me to see if I could come a bit earlier so we could talk about her web site, so I changed shoes and walked over there. A really nice day out. It wasn’t about her web site, but an ad in a magazine that needed some graphics sent to them for her ad. So I said I could do that, but maybe not until Monday. She then gave me a Young Living Essential Oils Raindrop treatment to help relieve my stressed mind and Body. It did loosen up my back quite a bit and I went home and continued on working on the Art Festival.

A member needed someone to work her afternoon shift on Saturday – the time I had scheduled to be in my FantaFaces feather studio. But no one else had stepped up, so I said I would do it for pay.

So in the morning I went into my Feather studio and did some prep work to make it easier to do masks the next day. Then I had to get ready to go to the Gallery. I took the computer, but was busy enough that I never opened it up. I had some really good sales, including something on my own. At the end of the shift, I was really tired and had a glitch checking out, but just had to let it go when our President showed up in the computer doing some inventory updates. Beautiful night for a walk home in the moonlight. I basically came home and went to bed. I was that tired!

Slept in a bit on Sunday, then decided to go up to my Studio for the day. Had to wrestle with the glue bottle to get it refilled. The caps did not want to come off of two. But got them loosened up and actually replaced one with the top from a glue bottle of a type of glue I can’t use, but the lid fit on the Elmer’s Glue bottle. I created 6 masks and a dozen pairs of earrings. Not one of my most productive days, but decent.

On Monday there was a Group Booth meeting. I took 4 of the newly created masks into the shop. Later that day, 2 of them sold. I did have another Tiger that I had made, but wanted to save for the Art Festival, but brought it in the next day instead. “Strike while the iron is hot!” was on my mind to push myself to do that.

The Group Booth meeting was very productive. People took on jobs and our new members are awesome. Very willing to jump right in and take on jobs – including coming to get the dolly at my house that needed its tires filled – and they will bring it to the Art Festival! Double win for me there.

The advertising details for the Festival seem never ending. And I had to get some posts on FaceBook to not get behind, so did that this day also. My Greek hiking friend stopped by on her way to go listen to the last concert in Soda Springs Park. She gave me a bag of Chia Seed Chips that I started to munch on – they were really tasty. Was hard to not eat the whole bagful. But I stopped, got her a webbed folding chair to sit upon at the concert and went back to computer work.

On Tuesday, I had another meeting with my handyman friend who is doing work on the cottage. There are more problems inside than I had realized. Not budgeted for those. But he did discover there wasn’t much we could do about the sunken floor area he had shown me the other day, so will just let it be as it is now and hope it doesn’t sink much more in the near future. I do bless having the cottage income every day, but geez, it can be a money pit some days.

Tony Laidig’s Expert Media Show about how to do Affiliate Marketing was really helpful and I feel like it gave me some really good ideas that I can implement starting in September after the Art Festival comes to a successful conclusion. Plus some ideas for people in my soon to be Mastermind Group. One of which had called earliere in the day and I had already told him about some assignments to get ready for promoting one of his books, and how his short stories could all be individual books on Kindle, then become a collection as a paperback version on CreateSpace. He happily embraced this idea.

And I still haven’t had time to work on my Sustainable Event book. Guess that won’t be ready for the Art Festival, but first project when I do have time is getting that corrected and into paperback form.

The Cottage tenant finished moving out and I let the new tenant know. He will come by on Thursday evening to give me a check and get the keys. Which he did. Karl hadn’t quite finished, but since the new tenant wasn’t going to move in until after the Pikes Peak Marathon weekend was over, that didn’t bother him. Talked to Karl and he wasn’t feeling to good Thursday, so hadn’t come to finish up.

My friend who is moving into an unfinished home soon called to set the time and date for us to get “Little One” his kitty who needed to be safely house sat until the new place was more finished in a month. Little One began her life around here. She had had kittens under the left porch that I had captured and found homes for each one. RE was ready for a cat about that time and when he met her, it was love at first sight, at least on his side . . . she wasn’t totally happy about anything at that time. But she quickly adapted to living up in Green Mountain Falls and they became good friends. That was about 13 years ago.

One of the Festival Participants called late at night to let me know he could not participate this year. He was really hard to hear, and when he said he was to have surgery, I thought it was brain surgery, but it was back surgery for pain on Thursday. He didn’t think he would be recovered enough to to the Art Festival. I had to tell him that especially since we had just told another artist we could not return the fee, we couldn’t return his. Will think about what could do next year, but just thought that to myself.

I will have to do a post just on hearing of Robin William’s suicide. It really did hit me and some friends very hard. But want to just write about that another time.

I think I had a bit of Tequila again that night and now I will take a break before continuing on with this time of catching up. So close to today but need a short break.

Continuing to Catch Up with The Art Festival Looming Closer

So where was I? Ah, yes – Saturday, August 2nd.

A dancing friend always has a Leo Birthday Party on the first Saturday in August. She backs up pans of veggie enchiladas and brownies. Her guests bring side dishes, wine, and flowers. It is held mostly outside and she lucked out this year. No Rain!

On the way there, I stopped at a liquor store. I had decided to bring Wine this year, just wasn’t up for cooking or even making a fruit salad as I had often done in the past. I also bought myself a bottle of Tequila. I was thinking I might need that to get through the next few weeks. And you know, I think I will have a drink while I type more tonight . . . Tequila, Cranberry and Ginger Ale . . . just what the doctor ordered, as my Dad used to say when having a cocktail after a long day at work.

I caught up with some friends and met a very interesting woman. I gave her my card and do hope she does contact me. She has some great stories to tell as I do about dealing with Doctors that cause more harm than healing.

Sunday, I basically wrote Tweets and FaceBook Posts for the upcoming Gallery Show and the Festival. I am sure I did something else, but can’t recall that now. This was the day I slept in late . . . trying to avoid experiencing an exhaustion factor that was building up.

My cottage Tenant’s whole family came to help her move out. I had wanted to talk to her Mom about a few things, and since she isn’t suppose to be lifting things, this was a good distraction for her. She works on design projects, and I will probably offer her the Tony trainings and see if she has any interest in the Mastermind gr0up. But more importantly, she is interested in Essential Oils and how they could help her family with dealing with depression and other health challenges. We had a lovely conversation and I gave her one of my books to read.

On Monday met with K from the Pikes Peak Bulletin. The owner of that paper and the Indy had told me he wanted to help support the Art Festival, but never called me back. So I called the Bulletin directly and K responded last week and set a meeting for Monday morning. She was a delightful person. She came back with an offer of 2 for 1 ads, that didn’t fit the Festival’s budget. So I proposed that since it had sounded like the owner had wanted to do something bigger mentioning the other paper first, that I told him we already had a partial sponsorship, what if they gave us the color for free. She came back a bit reluctantly, but agreed to do that. Sometimes I can negotiate really good deals. She was also very interested in learning more about Essential Oils and I gave her one of my books. Soon she emailed me back that she had read most of my book, and loved it, wanted to get together and talk about many things.

All of this good energy with people interested in Essential Oils and books and illustration has me really “chomping at the bit” for the Art Festival to be successfully concluded and see where I can take my own business in the next few months.

Meanwhile KCME was an ad concept I was thinking of letting go totally. Hated to do that, but with the cancellation that was equal to the cost of the underwriting there, just seemed necessary. Their marketing person called me, and we worked out that we would spend half of what we have in the past and still get an interview on their Culture show and some extra spots. This just reminded me that the other sponsor station probably needs info that hasn’t been sent them. And sometimes the person who agrees to sponsoring us, doesn’t communicate well with the person who has to create and schedule the Promos. Better get on that tomorrow.

A long Commonwheel meeting this first Monday night. Though actually less contentious than some of the recent ones had been. The Grant news kind of mellowed some members a bit. Still the discussion of why are we losing so many members right now was a bit challenging, but when it was pointed out that most members had left because of “Live Changes” that made it difficult for them to fulfill commitments, well, that calmed some members down a bit.

Really enjoyed the walk to and from the MAC. Beautiful night – no Rain!

Tuesday, Aug. 4, started with a Healing Circle session that Aine could not attend, so that meant the visiting person leading the session could not be in Presenter mode. There is someone who dials in, but does not pay attention at all to the session and refuses to Mute their line. This day it was particularly annoying. There wasn’t just some background noise of them fixing a meal, but they had actual conversations with someone that at times made what the presenter was saying totally impossible to hear. And she had a really lovely set of prayers that she was sharing with us. I had a hard time even staying on the line, as it was causing me to feel anger, rather than at Peace. And it meant there would be no replay of this beautiful blessing or if there was, it would not be pleasant to listen to with the background noise. I do not understand why this person even dials in if they are not going to actually participate in the Healing Circle.

I met with my handyman friend and looked at things the Cottage needed doing. We came up with more things than I had budgeted for right now. But today, one did come out to be less of a problem than it first looked when I talked to the tenant who was moving out and assured me that there had never been water leaking down from that area, but the ceiling had looked that bad since she moved in when her brother moved out. So that meant the fix Karl had done a while ago had actually fixed the leak that caused the ceiling area to look so bad, and he could just fix that without having to search for another leak.

Had a Chamber Marketing meeting where the Peak Live Remote was confirmed. Rain again. Glad I drove and didn’t walk there, that is a long walk, but a pleasant one in good weather.

Somewhere in the last weeks I ordered Reusable Bags and Banners that I had to get the designs done for the companies. And consulted on the t-shirts, but didn’t actually do the ordering and buying of the t-shirts. Was a learning experience for the person who wanted to send our t-shirt business to a friend of his. I do hope they look as good as the ones in the past with the sunset colors added.

Tony’s training that night was one of his “kick you in the butt” gently, to get you motivated to actually take action. He has shared so many pieces of advice and trainings for FREE on this show, it is time for all of his students to get moving forward and create some abundance for ourselves. So am glad I have been taking steps to create my Mastermind group, and of course, by the end of this, I had ideas for each one that they needed to hear.

Somewhere I missed talking about NAMS. Last week before the NAMS 12 in Atlanta, the creator of that event put out an email stating that they needed 100 people to sign up for NAMS 13 in March to be assured that would happen as a twice yearly event. I have always wanted to go to this, but not in August, so I paid the bargain price of $100 to get a ticket for March. Well, on the weekend, other coaches, including Tony Laidig offered the same price, but with bonuses. Tony’s bonus offer was to get any of his programs of equal or lesser value, including the one he was about to Launch that I wanted to buy, training for Adobe Illustrator. So I bought another NAMS ticket and will get that program for just $3.00 more than others will be paying for it. I will be looking  for someone to go to NAMS 13 in March, maybe one of my Mastermind group members will be ready to do that by then.

Wednesday, worked more on Festival details and then had an PM shift at the Co-op. I had great sales that day. Triple what the morning person did. I really need to get into my studio to create some masks. I have taken most of my items that I had on Etsy, off Etsy to keep the shop stocked. Am selling much better at Commonwheel right now, so that makes sense to have product there during the summer season when tourists are visiting from all over who like my FantaFaces feather creations.

The Edward Jones office in Manitou Springs closed. I didn’t get notice of that, but MSAC Board members had artwork there, and our President went to pick it up. I arranged to get mine from him on Thursday morning when I needed to do other errands. I picked up the leather thongs for my feather pendants and other errands. Went to Cartridge World to talk about how they could help me get the best printer for my business needs. I had taken my ancient OKIDATA there with a Fatal Error last week. I really didn’t want it back. So heavy, I couldn’t lift it myself. Had gotten my upstairs’ tenants boyfriend to help get it in the car. She wasn’t going to charge me as other places would for dumping an old piece of electronic equipment on them, if I bought my new printer from them. She talked me into an Brothers Ink Jet that was an All-In-One and would print legal size documents instead of a Laser. She had recently sold 2 others to very happy people. She quoted me a price lower than the same on on sale at Staples, and would fill the ink cartridges up for free. I gave is some thought, and ordered it. I get to pick it up tomorrow. I should be cleaning the desk area where it will go now, but here I am blogging instead.

Still not caught up to today, but I think I need to pause now and get some sleep. Have a very long day tomorrow – and even a bit of fun as a part of it.

And I probably need to think about adding some images in my next post or you will be totally bored with just my writing and I have been taking some fun pictures, mostly of flowers that are thriving in this very wet summer.

Commonwheel Art Festival Has Consumed My Time

Seriously, I haven’t posted since July 28th?!!! And it is August 12th.

The Commonwheel Artists 40th Anniversary Labor Day Art Festival I coordinate has consumed my time in ways it never has in the past coupled with the normal things I would be doing for it.

Then there is the Cottage tenant switch. Also a bit more time consuming that I had hoped at this time of year.

Then there is the rainy weather. I had to question a couple of times if I had moved to Oregon without telling myself. Thank Goodness the sun came out today and I got to sit in it a bit.

On the day of the Super Moon, it rained all day, then at 4am, I was awakened by a very bright light shining through my bedroom window onto my sleeping face. It was the Super Moon. I got up and walked out to absorb some its very beautiful energy.

Lets see if I can do a quick update of the days gone by since the last post.

July 28th, there was a Board Meeting. So much going on with the Co-op besides the Art Festival. Changes of members and the new POS system and now getting a Bar Coder Set up. I am very amazed at all our President has accomplished since taking that position on and dealing with all the flood issues, etc. I don’t think any past President could have accomplished half as much. And one of the Grants we/she applied for $10,000 was granted to us, but for $15,000. Wow! But very specific for use for the Shop, not Festival needs.

Posters, postcards and Flyers were scheduled to arrive and they looked great. The delivery person is someone I will be working with in my Mastermind group I am creating to work together starting in September. Introducing them all the Tony Laidig and the Expert Media Show program. And some other programs. I have bought and bought programs these last few weeks. All things I need to learn and so many have affiliate programs or I can just sell the programs after repackaging them. Those will all be showing up here soon and on web pages elsewhere. I am going to change my financial situation for the better very soon.

Next day had a Marketing Meeting at the Chamber. Got confirmed that there will be a Live Remote with The Peak at the Art Festival. That is a very good addition and will cost Commonwheel nothing. Part of an advertising package for events secured by the advertising company that the Chamber hired.

Ended the day, well, not really, but had a Webinar with Tony, then I am sure I did more work afterwards.

Met with Chief Ribiero and another Police officer on July 29th. Discussed emergency planning for the Art Festival. They have dire warnings, but having had 2 rainy days last year at Fields Park, will draw our own conclusions when we see what the weather brings us.

Big debate going on with a long time Festival Artist who missed the deadline by 13 days to cancel, who feel we should return their fee. Much negotiation and agreed to return half the fee this year and give them credit towards half booth fee next year. Commonwheel really can’t afford that type of loss of a double booth fee this year. We already are looking at being in the red, so not a good piece of news.

At 1pm, met with another person I want in my Mastermind group. She has technical computer experience and is an artist/designer. I blew her away showing her the possibilities and the tools that exist that she never had seen or had any idea existed. Ok, still giving myself away, but I believe if I gather some really good people together, we can work towards success better than going it alone.

Tony switched the Thursday webinar for the program I had bought to Wednesday. She hung out and watched some of that with me until she had to go to another meeting. Again, was amazed by the possibilities that are available for her.

Watched “So You Think You Can Dance” and was amazed again by the talented young kids on that show.

On Friday, I met with a couple of Festival committee members up at the storage unit. We pulled out the tents and sides and inventoried what was usable and what needed to be trashed. They figured out how to repair one of the frames. And one of them took the broken frame to a metal buyer afterwards. We are short good sides and the tops don’t have me totally happy. But had a good idea of what was in there on many levels – chairs, tents, signs, banners, etc. Took the banner to the Chamber days later when I went to the Marketing meeting.

I tried to listen to another webinar, but just couldn’t. Continued working on Festival details. I had thought I would go to the Singles Leo party, but the continuous rain and all that I needed to do, just couldn’t get motivated to do that.

I have written all of the Press Releases for the Art Festival for many years. Our Marketing person sends them out. She sent out the one I wrote about Food as focus, and got lots of Kudos for what a great job she did and that members loved it and they knew our patrons would also. GRRRR! And she didn’t say, “thanks guys, but Julia wrote this . . .” And there are more coming out soon. I woke up in the middle of the night with ideas for writing one that needs to go to the Patron News Letter and Pikes Peak Attractions, condensing the other 3, but with some different focal points. Still haven’t gotten that put on the computer. Really need an iPad so I could write on it rather than do it in my lousy handwriting. Someday soon!

First Friday, I haven’t driven around to that in quite a few months. But there were 2 artists openings, or so I thought I wanted to see. I found the first person’s at The Bridge Gallery. Interesting work and had a really interesting conversation with my artist friend. Then went off to search for the other person’s show. What I didn’t know was I had mis-read the email and she was just promoting The Bridge show. But it was auspicious that I went into galleries in Old Colorado City. Discovered why one artist wasn’t showing at the Art Festival this year. He turned 75 and was just done with doing Art Festivals. Can’t say as I blame him. Then at Hunter-Wolf chatted with a past Festival Committee member and he expressed an interest in doing the Security, for a higher cost than in the past, when I told him the trouble I was having getting security for a reasonable price this year. His offer is better than the ones I had found, but still about double of the past cost. More cost that will push the Festival towards being in the Red for the first time ever. Frustrating, but what can one do?

I had thought about going to a Book Fair in Denver, this weekend, but that just wasn’t going to happen. Rain and just too much to get done for the Art Festival. And did I really want to drive 1.5 hours and spend money? Not really. So on my way back from the Farmer’s Market I stopped at a Thrift Store and spent $10 on some books. One I think has big potential, the others, need to see what can be done with them. But now they are just in my pile of “Public Domain” books that I will work with in September.

Getting really frustrated about not getting out and hiking. But I do walk to any meeting and to the Gallery as much as I can even if it is raining.

OK, time to take a break . . .

Surprise Notice From My Cottage Tenant

On Friday, I had a meeting with another Festival committee member to once more try to get the Fields Park measured so I can place the booths and begin to figure out where artists and sponsors and our Info Booth will be placed. I realized that I needed to use the cement pad that had a picnic table on it and was surrounded by trees as the focal point for measuring form both sides to other objects in an attempt to have one reference point that never changes.

I had deposited a couple of checks at the bank before going to the park. I knew I needed to get some groceries on the way home. I easily convinced myself that I deserved more than just some eggs that I was running low on, but some other treats with the surprise check from Diamante. So I bought some Salmon, ground turkey and a couple of containers of ice cream. I had been craving ice cream when walking through Manitou Springs seeing everyone with ice cream cones walking around. The two containers cost less than one cone bought on the avenue, and will give me many more servings and treats these next few weeks.

I had decided to skip my morning shower as I knew I was going to get hot marking the park. I was determined to vacuum my house which is very dirty work. Then I wanted to plant the Chocolate Mint plant a friend had brought me weeks ago. Plus it was time to get the boxes of dirt from the chimney and raccoon adventure off my porch and up the hill in the back. I was pretty gritty by the time all these things were accomplished and it started to sprinkle just as I was doing the planting, but got it all done.

Next I tried to put the measurements to work. The pad as a reference point did work pretty well. Still, some things just will not match up properly. Those sloped areas and the treed areas with sidewalks that are not straight, just make it challenging. I printed it out, and put it in my car to measure one more time after the Celebration of Life I was going to in the morning. I had bought a large container of blueberries and some Vanilla Yogurt to take to that gathering.

I got my shower and washed my hair and dressed to go out dancing after lovely dinner.

I did go out dancing at Stargazers and Tiny Barge and the Big Chill did not disappoint. As always, had some great conversations with many other dancers there. And met a gentleman that was very interesting. He seemed to be attracted to another dancer, but we did dance a bit. Then at the end, we sat and talk after the band quit. He has known them for a very long time, and the drummer came up and said hello while we chatted. He was very convincing about the many reasons I needed to get a new phone, an iPhone in particular. Lots of reasons for business that I would easily come to love having one.

Long time since I have any thoughts about wanting to get to know a man. Just too many bad relationships in my past, but I have not given up on the possibility of finding a partner that actually is worthwhile and loving.

We texted a few times about various things, but haven’t heard from him recently. I may text my rental resolution when I get a confirmation from the person I am hoping will next rent the Cottage . . . but getting ahead of myself here.

I did stay out longer than I had planned that night, but I should have known it would be hard for me to leave a really good dancing band.

Saturday morning I had to get up early enough to go the Farmer’s Market for my weekly grocery shopping trip. And I decided I needed to go there and get the food back to the house before going to the Celebration of Life for JeriAnn at 9:00 am. I am not a morning person, so that was challenging. But I got it done. I will never forget the sight I saw on my way home from the Farmer’s Market. A car was parked in the Shuttle Loading Zone. Two shuttles were waiting to pick up the more than 40 people waiting to get on. A vendor was having a shouting match with the shuttle driver, and as she got into her car, flipped off the Shuttle driver. Do wish I had had my camera out at that moment to have captured that image.

I arrived at the Hillside Gardens just a little after 9am. Proud of myself. Lots of people, lots of stories to share, lovely music and songs sung in her honor. Wonderful food and cooling drinks. I wore a sparkling pin that JeriAnn had given me at my 55th (no presents please) birthday party a friend had held for me. At that time, my leg was just healing enough that I could dance the night away. And that is where the picture I use for all my books and other reasons got taken by a friend. That pin resides on my dresser where I see it everyday and am reminded that I am a shining star.

I talked to her sister about an idea that came to me of creating a book from all of the poems and songs JeriAnn wrote so they would not be forgotten. We will talk again in September after both of our big events are completed.

As I was leaving I stopped to take a picture of a metal sculpture that looked like they were celebrating life. I had a bad hold on the bowl with the remaining berries and it slipped and fell to the sidewalk and shattered into many pieces. I had been part of a couple of conversations about downsizing, but that wasn’t really what I wanted to downsize, but there it was, out of my life. Hope some birds enjoyed the blueberries.

I stopped by the Fields Park and did some more measurements. There were lots of people enjoying the park, and I tried not to disturb the family gathered at the picnic table, so might not have gotten all the measurements I needed, but I am now done with the measuring part of that project. Just gonna say it is good enough and work with it the best I can.

Both days, I stopped at Memorial Park to see the juried art show that was just filled with “crap” and a few artists. There was no where near the 75 artists there. Maybe 30 tents with at least 9 jewelers were set-up. It was sad to see the few legitimate artists among the imported items, including a booth of Egyptian Sheets, huh? Not one of the vendors had a Vendor Permit. I got 2 different answers when asked how they would be paying sales taxes. And one jeweler from Oklahoma very rudely informed me I didn’t know the law and she would be paying her sales tax with her own number after the event was over. There were no porta-potties. The Face Painter had come into MAC looking for the bathroom as the promoter had told her he had made special arrangements with the MAC for artists to use their bathroom. The Director of MAC replied, that “no special arrangements had been made, but you may use the bathroom.” Other vendors I asked about potties directed me to the ones on the side of City Hall. The only trash cans were the City’s. No bands ever played. And the poor musician trying to play under a small tarp like tent, was having real problems with his equipment the second morning. I chatted with one vendor who had done Commonwheel shows long ago. None of the vendors were very happy. The promoter obviously was relying on getting traffic from the people who were parking near the park and riding the shuttles. Two banners at the front of the park proclaimed “Art Festival”, a listing in the Bulletin’s Calendar and one small ad in the Gazette was the extent of his advertising.

That evening, my cottage tenant rang my doorbell and wanted to return the diffuser and some oils she had been using on Louie, her kitty who we had cat sat and was not in totally good health. I told her to keep using the diffuser a while longer and hold onto the oil and get him healthy. Then she told me she needed to move out of the cottage. The vet bills and a few other things were going to make it hard for her to afford the space. She wouldn’t break her lease, but if I wanted to find a new tenant sooner, she would be able to move out very quickly. I told her I had to think about it, as I had so much on my plate at this m0ment, showing the cottage wasn’t in my plans, but understood her plight.

I gave myself most of Sunday to work on other things and think about the Cottage. I bought the YouTube Training and the Content Training programs. My friend who I am helping with books had looked at the YouTube training and thought it interesting enough to invest the $27 in, but needed me to walk him through the steps. I was glad he called, as there was a better link with better bonuses than the one I had originally sent him, so that worked well.

My Inner Health friend wanted to see the cottage, but it wasn’t right for her. I took advantage of that showing to take some photos of the interior and exterior, as I decided I should just get it advertised as quickly as possible. And her telling me about other places she looked at and was living in currently and what people were paying for rent, I bravely decided to raise the rent not just $25, but $50. That was a really good choice, as it did not deter people from wanting to rent it.

 At about 9:15 I posted the Cottage for rent on Craig’s List. By midnight, I had had 7 or more requests to see it. So I set up showing times for Monday and Tuesday.

Festival emails and a conversation with the accountant at City Hall distracted me this morning. Plus replying and setting up showing times filled my morning. Then I had 3 showings. The first two were both really good candidates for the cottage. The person who delivers all the Festival printed items showed up perfectly between these showings and my last one for the day. We chatted and need to get together after the Art Festival to talk about web sites and books. We both have skills and knowledge the other can use. and we both need better income while still following our hearts and helping people.

Most fun moment of my day was catching a large beautiful moth that was in the house and releasing him back to the outside world. Holding him in my hands was a very special moment. Seeing him fly away made my heart sing.

And tonight on my way home from a Board meeting, I ran into the massage therapist who I have a disagreement with about whether she owed me one more massage from a trade last year. I told her I was wanting to just let it go, after all, I have given away many Essential Oils in the past, and was doing so that very day. I did want her to look at some of the new products introduced by Gary Young this year and learned she had forgotten she was a Young Living distributor. She had immediately removed her email from the web site after signing up, as was getting “too many emails”, and didn’t know how to access it. I told her I would send her that information. Then she suggested she could give me a half hour massage and we would compromise in the middle ground of our different interpretations of what was owed or not. I gladly agreed, as I had been ready to let it all go and move on to just being able to talk to each other again when we saw each other. And she does now live on Ruxton in an apartment between my home and Manitou Avenue, so that will make walking past her much more comfortable in the future.

I decided to see if the young man that is my first choice for the cottage who grew up in Manitou Springs, knows my upstairs tenant and his parents know an old friend of mine, wanted to sign a lease tomorrow and pay part of the deposit and would want to move in mid-August. Just then the phone rang and it was the current tenant. We discussed the timing and that would work well for her. I told her to keep the Eucalyptus Oil for Louie and in the near future before she leaves wanted to talk more about the Young Living oils, especially since the Purification had worked so well keep mosquitoes at bay on their camping trip last weekend.

I took the Craig’s List posting down, and emailed the young man. He just emailed back that he could meet with me tomorrow at 2pm and give me a partial deposit and sign the lease. One thing that was also in his favor is he likes squirrels. Learned that when I stopped to feed the half blind one before showing him the cottage.

It is late, but now I will go and email cancellations to the people scheduled to see the cottage tomorrow afternoon. I hate wasting people’s time and it will save me time also.

This is the fastest I have ever rented a space.


Stormy Days, Book Publishing And So New Things to Learn

There have been many storms these last few days. But nothing that has caused any new flooding in Manitou Springs. Halleluiah!

But my basement is very damp right now. The old ways water came in seems to have happened again. Didn’t have the heart to take a flashlight and see if the new area was also damp tonight

Spraying YL Thieves Spray down there to keep mold at bay. Doesn’t even really smell bad. But don’t want to forget to keep on this bit of prevention so I don’t have a future problem.

I worked a very long day at Commonwheel last Sunday. I was lucky. I had a mid-shift person. She even let me take a break and walk home to get my lunch eaten there very quickly. I had debated about buying a sandwich, as I had only packed fruits and energy bars with a lot going on in the morning as I was trying to get out the door. When she offered to let me take a real break and pointing out it would probably take as long at that time of day for me to get a sandwich anywhere, even if I called it in as take-out, as going to my home that was just a few blocks away, well, I went for a walk. We had a slow beginning of the day, but steady sales. Lots of people commented on “what a nice shop you have” when we engaged them in conversation. Always nice to hear.

As it neared 8pm and closing time, I decided to count the cash as it had been quiet for quite some time. Then people started coming in and I had 4 sales, all CASH! So I had to count everything again. Still, was happy to up the end of day sales by almost $100 when they all left.

I have been raiding my Etsy inventory to keep Commonwheel stocked. I really need to get into my feather studio and create more FantaFaces. I realized that I hadn’t ordered the kidney surgical steel ear wires, so did that. They will take a week or more to get here, so probably won’t have those on Saturday. But can make masks for both the Gallery and restock Etsy. Trying to order the leather thongs for my necklaces. Found the store, but was after they had closed. Gotta remember to do that tomorrow.

On Thursday, my Greek friend who I hadn’t seen in more than a month showed up at my door. We were both hungry. I suggested we go to The Loop Mexican restaurant for Fish Tacos. She eats a more restricted diet than I do, but she was willing to split a meal of these with me. She really enjoyed them. And so did I. I haven’t had many meals out, very restricted budget, but I deserved a treat and had a good time catching up with her travels and new paths relating to staying healthy she is exploring.

I have been working with Zoltan to get his “Galloping Wind” book published on Kindle, then on CreateSpace. When I was working on the Quark version for CreateSpace I discovered numerous errors in the Kindle version. Including two Chapter 12s. So as I worked on the Quark version, I corrected the Word document to download again on Kindle. After waiting so long to get this published, he was anxious to get it up before family from across the ocean arrived and he could show them he was once again a published author. This isn’t his first book, and won’t be his last.

I have suggested to him that we work and learn things together after the Art Festival so we can both find more financial freedom and success. I think he will also buy the very reasonably priced YouTube Video Training that I did. I also bought the upsell, as it has more training and more things I can repackage and sell.

Commonwheel’s gallery show “Under Pressure” had 18 artists in it and took me way more time to do the Facebook posts than usual. Trying to connect images to the right artist was a challenge for sure. And they also had some workshops that needed advertising in both Facebook pages I write on. Only added one outside the box fun thing to these posts. The song “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie seemed to be a real fit for this show.

I walked around town for a few openings. I had meant to go dancing at Stargazers, but after walking to 3 galleries, I was exhausted. Still hadn’t quite recovered from my summer cold. So I just crawled into bed early and began reading Gary Young’s “The Gift” that I had purchased earlier this year.

I have had a really difficult time getting in my car to run errands and go shopping. But I did, and got lots accomplished in that one bit of driving around. I was out of the friendly half-blind squirrels sunflower seeds, and a few other things prompted me to get out the door. I stopped at my favorite outlet store and discovered it was their last day in that location and they were moving back to a past location that is much closer to my home and in more of my errand routes.  Good news for sure.

I walked into the “antique mall” next to this store. I am always hopeful of finding old books or magazines here. Only once has that happened. But I found 5 fun videos on sale and spent a whole $2.50 on them. Mostly cartoony ones that I had heard about and never have seen. When I will have time to watch them, have no idea.

During this drive a Commonwheel challenge arrived by my phone. A member was very upset about having to pay a fine she incurred and even though a Board member and had been there when we clearly stated fines would all be enforced, she didn’t think she owed it. She was being very rude to our President who was there to train her and wanted to know if I as a Board member would concur to the idea this person was allowed to quit without the 30 day notice and remove everything that very day. This person has been a “thorn” in my side and many other members for years. I felt it would be best if she agreed to end her tenure at Commonwheel that day, to let her do it. And then change all the codes on locks and web site areas. We have had other people resign on happier terms lately, so it was really time to change the codes, which we should do yearly anyway, but haven’t. Stirred up some challenging conversations with quite a few members. Next Monday’s Board meeting should be very interesting.

On Monday, I walked to MAT for a Manifest meeting that actually happened. The last 2 had been canceled for health and weather reasons. This is a half mile walk there, and a bit farther back when I loop around to go to the Post Office.

A little later my Greek friend up at my door. She wanted to know it I wanted to go for a short walk. She was here to listen to the Concert in the nearby park, but that was more than an hour away. I almost said no, but being very behind on my hiking and I needed to get moving after being so sick, I said, sure and changed shoes. We hiked up the street, then turned off and went higher and higher. I took her up to the place I had sat on the rock to watch the 4th of July fireworks. It was even more daunting to look at how steep it was below that rock than in the dark.

As we headed back down, we noticed lots of purple spots on the road. There was an Elderberry, or Boysenberry Tree with ripe berries on it. Need to look this up, but not now. She was so delighted to enjoy this treat. And so was I. They were delicious. We had very purple hands when we were done. We ate every one we could reach, pulling the branches down for each other to reach just a little bit higher. Very fun and a tasty treat for sure. We want to go back in a few days, as there were many that were not ripe within reach. Will see if that happens.

Some how I need to do some postings on my Hiking blog . . . gotten very far behind, but as you can see I only seem to get time to post here once a week, so this does come first. Those I can catch up on, as they are mostly photos and a bit of description of the hike.

The Art Festival has me constantly working on it. Ads with deadlines, making sure everything is in place, meeting with people to get what they were working on into my hands, etc. I will be very happy when this is successfully over this year.

I walked to the gallery to bring in some inventory, from my Etsy stash, meet with 2 members about their Festival jobs, bring one somethings she needed, pick up items from the other. I walked to the bank to deposit a check I had been holding for an artist after jury and it had gotten buried. She reminded me that I could cash it when I saw her during Art Walk. I got to see the drilling equipment that was re-drilling the 7-Minute Spring well so it can be used at Sun Spa for water to bath in and drink again.

I had a really pleasant surprise today. I had not actually looked at my Diamante envelop, but when I picked it up, a check came floating out. A large check. That will be very helpful in the next month, as I want to buy some training programs to work on after the Art Festival is over in September. And it was noted that they think they will begin doing regular distributions early in 2015. Not sure how much, but anything will be appreciated. Thank you Mom & Dad for having made this investment that my Brother and I split after you passed. Will make me smile a bit more every time I see a check from there. I had worked at Diamante, and my Dad liked some of their investments. Some were cashed out while they were alive, but this one was left to us as it was not distributing and yet it is a very good investment. University Village in Colorado Springs where I shop all the time and it is thriving.

There are at least 3 trainings that I want to take in the next few months. All being offered right now. I can buy a couple and do the training later, sort of like how I am handling the Drag-N-Drop program I just bought. I do want to attend the live trainings for one of Tony’s offerings, so that will be challenging on Thursday nights, but at this time I don’t have meetings on those nights until the day before the Art Festival. I think I will miss that class. But there are always replays to watch forever in the members area.

One of these trainings has lots of things I can resell and are very relevant to marketing right now. I really need to focus on that aspect of a way to create financial change in my life. And it really does work with writing and publishing books, as a way to advertise them and at the same time guide people to the trainings I am an affiliate for already.

I swear, these, are the last trainings I can buy before I start implementing what they have to teach me and begin to generate some income, rather than being all outgo of $s.

The Art Festival needs to go back to a very part-time job again, which it was before the flooding, but took over much more time this last year than ever before. I believe that all the things I have put in place this year, will just be easier to continue in the next years, and perhaps if the flood mitigation works well, we can move back to Memorial Park next year. That would make the Art Festival so much easier to do than having to arrange for Shuttles and ways to guide people there. Plus just measuring this park so I feel that I can place booths in it in a way that works with a totally different layout than last year has been quite the challenge.

Am schedule to try and measure the Fields Park one more time. Have notes about what I need to measure to figure out how to draw it in a way that trees and mounds are not encountered in the wrong place when we actually mark the booth areas on August 29th.

Will do some driving errands also.

Then tomorrow night going Dancing for Sure! Tiny Barge is playing at Stargazers and they are really fun!

Stormy Week in Manitou Springs

This has been a week of rain storms and sirens going off warning of Flash Flooding.
Monday the new siren just a block from me went off along with both my phones and the radio and the siren in my home all at once.

Highway 24 was closed, people were turned away from town. That was the day I walked to MAT and got a ride back with a family from PA that needed to get to the Cog Railway.

Yes, Flash Flooding was possible. But the creek politely stayed in its banks all through town.

My cold was just about gone on Tuesday. Still not totally over it, but so much better. Actually getting some energy back.

Tony Laidig did a webinar on taking photographs at night that was interesting. I need to learn more about my camera to do some of the settings he suggested. But looking at my Firework photo, I was happy that I had gotten some as good as I did without this webinar.

I had wanted to write an email to the person who had taken so much of my money and recently declared bankruptcy, and that just poured off my fingers last night. It was a “put me in the place of you when you came asking for help and see if you can now find a way to make an effort to pay me back some of the money I loaned you to help you back then” note, not an angry note. No response yet, but who knows if she even opens my emails any more . . . or if she really does have a conscious and will ever make good on her promises before and during the time she was bankrupting everyone.

This morning was filled with getting things done for advertising for the Art Festival, things that need printing and on the web site finalized and sent to others to handle.

I had thought on Wednesday, I would get some things done and contact my Coach to set up a time for a call. But the Art Festival, then the rain distracted me quite a bit. And my brother needed some things done quickly for his Parish Gap Band web site. New drummer and a change of wording describing the band’s music and a new gig to post. That took up a bit of time getting the header redone and other pictures that needed switching out all over the web site.

In the early afternoon, my roommate went out to weed the very overgrown garden and quite a while later, I heard the rain start.

Then it hailed. She was out sheltering under a tree, and came dashing in soaking wet.

Heavy Rain & Hail Storm in Manitou Springs

There was a river of red mud coursing down Ruxton Avenue and hail piled up in the yard.

Heavy Rain & Hail Storm in Manitou Springs

Then it quit and the sky lightened and it looked like it would clear up.

So I walked down to my Manitou Springs Art Council meeting at Manitou Art Center. Our wonderful President brought two pies from Gooseberry Junction on highway 115: Gooseberry and Rhubarb and we all had half a slice of each. YUM! We had some interesting conversations and a new member joined.

As the meeting got near to ending, someone said, “Is that rain.”

Heavy Rain & Hail Storm in Manitou Springs

And a couple of us responded, “NO! That’s HAIL!” and we headed downstairs to see Hurricane style storm. A storm like many of us have never seen or only seen a few times. The water was coming down in sheets and it was hailing.

Heavy Rain & Hail Storm in Manitou Springs


Crazy drivers were going up and down the Avenue. Very lucky that no one got stuck or had an engine die in our area. Not sure what the town looked like farther east, but on the streets on the way down and afterwards around my house there was quite a bit of red gravel that had traveled down from the hillsides.

Heavy Rain & Hail Storm in Manitou Springs

Again the creek kindly stayed mostly in its banks, but Memorial Park was a soggy mess. I didn’t get pictures of that, as someone offered me a ride home, and I accepted. Although since the sky was clearing up, I was tempted to walk home, but I took the ride instead.

Heavy Rain & Hail Storm in Manitou Springs

Maybe tomorrow I will walk down there and take pictures of how it looks after two heavy rainstorms. I do have to go to the shop and have a CD of photos I want to leave at City Hall for a councilwoman, so will take a walk in hopefully not so stormy weather.

 Ruxton was pretty much a mess with lots of gravel on it.

Heavy Rain & Hail Storm in Manitou Springs

There was hail everywhere around the yard and in the garden areas.

Heavy Rain & Hail Storm in Manitou Springs

Our garden didn’t survive the second storm as well as it had the first one.

Heavy Rain & Hail Storm in Manitou Springs

 Hopefully the squash plants will survive, and maybe some of the other plants will come back. Sure wish I had picked some lettuce yesterday . . . And I want to see how the mint is doing. Of course, I am sure much of the catnip will survive, but I had thought of cutting some of it yesterday, but just didn’t find the energy to go into the garden and do that.

And then the sun came out.

Blue sky after Heavy Rain & Hail Storm in Manitou Springs

Though it did rain again after it got dark, as it is raining now.

I went into my basement, and there is water seeping in from a new area that I cannot capture it. It is coming up from below the half wall that separates the full basement area from the crawl space. And there was water in the barrel that has the sump pump. There was none there on Monday after that rain, but today was a different soggy story down there. Not sure what to do, but keep a watchful eye on the situation the next rainstorms.

It will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings for weather and how the creek and town looks.

It certainly seems that some of the mitigation work has made a difference. And the dredging of the creek really helped as the water rose, but didn’t get high enough to get out of its banks most places. If the dredging hadn’t been done, I think this would have been a different story to tell tonight.

Dredging Fountain Creek in Manitou Springs

And here it is past my time to get to sleep and I haven’t done any links or written to my coach. But fading fast, so will call it a night.