A Day Filled with Serendipitous Timings

Wednesday didn’t go as I planned exactly, but the timing of what I did do was filled with serendipitous moments.

I called a friend to chat with her about the artist who was going to have surgery and give her some other good news. She was at her gallery and another artist wanted to talk with me. She told me she had heard I had one of my photographs in the 36 Views of Pikes Peak at the very north Library. She wanted to know if when I picked mine up, if I could get hers back also. She had had a horse related accident and couldn’t get around really well yet. I said I would do that if I could find out when we needed to pick them up, or find out more info in general about this show. I had thought the images would be sent off to another gallery space first, but didn’t have any solid information at this time. I do believe I have until mid-September to figure this out. And it is much farther away than I had realized, but need to get up there with the show up to make note of my photo(s) being included. Next week I think.

I had planned out my errands with exact timings that got quite changed many times as the day progressed.

It began with me meeting with the person working on the cottage. I had to put on shoes I could go up on the hill to get on the cottage roof. I had meant to change out of those before I left.

I packed my car with my Laptop to get help from a tech when I picked up my new printer. I had wanted someone to help me set it up and get it talking to my computer.

I stopped at the Commonwheel to deliver a mask, leave some items in the Accountant’s box and pick up something left for me.

As I drove out of town, I realized I hadn’t changed shoes or grabbed my water or camera. But didn’t want to drive home again through downtown traffic.

I took a deposit to the bank, then went to Spectrum Glass where I had needed to give them my Resale Tax Lic to make a copy for purchasing the leather necklaces last week.

I decided I had better get at least a couple dollars of gas, and as I was pulling into the gas station my phone rang with a question from a Festival Committee member about something I didn’t have the perfect answer in my head at that moment. But winged it.

I got there earlier than planned and debated about going to Costco to at least buy gas, but decided I should pick up the printer first. As I parked, the tech that had sold me the printer was getting in a car to leave. And although I had been told a tech would always be there, there was not one there to help me. The girl at the counter assured me the ink cartridges had been filled and I just didn’t want wait until someone did show up. So I decided to take the printer and my computer home instead of going to Costco. Good decision as there was a huge traffic jam going east on that road.

Drove slowly through the Garden of the Gods, enjoying its beauty. I am very grateful to have this beautiful place so close to my home and it is free to drive through.

As I pulled into Manitou downtown, my phone rang. And the person making copies at the shop hadn’t noticed the copier was out of ink and had ruined some pieces of paper and needed 20 more of the blue papers. She had replaced the toner cartridge. I told her I was headed to my house and could bring the paper back on my way out of town.

As I pulled into my driveway, the new Glass Artist was about to leave the dolly at my house. I had meant to call him, but forgot. I asked if they could transport it to the Art Festival to make my life easier. He readily agreed that that would be easy for him to do.

On the way back to my house, I had been repeating – shoes, Chai and camera, all of which I did remember and the blue paper when I left this time. I had taken all of the papers on my front seat into the house at this time.

I dropped the blue paper off at the Gallery and as I drove away, I realized I had left the directions to the House Warming party for a friends’ mother who had moved to Colorado recently. I knew where the building was, but not the apartment number. But just could not get myself to drive back through downtown traffic one more time. I figured there would be a desk with someone who could direct me to her new space.

At this time, I decided I needed a treat. I had thought I was going to have a bowl of ice cream when I stopped at the house, but didn’t with someone waiting for blue paper at the shop. I stopped and got a Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty in a Waffle cone and found a quiet shady place with flowers in my view to take a moment and savor this treat.

I stopped at the Indy’s office to drop off some promotional pieces before going to the Radio interview at KCME. Just as I was about to turn off my phone, that same member called with a different question. A financial decision to be made. I asked her what she would have done if I hadn’t picked up. Gone forward with the project, so I said, just do it then.

Chatted with the interviewer about what we would talk about, then did the interview. It was taped, so if anything really strange got said, it could be edited out. I think I spoke really well at this interview and had a lovely conversation afterwards with the woman who did it.

I dropped of coupons at my friend’s home on my way to the party. She wasn’t home, and I was pretty sure she wasn’t out of town, so boldly left them on her front porch, with promo materials in the package also for her to share with friends as she has in the past.

I got to the complex of Independent Living spaces, and after circling around a few times spied a young woman and asked her where I should park and where the entrance was for me to find my friend’s new home. She told me all this, and knew the apartment number the party was being held at. So I parked, and being early, read a bit of the Independent. A car pulled in next to me and it was my friend whose mother’s party I was headed to. I helped her carry some items in making that very good timing for us both. And she had a moment to talk to me about a trip she had taken. I hadn’t realized she was in Hawaii on a Cruise ship during the Hurricanes approaching Hawaii. Scary stuff, but they were fine.

At the party – people who knew me better than I remembered them, were there. And then someone who wanted to plant a tree in Memorial Park and a PARAB member both approached me about the best place to do that. I said I’d have to look at the park and give them some feedback later. But there is a bit of a rush on that, as the tree has been bought and needs to be planted soon. The PARAB person and I had a bit of a difficult conversation that I tried to get away from, as this was a party and not a place for her to be talking to me about this type of stuff.

I headed home and watched the end of “So You Think You Can Dance” while trying to figure out how to set-up the printer. Two glasses of wine and pretty techy sounding instructions did not get this task finished. And I was pretty sure the box had never been open, so it would have been hard to have had the ink cartridges filled.

Tomorrow is another day and so went to bed feeling as if I had accomplished plenty that day.

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