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My How Time Flies When Working On Many Projects

So on Friday, October 24, I met someone from Manifest at the storage unit at 10 am and got the last of the tables back. Still missing a tent. I decided to “borrow” the leaf rake that I had moved time and time again, yet had never been used at the the last 2 Art […]


How Many Things Can You Do In A Day

There are times when I look at my list in the morning and wonder how I can get even half of it done. But what I do is chose what must be done, and get that done first. Then move onto the next must do item. That is why this blog gets so far behind. […]


Inspired in Many Ways Today

Inspiration came in many forms all day long. Woke up to a beautiful blanket of white snow this morning. Even though I don’t enjoy the cold, I am always grateful for the moisture that is brought by snow in our arid climate. And it was just enough, without being a huge challenge as they are […]