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May Gardening And Park Challenge Addressed

May 15 – Friday—-–Call from JC that no one was at the Gallery, could I go and work for a few hours? Hesitated -immediate money- Said NO. Had other plans for the day.–Festival emails sent and answered.–2.5 hours of moving Lilies and trying to make space for the Rose Bushes. Not even halfway there.–Art Walk. […]


No I Haven’t Been On Vacation

Yes, more than a month has past without any posts. Have I been busy? VERY! I finalized pieces for the Commonwheel Marketing job and it is now in someone else’s very capable hands.  Immediate money was nice, but I really need to spend time on future money projects. On that note, signed up for Brian […]


Seriously Weeks Have Passed Since Posting

Ah, how time flies! And meetings have filled so many of my days. Colorado weather has had its usual wild ride of sunshine after snow and then snowy again. I have been to an interesting Branding workshop that had ideas for all lines of business am involved in. I have been the point person for […]