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Caught Up With Billings and Old Spokes Invites

Thanks to a couple of Clients for Asking about their Bills. I was spurred on to catch up with all my billings. I know, that should be a high priority, but so many other things have kept me busy, that has not made it to the top of my “To Do” list until today. I […]


Solution Suggested and Accepted for Gallery Marketing Team

No one wants to be the Point Person for the Marketing Team for Commonwheel’s Gallery. Our Marketing person is on an extended leave of absence for health challenges. And that means many of us in the Co-op are taking up her job tasks. But it is a very disjointed effort. So today, as I was […]


Protect Your WordPress Sites

I made Fresh Web Starts After being Hacked so many times last year.So I thought I would share some suggestions on protecting your WordPress sites. Here’s what you all need to know right now as a few simple steps to take to protect your WordPress sites:1. Update your Theme whenever a new update shows up […]