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Ended the Day on a High Note at The Loop

 Decided that the email hijacking wasn’t worth stressing about. Will share info with friends, changed my User Name, and let people know why. Got my banking done relating to the Trust cash from the coin and jewelry sales on Monday for me and my brother. Had a meeting with the possible Beer Garden sponsors at […]


Upside Down and Off Track

This web site originally got started late 2012. It was to be about writing books and how writing about one’s life when it gets turned “upside down” can help others and yourself. It got off track quickly.And all mixed up with different ideas that belonged on other blogs.How this site got off-track is explained a […]



Are you looking for ways to deal with challenges in your life in an upbeat and positive manner? Do you have a story to tell that could help others? Are you ready to publish a book? If the answer to any of these questions was yes, this is the perfect place to start on that […]