Cheering the Pikes Peak Marathon Runners

I have always said it all those runners can run up Pikes Peak, I will get up and cheer them on. So I did that Sunday morning. I did go back to bed both days and am feeling better for doing that tonight.

I have a cow bell from the shop next door that I ring and take some photos. There were very few people where I was standing this year.

Saturday 1,600 runners go up Barr Trail 14 miles to the summit of Pikes Peak. They have two starting times. The first and faster qualifiers start the run at Manitou Springs Memorial Park at 7am. A second wave begins their ascent shortly after 7:30am. It is quite a sight seeing that many people racing by. Some have no idea what they have gotten themselves into, others return year after year to do either the Ascent or the full Marathon. And a few even do them both! Now that is really crazy in my book.

They head up my street which ends at the start of Barr Trail that goes to the top of Pikes Peak. Some are already walking when they pass my house, but surely they step it up to reach Barr Camp in time to not get turned around.

Pikes Peak Ascent Runners 2014 in Manitou Springs

It was challenging to ring the Cow Bell and take photos of a mass of people running past me, but I did get a few good images. Have quite a few blurry images too. I couldn’t find anyone else to ring the Cow Bell, so alternated between ringing and snapping photos.

Then on Sunday about 800 runners take Barr Trail and run up to the 14,000 foot summit and turn around and run back down.

Pikes Peak Marathon Runners_2069-86

This year was one of the best years for weather they have had in a long time. That was really a blessing considering all the rain we have had. It might have rained late in the day, but not sure where, as it didn’t in Manitou, but I heard the thunder booming around 4pm for a short time.

The man in red was way ahead of the rest of the pack. I wonder if he was the winner. I was up in my FantaFaces studio when I heard the crowd cheering the first runner coming down at 10:36 am. There may have been a new record set. I will check the Sports Page tomorrow to see who won and his time.

There are many different age and gender categories for awards, but a male runner has always had the best time.

Matt Carpenter owned this race for many years. Winning the Ascent and Marathon many times. And some years doing both. He has become involved in the organization side and hasn’t run the last couple of years. He still does other marathons, but I don’t think he ran this one this year.

On Saturday, I went to the Farmer’s Market after cheering, and stopped and did some more measurements at Fields Park. Ran into Reverend walking his dog and talked to him about the Art Festival. He took some flyers up to the Church. He is very active in the Flood Preparation and opens the church for an Emergency Shelter when necessary. I was really tired this day, so took a nap mid-day, and that helped get me energized to spend time in my feather studio to end the day up there.

I was able to spend a good amount of time in my FantaFaces studio both days. Got quite a few masks created. I still need to get some earrings, barrettes and pendants to have a good showing for myself at the Art Festival. And I really need to have more masks created also. Will see how that goes the next couple of weeks.

Tomorrow I have lots to do on the computer for the Art Festival  really need to get the FaceBook posts done and put in my billing for that time.

The Cottage bill will be close to equal to 2 months rent. It does seem like this new tenant will be staying awhile. He and his Dad got work done on painting the two front room floors. I saw the red floor and it looks really nice. Sort of like a redwood flooring. Definitively an improvement from the scuffed and dirty wood look it has had for years.

And he was doing some “landscaping” in front. Used bricks that had been piled in the yard to create a planter space in front of the porch. Very ambitious young man. Really grateful I chose him to move in this time.

On my lunch break, the most beautiful large butterfly floated past me. He landed on a tree where I couldn’t really get a good photo of him. Except for this one. And then he flew away. Maybe he will return this week. I will be looking for him. He was exceptionally beautiful to watch and made my heart sing, though wishing I could be out hiking . . . can’t go there now.

Monarch Butterfly

I noticed that the Hummingbird Feeder was nearly empty. Yesterday it had had plenty of syrup, so there must have been a major gathering of hummers dining on it last night and this morning. So I filled it back up for them.

“Little” kitty is still acting very needy at times, or disappears. Her owner stopped by to say he still loves her, and took a bit of time to find her again. But when she did come out of hiding she was really happy to see him. And she does enjoy playing with string and catnip makes her very happy when she is meowing at me. Still not sure exactly what she wants, but trying to keep her as happy as possible under the circumstances.

My roommate hasn’t been home since “Little” arrived. Working long days and spending time with her boyfriend. Should be interesting to see what she feels when they do meet. Maybe she can give me some insights of what this kitty needs to be more relaxed and happy during her stay here.

I sent out reminder emails for Tony Laidig’s 100 Expert Media Show this Tuesday. I have to head off to City Council as soon as it is over. But I am not leaving until he has given away the last prize. This is a Free training series, and to celebrate his 100th show, he is giving away physical prizes and access to courses to some lucky attendees. I am visualizing winning one.

I also touched base with some people about Essential Oils, and set a date to meet with one person next Monday.

I am so looking forward to having time for my art and book businesses. And getting my affiliate web sites up. I do have at least one program I will start to promote just using my email list, or on Facebook. And really need to get the corrections for the “Sustainable Event” book done and uploaded to Kindle. Then finish the cover and upload it to CreateSpace. I still have vision of getting that done before Labor Day Weekend.

So I am caught up with these posts. Wish I could say that about my hiking site, but there are only so many hours in a day, and I do fill them up with various business focused work.

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