Continuing to Catch Up with The Art Festival Looming Closer

So where was I? Ah, yes – Saturday, August 2nd.

A dancing friend always has a Leo Birthday Party on the first Saturday in August. She backs up pans of veggie enchiladas and brownies. Her guests bring side dishes, wine, and flowers. It is held mostly outside and she lucked out this year. No Rain!

On the way there, I stopped at a liquor store. I had decided to bring Wine this year, just wasn’t up for cooking or even making a fruit salad as I had often done in the past. I also bought myself a bottle of Tequila. I was thinking I might need that to get through the next few weeks. And you know, I think I will have a drink while I type more tonight . . . Tequila, Cranberry and Ginger Ale . . . just what the doctor ordered, as my Dad used to say when having a cocktail after a long day at work.

I caught up with some friends and met a very interesting woman. I gave her my card and do hope she does contact me. She has some great stories to tell as I do about dealing with Doctors that cause more harm than healing.

Sunday, I basically wrote Tweets and FaceBook Posts for the upcoming Gallery Show and the Festival. I am sure I did something else, but can’t recall that now. This was the day I slept in late . . . trying to avoid experiencing an exhaustion factor that was building up.

My cottage Tenant’s whole family came to help her move out. I had wanted to talk to her Mom about a few things, and since she isn’t suppose to be lifting things, this was a good distraction for her. She works on design projects, and I will probably offer her the Tony trainings and see if she has any interest in the Mastermind gr0up. But more importantly, she is interested in Essential Oils and how they could help her family with dealing with depression and other health challenges. We had a lovely conversation and I gave her one of my books to read.

On Monday met with K from the Pikes Peak Bulletin. The owner of that paper and the Indy had told me he wanted to help support the Art Festival, but never called me back. So I called the Bulletin directly and K responded last week and set a meeting for Monday morning. She was a delightful person. She came back with an offer of 2 for 1 ads, that didn’t fit the Festival’s budget. So I proposed that since it had sounded like the owner had wanted to do something bigger mentioning the other paper first, that I told him we already had a partial sponsorship, what if they gave us the color for free. She came back a bit reluctantly, but agreed to do that. Sometimes I can negotiate really good deals. She was also very interested in learning more about Essential Oils and I gave her one of my books. Soon she emailed me back that she had read most of my book, and loved it, wanted to get together and talk about many things.

All of this good energy with people interested in Essential Oils and books and illustration has me really “chomping at the bit” for the Art Festival to be successfully concluded and see where I can take my own business in the next few months.

Meanwhile KCME was an ad concept I was thinking of letting go totally. Hated to do that, but with the cancellation that was equal to the cost of the underwriting there, just seemed necessary. Their marketing person called me, and we worked out that we would spend half of what we have in the past and still get an interview on their Culture show and some extra spots. This just reminded me that the other sponsor station probably needs info that hasn’t been sent them. And sometimes the person who agrees to sponsoring us, doesn’t communicate well with the person who has to create and schedule the Promos. Better get on that tomorrow.

A long Commonwheel meeting this first Monday night. Though actually less contentious than some of the recent ones had been. The Grant news kind of mellowed some members a bit. Still the discussion of why are we losing so many members right now was a bit challenging, but when it was pointed out that most members had left because of “Live Changes” that made it difficult for them to fulfill commitments, well, that calmed some members down a bit.

Really enjoyed the walk to and from the MAC. Beautiful night – no Rain!

Tuesday, Aug. 4, started with a Healing Circle session that Aine could not attend, so that meant the visiting person leading the session could not be in Presenter mode. There is someone who dials in, but does not pay attention at all to the session and refuses to Mute their line. This day it was particularly annoying. There wasn’t just some background noise of them fixing a meal, but they had actual conversations with someone that at times made what the presenter was saying totally impossible to hear. And she had a really lovely set of prayers that she was sharing with us. I had a hard time even staying on the line, as it was causing me to feel anger, rather than at Peace. And it meant there would be no replay of this beautiful blessing or if there was, it would not be pleasant to listen to with the background noise. I do not understand why this person even dials in if they are not going to actually participate in the Healing Circle.

I met with my handyman friend and looked at things the Cottage needed doing. We came up with more things than I had budgeted for right now. But today, one did come out to be less of a problem than it first looked when I talked to the tenant who was moving out and assured me that there had never been water leaking down from that area, but the ceiling had looked that bad since she moved in when her brother moved out. So that meant the fix Karl had done a while ago had actually fixed the leak that caused the ceiling area to look so bad, and he could just fix that without having to search for another leak.

Had a Chamber Marketing meeting where the Peak Live Remote was confirmed. Rain again. Glad I drove and didn’t walk there, that is a long walk, but a pleasant one in good weather.

Somewhere in the last weeks I ordered Reusable Bags and Banners that I had to get the designs done for the companies. And consulted on the t-shirts, but didn’t actually do the ordering and buying of the t-shirts. Was a learning experience for the person who wanted to send our t-shirt business to a friend of his. I do hope they look as good as the ones in the past with the sunset colors added.

Tony’s training that night was one of his “kick you in the butt” gently, to get you motivated to actually take action. He has shared so many pieces of advice and trainings for FREE on this show, it is time for all of his students to get moving forward and create some abundance for ourselves. So am glad I have been taking steps to create my Mastermind group, and of course, by the end of this, I had ideas for each one that they needed to hear.

Somewhere I missed talking about NAMS. Last week before the NAMS 12 in Atlanta, the creator of that event put out an email stating that they needed 100 people to sign up for NAMS 13 in March to be assured that would happen as a twice yearly event. I have always wanted to go to this, but not in August, so I paid the bargain price of $100 to get a ticket for March. Well, on the weekend, other coaches, including Tony Laidig offered the same price, but with bonuses. Tony’s bonus offer was to get any of his programs of equal or lesser value, including the one he was about to Launch that I wanted to buy, training for Adobe Illustrator. So I bought another NAMS ticket and will get that program for just $3.00 more than others will be paying for it. I will be looking  for someone to go to NAMS 13 in March, maybe one of my Mastermind group members will be ready to do that by then.

Wednesday, worked more on Festival details and then had an PM shift at the Co-op. I had great sales that day. Triple what the morning person did. I really need to get into my studio to create some masks. I have taken most of my items that I had on Etsy, off Etsy to keep the shop stocked. Am selling much better at Commonwheel right now, so that makes sense to have product there during the summer season when tourists are visiting from all over who like my FantaFaces feather creations.

The Edward Jones office in Manitou Springs closed. I didn’t get notice of that, but MSAC Board members had artwork there, and our President went to pick it up. I arranged to get mine from him on Thursday morning when I needed to do other errands. I picked up the leather thongs for my feather pendants and other errands. Went to Cartridge World to talk about how they could help me get the best printer for my business needs. I had taken my ancient OKIDATA there with a Fatal Error last week. I really didn’t want it back. So heavy, I couldn’t lift it myself. Had gotten my upstairs’ tenants boyfriend to help get it in the car. She wasn’t going to charge me as other places would for dumping an old piece of electronic equipment on them, if I bought my new printer from them. She talked me into an Brothers Ink Jet that was an All-In-One and would print legal size documents instead of a Laser. She had recently sold 2 others to very happy people. She quoted me a price lower than the same on on sale at Staples, and would fill the ink cartridges up for free. I gave is some thought, and ordered it. I get to pick it up tomorrow. I should be cleaning the desk area where it will go now, but here I am blogging instead.

Still not caught up to today, but I think I need to pause now and get some sleep. Have a very long day tomorrow – and even a bit of fun as a part of it.

And I probably need to think about adding some images in my next post or you will be totally bored with just my writing and I have been taking some fun pictures, mostly of flowers that are thriving in this very wet summer.

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