Exhaustion Levels Around the House Are High

June 25 – Thursday
–And I did feel fine in the morning after the hike.
–Worked on Festival tasks.
–Got all the images for the Press Releases onto a Thumb Drive. Worked a bit more on the Short PR and the “Save the Date” to take to JC tomorrow.
–Called to find a new Balloon Twister for the Festival and got a good lead.
–Tried to turn the Shorter Dream Journal into a pdf and it came out huge still! How can a 3.3 MB file turn into a 970 MB file? Changed all the Tiff images into jpgs. Still a huge file.
–I had one heck of a time trying to pay for the Coloring Book class. Did it wrong, got a refund, and was informed I was using the wrong code and looking on the Inner Circle web site when should have been looking at the Facebook post for information. Got it.
–It had rained a bit, so didn’t water the gardens.
–As I was reading comics on the porch ADT Security called and I drove down to Commonwheel. A member was chatting in the street with his girl friend and friends. He had been in there and said he closed up properly. Didn’t offer to go in and reset the alarm. When I came out and told him it was the front door, didn’t seem to care. His girl friend then said, “You needed to get out for a walk anyway.” I had driven and been disturbed when resting by a phone call asking if they should send the Police. Not my idea of fun moment.
–Went home and worked late into the night on the SpiritRenewingHikes web site.

June 26 – Friday
–Sent out requests for food items for the Keep Rusty the Snowman in Manitou Springs.
—Asked the MAC and Chamber what food booths they had that we might ask to fill in at the Festival. Some good leads. Not gonna call them on Friday though.
–Did call the Balloon Twister who was at an event. Interested, but only can do 2 days.
–Walked to PO (Still now new applications.) and Commonwheel. Gave the Thumb drive to JC. The other person who gets Security calls was working the gallery. She hadn’t heard her phone last night and wondered about the call, but didn’t follow up on it.
–All day kept trying things to turn the Dream Journal file into one of reasonable size. All the PDFs files were huge. Looked at other books with more images and same amount of pages for clues. I even tried just the first few pages, no images and one week of recording pages. Still huge file! Then I wondered what would happen if I changed the lines that were done in Chalkduster
–While doing the PDF tests, got the rest of the Festival Booth images sized and onto a Thumb Drive to move to to my personal computer to work on WeVideo on a bigger screen in the near future.
–Email from PPB marketer asking to meet about Festival next Tuesday for lunch at Adams.
–Kitty Little’s owner paid a visit.

Little Kitty on the sofa

Showed him some squash plants he could take. And some Oregano and Catnip to grow in the greenhouse. Little was happy to see him, but then didn’t act too sad when he left. She is getting very spoiled at my house . . .
–Watered the Garden at 5pm.
–Changing Chalkduster font to Calibri Light for lines did the trick!!! Put the Tifs back in the 12 week Dream Journal with just 2 pages to journal in. Came out way under 100 MB and that will work for CreateSpace.
–Then decided to work on the 2 month Dream Journal and turned it into two almost complete 1month/5week Journals. I think they will hold up much better being shorter. Doing Volume 1, Volume 2, etc. with all different Cloud pictures. I might make them into TIFs also to print better if I can get away with larger files now that the text size if fixed.
–OK, not getting to bed very early, but heading off now just before 11pm.

June 27 – Saturday
–Got up at 6am for the all day webinar on creating Coloring Books for Adults. He will have to finish it up on Monday night for the Marketing piece. Lots of good info, too much for one day.
–When I took the cat litter to the trash, discovered that the Recycle Bin was filled with inappropriate items. Dirty empty Plant Plastic containers, dirty cardboard and even dead plants and just dirt! What was Mel thinking?!? (Learned later that she was very exhausted and just wasn’t paying attention.)
–On a break caught up with some Commonwheel queries regarding the Festival web site and an note from a potential applicant.
–Decided not to try to go to the Farmer’s Market on the Lunch Break which was only 50 minutes, not an hour.
–Really tired and couldn’t do much the end of the day, but went to clean up the Recycle bin and water the gardens. Dumped water onto the bush Mel had planted. Got a good soaking for it doing that. How to write a note that doesn’t cause her to take it the wrong way. Why am I stressing over that? She did something that makes no sense and I need to let her know I am not happy. Yet I am more worried about her taking it the wrong way? And is leaving a note make any sense? Will write it and if I don’t see her before I leave for Denver tomorrow, I will leave it for her to find. She actually has done this before, but not to this extent. And I have told her that dirty plastic plant containers are not appropriate to put in the recycle bin. This was way beyond that type of error to have been totally accidental. Dead plants and dirt certainly don’t go in a recycle bin.
–Tenant K was out at the same time watered their plants. I thought I had a short hose in the basement, but didn’t see one when I went to look. That would make watering the back plants easier than moving a hose from the front garden. Not sure why he just doesn’t fill a container and water the 2 Kale beds. And they may want to move to the front if we can find a sunnier place.
–Need to go to bed early tonight, barely able to stay awake to write this.

June 28 – Sunday
–Was really tired. Decided not to drive to the Farmer’s Market. Actually took a short nap after making that decision.
–Gathered books and put thing in my purse to drive to the 50th Anniversary party. Drank a coffee drink. Ate a light lunch.
–Was going to bring Fresh Sage and Oregano and maybe Spring Water. It started to rain and just didn’t have the energy to do this. Later glad I didn’t. The beautiful catering Barb did would have been lost in that energy.
–Picked up a card at Walgreens. Terrible traffic, but people let me in when I put on my turn signal and less traffic on 30th Street. Guess the race crowd was let out early due to the rain on the mountain.
–Then stop and go 10 mph traffic most of the way to Denver on I-25. Got to party just before 4:30 and saw Thos & his wife when they came in just after me. Realized we could have car-pooled and only one of us would have had to deal with driving slowly.

Ron & Dulcie Camp's 50th Anniversary
–Lots of good connections with past friends, great food, was a surprise to Ron & Dulcie. Very relaxed and good break from my business. Gave Jason a “Squirrel” book for Cooper, his son to read.
–Drive home much faster, but did hit some rain near Colorado Springs. Still, easier.
–Pretty much collapsed and headed to bed.

June 29 – Monday
–Festival Looked at being sure had all the correct logos for Poster & Postcard and for Web. Got info about the Brewery that will be doing the Beer this year.
–Set up Festival meeting date for the 15th and had a call from St. Francis asking if I had gotten a heart view that was suggested. Told her no, and that the person recommended for the Herniated Navel couldn’t see me for another year. Set up a new appointment with Dr. Reed to discuss other options.
–Figured out why I couldn’t read Thumb Drives from USB port. It was unplugged!! Fixed!
–Decided to use TransformationToolsForLife for marketing journals and coloring books and more. Really don’t want another web site domain. Will see how that works out.
–Tried scanning some things that could use for Source Images in Mandala Coloring books. My Feather mandala came in really crisp. May work better than photoing them. But how to get them into Black and White images that have just outlines in Black and get rid of the color sections need to work on that. Which is why I bought Perfect Effects Suite with the BW piece, then couldn’t use it.
–Marketing piece of Coloring Books watched for 2.5 hours.
–Dinner and “So You Think You Can Dance” for an hour.
–Bought Perfect Effects 9.5 only to learn my computer must be upgraded to OS 8 to work. Thought I had lost the version 8, but reinstalled it after some hassles.

June 30 – Tuesday
–Walk to PO & Commonwheel. Left Food Vendor info for Deb.
–Errands by car. Northstar Bank, then Lunch with PPB Karen. Always a lovely time. Gave her a Squirrel Book to share at the Paper. Ideas for where to take it: Poor Richard’s Bookstore. And have her do a review.
–Natural Grocers for herbs and Pea Protein. Left Coupons at Lans & met her daughter and 2 grandsons.
–Key made at Lowes & a flashlight to go to storage shed. Canned cat food for Little One. Small shopping at Costco. Forgot my list, forgot to get eggs!
–Dropped off Commonwheel’s donation for Fireworks at Fire Station.
–Almost forgot I was going to Coreen’s lecture. Started to sign into webinar, but phone rang & someone needing to park at my house for a meeting. Fine. And Lan was just down the street, so took her 6 Arcade coupons and a Squirrel Book to see if likes it and wants to buy one.
–Headed off to Cottonwood. Kinda hungry, ate Cherry Pie bar.
–The projector had a color problem. Everything was tinted pink. Interesting talk. Went to Poor Richards for after conversation, but they were closing. A new place had fish tacos that were divine! Good to have time for friends and conversation.

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