Hearing Test and a Magnificent View of Pikes Peak

Errands and Cottage Showings and Health Appointments, oh my!

I went to pick up something I needed for tomorrow’s test and learned I had written down the wrong address. Close enough that I was able to get what I needed with little distress. And tomorrow I will be at the right place on time.

Just too much going on in my world right now. And I still haven’t caught up on my sleep yet.

Need a real break, but not in the cards for a few more weeks for sure.

Driving around Colorado Springs I had a magnificent view of snowy Pikes Peak.

Snow Covered Pikes Peak

I took time while driving around Colorado Springs to appreciate this view of Pikes Peak and snap a few pictures in many places.

I pulled over to the side of a street to take on photo where there were no wires hanging in the view, and was perfectly aligned to be out of the way for an ambulance that sirened by me while I was stopped. Nice to not to have had to try to move out of the way with more traffic where I would have been if I hadn’t stopped for the photo op.

Did some grocery shopping across from the place I was to have my hearing tested. Very convenient and timely.

So my hearing test shows that I have moderate loss of hearing in both ears. Sort of what I expected to learn. Will see where that leads in the next few months.

And the testing room had the view of Pikes Peak from where I sat. Very comforting and beautiful office space with an expansive mountain view.

Unfortunately my hearing test coincided with a Tony Laidig webinar I would have liked to have been on in person, so couldn’t show up. Luckily there will be a replay that I can listen to soon. Will find time either Friday or Saturday to do that, so I will be caught up for the one next week.

Got home in time to listen to four messages and have a good lunch in preparation for the showings.

All three candidates were very qualified for renting the space. And then there is the person from far away that is interested and is interesting.

I really prefer to meet potential tenants face to face to get a real feel for who would be the best tenant and neighbor.

The young student had his mother with him, as the current tenant had done a couple of years ago. She and he were both interesting. And the very shy, rescued cat who lives there and wasn’t seen during either of the other showings came out and loved on him. He jumped in his lap, rubbed all over his feet. Sat next to him on the couch. So very unusual of him. He isn’t even that friendly with me who he knows from other visits! What a great couple of references he had.

I took the listing off Craig’s List, and need to take the signs down in the morning. Emailed a couple of other inquirers and told them that I wasn’t showing it any more. And emailed the faraway person.

All the while working on a book that I had hoped to get a draft done today, but that needs real concentration to get in the condition I am willing to send it off to the author.

Mostly I worked on my brother and nephew’s project. Putting a Flail Mower Arm on a Tank. Each time they have something different than what I have done. Not very clear in instructions, nor are the photos I have really the best resolution to work with for a brochure. It is a fun marketing concept. And getting closer to the final image I think.

Last night I attended Manitou Springs City Council Meeting to support Natalie who put together the application for Manitou Springs to be designated a Creative District. There was total support from the Council for this and the read a resolution into the minutes.

There was also a heated discussion about the timing of changing the pay for parking hours back to summer hours. Everyone who spoke thought it was way too soon. But the Council can only suggest to the Parking Board that they might consider waiting a few more weeks. So not much to be done and when the time change happens, so will the parking fees.

Oh, and Monday’s Commonwheel meeting was interesting. Will have to see where we go in the next few months. Stay, Move or Expand – if Move or Expand, how and where will that work. The finances are not very clear.

Our landlord is doing everything he can to make the property flood safe. He is working with the neighbors, even putting his own money into a neighbors property, and the City of Manitou Springs. He is offering to tear down some garages across the creek and road from our building to make room for more parking spaces and have it graded to encourage the water to flow away from the buildings if it should overflow its banks.

He got some good answers from the City about the funds that have been secured and what they will be doing with them to protect all of Manitou Springs as much as possible from experiencing the types of devastating flooding that happened last summer.

Off to a quick blog on my hiking blog about Carnivale in Manitou Springs where I will share some more images of the fun and creative people that participated in this year’s frosty parade.



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