Hiking on Bevers Trail with Wild Flowers

July 6 – Monday –
–Many phone calls for Art Festival. Some good connections, some needing to call later. But got some things finalized. Chatted with another potential food vendor and the other new one. Both will apply quickly. Wrote the copy and downloaded images onto a CD for KRDO Sponsor TV ad.
–Walk to PO. Another replacement check, but no applications.
–Gathered things to take tomorrow on errand run for self and Festival.
–Facebook invite from Brian G. Johnson to a party at his new home later this month. Yes, I am going! Have a mysterious note about another event on my calendar. Ignore it.
–Kept working until almost time to go to meeting. Got asked if I wanted to be the artist of the month and give a talk tonight at 5:04 pm. NO! need more prep time.
–Key in front door would not release. Left it there.
–Walked in the rain to the meeting. Interesting proposals for ways to change the shop. One I am sure would mean we would be out of business in a year’s time. A couple interesting. But need to be aware that we can’t do anything that would require pulling a permit and most of these could.
–A member interested in doing security. Then an email reminder from another member of another person interested Tuesday. Will work it out to make it happen for less than a Security company would charge.
–Went to Keg with many members. Mentioned my lock challenge. Another member had just removed 5 deadbolts and would give me one to replace the problem one.

July 7 – Tuesday –
–Aine in the morning.
–Remembered festival phone calls I didn’t make yesterday.
–Called City Works person and he answered the phone. Resolved 5 issues in one phone call.
–Headed out to drive errands. Banks, Supplements, picked up a lock for front door, cream cheese, German bread bakery, etc. Post Office and drove past the burned building. So sad that a person destroyed people’s lives and killed pets over a personal disagreement that allowed her hurt emotions take over any bit of reason and not having the courage to face a change.
–Marketing meeting. Stats from the web site creators. Google loves us. Relevant content.
–Canceled Wednesday Hike due to rainy conditions.
–Webinar with Tony about T-shirt selling and a bit of creation info.
–Worked way late into the night on my Dream Journals. Updated and changed some images. Fixed some line problems. I think they are about ready to get reviewed. But if I use IngramSpark, need to learn how that process works.

July 8 – Wednesday –
–I slept late. Must have needed it.
–Call from Greek friend, back in town and new medical adventure to learn more.
–Confirmed possible hiking on Friday.
–Festival tasks galore. Working on the “If you don’t ask, the answer is always ‘no’, but if you do ask some times it is a ‘yes’ beyond your expectations” theory. Got some new prizes for the Art Festivals Free Drawing. The Security is now taken care of, a couple of parking issues resolved, the Festival FB header is updated with all the correct sponsors, a feeler out about some new & different advertising as a trade for booth space and the Group Booth is now being handled by someone other than me -not that I have ever overseen that, but it was headed that way this year.
–Got lost in getting some images to the PPB for the “Save the Date” Press release.
–Took care of a few personal things -bills, subscriptions, etc.
–Fixed dinner, but Mel didn’t get home.
–Changed the lock on the front door, but it just doesn’t seem quite right.
–Gonna go read IngramSpark info and see what Tony said in the Coloring Book Training about how to publish there.
–OK, it costs $49 per book to publish on IngramSparks. Plus to get distribution it costs another $12 per title. I think I am going to go with CreateSpace and test the waters for these types of books there. Played with writing on one page and drawing on the flip side with colored pencils using one of my proof copies of another book. Seems to not show thru too much on either side. Emailed Inner Circle Tony for some feedback.
–And need to add the idea of using colored pencils to draw with or crayons to the introductions pages of both journals.
–OK, once again on the computer past 11 pm. Time to close up shop . . .

July 9 – Thursday –
–Festival emails. Walk to PO. Food vendor app there.
–Sent emails to Italian Gallery re: Rusty. Saw Gwenn’s confirmation for doing Rusty Muffins and maybe lemon snowballs for the fund raiser.
–Checked my own emails. Tony confirmed I should use CreateSpace for Dream Journals to start.
–Drove to City Hall. Saw Shelley drive by. Went into Planning to get Flag placement approved, no fee. Walgreens for sunscreen on sale. Really good deal. Met w/ KCME new rep. Wanted a higher fee this year. Asked to see if could stay same as last year one more year.
–Stopped at Commonwheel to make copy of application & put in Food Vendor envelop for Deb. Found parking by garages. The Barricades have beem moved.
–Parked at home. Had ice cream bar for a snack.
–Walked in the drizzling rain to Inner Health for traded massage. Had an error on the one page I had made many corrections.
–Walked in drizzly rain to MAC for Creative District meeting. Very few in attendance. Worked towards mission statements of goals.
–When got home had the urge to go weed the garden. Didn’t change shoes or pants. Pulled up many weeds from the Tomato and Poppy beds. Very wet ground. Brought in lettuce and herbs for salad and egg & potato dinner.
–Will Mel on the porch after dinner watched hummingbirds at the feeder. There were 5 and mostly they shared as many as 4 at a time rather than fighting. It was raiing again.
–Fixed the Inner Health Module 6 pages and sent pdfs to KM.
–Looked at the new web site pages for the Festival. They are beautiful. Good job Robyn! Told her that by email. And then there is the chair decisions to buy for Festival and the basement . . . cushioned ones are in the mix. Not sure how they would work if it rained at the Festival . . .
–Wanted to look at the list building program I bought, but couldn’t find it on the NAMS account that the thank you page sent me to. Went into NAMS another way and didn’t see anything but my NAMS 13 replays. Wrote a support ticket.
–And now so tired, not getting anything else done tonight.

July 10 – Friday –
–Felt an urge to change our hiking destination. Called Shel and she agreed to a new adventure. Went off of Bevers Lane in Crystal Hills. Really glad we did.
–Great unusual flowers at the beginning. Rude looking Prairie Cornflowers delighted my hiking friend.

Cornflowers - Rude Flowers
–Cactus in full bloom in many colors.

Cactus in Bloom In Manitou Springs
–A very pretty delicate flower. A Mariposa close up.

Mariposa Close Up
–Check out my www.spiritrenewinghikes.com to see more photos.
–One of the best parts was we took an extra bit of walk down a hill to the pond. there were Dragonflies and Blue Needles mating and dancing around for us.

Mating Dragonflies
–Came home tried to take a short power nap. The phone rang twice. Hadn’t rung the whole time I was gone.
–Got the poster and postcard ready to print. Have to do pdfs with marks of the jpg images. Redid the back side of the postcard in Quark, as it was a pdf and I couldn’t convert into one with marks without redoing it. Look good. Thanks Kathy.
–Communicated about some other shop related things
–Chairs – cushions or no cushions, that is the big question.
–Mel showed up as I was fixing dinner. Added some rice & quinoa mix to the chicken and veggies and had a salad and it was plenty.

July 11 – Saturday –
–Headed off to the Farmers Market and errands relating to groceries.
–Worked most of the day on the 2 Dream Journals. Got them to a point I thought they were ready to be reviewed, so sent them off to CreateSpace. Immediately saw a typo that I will fix along with some other glitchy things.
–Fixed dinner using leftovers and a Salmon patty. Easy and tasty.
–Posted about the Dream Journals on FaceBook.

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