Inspired in Many Ways Today

Inspiration came in many forms all day long.

Woke up to a beautiful blanket of white snow this morning. Even though I don’t enjoy the cold, I am always grateful for the moisture that is brought by snow in our arid climate. And it was just enough, without being a huge challenge as they are experiencing in many states to the East and North of us.

As the day progressed, I watched two webinars and then went to our local theater that does totally new and innovative shows.

I had wanted to watch a webinar last week about how to be more profitable using WordPress, but kept forgetting to sign up. Then totally couldn’t find the email about the replay, so gave up on it.

Yesterday, an email came promoting what sounded like a similar product from a different group presenting, but from one of the people who had promoted the other webinar. I was Wowed! by the presentation. So I signed up for it.

It turns out that these two sets of internet marketers had been working on the very same project, but from different approaches. When they discovered this over a Mexican dinner in a city far from all of their homes, instead of being upset, they worked on a plan to make an even better offer to both of their lists. Cooperation instead of jealousy in the business world is rarely seen in such an amazingly positive spirit as these two groups expressed today.

I bought the package. And I will be sharing more about this as I go through the trainings. I had wanted to go to NAMS this year, but time and finances were not in alignment. So, I am going to set aside some solid time for doing these trainings instead of traveling to attend NAMS to I can get financially set to attend that next year and meet some of the trainers in person that I have listened to webinars from these last few years.

The second training inspired me more to share that information with a couple of friends when the replay is up. It gave me some ideas I would like to try, but I think I have enough on my plate right now. So I did not purchase that program, but I learned a lot from it.

Millibo Art Theatre had a show called Inspired. And the performances all were inspirational for me. Brought up so many emotions from sad to joyous. A very abstract picture of two clowns was the inspiration for all the performances.

The dance performance “On the Verge” was spellbinding and I almost felt I was inside her movements I was so very drawn into her performance. And some of it made me see/feel the images that the words in the book I had just helped get published on CreateSpace. What a powerful performance that was tonight.

A young girl who combined the concept of we are all many things also held us spellbound as she switched from a professor into an artist. “There is only place, and you are in it.” was a focus of Aine’s Healing Circle yesterday, and I found that thought coming into my mind as it related to this piece in many ways.

The Manitou Springs Arts Council president and his wife sat behind me. We got to catch up on some business relating to MSAC, as I had missed the last meeting. And they shared a picture of the rescue dog they had adopted and was taking their full attention lately.

Earlier in the day, I had gotten the minutes for the Festival meeting finished and sent out to the committee members. Reminders of tasks and meetings we needed to finalize scheduling were part of those minutes, and didn’t want to procrastinate any longer and give anyone an excuse for not remembering what they had committed to do.

I also wrote some concerns to many people in the Manitou Springs government and city employees. Had an interesting response, that I responded to by explaining more about my concerns. Will see where that goes next.

And I had a delightful surprise of three masks selling on Etsy today. I have scheduled time in my FantaFaces studio for most of Saturday. Was tempted by a friend to take a day off, but I am more inspired to be in my studio and allow some creative juices flow in my own studio. And Carnivale is coming to Manitou Springs soon, so need to get a bit playful with wild and crazy mask that come from using up feathers that I just have a few of . . . very fun.

Inspiration can be found from so many sources. One always needs to be open to new ideas and allow the beauty of what others offer inspire you to achieve your goals and shape new ones.

In the ending photo, the beautiful twisted dead cedar seems to be saluting and celebrating the still living cedar tree behind it. Both are attractive in their own way. Both are an inspiration to rejoicing in your own contribution to the world in ways that seem totally opposite, but come together beautifully.

01-21-14_Cedar Salute Life_GofG_0376


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