June Is Bursting Out All Over

–June 1 – Monday.
–Got what I needed to talk about at the meeting written up. Revised what we need to talk to CMWL Landlord about written up.
–Looked at all the Fest Jobs and what needed to be still handled. Then forgot to bring the Job Sheet to the meeting.
–Emails – some images from one vendor that was missing images.
–Rause did send a short description for “Frog” book. It will work, but now can’t work on that until later this week.
–Walked to PO and got 3 more applications. Put them into CD for Joy. Later at the shop found about 10 more applications. Will have to put those in the excel and then images for Joy tomorrow.
1 hour of Proven Content listened to before the meeting and then finished up after the LOOP.
–Questions about if someone could still apply from Ace, said yes, but need to have the apps in the PO or at the shop by Friday, Saturday latest.
–Commonwheel monthly meeting got stuck on some points that just didn’t make sense to me.
–Going to have the Jury at my home. Got some help agreement from Jon to help PR with signs before the Festival.
–After meeting went to LOOP with Arlene, Sam, Nancy & Ace. Sam bought me a birthday drink. Nancy bought Nachos. Good girl conversation and some about Commonwheel Artist Co-op.

June 2 – Tuesday—-.
–Thought there was an Aine session, but next week.
–Green Webinar from Small Business Association, really all about loans.
–JC came at noon to get the FaceBook Permissions sorted out. Wasn’t simple, but we got it done.
–My “Discover the World of Squirrels” Book came. It looks great!

Discover the World of Squirrels on Amazon
–Someone in one of my groups had trouble with the bonus piece. And said I couldn’t say it was FREE, then ask for an email address to get it. That doesn’t seem right. But there is a problem with how it looks on Safari. Will really have to check this out soon.
–Stamped checks from jury and took them to Chase and checked the PO. 1 more application
–2pm the Chamber Marketing Task Force Meeting.
–Transfered cash to HGB from Fantafaces because my Fest Coord check wasn’t at the shop and Accountant hadn’t told me when it would be.
–Greek friend was at my house as I was leaving, walked to CMWL as she was headed to Rockey’s. Gave me a box of Organic Saltines. Always feeding me.
–Met with Richard and Nancy. Went into the basement and discussed what needed to be done. He really wants to get it done right and soon. Has person to do the concrete and someone to do the rest to meet with tomorrow.
–My check was in my box. Still no message from accountant. Frustrating.
–Swamp Cooler has died. It is our responsibility. We own it. Expensive to replace and probably not fixable.
–Walked back to house and was late for the Laidig webinar. Seems like he had been talking about other things and just got to the focus on “Favorite Plugins” when I got there.
–Shell had wanted to hike today, but suggested Wednesday would work better for me, so set that up.
–How many meetings/webinars can a person have in a day?
–Got all the images to Joy from Monday’s applications earlier. She tried to send a PowerPoint to Fest email, wouldn’t go thru. Had her send it to the Fest gmail and it worked.
–Inputted all the rest of the data from the apps.

June 3 – Wednesday
–Woke with a good vision of how I will do the Jury Set-up on Monday.
–Took time to get ready for the hike.
–Stopped at both banks with Fest and my deposits.
–Cheyenne Canyon hike. I should post more images on my Spirit Renewing Hikes blog, maybe next hike . . .

Cheyenne Canyon Waterfall

Hot, but not too bad. Lots of water running there. Great waterfall pictures.

Cheyenne Canyon Waterfall

Got some really good cloud photos. Maybe one will be a cover shot for the Dream Journal.

Clouds for Dream Journal

Clouds for Dream Journal–Picked up another Fest App at the PO on the way home.
–First Session of the Tony Laidig Inner Circle. Ended at 8:45pm. Lots of information. Really need to figure out how to monetize what I do have. Some really good ideas.

–Went out to test the watering system as it had been hot and wanted to water some sections of the garden. Really hard to turn on the valves. But got them.

–A couple of Poppies bloomed. Hope I didn’t tear up others that might have bloomed. Then saw others that were very dead still in the garden. Will enjoy the few that bloom.

-Took photos of Iris.

Beautiful Iris in Manitou SpringsSo really beautiful. Tried with a brown cloth covered board behind some.

Beautiful Iris in Manitou Springs

 Really hard to hold onto, but may have worked for a few photos

–Catching up with this journal and will download photos to end the night.

Beautiful Purple Iris in Manitou Springs

–Maybe do a post on Facebook.

June 4 – Thursday
–Stray Grey kitty in the back. Gave him/her some food. Little One had a “hissy fit” on the other side of the window.
–Set appointment dates for working on Module 5 of Craniosacral Course with Inner Health and scheduled my Inner Heath Tune-up tomorrow.
–Emailed my first Inner Circle Question regarding the concept of Free, but ask for email addresses with all the webinars about what the FTC is cracking down on. TL thought what we are all doing with bonuses in books is just fine. Still, need to check it out and be sure how I word it and if it needs to change at all. And the person who started this concern listened to JJFast webinar and backed off a bit too.
–PowerPoints came in, but she wanted to do some as pdfs as too large to send. I suggested break them into 2 parts for the larger ones. Worked great.
–Couldn’t get the projector to work with the Fest Computer. The other computer doesn’t have PowerPoint on it and won’t connect to the Internet.
–Called MacSuper Store and they have the connector I need. Decided to drive there with both machines. Good thing I did. First clerk tried to get me out the door with a connector that looked like the one that didn’t work last year. Waited until Lee was finished with another customer. Tried a few connectors and got it to work with a different one than first given to me.
–Stopped at Commonwheel and straightened out my masks. Left the old computer there. The person who made copies for me folded the original for the legal sized one that I needed more copies made.
–Stopped at Staples and ordered the Deposit Only Stamp, got more copies made and found 2 plastic storage boxes with handles to replace the broken ones for Festival.
–Got some more canned cat food for Little One.
–Took photos of clouds on my iPhone. Gotta figure out iCloud to share someday soon!
–Worked on the Jury sheet and sent email asking what people wanted for food on Monday for the jury session. Have food challenges: Gluten-free, no chocolate and I have no coffee maker . . .
–Module 6 of Proven Content with Tony Laidig went until almost 8pm. 3 hours!
–Watered the garden and took more pictures of the Iris.
–Worked on setting up the Jury Sheet with all the Artist Data . . . still have to check PO a few more times to be sure I have everyone on there and in PowerPoints.
–Downloaded more of the PowerPoints and emailed to be sure I have all that she sent and am awaiting a few more categories.
–And then there is email checking, posting on FaceBook (my Squirrel Book cover) and other communications I needed to do.
Will post a few more days of May on LifeUpsideDown-WriteIt – this blog.

June 5 – Friday
–Walked to PO, got last apps. Put all the data in the spreadsheet and finalized the Jury sheets. Printed them out. Filed what needed to be filed. Sorted out checks to deposit.
–Decided I could not volunteer to help at WineFest on Saturday.
–Walked to Tune-Up and took some more Iris pictures.
–My favorite stealth proofer handed me my Squirrel Book back that needed some fixes. Mostly “grey” and “gray” mixed up. And some mis-spellings of course.
–This guy that got my book still hadn’t gotten the Bonus. Emailed telling him I had to make corrections on the Book and would send him the Bonus tomorrow.
Went to Celebration of Environmental Day at Seeds. Really nice food. Won 2 tickets to a MAT performance. Think I’ll share them with my stealth proofer.
–Connected with someone at the Community College about Sustainability. Hope to have coffee with him next week.
–Driving home, sheets of rain made it a scary drive home. Safe!
–People saw my letter to the editor in the Indy and liked it. Self-promotion relating to Nicole’s article about MeadowGrass and recycling. (I got lots of positive feedback from this letter to the editor for the next couple of weeks.)
–Posted about book yesterday, now had to admit it was delayed.

June 6 – Saturday
–Quick trip to the Farmer’s Market. Not much local produce. Some asparagus, organic strawberries, and some peppers from California.
–Cleaned up parts of the kitchen, my office, living room and took coats upstairs.
–Walked to PO and no apps were there.
–Fixed the mistakes in both books.
–Did some changes on the web site and aWeber. Added a follow up email sending them to get the book on the web site. Too big of a file to just send off. Really need to understand Redirecting better and get the plugin to do it.
–Updated Socrates on HieroGraphics Books site. Maybe that will fix the problem the critic guy had.
–Sent the bonus to the critic guy. He liked it. But thinks the pictures are fuzzy. Had tried to add an affect to make them more like a children’s book illustration. Gonna leave them like that.
–Uploaded to Kindle. Still going to wait a day to republish the Paperback version. Changed some spacing on it. Want to make sure I like the new look.
–Really want to go work in my studio for at least an hour or more. Got a Calico Cat Crown and a magenta Queen Fantafaces created.
–So glad it did not rain on the WineFest!

June 7 – Sunday
–Major Multi-tasking day.
–Mel did some housecleaning. I moved some items. Put a cooler with ice packs in my car to go shopping.
–Stopped at CMWL to make copies, drop off newspapers and . Parking space in the back by garages! Score! One more application was in the Festival box.
–Shopworker was having trouble, as always when I come in it seems. Shipping and was about to charge way too little. Then had both the shipping items & the not shipped items on one receipt. Sort of worked. But I couldn’t check my inventory.
–Staples for the Check Stamp and scored $0.50 of large paperclips & small clips.
–Kings for most of the jury groceries. Ran into Marcy M and had a positive chat about the Park and our town. Worried about the public restrooms not being cared for properly. Mostly at Soda Springs Park.
–Dollar Store, then Safeway and I bought some wine, in case we want to have a drink at the end of the day.
–Mel & Don had bought me lasagne from Adams when they had dinner last night. Made a quick lunch and dinner for me tonight. Added asparagus for dinner, the roll for lunch.
–Got the last app into the system. Too late for the print outs.
–Did some reformatting of the CreateSpace version of the Squirrel Book. Added a photo and changed how some pages were laid out. Sent it off to be approved.
–Printed out the 2 versions of the park layout with booths. Probably just use the same one we have used for years. Wanted one more look at it with the numbers in place.
–Watched the Tonys as I put up material on windows to block sun tomorrow. And a white cloth on a wall for the screen. Tested the projector again. Need help tomorrow to get it set up.
–Update Parish Gap’s performance dates and the Socrates Theme. Had some errors on the site. Checked it against the Facebook calendar. Not sure how that happened.
–Was hoping to get to bed early for my early morning rise for the Festival jury . . .

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