Jury Time for Commnwheel 2015 Art Festival

June 8 – Monday
–Got up 7:30 am, early for me, to get ready for the Festival Jury Session. Put out food, washed fruit, etc.
–Good, but long session. Some disagreements of what belongs in the Art Festival and what bad booth shot could mean for what they would show up with. Some easy decisions. Too much food and drinks that weren’t right for who showed up. My bonus for the next week for eating and drinking pleasure.
–A couple members had to leave. One had not realized the envelopes that the apps were in were the return envelops, so another member had to fix it. Got the checks ready for depositing tomorrow.
–The couple & Sam stayed and we chatted with wine for a bit about the history of the Festival and its financial help for the gallery in years past. Pleasant conversation and lovely people.
–Checked emails & the sites I had updated the Theme had lost their headers. Fixed that and added dates for Parrish Gap Band.
–emailed the info about the checks and the office supplies and food bought to Pres., accountant and marketing. Probably should have sent to Treas.
–Saw email about Commonwheel’s rent being raised. Wonder why he didn’t talk to us in person when out here?
–And email about a note on a member’s car that was a threat to tow it from the place our landlord told us we could park. Strange, no signature, just a threat.

June 9 – Tuesday
–Aine session about blessing energy. Invite them in and let them do what they wish.
–Took the checks to the bank. NO errors! Yeah!
–Had an Etsy order for a Calico Cat Mask. Just when I was giving up on seeing orders from there.

Calico Cat Mask on Etsy
–Stopped at Commonwheel to copy the receipts and checked my inventory. Later in the day got a call that I had sold 4 masks today, so am heading to my studio to make some more. Some very easy to replace: Winged Tiger, Irr and Calico Cat.
–PO dropped off all the applications.
–Took some more Iris photos.
–Walked up to Itallian Gallery. Hit the Jackpot for interviews for Creative District and have 2 people interested in that Task Force or the Manitou Springs Art Council
–Home and interview by another Creative District Task Force person. Have my 3 now also.
–KM and got the Module 6 updated. Interviewed her also for Creative District.
–Webinar about creating Video Member Sites.
–Ordered supplements. Really low on many.
–Mel brought home Chinese food for dinner. Better than the cold pizza I would have had.
–To my studio now. Created 3 masks: Winged Tiger, Winged Calico Cat & Winged Irr.

June 10 – Wednesday
–Got up early again. Early for me. But not early enough to ship mask before going to CMWL.
–Packed the Calico Cat mask and took four masks to Commonwheel Artists gallery.
–Wasn’t really needed at Commonwheel for the video shoot. JC upset about a note, and I don’t blame her. Members can be so thoughtless some times.
–PO to ship mask. Had many applications that needed more postage. Told him to send them on “Postage Due” and I paid partially for one that had NO postage. They need to learn some lessons about paying what is required for the apps to be returned.
–It was drizzling when I left CMWL, quite by the time I got home. Called my hiking friend and she was up for a hike as it did look like it would clear up.
–Dashed to the bank with my Diamante investment check.
–Decided to try a hike I had never done, newly opened route up Iron Mountain instead of the Bevers Lane one I had thought to take.

Iron Mountain Flowers

It started out looking a bit like the Manitou Incline, but that didn’t last for long.

Iron Mountian Incline

It was really a good, not to hard and great views in all directions.

View of Manitou Springs from Iron Mountain

 Lots of photos of flowers and a new perspective on other hiking areas we could see from this uphill climb.

Iron Mountain iron deposits

The rusty deposits gave clues why this was called Iron Mountain.

Yucca about to Bloom

–There were many flowers beginning to bloom.

Iron Mountain Flowers

Iron Mountain Flowers

Including the dreaded Toadflax. So pretty but considered a noxious weed.

Toadflax on Iron Mountain

–Cold pizza on the porch because I was hungry. Short nap.
–Greek friend had come by as I was preparing for hike, then called later to tell me of some beautiful Iris and yellow roses she saw. I think I am going to take a drive tomorrow to photograph some really spectacular Iris I saw today.
–Typed up the Creative Interviews, downloaded photos from camera and caught up on emails relating to many things, including updating Parish Gap web site with show date.
–Should put some things on Facebook from today and maybe another series of these as posts on my blog.

June 11 – Thursday
–Festival Tasks of emails and sent some images to DropBox for someone to do a Gallery of accepted artists on the Festival Web page.
–Got some images of Clouds done for the Dream Journal. Need to determine how the best way to create Black & White images really is.
–Walked to Commonwheel Artists Gallery and then MAC for Creative District Session. Left a feeling a bit disconcerted from one comment made when we were asked to write down goals. “Create an Art Festival” What?!? Commonwheel’s 40 years of hosting art festivals doesn’t count?!? Brought up a bunch of emotions around this after the PARAB encounter and made me really question what I have been doing advocating for the arts and artists for the years I have lived here.
–And then there are some odd comments relating to Essential Oils in emails that are confusing. Really, we shouldn’t connect the healing properties of the the Oils to specific illnesses or health issues or the FDA will shut down Young Living? Essential Oils and herbal healings have been around for centuries and have very few side effects but rather many positive ways of healing people without any side effects that most FDA approved drugs come with. Weird world concept going on with big $$ people making the rules that harm fellow citizens.
–Facebook Garden post and Parish Gap gig added.

June 12 – Friday
–Didn’t feel well all day. Maybe the Almond Butter I ate yesterday was rancid. Threw out the rest of the jar.
–Festival Tasks. Did some sizing of photos for web, FB and PR.
–Talked with tenants about cat-sitting. Suggest they talk to her brother who was staying with their Mom until he found a place that he might want a place to stay on hi own for a week. (On Monday, they told me he loved the idea and would do it.)
–Can’t remember what else I did during the day.
–Rested a couple of times.
–Posted that I would have squash starts for people soon and 2 said they would like them
–Did go to dance to Sugar Bear. Had nice talks with the 2 Judy’s. Danced, but didn’t last until the end of the second set.

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