May Gardening And Park Challenge Addressed

May 15 – Friday—-
–Call from JC that no one was at the Gallery, could I go and work for a few hours? Hesitated -immediate money- Said NO. Had other plans for the day.
–Festival emails sent and answered.
–2.5 hours of moving Lilies and trying to make space for the Rose Bushes. Not even halfway there.
–Art Walk. Looked like rain, but never really did. New challenge at CMWL-bags are “disrespectful to the wall artists” according to MH. She has been moving them without consulting with Festival and never wants them back hanging where they were selling.
–Nat was worried about doing the confrontation with PARAB chair in public would “embarrass” her. That was what she meant by a “car wreck” about to happen.
–Green Horse had a lovely opening with lots of people from down south of the Springs.
–Home and watched Amazing Race.At the end, the TV, just this channel went black. Could hear, but not see the finale. My favorite team came in 2nd. They were ahead, and I can’t figure out what happened at the end from just hearing it.
–To bed, read more Brunson – may be too big a concept, keeps talking about his team. Then a few pages of “Violin” and off to sleep.

May 16 – Saturday—-
–Checked emails. Fest had reply from Zeb to meet Monday after my Hearing appointment. And the person who has my healing triangle brought back by Aine from Brazil can meet happily after that meeting at Trader Joe’s near Costco where I have to go also on Monday. Good series of errands set-up for Monday morning.
–Walked to MAC for local Garden Club Plant Sale. Spent $23 on Cilantro, some flowers, Cherry Pepper and Winter Squash start. Saw Karl A, getting over the flu. Walked back with Nancy, stopped at PO and then home. Iffy Weather.
–Gardened early until rained a bit. Lunch break. Got the rest of the Lilies moved. Now to figure out the placement of the roses with the plant Mel has in the middle of the bed from last year.

Where the Lilies moved to

Where the Lilies moved from
–After lunch, clipped and pulled out much of the dead poppies. So very sad. Depressed I am over not having them bloom this year. So many dead heads . . . Some Iris have survived and blooming. And picked a few strands of Lily of the Valley to sniff at my desk.
–Caught up with this journal. FB post with photos of dead poppies . . .
–Feather studio 4pm until . . . 8pm. Masks for ETSY! and the Commonwheel Gallery.
FACEBOOK POST: “Trying not to cry . . . but I don’t think any Poppies survived the SIX inches -yes 6”- of hail the other day. I was able to cover some of the bed, but couldn’t get the sheet off to keep them from freezing that night. And the Rhubarb was shredded also.
–Still will probably have a great mint crop . . . it seems to be coming back just fine. Along with the weeds . . .”

–Spent about 2 hours clearing out the easily removable broken Poppy leaves, stalks and buds from the garden. Still have more to do, but after soaking wet the 3rd pair of gloves, had to quit.

Shredded Poppies After Hail Storm

Poppies Tried to bloom then froze
–Besides I need to get into my feather studio and play with colorful feathers to cheer myself up a bit. People walking by asking, “What are those?” “Dead/Frozen Poppies.” Not my favorite answer after so many years of having such a glorious riotous display of orange flowers each spring. OK, can’t dwell on this, will just have to plant more flowers if the weather ever gets warm . . .
–Brought in 3 sprigs of Lily-Of-The-Valley. Smells so lovely. Live AromaTherapy.

Lily of the Valley Hail Storm Survivors
–Got only 4 masks created and 2 more set-up for Peacock Party Masks.
–Ended the day watching Survivor and catching up with emails.

–My back is sore, so time to get some sleep. Then did a little work on the Squirrel Bonus instead for 30 minutes.

May 16 – Sunday—-
–Took photos of FantaFaces items that I want to put on ETSY and Commonwheel Shop Web Site. Pulled some out of storage. Discovered some Hat Clips that I had thought were all sold, not sure what to do with them . . .

Irridescent Green Blue FantaFaces Mask
–Mel didn’t like my saying the rose was dead, wouldn’t leave it at that, had to push to make me say she killed it, just didn’t want to go there. Came back to solution of how to get it out of there.
–Got Squirrel Book downloaded to Kindle & CreateSpace. In Review Process. had to redo the cover in Quark. Too big when created a pdf from the PhotoShop version.

Discover the World of Squirrels Kindle Cover
–Greek Hiking friend showed up at the house. Walked up Ruxton with her. Took pictures of beautiful lilacs. Deer in a yard also.

Deer in Manitou Yard
–Fixed Turkey Burgers for dinner for Mel & myself.
–Tried to get Sinister Frog into Kindle. Missing pieces: description and keywords. Also noticed some formatting needed fixing. Also reworked the Title image on the cover.
–Need to ask TW & Rause for ideas.
–Little Kitty has been a pain today. Shedding, won’t let us brush her, wants fed constantly.
–Upstairs tenants and request for payment to cover cost of Bathroom floor & paint fix. OK. Also want to paint the kitchen area . . .
–Posted more about Squirrel book on FB and blooming Iris.
–Up really late tonight . . . busy day tomorrow.

May 18 – Monday—- Very Full day.
–Hearing Appointment.
–Zeb Confirm with TrP at least Restorative Justice work, if not a booth.
–Hobby Lob – glue & Silver Sharpie for masks
–Picked up my Healing Triangle & met J from Aine Group. Learned a bit about Casa in Brazil and how life changing going there can be.
–Costco, gas & groceries. More groceries at Kings. PO Stop for apps.
–Worked on Westword ad & online banners. Information glitch. Which size should the ad really be? Emailed that question.
–Connected w/ Fest Com member about apps.
–Mask Boards, Masks & hair clips to Commonwheel.

E_HC-Macaw Blue_Hair_3421
–MSAC meeting. Brought rice snack from Costco. Mentioned the idea about Pleinair event again. This time others had more ideas. May happen next year. Need to ask some people for donations to help with the fundraising concert – muffins – Rusty Wine – later this week.
–And it is still raining.

May 19 – Tuesday—- Very Commonwheel day.
–Slept later than normal.
–Learned about how to work on Weebly to do updates on the Commonwheel new website. 2.5 hours of training
–Raining and more rain. Drained the container in the basement once.
–Got Westword ads and web headers done and sent to Westword. Hope I have them all in the correct formats . . .
–Laidig webinar. What is your Legacy? The Art Festival? Questioning that myself lately.
–Walked to and from City Hall in a misty light rain.
–City Council. Bit my tongue as PARAB’s Chair basically lied about how they felt about festivals and much more. Saying nothing of what she said to me or published in the paper. But PARAB should be very clear now that they are an Advisory Board and can’t make decisions about planting trees or more in the park without sending requests and info to City Council first. Still was hard to listen to her act as if she had never said any of the things she raged at me during the Lantern Parade.
–Talked to Chamber L afterwards. She does realize some of the new requirements for placement of food booths and portalets and trash might not work logistically for the Winefest because of the Shuttle stop and other considerations of how to fence them. Gonna walk the park with Police Chief and my map in hand to look at options. And if it doesn’t stop raining soon, the park will not be dried out and damage can occur.
–Home to the finale of The Voice and easy dinner.
–Really tired. Time for a bit early sleep.

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