Never Ending Details for Commonwheel’s Art Festival

Did more advertising and Facebook posts and can’t even remember what else for the Commonwheel Art Festival right up until I walked over to Sharing Inner Health for a Tune-up Session. She actually called me to see if I could come a bit earlier so we could talk about her web site, so I changed shoes and walked over there. A really nice day out. It wasn’t about her web site, but an ad in a magazine that needed some graphics sent to them for her ad. So I said I could do that, but maybe not until Monday. She then gave me a Young Living Essential Oils Raindrop treatment to help relieve my stressed mind and Body. It did loosen up my back quite a bit and I went home and continued on working on the Art Festival.

A member needed someone to work her afternoon shift on Saturday – the time I had scheduled to be in my FantaFaces feather studio. But no one else had stepped up, so I said I would do it for pay.

So in the morning I went into my Feather studio and did some prep work to make it easier to do masks the next day. Then I had to get ready to go to the Gallery. I took the computer, but was busy enough that I never opened it up. I had some really good sales, including something on my own. At the end of the shift, I was really tired and had a glitch checking out, but just had to let it go when our President showed up in the computer doing some inventory updates. Beautiful night for a walk home in the moonlight. I basically came home and went to bed. I was that tired!

Slept in a bit on Sunday, then decided to go up to my Studio for the day. Had to wrestle with the glue bottle to get it refilled. The caps did not want to come off of two. But got them loosened up and actually replaced one with the top from a glue bottle of a type of glue I can’t use, but the lid fit on the Elmer’s Glue bottle. I created 6 masks and a dozen pairs of earrings. Not one of my most productive days, but decent.

On Monday there was a Group Booth meeting. I took 4 of the newly created masks into the shop. Later that day, 2 of them sold. I did have another Tiger that I had made, but wanted to save for the Art Festival, but brought it in the next day instead. “Strike while the iron is hot!” was on my mind to push myself to do that.

The Group Booth meeting was very productive. People took on jobs and our new members are awesome. Very willing to jump right in and take on jobs – including coming to get the dolly at my house that needed its tires filled – and they will bring it to the Art Festival! Double win for me there.

The advertising details for the Festival seem never ending. And I had to get some posts on FaceBook to not get behind, so did that this day also. My Greek hiking friend stopped by on her way to go listen to the last concert in Soda Springs Park. She gave me a bag of Chia Seed Chips that I started to munch on – they were really tasty. Was hard to not eat the whole bagful. But I stopped, got her a webbed folding chair to sit upon at the concert and went back to computer work.

On Tuesday, I had another meeting with my handyman friend who is doing work on the cottage. There are more problems inside than I had realized. Not budgeted for those. But he did discover there wasn’t much we could do about the sunken floor area he had shown me the other day, so will just let it be as it is now and hope it doesn’t sink much more in the near future. I do bless having the cottage income every day, but geez, it can be a money pit some days.

Tony Laidig’s Expert Media Show about how to do Affiliate Marketing was really helpful and I feel like it gave me some really good ideas that I can implement starting in September after the Art Festival comes to a successful conclusion. Plus some ideas for people in my soon to be Mastermind Group. One of which had called earliere in the day and I had already told him about some assignments to get ready for promoting one of his books, and how his short stories could all be individual books on Kindle, then become a collection as a paperback version on CreateSpace. He happily embraced this idea.

And I still haven’t had time to work on my Sustainable Event book. Guess that won’t be ready for the Art Festival, but first project when I do have time is getting that corrected and into paperback form.

The Cottage tenant finished moving out and I let the new tenant know. He will come by on Thursday evening to give me a check and get the keys. Which he did. Karl hadn’t quite finished, but since the new tenant wasn’t going to move in until after the Pikes Peak Marathon weekend was over, that didn’t bother him. Talked to Karl and he wasn’t feeling to good Thursday, so hadn’t come to finish up.

My friend who is moving into an unfinished home soon called to set the time and date for us to get “Little One” his kitty who needed to be safely house sat until the new place was more finished in a month. Little One began her life around here. She had had kittens under the left porch that I had captured and found homes for each one. RE was ready for a cat about that time and when he met her, it was love at first sight, at least on his side . . . she wasn’t totally happy about anything at that time. But she quickly adapted to living up in Green Mountain Falls and they became good friends. That was about 13 years ago.

One of the Festival Participants called late at night to let me know he could not participate this year. He was really hard to hear, and when he said he was to have surgery, I thought it was brain surgery, but it was back surgery for pain on Thursday. He didn’t think he would be recovered enough to to the Art Festival. I had to tell him that especially since we had just told another artist we could not return the fee, we couldn’t return his. Will think about what could do next year, but just thought that to myself.

I will have to do a post just on hearing of Robin William’s suicide. It really did hit me and some friends very hard. But want to just write about that another time.

I think I had a bit of Tequila again that night and now I will take a break before continuing on with this time of catching up. So close to today but need a short break.

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