Extremely Wet Not So Merry May 2015

May 15 – Friday—-
–Call from JC that no one was at the Gallery, could I go and work for a few hours? Hesitated -immediate money- Said NO. Had other plans for the day. Proud of myself!
–Festival emails sent and answered.
–2.5 hours of moving Day Lilies and trying to make space for the new Rose Bushes. Not even halfway there.
–Art Walk. Looked like rain, but never really did. New challenge at CMWL-bags are “disrespectful to the wall artists” according to MH. She has been moving them without consulting with Festival and never wants them back hanging where they were selling.
–Nat was worried about doing the confrontation with PARAB chair in public would “embarrass” her. That was what she meant by a “car wreck” about to happen.
–Green Horse had a lovely opening with lots of people from down south of the Springs.
–Home and watched Amazing Race.At the end, the TV, just this Channel went black. Could hear, but not see the finale. My favorite team came in 2nd. They were ahead, and I can’t figure out what happened at the end from just hearing it.
–To bed, read more Brunson – may be too big a concept, keeps talking about his team. Then a few pages of “Violin” and off to sleep. An Artist friend just posted an eerier painting of a violin. Asked her if she had read this book . . . no, she hasn’t.

May 16 – Saturday—-
–Checked emails. Fest had reply from Zeb to meet Monday after my Hearing appointment. And the person who has my healing triangle brought back by Aine from Brazil can meet happily after that meeting at Trader Joe’s near Costco where I have to go also on Monday. Good series of errands set-up for Monday morning.
–Walked to MAC for local Garden Club Plant Sale. Spent $23 on Cilantro, some flowers, Cherry Pepper and Winter Squash start. Saw Karl A, getting over the flu. Walked back with Nancy, stopped at PO and then home. Iffy Weather.
–Gardened early until rained a bit. Lunch break. Got the rest of the Lilies moved. Now to figure out the placement of the roses with the plant Mel has in the middle of the bed from last year.
–After lunch, clipped and pulled out much of the dead poppies. So very sad. Depressed I am over not having them bloom this year. So many dead heads . . . Some Iris have survived and blooming. And picked a few strands of Lily of the Valley to sniff at my desk.
–Caught up with this journal. FB post with photos of dead poppies . . .
–Feather studio 4pm until . . . 8pm. Masks for ETSY! and the Commonwheel Gallery.

Trying not to cry . . . but I don’t think any Poppies survived the SIX inches -yes 6″- of hail the other day. I was able to cover some of the bed, but couldn’t get the sheet off to keep them from freezing that night. And the Rhubarb was shredded also.
–Still will probably have a great mint crop . . . it seems to be coming back just fine. Along with the weeds . . .
–Spent about 2 hours clearing out the easily removable broken Poppy leaves, stalks and buds from the garden. Still have more to do, but after soaking wet the 3rd pair of gloves, had to quit.
–Besides I need to get into my feather studio and play with colorful feathers to cheer myself up a bit. People walking by asking, “What are those?” “Dead Poppies.” Not my favorite answer after so many years of having such a glorious riotous display of orange flowers each spring. OK, can’t dwell on this, will just have to plant more flowers if the weather ever gets warm . . .
–Brought in 3 sprigs of Lily-Of-The-Valley. Smells so lovely. Live AromaTherapy.
–Got only 4 masks created and 2 more set-up for Peacock Party Masks.
–Ended the day watching Survivor and catching up with emails. My back is sore, so time to get some sleep. Then did a little work on the Squirrel Bonus instead for 30 minutes.

May 16 – Sunday—-
–Took photos of FantaFaces items that I want to put on ETSY and Commonwheel Shop Web Site. Pulled some out of storage. Discovered some Hat Clips that I had thought were all sold, not sure what to do with them . . .

Silver Pheasant Pendant with Rhinestones part of a new collection of work at Commonwheel also. And I actually have some items on our web site to sell now. Exciting for me and Commonwheel Artists.

FantaFaces Pendant


Red Queen Mask for Etsy. Really need to figure out some stories to go with my FantaFaces Masks on the heads.

FantaFaces Red Queen Mask
–Mel didn’t like my saying the rose was dead, wouldn’t leave it at that, had to push to make me say she killed it, just didn’t want to go there. Came back to solution of how to get it out of there.
–Got Squirrel Book downloaded to Kindle & CreateSpace. In Review Process. had to redo the cover in Quark. Too big when created a pdf from the PhotoShop version.
–Greek Hiking friend showed up at the house. Walked up Ruxton with her. Took pictures of beautiful lilacs. Deer in a yard also.
–Fixed Turkey Burgers for dinner for Mel & myself.
–Tried to get Sinister Frog into Kindle. Missing pieces: description and keywords. Also noticed some formatting needed fixing. Also reworked the Title image on the cover.
–Need to ask TW & Rause for ideas.
–Little Kitty has been a pain today. Shedding, won’t let us brush her, wants fed constantly.
–Upstairs tenants and request for payment to cover cost of Bathroom floor & paint fix. OK. Also want to paint the kitchen area . . .
–Posted more about Squirrel book on FB and blooming Iris.
–Up really late tonight . . . busy day tomorrow.

May 18 – Monday—- Very Full day.
–Hearing Appointment.
–Zeb Confirm with TrP at least Restorative Justice work, if not a booth.
–Hobby Lob – glue & Silver Sharpie for masks with a 40% off coupon I actually remembered!
–Picked up my Healing Triangle & met J from Aine Group. Learned a bit about Casa in Brazil and how life changing going there can be. Not sure I could be that much into meditation to actually go there.
–Costco, gas & groceries. More groceries at Kings. PO Stop for apps.
–Worked on Westword ad & online banners. Information glitch. Which size should the ad really be? Emailed that question.
–Connected w/ Fest Com member about apps.
–Mask Boards, Masks & hair clips to Commonwheel.
–MSAC meeting. Brought rice snack from Costco. Mentioned the idea about Pleinair event again. This time others had more ideas. May happen next year. Need to ask some people for donations to help with the fundraising concert – muffins – Rusty Wine – later this week.
–And it is still raining.

May 19 – Tuesday—- Very Commonwheel day.
–Slept later than normal.
–Learned about how to work on Weebly to do updates on the Commonwheel new website. 2.5 hours of training
–Raining and more rain. Drained the container in the basement once.
–Got Westword ads and web headers done and sent to Westword. Hope I have them all in the correct formats . . .
–Laidig webinar. What is your Legacy? The Art Festival? Questioning that myself lately.
–Walked to and from City Hall in a misty light rain.
–City Council. Bit my tongue as PARAB’s Chair basically lied about how they felt about festivals and much more. Saying nothing of what she said to me. But PARAB should be very clear now that they are an Advisory Board and can’t make decisions about planting trees or more in the park without sending requests and info to City Council first. Still was hard to listen to her act as if she had never said any of the things she raged at me during the Lantern Parade.
–Talked to Chamber L afterwards. She does realize some of the new requirements for placement of food booths and portalets and trash might not work logistically for the Winefest because of the Shuttle stop and other considerations of how to fence them. Gonna walk the park with Police Chief and my map in hand to look at options. And if it doesn’t stop raining soon, the park will not be dried out and damage can occur.
–Home to the finale of The Voice and easy dinner.
–Really tired. Time for a bit early sleep.

May 20 – Wednesday—-.
–Took the Festival Apps to Ace.
–Went to the Fine Art Center for Free Day. Liked the Kevin Sloan bird paintings more than I expected. Based on Audubon’s birds with a twist. Helped a lady bring some things in from the parking lot.
–Shopped Kings & Dollar Store. Said “Hi!” to the 2 Sisters in the parking lot. Learned friends trying to purchase the B&B that they closed a few years ago. Hope it all works for them both. A perfect fit for the young couple’s future plans.
–Laundry 2 loads.
–Shelley Hitz NAMS webinar about writing books. Lives in CS. Didn’t buy the offer.
–Turned down a walk with my Greek hiking friend. But still late in getting the Chili Relleño casserole in the oven for dinner with G&R as we watch Survivor Finale.
–Wasn’t the best guest. Talked of my challenges. But we had a good meal together and enjoyed the finale with laughter and conversation about the program.

May 21 – Thursday
–Woke up to seeing a 6” bubble of water above the non-functional door in my bedroom. Had a bit of a panic attack. Skipped my normal morning routine.
–Climbed into the attic. No moisture there. Good!
–Mel called. Warned me to not get on a ladder alone, she’d come home early to look at it with me.
–Didn’t want to wait that long. So went outside on a shorter ladder. Couldn’t see a problem on the roof above. Having really hard thoughts about the house and all the work it needs. Where to find the financial $ to change my life is a high priority.
–Caught up with the Proven Content webinars by Tony Laidig.
–Roomer asked her BF to come look and they discovered a hole under the roof, above the gutter, but couldn’t figure out why water was getting in there. He suggested putting some flashing there. She went and bought some as a gift. Then discovered she had been sold the wrong product. Not bent, still put it in to divert water as best as she could.
–Attended the Proven Content webinar live. Got excited about what I could do with illustrations and bought JixiPix. Realized I had missed a couple of steps. Need to watch the webinar again. But have some great ideas for illustrations and coloring book to go with the Squirrel book.
–Mel told me she and BF would come tomorrow and do a real fix on the gutter as a gift to me.
–Mel also fixed dinner. Really trying to make up for Easter gaffe I think.

The Second Week Of The Merry Month Of May

May 8 – Friday–
–Emailed Gwn with what I had spoken at City Council and a written summary of what I had told the Chamber Marketing Task Force at the meeting she had missed. Thanked her for offer to meet, but maybe next week would work better.
–Still haven’t gotten FB new request handled. New wrinkle, for me to post on the shop FB I need to use my personal FB also. So don’t want to set up that until I have the Fetival one set-up.
–Found some images for showing what crowds look like at the CMWL Art Festival. Will do a page hopefully when working Sunday.
–Discovered cash and 2 checks that should have been turned in after last year’ festival for t-shirts bought. Hid the envelop so very well from myself, I forgot it. Do remember thinking there should have been more $ to turn in, but accounting didn’t even question it when comparing to the t-shirt sales report. Need to handle this differently this year.
–Scanned and sent off the PARAB report to City Manager & Public Works. Confirmed our Monday 9am meeting.
–Fixes for Future of Wellness web site.
–Finished Squirrel Crossword Puzzle w/ solution page.
–Finished the 3 Squirrel Glossary Word Searches and solution pages.
–Rewrote one of the poems for the Squirrel Bonus PDF.

May 9 – Saturday–
–Hail, Hail and more Hail today. Yesterday areas of Colorado Springs got pummeled by hail and Manitou actually had some sunshine.

Hail on the stairs May 9, 2015
Today Manitou got pummeled and it is still on the ground Cold and nasty day. There was about 6” of solid ice when it ended. Couldn’t lift the cover off most of the plants when it ended.

Hail Storm May 9 2015

Hail Storm May 9 2015
–I ran out and tried to cover poppies and other plants with the cloths I had on the porch from doing this last year. Now they are being bent over under the weight of the cloths and hail upon them. Hope some survive. So very odd weather this late in May. But I doubt that they will.

Shredded Poppies & Rhubarb
–Made sure the bucket that doesn’t empty itself in the basement got emptied early today. The pipe is draining a lot right now and nothing should be melting. Really wish I could figure out where this water is coming from!

–Put together a PowerPoint for the Creative District Convene report. Meant to spend no more than an hour, but took at least 2 hours with hail tasks interruptions.
–Gathered some photos for my meeting on Monday. Put them on the Fest Computer to create the report when I work at Commonwheel ALL day Sunday, Mother’s Day. And the weather is predicted to be just as bad, so may be a quiet day at the shop.
–I think I have all the images I need to finish up the Squirrel Bonus PDF. Turned them into illustrations by using layers creating the bottom one with Poster Lines and the top or middle one using Dry Brush and then making it transparent. Will be interesting to see how they look. And yes, I got more involved in doing this than planned.
–Posted the Squirrel book cover on FaceBook. Wonder if I’ll get more posts than my weather images and video?
–Posted the Pre-April Awesome Posts on LifeUpsideDown-WriteIt.
–Published my HieroGraphics FB page! and posted the Squirrel cover there.

May 10 – Mother’s Day Sunday–

–Sad shredded items in the garden. This Poppy almost bloomed just before the storm. Frozen now.

Poppy that tried to open just before hail storm

–More shredded plants. Poppies, Hollyhocks, Kale and Chives all shredded by the hail.

More Shredded plants after the hail storm in May

–Worked Commonwheel all day. The sun actually came out. Lots of people in town.
–Beat my goal of $500 when I thought the weather would get worse. Almost doubled it.
–Got many pieces for the Monday morning meeting created and printed.
–Took the night off at home. Popcorn Dinner, “Once Upon A Time” 2 hours, 2 drinks and raspberries.
–Went to bed early to sleep well before 2nd of 3 early morning in a row.

May 11 – Monday–
–Did struggle getting up. But got to City Hall early. Realized I had left the map on the printer at home. Luckily I had driven. Went to get it and just on time.
–L was there presenting his idea for a Labyrinth on the raised area in Memorial Park. Kept saying it would not interfere with Festival needs. Need to go talk to him about this.
–They gave me an hour and some direction for next steps.
–Gave the new Flood manager my books after Jason asked if I would leave them there. Yes, gave away 2 more books – “How to Plan a Sustainable Event” and “Lessons from Past Floods” book.
–Stopped at Chamber & talked with Leslie.
–Got the proper number to call about the Mason Lodge and Parking at theFestival from Daryl who was volunteering today.
—Driving errands when I purchased Tian Gi from Vivian Rice, Kitty food & Litter bought and some treats from Kings for myself.
-Noticed the front steps were scrapped up. Had to have been from when renter had shoveled hail off of them using the wrong shovel. Not good. They are not wood, but a very expensive material that can’t be filled in.
–KM called. She will bring a thumb drive and do the corrections herself on the version I had fixed the jpgs in last week.
–Went to Mona Lisa Fondue with good friend AR. Had a really lovely time catching up. Really miss having more time to spend with her. Split a salad, a pot of fondue and a bottle of wine. Came home an fell into bed and read a bit, then a good night sleep.

May 12 – Tuesday–
–9 am Aine session. Had a hard time getting up, but glad I did, then was fully dressed by time for this session.
–Worked on Agenda for Festival meeting
–KM didn’t need my help, so that time was cancelled.
–Person I was to meet at the shop for office planning also canceled.
–Put the info for City Council onto a CD rather than Thumb Drive.
–Found old paper copies of all the measurements I did in the Park.
–Didn’t realize how warm it was outside until went to leave to take CD to City Hall and then go to the Marketing Task Force Meeting. Manitou Springs App creator was very passionate, loud and interesting.
–Had a call from the gallery saying she was selling 3 masks, but not enough mask boards. Couldn’t do much to fix that while I was at the Chamber. Sale did happen.
–Cleared some newspapers after eating dinner while watching The Voice.
–Listened to Proven Content #2 Webinar.
–Added some Awesome April posts to LifeUpsideDown-WriteIt.
–Rained at night. Hopefully not so cold it will turn to snow . . .

May 13 – Wednesday—-
–Agenda for Festival Meeting. Email time of meeting. At Park if not raining.
–Created Mask Boards, printed Care & Feeding, gave to JC to take to Shop & staple.
–Gave JC a chair to use at CMWL new office space.
–Gathered maps to take to Park.
–Checked bad emails, found 2 real ones I hadn’t answered among them. Answered.
–Sent out emails to ones I could correct and some cards in my office.
–Drove to shop, copied agendas and a bill for Ribbons. Checked what sold yesterday.
–Safeway for Festival food. Chicken, cookies, berries and cheese. Easy.
–Box prepared for Open Apps Job. Later did Excel and instruction.
–Updated Job List and printed.
—-Ordered Feathers at 2:45. Michael gave me good price on the White Cocktails, so ordered 2lbs. Ordered 1 lb of white hackles also. And Irr Cocktails, 3 Ring-neck pheasant skins, Wings & #2 Silver Pheasant (swore wouldn’t, but easily can make $25 from it). This will be an expensive order, but need to dye feathers in colors I am missing for earrings and masks, and the best price for white feathers in awhile.
–Had hoped to meet at the Park to look at layout, but raining . . . AGAIN! The sun came out after I emailed & texted everyone to meet at the house, not the park.
–Small Festival meeting- 1 person called in sick, another traveling. Accomplished things. Some good reports and helpful ideas.
–Doing dishes, shut down computers, watch TV or read for an hour. Maybe do the minutes . . .

May 14 – Thursday—-
–Shop worker having computer challenges. Said if couldn’t find the other person who can work on it remotely, I would come down after a phone call was finished. She found him and got it up and running, called just as I was putting my shoes on.
–YL order of items for injured friends: Pine and Deep Relief for myself. Used points for the products and shipping. Asked about the Thieves Cleaner that had not ever been sent me after the March Denver workshop. Will send that also.
–Festival Tasks in the morning
–Discovered the original poster art wasn’t there as layers – emailed to get it from creator & asked person who changed to be more careful in the future.
–Noon until 1:30 worked on Westword ad – created new ad layouts to use. Sent for ideas.
–Creative District meeting at 4pm, means missed Proven Content Live show. Did watch the other episode. Did a report on the Outdoor Art in Ft. Collins. Contributed many “Strengths” to the discussion. Connected with Steve Wood & Chi about moving the Little Library. Gave my card to a Junior in High School Student to connect with for the Art Festival and volunteers. Told her of the Commonwheel Scholarship no one applied for and will make sure she knows of it next year.
–Dead Dogs Playing – Pot Luck in Chrystal Hills with friends of A&C. A’s Mom was there, so glad I brought the Gluten-Free crackers and cheeses. Got her a “desert” of fresh fruits that made her very happy. Really funny “concert”. Great lyrics we couldn’t hear, but were on printed sheet. Just silliness played. Smiled a lot.
–Home and read some of Brunson’s Book, then fell asleep.

Entering the Merry Month of May

May 1 – Friday–
–Had an emotional breakdown in the shower. “What if BE won’t head up Transition Town’s efforts for Waste at the Art Festival over this tree and park vision disagreement?”
–Had pulled myself together and about to get ready for an early meeting with my client when she called to cancel. I didn’t handle that too well either. Especially when she said “why don’t you just give the Festival to someone else to run?” Yeah, give up my most steady income and I am sure someone would want to take it over now that it has new challenges, when couldn’t find anyone in the past to last more than a year or two.
–Not sure I want her to work on my for Tune-up day . . .
–Walked to Tune-up and had a short session of Japanese Acupuncture. Very different. Did go for the lymph session, we just didn’t talk about much.
–Walked to a Transition Street meeting. My neighbor bought me a “drink” -An Italian Soda- when she heard of my breakdown. And in caring about the response she had seen from BE, which when she mentioned that brought out my breakdown story.
–Was going to go to Sun Water opening, but had an hour to wait and my camera battery was low, so walked home with everyone.
–Got home and the exhaustion and dizzy factor the Japanese Treatment person had warned me about took over. Could barely function. Watched TV and ate a mango and some bread with Almond Butter for dinner. Early to bed.

May 2 – Saturday–
–Started in the backyard with my tenants to unbury two old wheelbarrows. Had to clear fallen trees and rocks. But got them out. They will plant Kale in them and keep them in the back to see how the sun works there for Kale.

Wheelbarrows for Kale
–He chopped up lots of tiny branches and hauled them up the hill to the “compost” area. He also moved a new big rock that had fallen on my long gutter extension crushing it. And I mean a BIG rock!
–We took 2 pallets to the front, added a plywood bottom to an old shelf unit I had brought out of the basement and the first raised bed was created. They brought home 2 more pallets they found free on Craig’s List to start the second raised bed. Not sure what will plant there, but will keep dogs off, not sure about people. No tomatoes for sure. Too tempting when they get ripe.

Raised beds in front yard
–Brian Webinar at noon for a break.

–They also made an old log at the bottom of the stairs into a large planter. Was happy to see the chocolate mint was thriving here from last year’s planting.

Log Planter created by tenants.
–Meeting at CMWL at 6pm. As I walked down there realized I was very stiff.
–Catching up with emails and Facebook, not time for an early night and hopefully won’t be too stiff in the morning. Want to do some more gardening, but also need to do computer work. Must finish Bonus for Squirrel and get those books published.

May 3 – Sunday–
–Went to Memorial Park to meet ThL & SH. ThL arrived and I looked at my phone. Text from SH, “something came up, meet at noon?” No, we were at the park. ThL and I looked at the new idea for configuring the stage on the raised area. Big memorial rock a bit of a challenge, but it can work. Measured distance to electric. Workable.
–Took some pictures and other measurements relating to the Memorial Tree Challenge. As difficult as I thought it would be.
–Home made pancakes with berries. Looked at schedule. Realized was missing the Mayan Chanting I had wanted to go to. Walked back, took pictures of beautiful Iris.
–Got there just as going into the chanting. Missed the explanation. Still was good to be in that meditation state.
–Lunch by Adams Mtn Cafe- snacked a bit there also.
–Blessing of an ancient Juniper – 1,000 years old or more — was what I really wanted to participate in today. Walked up the path. Beautiful ceremony. Came time to plant some seeds, tobacco and water around the 4 directions at its roots. “We are one person short, Julia, would you like to do this?” “I would be honored.” Really special moment. I so love trees. Especially meaningful with all the drama around the Memorial Tree.
–Chatted with AR for a bit about the challenge and let her talk about a challenge in her life also. Good exchange of caring energy.
–Leaving, my hiking partner & Communidance friend outside chatted.
–Walking home, deer above by the lilacs. Got a few good pictures.

Deer munching Lilacs


Deer framed in Lilacs

The lilacs are just so very gorgeous this year.

Beautiful Manitou Springs Lilacs
–Home, rested, phone call from Housemate, so happy I talked her into going to the horse training today. Just what she needed.
–Tenants finishing up the raised bed in the front of the house. I went out and planted some peas and flower seeds. Old seeds, will see what happens.
–Did some more weeding. Noticed that the berry bush Mel had planted last year had lots of babies. Really need to plant the ones given to me this year and the roses.
–And then at dinner a wave of depression came over me. Other people devaluing of the Art Festival, all the wrong choices I have made for giving myself and my money away, trusting so many people that were conning me on many levels, just not feeling good about myself right now. Where to go with this? Not sure . . .

May 4 – Monday–
–Created letter for membership to sign, sent it out for corrections.
–Took photos of the garden areas & posted some on FB
–Sent note to PPB about Creative District Convene in Ft. Collins as requested.
–Gathered what I needed for presentation about what is going on in Memorial Park.
–Walked to CMWL meeting at the MAC. Was raining when I left.
–Went to bed and read “Violin”. Really makes me want to write my story.
–My back pain happened again.

May 3 – Tuesday—-
–DT called and met to discuss Memorial Tree situation. Talked about many things about other events she is part of. Make it more visible by painting the poles. If need to move it, have to do it after this year’s festival when it is dormant. Talked 2+ hours.
–Collected mail at PO. Left my keys in the box. Realized it when got home. Walked back to get them.
–Replied to email from new City Manager about time to meet next week.
–Set time with Marta to meet next week also
–Reconciled Bank Accounts and paid some bills
–Watched Expert Media Show with Daniel Hall speaking about email marketing
–Tried to figure out how to create line drawings in Adobe Illustrator. Not very successful. Can’t download Pixelator – need higher operating system.
–Did get some squirrel coloring images that I like.
–Stayed up way too late. Then read Violin – still haven’t started my story yet, but need to do that.

May 6 – Wednesday–
–Woken by Mel’s boss at 5:55 am to ask if she was going to the client at 7am. I was in a deep, deep sleep. Had no idea as Melody is house-sitting, not hanging here.
–City meeting will happen on Monday, suppose to have been my day off, going to it.
–JC came to look at chairs. She likes one, good to open some space in my office.
–FaceBook wants a new set-up for business pages. Tried to find a way around it. Couldn’t. Will try to have to set it up tomorrow. Really frustrated that need to use personal FB to be the admin. Shared info w/ JC and seems she has done this now.
–Nat & Restorative Justice–doesn’t make sense to me. Need to deal with bigger picture, not just D and the raging conversation.
–AnR and set date to meet on Monday to use the Gift Cert at Mona Lisa’s
–Dinner, watched TV – 2 drinks, why was I trying to turn myself off?
–Tony Laidig webinar touched a cord deeply. My world of chaos has come to be how I think is normal.
–Multi-tasking when he was speaking of things I had heard before. Sized images for FB posts about Rest & Creation on Festival FB page tomorrow.

May 7 – Thursday–
–Went to Home Depot for 4 Tomato Plants for $10 and a few other items for the garden.
–Stopped at Ln’s. Chocolate and Jelly Beans, not a good lunch. She has a new RV for camping. So very beautiful and she will use it a lot!
–At King’s bought some treat foods for myself. Can tell I am not in my frugal or careful eating mind. But really need something to eat different than what I have been eating lately. Same old, same old has gotten very old.
–Didn’t get FB new request handled.
–Listened to the last half hour of Laidig webinar. Yes, festival situation is a log jam. But how do I walk away from something that has been a part of my life and livelihood for almost 41 years?
–Saw an email about the Works Session being cancelled & this was moved to a regualar Council Session just as I was about to leave for the Ruxton Incline meeting. Called L at Chamber. She had been stuck in the nasty hailstorm across town & was still there. She had just left a message for the Mayor saying we need a work session, not to do this at a regular meeting.
–Knowing I will be late, walked out the door. A car hails me and it is Shrl from the Creative District group. I ask if she is headed to City Hall, past it yes, but she gave me a ride, so wasn’t too late.
–Talked with City Manager and confirmed our Monday morning meeting. He hadn’t read PARAB’s report. Send it to him tomorrow.
–Talked to the Mayor and emphasized why we need a Work Session situation, not a regular Council meeting. He there was only 1 other agenda item for the regular meeting. Then he said in the past there have times when a Work Session happened before a regular meeting and he would try to set that up. “PARAB’s wings need to be clipped.” was a statement made also. Gives me hope we can reverse some new rules and future plans PARAB is proposing to keep festivals financially & logistically viable in Memorial Park.
–Ran into Gwn on way home. Mentioned I would like to talk some things out with her. Invited me to come Friday. Get home and realize I have 2 days of no meetings, then all day Sunday at CMWL shop. Probably not going to work.
–Eating rather unusual way. Did end with a nice salad for dinner.

Awesome April Comes to an End

April 28 – Tuesday–
–Technical glitch kept me & others from joining in the every other Tuesday meditation/healing circle. Instead of getting upset, Awesome Julia focused on sending white light and healing energy to my friend in Nepal and all who were affected by the earthquakes and avalanches during that time.
–Later saw a post from my friend saying he and his team are doing well and trekking back down the mountain to work on an exit plan from Nepal.
–Festival task of a specific bit of advertising for artists addressed. And sent out reminder emails to everyone on our list about the deadline just a month away. Took the rest of the morning to re-write and fill out the form properly and send the emails.
–Two opposite responses from a group about the PARAB challenge. Actually most of the group said I wrote a very thoughtful and solution-based note. One was arguing more in PARAB’s favor and said I should not “demonize” these hard working volunteers and be willing to cooperate with them. Odd, I try very hard to look at solutions and I removed the harsh words that had been raged at me the other night. And I have over the years offered to meet with them many times and never been contacted. Hard to work together when not invited to the “party.”
–And that email is making me think twice before doing what the newspaper reporter called and asked me to do today, send her a shorter letter than what I said at City Council. When I do go to the paper, I need to be sure I don’t have anyone interpret in any way but looking for solutions that can work for all parties. So postponed that letter awhile.
–Discovered a client’s web site was down. Called Springs Hosting and a tech helped get it back up. A glitch on their server. Since it was caused by the WordPress update, he then made sure all my other sites were OK and they are. Awesome technical support!
–Walked 1/2 mile to & from Branding meeting for CMWL.
–Time to go and do a different healing meditation for myself tonight.

April 29 – Wednesday–
–Walked 1/2 mile to & from an early (yawn) morning meeting for Art Walks in Manitou.
–Got a tour of the beautiful new Sun Water Spa building that opens Friday. Awesome energy put into this building. Can’t wait to see it open and in full use. And get a soak in the mineral waters.
–Called my plumber friend who I owed lunch and he was available today. So did that. Ethiopian Restaurant in Old Colorado City. Bought some expensive chocolate as late birthday gift to myself.
–Worked on how to present Memorial Park use to City Council. Will look at it once more then send it to the Chamber to get feedback, as she will be at the meeting also and it affects their events also. Using the map of the park with notes on it to make my point. Visuals always seem to help. Put the $ value of booths that will be lost in those spaces. Making a very big suggestion to designate that park as the Event/Festival Park which would mean coordinator would always be invited to discuss changes.
–Got told by the person I asked to read my point by point response to consider not sending the response to the person with an opposing view. Still thinking about that . . .
–Did chat with someone else who brought me starts for berry bushes and saw the other person’s response to my carefully worded speech. She too was confused by the reference to me “demonizing” PARAB. Didn’t read what I had said that way at all.
–Breath & stay calm. Stand in my Truth. Keep working towards a viable solution for all.
–Worked on client’s web site request. I really don’t want to do web sites for other people, but have a few clients from the past that still want me to do the work . . .
–Paid a pledge to our local PBS radio station-KRCC. Made sure could afford it by paying as many bills that were due and projecting ones that will arrive soon in Quicken.
–Dinner and TV, kitchen cleaning and adding pieces to the Council presentation. Sort of took the evening off, but got tasks accomplished also.
–Used the Celusizer for 1/2 hour also!

April 30 – Thursday–
–Finalized the map with comments & the idea sheet for the talk with City Council about how to work with Event/Festival coordinators that have used Manitou’s Memorial Park for 15-40 years. Shared a “Big Idea” and suggestions of how PARAB could work with us better. Sent it out to different groups for feedback before the May 12th meeting.
–Cleaned up a door I want to paint different colors (white & black) on each side to use as a backdrop in my outdoor Photo Studio.
–1 hour in the garden. Cleared most of the weeds from one raised bed and some other areas in the front garden.
–Getting excited as the Poppies are about to pop and create a riot of orange for so many people who walk by my home to enjoy.

Poppies about to Bloom


Poppies about to bloom in the front garden.
–Arranged times to work with a client who waited until the last minute to work on her manual for a class that starts on May 12 & she is traveling for a week before.
–Got the Kindle version of the Squirrel book created & made corrections in the CreateSpace version that I found while doing the Kindle. Added some words to the Glossary. Both are ready to publish.
–Made progress on the bonus piece for the Squirrely book to invite people on to a list.—Listened to a recorded webinar and missed a live one-didn’t see the email for it.
–Started to get lost in FaceBook and need to get to sleep for early appointment in the morning.

Awesome April and the Creative District Converge

April 21 – Tuesday–
–Packed most items for my trip tomorrow in the morning and will go finish up after posting this.
–Lunch on my sunny porch to get revitalized.
–Drove to PO, Bank and and the Chamber Task Force meeting. Didn’t have time to walk. 🙁
–At end of regular agenda Shared the PARAB drama with the 2 members who didn’t know about it. Quickly read my letter. Totally supportive of Commonwheel & me. Chamber person asked I leave off the last paragraph and let her ask at Council for a Work Session on this subject.
–Another friend had called and asked to have me practice reading the letter to her after that meeting. She suggested I take out one sentence. It sounded personal and was afraid it would distract from the message of this Awesome letter I had written. So I removed it, and have to admit she was very right about that.
–Multi-tasked a bit listening to Tony’s webinar. Glad it was one that I didn’t have to take lots of notes as it was more philosophical than detailed training.
–City Council and I was a bit nervous, but read the letter and when Chamber asked for the meeting, they gave us a date sooner than we expected. Really good as it will be before her WineFest and may be able to get some things agreed upon to make setting that up easier for her. And most Council members expressed shock and surprise of what PARAB was saying and doing. “They are just an advisory board, they shouldn’t be making policy or deciding what is to be done in our parks without Council’s approval.” was the best comment we heard all night. Glad I stood in my truth and presented it in a way that was heard by all parties at the meeting. Will do an interview with the newspaper next week upon request from the reporter there.
–I knew I wouldn’t get anything done on my Squirrel book today, so didn’t waste time or energy trying or worrying about that. Did get lots accomplished and feel so much lighter after the Council meeting. Really looking forward to spending 3 days with Creative District folks learning and networking with positive art oriented people. The awesome Julia is taking my “How To Plan A Sustainable Event” book to share and promote.

April 22 – Wednesday–Earth Day
Left Manitou Springs with 5 friends crowded into one car to drive for 3.5 hours to Ft. Collins to attend the Creative District Convene. Manitou is a candidate in its first year of a 2 year process. I have attended all but the first one of these conferences, this made #3 for me to attend. Always exciting to learn new things and share what we have been doing as a Creative District. I always try to sit at tables and in groups of people from other towns to learn what they have to share and plans for their Creative Districts.
–The event was held in an old Carnegie Library that had been transformed into an event space centered around the arts.
–Keynote speaker was interesting and has a book we should all read.
–Had us do a couple of exercises mixing with other reps.
–Another set of speakers talked about how they funded large projects relating to affordable housing and work spaces for artists. Very exciting. Our Creative District manager will be talking more with them and invite them for an evaluation of Manitou Springs.
–Dinner was at various restaurants that we were to chose from and mix with other reps from Creative Districts around the state. I went to one with a fish based menu. Interesting people.
–A visit to the art center and back to the hotel for a good night sleep.

April 23 – Thursday–
Awesome inspirational ideas.
–Did a walking tour of the Creative District in Ft. Collins. A solution they came up with how to stop “tagging” of Municipal Utility Boxes was ingenious. They found a renewing grant to use to pay artists to paint the boxes. Each year more are painted.

Ft. Collins Creative District


–Then there were the pianos that were painted, placed around town where people would play them. Artists are paid to paint them, pianists play them. And as we walked around saw a little girl playing one and having a great time. Brought a smile to all of our faces. The pianos last about a year or two being outside and get moved to different locations.

Painted Piano in Ft. Collins Creative District

Many types of murals were painted in various areas all around the Creative District.

Spring Garden Mural in Ft. Collins Creative District

–Gala food and drinks on the rooftop at the end of the day. Lovely locally distilled whiskeys.
–Dinner where I had just desert and a drink as had eaten plenty at the reception. The desert was huge. Shared it. Had a glass of wine which was also larger than expected.
–Another rooftop bar and performance by musician that had been at last year’s conference. Unusual style. Has a new book about dinosaurs out and looking to do a concert at the Woodland Park dinosaur attraction.

April 24 – Friday–
–Marketing sessions. One was not very interesting, the other had some great suggestions of how to get noticed by art editors in newspapers.
–Awesome Poetry Slam high school student and older poet were the keynotes at lunch.
–Came home from the Creative District Conference in a less crowded car.
–Full of ideas and conversations to be had with each other and the rest of the team that is working on the Creative District application and formation. The poets that performed at the Governors Award Luncheon were awesome. So glad I traded rides home with someone who absolutely needed to get back by a specific time.
–Our group of 4 survived a long rush-hour traffic ride and stopped at an Outlet Mall where the driver needed to purchase a specific type of squishy down coat at a bargain price for her trip to Brazil later this year.
–And I gave myself an early birthday gift of a new fleece coat for under $30. My favorite one has become a bit rag-tagged, good for hiking, but not so much for every day wearing.
-Inspired by seeing so many Creatives working together and sharing these last 3 days.

April 25 – Saturday–
–Woke to a horoscope that echoed the feeling of exhaustion I was having.
–Praying for an incredible artist (potter) friend in Nepal. Just now read a post that he was a distance from Katmandu and safe, so that is good news. Not sure what that means for the trek he had planned for many years.
–Met with my upstairs tenants to discuss gardening plans. Will create some raised beds, use an old log for a herb bed, and two old wheel barrows to plant Kale.
–Gave them some YL Thieves and Eucalyptus Oils to help her and her visiting parents battle a cold they are sharing. No hugs though.
–Gathered some items out of the basement that can be parts of raised beds.
–Had the wrong time for the Trust Funnel webinar. So catching up with Awesome posts
and other things.
–Feeling a bit better after a short nap.

April 26 – Sunday–
–So many posts from friends on Facebook celebrating my birthday today! Feeling Awesome and very much loved!
–Sweet voice on the phone singing a birthday song. Instead of going out today, will plan a sunny day hike and lunch together. I have never been date sensitive for celebrations.
–My friend who rents a room from me took me to breakfast within walking distance using umbrellas. She ended the meal with gluten-free chocolate “birthday” cake. And a gift of sipping Tequila.
–Best FB wishes came from my cousin who included Tim Hawkins Musical Old Rock Star Songs that made me laugh and smile with thoughts of our Awesome family connections.
–Still praying to hear some good news from Nepal about the potter friend who was near base camp when the earthquake happened yesterday. Sending Light and Love to all in Nepal.
–Rainy day start to my birthday. Holding the belief that the flood mitigation will do all it was planned to do, even in its unfinished stage . . . and protect Manitou Springs from flooding again.
–Tried to figure out where the water in the basement could be coming from by looking outside. No clue! And it is predicted to rain for days. Need to keep the smaller container bailed into the one with the sump pump. Good stair exercise is the only benefit from this challenge.
–Sent out in emails my notes from the conference to different groups. Sent some images out also. Posted some of my favorites on Facebook. Did this so I can start my week without these tasks hanging over me to get done.
–Took a nap to recharge a bit. Got unpacked from my trip and did laundry. Had to battle the visiting kitty to let me remake the bed-Hissss! Had an easy dinner, watched a TV show and finishing up on the computer to get to bed early tonight.

April 27 – Monday–
–Health appointment and errands in the morning. I don’t enjoy shopping, so do as many errands in one trip as possible.
–Met with the sponsors of the Beer Garden at the Commonwheel Art Festival. They came up with an Awesome suggestion of how to rearrange the stage & garden layout. I can see it working so very well and something I would never have thought of-collaboration is so Awesome.
–Received an unexpected check in the mail. Plus I am having a really good month of sales at Commonwheel of my Fantafaces feathery masks and jewelry. Will allow me to be a bit more relaxed financially for the next few months.
–At the CMWL Board meeting I contributed to an idea of how rearrange an area that became the solution for creating an “office” space for our new Marketing person and at the same time would resolve another challenge we were having regarding artist spaces.

Awesome April Continues

April 14 – Tuesday
–Washed the wet and used items brought home yesterday after the Hot Springs.
–Took my plumber friend to lunch at Ethiopian restaurant for fixing the washer. Joked about I got a “free lunch” out of the deal as this was to pay him for the work, and lunch for two would cost about the same as his bill. Then because my meal took a really, really long time to get prepared, they wouldn’t let us pay anything! No tip, nothing. And this was a bad day for the owner, an oven had died. No amount of arguing would change their mind, including my saying I owed K money and this was his payment. So will just have to come back again with K and enjoy a meal there again. (We did leave a tip under a napkin.)
–Wrote up the Art Festival committee meeting agenda. Clarified the account of the Memorial Tree / PARAB drama I experienced on Friday night to discuss how to proceed in response to this situation. It needs to involve many groups and community members and will not be an easy fix.
–Attended Trust Funnel & Expert Media Show webinars.
–Researched covers of other Kids books.
–Posted on Fest FB page about Gallery show opening Friday.
–Gonna see if I can at least finish 2 more sections of this book, but pretty tired . . .

April 15 – Wednesday
–Finalized Festival meeting agenda and notes from dramatic encounter on Friday night.
–Sorted some papers.Now 5 piles are only 2 piles. Discovered an ad deadline I almost missed. Emailed the info and got into the Chase Event 2016 just on time. Whew!
–Walked to Commonwheel via the Post Office. Made copies for Fest meeting.
–Walked back over the Osage hill and the over to mineral spring for water.
–Took photos of sculpture and blossoming trees.
–Cleaned living room & kitchen for meeting with help of my housemate.
–Fixed Chili Relloños Casserole and Gluten Free Cornbread for meal. Lemonade with natural spring water w/ Maple Syrup to sweeten it to drink.
–Strange meeting. Decided needed to meet at the Park next time to decide where to place Beer Garden, Stage and how to lay out the park. Conversation about the drama and threats to making it more difficult to hold the Festival in the park it has been in for 40 years minus the year of the flood was a bit odd. But steps to take this info next were agreed upon. Did some real fast decisions of easy things after these two lengthy discussions.
–Worked on the final pages of the Kids Squirrel book. Cover next. Then redo it for Squirrels on Kindle. But that will be easy once this version is finalized. Just need to copy and paste the text and add photos in a Word doc. Not sure if I need to downsize the images, but again, that would be easy to take them from 300 dpi to 72 dpi.
–Halfway through and will want to keep up this journaling. Should be posting in one of my blogs . . . will see if I can catch up there over the next few days.

April 16 – Thursday
–Had a meeting with the Chamber about the drama last Friday that also effects their events held in the park our Art Festival is held. Supportive and knowing we both need to address this with the City Council, but they have an event this weekend that will take all their focus. Gave them pictures and written info about the whole situation and the response of one Council member who makes this a very serious challenge.
–Waiting for my meeting, talked with their event strategist who saw my map of the park. I will send her a copy of my detailed and almost to scale map to help her lay out booths for the upcoming WineFest. Offered to let her come work with me on my computer with the program I use to do the Art Fest booth layout if it would be helpful to her.
–It is snowing! White-out style of snow. Went to Gazette’s Best Of the Springs Party anyway. Great food, and lots of people to chat with.Then had a disappointing to discovery, no Gallery was in the issue. Had been told we won, and so put in an ad. Weird. And the end of that story Friday was even weirder.
–Took advantage of a free 15 minute massage before I left the party.
–Came home feeling exhausted from stress and disappointment. Was going to work in my feather studio, instead went to bed and slept almost 12 hours. Guess I was tired.

April 17 – Friday–
–Woke to thunder and snow! Very strange weather. Around noon the sun came out and started to melt the snow. Spring Time in the Rockies! Gotta love it!
–Spent the morning writing a letter to be sent in confidence to a few community leaders. Still staying away from going public with this bit of drama until have more support for Commonwheel’s position. Or if don’t have the support, how to plan an exit strategy . . . not in the best interest of the town or our Art Co-op, but something to consider.
–I am not handling this as an outsider very well. 40 years of putting energy into creating an Art Festival that benefits our small town and is loved by so many people that is being threatened by an appointed Board of 6 people is not easy to be neutral about. And it is keeping me for doing other tasks with joy for the Art Festival or my own business. I do keep up with most tasks, but feeling very drained today.
–Read in our local weekly paper almost exactly what was said to me in anger in very “pretty phrases” in the PARAB monthly report by this person.
–Went on Art Walk and couldn’t keep from talking about the PARAB drama piece. Two people took a moment to read the article in the paper that was at one gallery. At least 4 people, maybe 6, want to write letters in support of the Art Festival. Just ask them. Just need to keep myself calm and put forth the truth in ways the Art Festival gets support and a solution can be found.
–Came home and worked on the cover of my Squirrel book. Started with a totally different image and think I now have it . . . except the title isn’t solidified.
–Have the Squirrel Kindle version’s cover and title done. Working on Sub-title and CreateSpace Cover.

April 18 – Saturday–
–This Night Owl got up early and walked over the Osage hill to the HealthFair to get blood drawn and a few other health assessments.
–Talked to a City Council person about the drama and she was shocked. Some support there is really good. And at the “stress test session” was asked to talk about what is the most stressful thing for me right now. So mentioned the drama. This person will also write a letter and congratulated me on being able to laugh and focus on things beyond this. My blood pressure was higher than my normal very low reading, but still lower than most people’s.
–Had a few responses to the email sent yesterday. And answered a couple of their questions.
–Finalized the CreateSpace Cover and sub-title for both books.
–Worked on the Word Search Puzzles that will be part of the bonus attached to the Squirrel book. Have poems and images created to go with them for this also.
–I spent 4 hours in my feather filled studio creating 5 masks and 6 pairs of earrings, just shows my head isn’t totally on straight over the drama that has been coloring my life. But I am Awesome enough that I did get past it on some level and was able to focus in my art studio and create some different looking masks to take to Commonwheel.
Not the way I usually photograph my work, but they are all headed to the Gallery on Monday where I can photo them individually easily.
–Took a fun break of watching a couple of TV shows I missed last week.
–Just realized how late it is . . . to bed!

April 19 – Sunday–
–Had a rough start to the day. Went to grocery store and wandered trying to figure out what I needed for my 3 day trip to the Creative District Conference later this week.
–Sat on the porch and had a chilly lunch break. Trying to shake off the horrible thoughts of what PARAB is trying to do to make the juried beloved Art Festival that I have been involved in for all of its 41 years to not be able to use its home park in the near future.
–Created the page on my web site that the bonus download book will be connected to so I could have the URL in the books. Have work to do on the page & the bonus.
–Played with the Squirrely maze concept. Actually like what I came up with.
–Got all of the images for the Kindle book created using the ones for the CreateSpace version. Learned the lesson long ago if I want to create both types of books, just do the CreateSpace one first with all the 300 dpi images. Then can just translate those down to 72 dpi and some resizing works well for Kindle. Also get to check that all CS are in CMYK, and did find some that needed fixing.
–Gathered some items for packing for my trip.
–Took care of some bills and other business today.
–Joined Tony Laidig’s new training. I know, not suppose to train with 2 trainers at the same time, but I really love his classes, so couldn’t resist.

April 20 – Monday–
–Long day 9:30 am – 6:15 pm) working at the Commonwheel Artists Co-op. Started with a computer challenge that took two people to resolve. Was then able to place my masks and earrings in inventory & put out for sale. Took pictures of the masks, but not processing them to post anywhere tonight.
–I always have fun with visitors who come in while I am working there.
–Wrote what I plan on saying at City Council Tuesday night to address the drama that threatens the financial future of our 41 year old Art Festival and all festivals held in Manitou’s Memorial Park.
–At 6:15pm went to the Manitou Springs Art Council Board meeting. Since they are advocates for the arts, I brought this challenge to their attention. One member came up with the most awesome, brilliant way to approach to bring to City Council to find a really winning solution for all festivals that are held in the park. I love this guy! Other board members brought up new points neither I nor the Chamber had thought to mention. It was a really awesome brainstorming session that will result in one or more letters written. At least one will be endorsed by MSAC and sent to City Council and may be a letter to the editor to engage more community members. Felt so appreciated for what I have done in the past and that there will be great community support to resolve this challenge with a positive outcome for the arts community as a whole.
–Need to do a few things to get ready for my trip to represent Manitou Springs at the Creative District Conference that starts on Wednesday. Really looking forward to three days where I get to be around so many positive people who have made differences in their communities for all the arts!
–And hopefully to bed a bit early tonight, as I am exhausted.

Awesome April Second Week

April 7 – Tuesday
–Caught up to Webinar #4 for Trust Funnel. Still working on the Kids book, but going forward with deciding on my main niche, which I pretty much knew before starting Brian’s class.
–Am asking now 3 places which URL to use for my main web site. CreateSustainableLife or CreateASustainable Life? VOTE here if you would. (Someone commented that adding the “A” avoids it being thought of as something religious or ProLife.”
–Finally got a handle on the DropBox problem! Operator Error. And it is now totally resolved. Took care of some Festival & Gallery Marketing tasks for Commonwheel.
–Went for half hour walk including up the stairs and farther up the hill. I will never do the Manitou Incline which is many times longer and straight up, but these stairs are enough to get my leg muscles stronger.

Stairs by Miramont Castle in Manitou Springs–Tony Laidig’s Expert Media Show session #132 was so AWESOME I shared it with my link with 4 different groups of people.
–Roommate apologized again for the drama she created. Let it go at that.
–Will do a bit more work on Kids Book, then time for a more restful night sleep. May listen for the 5th time to a series of healing chants if quit working before 11pm.

April 8 – Wednesday
–Delivered festival request for a PARAB grant.
–Festival TV sponsorship meeting. They agreed to do the same amount of sponsorship again. I so enjoy working with these two awesome women. And everyone’s happy the Fest will be back in its home park of 38 years again.
–Researched how to do a SmartPhone view for Future of Wellness web site. AWESOME! She likes my suggested solution.
–Enjoying the AWESOME spring flowering trees all around town, then slowly drove home thru the Garden of the Gods.
–Got hearing aid and computer glitches resolved. Removed Parallels. New back-up drive is in process of backing up.
–Began looking at how to lay out the entertainment, food court and beer garden to meet with all parties and discuss if it will work. Need to go measure where a tree is first.
–Started putting images in the Kids Squirrel Book. Rearranging some of the text.
–Changed my birthday hot spring celebration trip to next Monday so I don’t have to miss 2 live trainings Tuesday.
–Been able to keep from having an emotional response, staying rational, about a very heavy discussion on the CMWL Board.

April 9 – Thursday
-Made Turkey soup from the Easter Turkey.
-Even tho knew I would drive somewhere after a meeting AND it was raining, walked the 1/2 mile to and from the MAC for the Creative District Task Force Meeting. And it was an AWESOME productive meeting.
-Went to our local small theater that presents never before seen work. Had an AWESOME good time. Connected with people I rarely see and gave out my business card many times.
-Did some mapping out of a new Festival Booth lay out and concepts of where to move Stage to accommodate Beer Garden as a new addition to the Art Festival.
-Unpleasant surprise later when walking thru the park to see a newly planted Memorial tree right in the middle of the pathway for booth set-up after I gave them actual pictures and the map of suggested places. Will have to deal with this tomorrow.
-Did a few simple changes on 2 web sites I handle.

April 10 – Friday
-Challenging Day and not in a good way on many levels.
-Tried to figure out how to handle the tree in the middle of the pathway at an art festival. Some ideas, but all meant giving up 3-4 income producing booths.
-Accepted dinner invite from neighbors & brought nothing but myself. Really lovely people, helped to get my energy and belief in the future more positive.
-Went to the Lantern Parade and took some pictures for the coordinator. This is an AWESOME endeavor by a small group of people. The kids and their lanterns were so very fun and creative.
-Walking down the street laughing and got verbally attacked by the person who determined the placement of the tree. Seriously, Now?  She told me to take our art fair with a 41 year history of positive energy being brought to Manitou and go to Colorado Springs, they didn’t need us here. And a lot more ugly things were said by her directed at me. It brought me to tears. I allowed myself to talk to other friends, and graciously let go of one conversation it became apparent that it would be more appropriate for her to talk later about this. Another friend took me for a glass of wine and confirmed that what the PARAB person had said was totally out of line and gave me much validation for all the work I have contributed to the town the last 40 years. She will step in and help mitigate this situation and has the position to make that effort. Sent her all the info I had before writing this to clear tomorrow for some personal business time.
-I make every effort to approach challenges with a solution-based approach, so this situation has me reeling and confused by the anger directed at me for wanting the best of both worlds that would be easy to achieve if dealt with in a rational way.
-Found a bag of chocolate Easter eggs on my bed from my roommate. Not in my diet plan, but accept the gesture for what her positive intent was for giving them to me.

Lantern Parade in Manitou Springs

–Went to do Laundry and discovered didn’t have the right part. Called GE got a really helpful person. Figured out how to get the shaft into the new part. But still needed another part that I had described when ordering the parts. I had laundry going, but when tried to see if the fixed part would work, it turned it off with water filling the machine. Was told whe would overnight the needed part for free. Had to remove the clothes as was afraid my favorite white based items might get colorized by the dark blue sweaters.
-At Safeway, bought good artisan bread as a comfort food, but resisted some sicken sweet gooey chocolate covered pastry to appease my low feelings today.

April 11 – Saturday
–Decided to stay away from the drama that had me in tears last night. So stayed off the internet, until now, to not be tempted to write emails.
–Instead I decided to see how close to finishing both versions of the Kids Squirrel book. I just couldn’t do a quick and not valuable book and I have published many books alread. As this progresses I am really liking liking how the Paperback version is looking. That will make the Kindle version a breeze to create.
–A dear friend did call and gave me much loving support and although friends with both of us, really confirmed the other person was very out-of-line in what she said to me. She gave me much love and validated my worht and the importance of the 41 year old Art Festival.
–She also made me aware how long the tree had been planted and I just hadn’t been in the park to notice it. Distressing as this tree is a Memorial Tree to a very dear friend of us both. Even moe distressing is that in 2011 an council woman who is still on City Council emailed saying a situation like this that happened back then, would never happen again. And this is pretty much a total duplication of that situation.
–Where to go with this next is still to be decided by me and my Festival Committee and perhaps the Chamber will get involved.
–The woman sharing my house & caused me distress on Easter is making amends with food items including bringing me my favorite German Pretzel Rolls.
***Stress and food gifts are making it difficult to even consider dieting right now.

April 12 – Sunday
–Checked in with the friend to go to the hot springs to celebrate our birthdays in April.
–Called my plumber friend who was able to put the timer piece on my washer and got it to work. Asked me to take him to lunch at our favorite awesome Ethiopian restaurant on Tuesday. Then did 2 loads of laundry.
–Took all my scribbles about Friday night drama and put it in a point by point email to my Festival Committee and Commonwheel Board. Sent a note of regret to the person who this will aslo cause heartache to-such a shame a memorial tree for someone who dearly loved this Art Festival is causing financial stress for all future festivals. But the threatening conversation on Friday night cannot be ignored for the sake of future events, not just ours in the park. Sent the emails off and won’t do anything more until Tuesday.
–Next Spent 2 hours in the garden and putting pansies in a pot for the porch.
–Would have had my squirrel book’s paperback version finished except my upstairs tenant’s car died and she needed a lift back to the house. She had gone to look at gardening stuff and I had given her some money to buy the potting soil that was on sale, so her car was filled with soil and groceries. They were lucky it died today and not before as they had just returned from a trip to the Sand Dunes.
–Got packed for tomorrow and now heading to bed.

April 13 – Monday
–Drove to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs with a friend. Having a special day to celebrate or 2 April birthdays. Insisted on bringing a 2nd big robe for her and she was very happy I did. Warm waters, chilly breezy air when not in the water.
–Shared the recent drama, as she knew I was upset. Was as shocked as others by it.
–There were more deer and antelope along the way than I had seen in years. Awesome enjoyable scenic drive! Stopped when saw a herd of buffalo on the side of the road on the way home. Will see how the iPhone did taking pictures Tuesday. Couldn’t see what I was trying to take a picture of because of bright sun. And not sure how to get all the photos off my phone. But here is one of the buffalo and snow-capped mountains in the background.

Bufallo in South Park Colorado

—Got to the springs and let go of that while in the healing waters. Focused on ideas for my HieroGraphics Books and some next steps to take and just enjoyed the beauty and the healing waters.
–Had a lovely dinner and wine tastings before going home. Bought her desert for her Birthday.
–Went directly to bed without checking emails.

Awesome April First Week

April 1, 2015
Got up early enough (not a morning person) to get to the Art Co-op in time before others arrived to sign up for the desired shifts for the next 6 months. Walked there & back.

-Received 4 gifts today: a friend returned proofing on a journal creating; extra batteries hearing aids; a coupon for glasses that the seller gave me when realized I didn’t have it; extra $ back on grocery purchase when clerk made an error. Very grateful and thanked everyone well.

-Been putting of getting glasses, just did it! And really happy to have taken this action today.

-Bought 2 rose bushes to replace one that died by my front porch. Looking forward to planting them at the end of the month

-Colorado weather isn’t very predictable in April.

-Now a couple of hours on one of my books, probably Children’s book.

–OK, an hour into working on my children’s book a long-time client called at 9:30 pm and needed an old flyer to update. Deep search on my computer, but found it. She gave me misinformation about the version of Quark she was using, so took much time to get it sent to her in a way it would open for her. Gently kept asking questions until I figured out what was needed and got it done. I trade for massages with her, and felt I needed one after this fun adventure. Just saw LCE post and have to say my awesome part here was not ignoring the phone call and getting this done for her without sounding frustrated with the situation.

April 2:
–Walked over the hill to CMWL gallery today. Then up more hills to take photos of the Flood Mitigation work on Cañon Avenue. Need to get inspired to update my Flood Lessons book.

–Spent many hours finishing up the text for Kids book and gathered photos to use inside. Next step find which photos of mine will work & create cover.

–Didn’t watch new webinars, kept on task for current projects & trainers

–Kept my cool when told that the next possible time to see a recommended surgeon would be June 6, 2016, yes, next year. Gotta ponder a bit on our medical system. Luckily, it isn’t an urgent need . . .

-Action I took: Watched Felicia & Lou’s 1st videos in a 30 day Video Challenge to tell stories.

-OK, need to start writing one story a day of my own. Too late tonight. But one more push to do this.)

April 3- Missing

Awesome Sky

April 4:

Listened to Nichol’s interview while working on getting images ready for the Kid’s Squirrel book. Then tuned into eTown on radio in time to hear an Awesome story relating to Sustainable life and then a song about not giving up. Really connected to this.

–Took a 30 minute walk up some stairs & up the hilly road

-Got the best picture of nest for the book I have taken yet.

–Actually got into my feather studio & created 13 pairs of earrings (which have been flying out of the door at the CMWL gallery) & 2 masks.

–Suggested a small Easter dinner party & everyone accepted . . . defrosting a turkey now.

–Connected Chi & 2 people who she needs some info that they have regarding her Farmer’s Market idea.

–Took some winter coats to the upstairs closet, it is time to weed some things out of there . . . future project.

And just for fun posting a picture of the sky I saw last night and may be a cover of one of the Journals I have almost done. But staying on track of finishing one project first – Kids Book – before working more on two other books in progress.

 Awesome Sky Awesome Sky






  I thought this was one of the most Awesome skies I have seen in a long time.

Awesome Sky Awesome Sky






 April 5 – Awesome Easter Sunday
OK This is long, but was a very full day

–Worked with my roommate to cut down junk elm trees that are shading garden areas. Two friends appeared just as we were dealing with one of the largest and heaviest bits of tree and got it out of the garden area safely. One tenant came down to help & carried 3 cans of the small branches up the hillside where is a big compost area. Her boyfriend showed up with hinged clippers to cut up some larger branches. Also got the four that were in the back yard giving racoons access to the roor & a fire hazard as too close to house.

–Invited another friend to dinner and the upstairs tenants (vegetarians, but we would have lots of food they could eat & asked them to bring a salad.) I had wanted to keep it simple, but then just kept inviting people. Had a really fun meal. Lots of laughter, a little bit of wine. We had gotten into some pretty heavy conversations and I had spoken fairly clearly about something all didn’t absolutely agree upon, but we had lovely rational conversations and lots of more laughter. Wonderful raspberries, strawberries and a chocolate cake for desert. My tenants asked if I would mind if they painted some color on a couple of walls, saying they would repaint it white later. And oh, could they do some replacement tiling in the bathroom. All very fine with me. And then . . . after everyone left, my roommate made a very strange accusation that was so far from reality, I couldn’t believe she said it. I told her that made no sense at all and she got more angry and repeated that I was drunk and so of course I didn’t remember what happened . . . I was no where near drunk, and what she said hadn’t happened. She slammed her bedroom door saying we would talk about it in the morning. My Awesome reaction: Instead of pounding on her door, or getting into a shouting match, I let it go with her. Then I called two of the guests and both of them said no, that did not happen, and they had drank as much, if not more than me, and I seemed perfectly lucid and pretty normal. And I am writing this now, and had put most of my pottery dishes away without breaking anything, so I am sure my memory is correct and I was not so very drunk to not remember everything that evening.

-What this makes me know that I need to get more awesome in a way that creates enough financial freedom that I no longer need a roommate. The last one was totally crazy, and this one does have moments that I just don’t understand where she is coming from. So working towards that change is my goal.

–DropBox is being problematical. I moved many files out, but they are still there. So moving them one by one to clear up space. And they showed back up again! Moving again and trashing the files left on DropBox. Hope that works

April 6 – Monday
Had a surprisingly decent night sleep, then started the day w/ roommate loudly being angry over something I didn’t do, but her boyfriend acquiesced to her perception, then later told me he had done that, putting me in the middle. Ridiculous! Later she did apologize and kept on about how she & he were having issues. I told her I appreciated her talking to me, but I couldn’t apologize for something I didn’t do & we agreed we would give some space here & she repeated that I hadn’t done anything wrong. Exhausting.

-A friend had called & suggested we go to breakfast. Even though had much to do, went to get away from strange energy. Not right that I don’t feel comfortable in my home. We talked about the situation & some of his insights did help, tho some were ones I had last night. —Worked a deal for ads for Fest & Gallery in Summer Fun Guide for less than 1/4 the cost. Score!  -Got the Fest Grant proposal written.

-Walked 1/2 mile to & from CMWL monthly meeting.

–Got the 13 pairs of earrings & 1 Fantafaces mask into the Gallery.

–Really tired, but doing a bit of work w/ Dropbox issue, slowly making progress.

Catching Up After A Break

OK, after NAMS, I started a new training program – actually 2 programs.

One was around writing books taught by Brian G. Johnson of Trust Funnel fame, and the other was sharing our AWESOME selves.

So I have been writing up my days and not posting here. Decided to post all that info a week at a time I think.

And will share more about the new book in a different post.

So here goes sharing a bit of awesome Julia. The pre-April posts are below.


March 29,
-Making inroads on cleaning up the outside areas of my home. Getting ready for creating more garden areas that my tenants and housemate can share the daily chores and reap the benefits of growing more of our own food this year.
-KLS: That is definitely an awesome self sustainable endeavor!
March 29 at 12:00pm · Like · 1

** Julia Wright 2 Reminders:

* 1. Never work in the garden where dozens of people walk by without a business card or more in your pocket.

* 2. Always engage in conversations with people interested in what you are doing.
-Julia Wright I had to run into the house to get my business card when a woman and her husband reacted interested when I told them I help people publish books.

* Julia Wright Lesson #3: Wear a head scarf or look like a really wild woman with as crazy hair as Brian G. Johnson. Looked in the mirror when I came in and wondered if anyone would take me as a professional with the way I looked out in the garden.
March 29 at 5:34pm · Like · 1

*Julia Wright I moved a very wicked rose from the pathway of the garden. It is one of the plants that survived when about 1/3 of the garden fell into the creek in 1997 flood. The hooked thorns have injured me many times and it was growing right in front of the Poppies and Rhubarb, but couldn’t just throw this survivor away. So giving it a chance to survive by moving it to a back corner of the garden.

Wicked Rose Dig By Rhubarb_2639 Wicked Rose Replanted_2648

Wicked Rose Hooks CloseUp_2636

K W: Julia Wright, I love your gardening efforts. I am preparing beds, too, in a new garden so I can grow more food to feed myself and others. My favorite reading lately: all about microbes and the soil. I am geeky crazy for this subject! LOL

March 30, 2015
–Met with a friend who is thinking of doing a Farmers Market this Summer. Having lots of knowledge of a past one gave her Pros & Cons – ideas of best timing and locations if she was to do this. She took lots & lots of notes. I coordinate an Art Festival, so could give her some hard facts. Then I congratulated her on getting Little Libraries all around our town and suggested she write a book that I could help her get formatted & published. She had not thought about sharing her knowledge about the hoops she had to jump through to make this happen.
–Ate healthy, met with my handyman to resolve problems & plan on how to water the garden easier & fix fences & gutters. I walked to a meeting, and did lots of other things on my “to do list” for the Festival and the Art Co-op. –Wrote a letter praising some “at risk” boys who help with the Festival in hopes they get to continue being a part of our Art Festival doing community service and the program won’t be discontinued.
–And now back to the Children’s Book I have been working on.
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AW: Good for you, Julia! You accomplished so much today. You should be proud of yourself!
–Julia Wright And saw the mailman hadn’t picked up my letter, so walked in the dark to the Post Office so it will go out tomorrow. Beautiful Night!

March 31, 2015:
–Walked 1 mile to Chamber meeting, 2 bus errands on the way. Walked back a bit longer, got photos of many mallard ducks in the creek (surprised to see them) & squirrels & collected Festival mail at the PO.–Every other Tues. join a small healing meditation group-was Awesome! -Doing my Tony Laidig webinar soon. —Will end the day with working on Kids eBook.

No I Haven’t Been On Vacation

Yes, more than a month has past without any posts.

Have I been busy? VERY!

I finalized pieces for the Commonwheel Marketing job and it is now in someone else’s very capable hands. 

Immediate money was nice, but I really need to spend time on future money projects.

On that note, signed up for Brian G. Johnson’s Trust Funnel course a bit later than the beginning date. So trying to catch up to the current module. And do all the homework. An artists would come into one of the sessions and create fun art of the most important points and the presenters. Below is Brian with the artist when they hung all of her artistic endeavors around the main room.

Brian G. Johnson & Artists at NAMS13

NAMS13 in Atlanta was Awesome!!! My flight from Colorado Springs was delayed twice. I was running from the farthest end of DIA to the next flight when I heard “Final Boarding for Flight 507 to Atlanta.” I was at gate 24 and it took off from gate 38. I kept running, but it was too late. Some other youngsters were also there. I heard the attendant say the next flight was totally full. I raced back to where the Courtesy Attendant was and beat the youngsters by moments. I was red of face, and breathing hard. When I got to the counter, the attendant said 1 seat had just come available! I said book me! I knew my friend picking me up in Atlanta wasn’t going to like coming to the airport during rush hour, but couldn’t be helped. United won’t give you anything for a flight delayed by weather and I didn’t think to mention that it was first delayed because of a technical problem. I went to go get some food. I rarely drink soft drinks, but wanted a bit of caffeine, so picked one up to go with the noodle bowl. When I got to the check out, the girl asked if I was OK? My face was proably still a bit red. I said I had run from one end of the airport and missed my flight, then run back half way to the courtesy counter. She said, “I am buying your drink.” Awesome response. And of course, even though there was no “tip jar” I gave her a tip.

Was able to have lunch with my favorite Coach Tony Laidig. He and Kristen Joy both looked at two of my books and complimented me on the formatting. Now if they can help me with the marketing, that would be awesome. I also gave a copy of “How To Plan a Sustainable Event” to Charlsa Perdew (wife of David Perdew who organizes NAMS) and Kathleen Gage-a very inspirational speaker.

On two of the nights, music and dancing happened. Karoke on one night and then an incredible Band of various members of NAMS trainers came together for an awesome sounding set of music.

NAMS13 Jam Band

My roommate couldn’t have been a better fit. We immediately connected when we met. We had dinner together one night. She would get up just a bit earlier than me and get dressed and then headed for Starbucks, leaving me plenty of time to shower and dress after she was gone. We chatted and just generally got along well.

I boldly signed up for the Marketers Cruise next January. I have until May to make a final decision about that.

Captain Lou & the NAMS 13 Trainers & Staff

And I also signed up for 30 Days of Awesome Julia with Nicole Dean. Come Join me here: http://wwayd.com/shine/aff/go/julia_manitou

I will be doing a chart of what I am doing to change my life for better health, lose weight, get my home less chaotic inside and out, get the garden in better shape to grow food, and have more books written and published. A new web site will be coming soon that will be my focus Niche web site based upon creating a sustainable life. So this site may just get the info copied from the chart. Will see how that goes.

Transition Street Pilot Program meant a weekly meeting to look at the program to help them get the “bugs” worked out before the big launch in May. Really enjoyed this group of people. And we will be meeting a few more times in the future to stay focused and support each other.

At the last MSAC meeting we talked about Rusty The Snowman leaving soon and how to create fundraisers. Just before I left for NAMS, I sent out 4 emails about this and they got quite a few responses. Since then, what I set in motion has been taken up by other member on the Art Council. So glad to see that, as I really can’t put any more time into other volunteer events. The Commonwheel Art Festival now needs more of my focused attention as always starting at this time of year.

I did get a couple of hikes done this last month. But the weather did not cooperate totally to get outside. I was a bit grumpy and not as productive as I should have been because of the cold. So it goes . . .

I did get my hearing aids. The sale of a Diamante property that I had a small stake in paid me a bit more than I anticipated. So I was able to get the better quality hearing aids. Interesting thing to have to pay attention to, but they do help. At NAMS I had little or no problem hearing speakers and people I spent time with sharing meals together. A big plus!

I also got one more person signed up under me for Young Living. We went to a seminar in Denver. Ted, my friend from the big YL conference last year in Utah drove us. She really enjoyed learning more about the oils and signed up soon afterwards.

I will be taking another trip in April. I will be part of the Manitou Springs Creative District group for the Seminar in Fort Collins. I have been to the last 2 Creative District Seminars and am glad to go to this one. Trying to figure out how to get my book more noticed and will have copies with me and many cards. Just before NAMS I had 500 cards printed for HieroGraphics Books LLC, so have plenty to share!

I now have an iPhone and an iPad. Just need to figure out how to make them more functional. I have great pictures on the phone, just don’t know how to get them to my computer.

And then there was the computer challenge. A friend came to give me lessons on the iPad and saw the notice about needing an “integrity check” on my computer. Whatever he did made it so the computer would not shut off. I took it to the MacSuperStore where Lee is now working. They needed it to stay there for days! I got it back late the night before leaving for NAMS. It would not let me in! They had changed the password, but it was too late to get that info. I boldly took Commonwheel’s Mac to have a computer. I would have been fine taking the iPad, but I didn’t know that until I got there and went to some of the trainings. I just needed to be able to take notes, not actually do any work on a computer. When I got back, called in and the password was given to me, but the girl said that it hadn’t been noted on my paperwork, so that was why no one mentioned it when I picked it up. And I had had the feeling I should have turned it on, but talking to Lee, I just felt all was fine and left without doing that. More disappointing though is that the message about needing to do an “integrity check” came up and I can’t get the Time Machine to do a backup. It says there is not enough room and I can’t find a way to get it to erase old ones. Very Frustrating. And I cannot afford to not have my computer for the next few days. Will call and discuss the problems with them tomorrow.

Now my back is aching (see next post for why) and I am going to try to get to bed at more reasonable times as one of my changes for April.