The Challenges Continued Early Wednesday Morning

On Wednesday morning, my roommate is not talking to me and leaves the house without discussing what is bothering her. Lovely way to start a day.

So I start my day as normal, get my supplements lined up and take the first group with a glass of water while reading the paper. Go take my shower, and think I hear a voice. There is no message on my phone, but a missed call from Commonwheel’s marketing person. I put my “green” shake together and call the number back. Her husband answers and tells me she was back in the Hospital again. I had meant to call her yesterday since she had told me she would be at the Monday meeting, but didn’t show up. But all the other challenges kind of took precedence over making a call to her. Later I discovered he had called my cell phone and left a message, but this news took me by surprise.

It is our Holiday Season and the busiest time of year for our Co-op. I asked him to read me what was in her calendar. It did sound like most of the important marketing tasks had been taken care of. He said he would leave that calendar on the porch for me to pick up later that day to see if there was something he was missing.

I had thought I had a webinar that morning, but couldn’t find the link for it, so spent time looking into the Marketing for Commonwheel to see what would need attention.

Called Commonwheel’s President. Neither of us sound to enthused about doing her job right now, but whatever we do, we will get paid for. I got into her email account and saw that there wasn’t much that needed immediate attention. That’s good. Still mulling over how much I want to do when I need to focus on my own business after the ASM detour I just took.

I had a hair appointment at 1pm that I was very much looking forward to, so drove to get the calendar, dropped $ at Chase bank and saw I was almost out of gas. Really didn’t need another car challenge, so went to get gas before the hair cut and still arrived on time.

Came home and looked at the calendar, seems to have everything under control for a few days, so gonna focus on some Festival tasks. And one person sent an email that she was interested in doing a couple of the Awards, so forwarded that info off.

Galloping Wind had a few errors in it that I have no idea how the correct type got messed up on the Copyright page. So I fixed that for no charge and then decided to do a spell check on the whole book section and chapter by chapter. Found a couple of double words in sentences and thought horse race should be 2 words, rather than one word. Fixed them all for noting no charge in my time calendar.

At 5pm there was a Laidig webinar for a new class, Picture Book Triad and he started off saying that this would be a long session. Now I had promised myself I could watch the 2 hour Survivor show and work on putting up catnip tonight. It was a very interesting webinar filled with lots of very detailed information on how to do this concept of creating books. About 7:10 when he was in Q&A I decided to go turn on my show and put some soup on for dinner. Not sure how much longer he talked, but I could listen to it later if needed.

I really needed an entertainment break and wanted to get the catnip into some of my many empty plastic supplement pill bottles so I could give it away this Holiday season. That project took me all the way to 11:30 pm. Now I just need to make labels.

My roommate did not return home that night. In the morning when I tried to call, realized I did not have her new phone number anywhere, and I had erased it from the phone days ago . . . Called another friend to see if he had it, no. So called her boyfriend. She was with him and they were visiting his Mom in the hospital. She took the phone and said she wasn’t ready to talk about it. And she probably would not get home in time to talk with me at home before I went to my Green Drinks that night. And she didn’t.

I worked on the cover for “Sinister Frog” and some Festival tasks and thought more about the marketing tasks, but glad none are pressing to get done. Lucky we have no regular gallery shows with artists that need to be contacted, and it looks like much of the advertising for Holiday Market is done. But then there are the ads for Pottery by the Pound that will need attention soon . . .

Green Drinks was at an address challenging to find and ended up parking in a lot and just walking to where I thought it would be. I noticed my lights didn’t go off totally, but for some reason didn’t let that stop me from going to the meeting. Talked to the owner about the great lighting that was in room focused on paintings. Traded one of my “How To Plan A Sustainable Event” books for a DVD about PermaCulture. Met an interesting younger couple. She bought my other book. If I had had another one, I could have sold it also, but wasn’t properly prepared. This event was one of the most enjoyable ones I had attended, had time to talk to many people and just relaxed.

I told a woman I would give her a ride home. When we approached my car, the lights were still on. Not another car challenge. Thank goodness it started and we got home safely. I thought I had tried everything to push or twist to get the lights off, but they stayed on. I looked in the manual, no help. Called my plumber friend and he came down and pulled out one of the fuses. That worked. Such a good friend.

My roommate had come home and gone to sleep before I got home. She left the next morning before I got up to do her two days with an overnight job. And then she would be taking off early Sunday morning. She emailed me but didn’t say anything. Just had the flight agenda that I am sure she wanted me to print out, so I did.

Called my mechanic and he told me to look for a button on top of the steering wheel. Now I thought I had pushed that yesterday with no results. I pushed it, put in the fuse and the lights went off. “Operator Error” big time. Had to tell my plumber friend this later. He just shrugged it off, saying happens to all of us.

The rest of today has been uneventful. I sent off 3 versions cover ideas for “Sinister Frog” and added a gig to Parish Gap web site. Worked a bit on the Festival Ads For Artists text, but couldn’t stay focused on that totally.

My proofer showed up with my book, not totally finished proofing it, but could see she had some comments on the text beyond just typos. I walked her to her Tune-up and a little more until the sun was no longer on us. Then walked home and worked for a bit longer. Walked to my “Tune-up” and the psychic who had done the “bait & switch” on me was talking with my proofer standing in the doorway. She did move out of the way, but could have done without that little challenge encounter. Mentioned I had a disagreement with her to my proofer, but didn’t go into details when she asked why I wasn’t doing a reading with the psychic that day.

Listened to a webinar that was really a sales webinar. He did give me a better idea of what the program I bought could do when used properly, but then it had costs I hadn’t expected. He was selling a monthly fee program that would do all the work for you and save you all the other costs. I quite listening during the sales pitch.

I really need to get the Festival Artists Ads done and send the application to Colorado Tours tomorrow. Then see if I could get at least one of the Dream Journals finished. (Goal)


Cigar Smoking Harley Riding Challenge

So here we are sitting at City Council and finally the long very controversial item is finished. One Council member was pulled to the concept that a Short-Term Rental would be just fine in a very established neighborhood, but in the end the neighbors won and City Council denied the request. This same councilwoman thought that having the Tattoo shop open until 10pm in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by residences would be just fine also.

Short break, then our item comes up. And it will be controversial also. A new Tattoo shop wants to open in the building at the street in front of the house next to my home. They had requested staying open until 10pm. I Googled other Tattoo Parlors and found the ones on the Westside and downtown Colorado Springs mostly closed at latest 8pm, some at 7pm and one at 5pm. All are in commercial zones with other businesses around the shops. Some across town and in less respectful neighborhoods stayed open later.

The new owners came up and told the Council they had changed the hours requested to end at 7pm. Then it was interesting that the woman stated that the smoking area would be 400′-500′ from my homes door and this got quoted in the newspaper by the reporter. Very untrue. Makes me wonder how many other “promises” will not be followed through on as the year progresses. I use a 100′ hose to reach my garden area in front of my home. From that point if it is 100′ or at most 150′ to where the designated smoking area will be, I would be astounded.

They said they were buying two parking permits for a parking lot that is about 3 blocks away for their customers. Now I am not sure how that will work. The permit must be displayed in the vehicle, so the person has to get it, then take it to the vehicle, or somehow pick it up at the business then go park. Then later return it. She said she could offer “valet” service as she wouldn’t be doing the tattoo work. One council person suggested they might use the one parking space for a customer and have the other employee use the parking permit.

The landlord from across the street was very clear he had not received any notification and my mentioning this shop to him just two days ago while he was out of town had left him no time to research anything about it and that was why he was not at the Planning Commission meeting two weeks ago. He voiced concerns about traffic and the late hours proposed.

My roommate got up and talked. She was really not liking this business at all. Worried that there would be Harley’s revving motors, loud voices and cigarette smoke would drifting into her bedroom window at the front of the house when she was trying to sleep or wanting to relax on the front porch on summer evenings. She got into talking about things that had to do with them as renters of the home and directed some comments to the owners. The Mayor let her go off on a tangent for a short time, but the second time she addressed the owners and not the Council, he requested that she address comments to the Council. And he pointed out that anything to do with the rental of the home was not something that related to the Tattoo shop issue.

Later she told me she was very upset that when the woman had turned and said something short facing her, that the Mayor had not corrected her action. And she didn’t like the way the Mayor talked to her at all. Now, I have been at many a City Council meeting and this Mayor was very gentle addressing her and had let her talk off the topic for quite some time. I agreed with her that he should have corrected the other woman, but she had really only did a quick turn, not a long speech to us, and reminded her that she had gotten off the topic quite a bit and he had not stopped her talking about some issues unrelated to the Tattoo shop. She did not like it that I did not totally agree with her. She is still not over this and let me know by not talking to me and is about to leave on a long trip after a two day work schedule that she will not come home before she has to catch an early flight. It is her stuff, but not the most comfortable place to be right now. Still, not much I can do about it.

Back at Council. I actually hadn’t really heard the distance the woman mentioned, or thought I had misheard it, so didn’t address the smoking area distance from my home. I did talk about the fact that having people smoking in the area is a problem, but would see how well controlled this challenge is by the owners. I said this building and its parking area is on a blind curve. I have almost been t-boned by drivers who come around the curve in the 20 mph zone stepping on the gas. In fact that very day, I had had a close call, so I did not think having many different people using that parking area was a good idea. Especially since they would most likely be backing out trying to turn around across two lanes of unseen traffic. I mentioned I was concerned that strangers would be unsure about exactly where they were going, and could not only use my driveway to turn around in, or if walking, walk up to my home, so the late hours proposed, even the 7pm felt a bit unsafe for me and other people at my home. No other business in the area stays open that late and no other business is surrounded by residential properties on all four sides. Maybe a single home to one side, but none sit in the middle of residences.

The owners got up again. He said he smokes cigars and they live in the house next door, so not much I can do about that. And after she stated she also smoked Cigars, she very pointedly said that whoever will next rent the small cottage very close to my office and bedroom (about 4′ from that window) will have no noise or smoking restraints, so I should be aware there could be more challenges depending on who moves in there. She almost got a reaction out of me over that, but I held my tongue. Then she went on to tell us she rides a Harley and has no noise control on it. She wants people to hear her when she is riding so they won’t run over her. Told how in Florida people would drive right into the same lane she was in and she felt having a loud machine would help protect her more, but not totally.

Side note: Today when I was walking home in front of my home, a couple I did not recognize came towards me and the man said very pointedly “A motorcycle just went past.” Took me a moment to connect that he must have either been at Council or had been talking with the owners. And I wasn’t the person who talked about motorcycles at all that night. Had me a bit on edge for awhile. I really don’t like being at odds with my neighbors, but they are not making it easy.

Nor is my roommate gonna make this an easy situation. I do hope that none of her “fears” come to pass and it all goes smoothly starting in January when they open.

Did I mention in my last post that I had gone up to the MSAC meeting that I had to leave early. I had had a glass of wine, and was so glad I had, since it helped me stay more relaxed after this very challenging day.

Roller Coaster Challenges and Solutions Tuesday

Challenge, solution; challenge, solution; challenge, solution; challenge, challenge . . . .

Woke to the sound of the trash truck and realized I had forgotten to take the trash and recycling out the night before. Put on pants and shoes over my night gown and dashed out with the remaining turkey trash. Saw the truck up on the hill, so thought I had missed it. Went back to get the recycling and as I pulled that cart out, the regular trash guy was pulling my trash bin to the truck. Good save. Raccoons would have been interested in food smelling trash all week long when the weather is predicted to be above freezing.

Put the turkey bones in two pots to cook, so could make some soup later. After an hour got ready in my home clothes, not really dressed for doing much more than driving and very short shop. Had planned on going to the bank with 2 check, and getting some eggs and golden potatoes from Safeway while letting the turkey cool off.

Saw an email suggesting we meet for the MSAC potluck at 5:30pm rather than 6pm, so those of us who had to leave early could enjoy dinner and have the meeting. Worked for me on one level.

Saw an email from the owner of the property across the street saying he had no letter from the Tattoo Parlor wanting to open next to my home and its hours. He emailed a letter to City Council and as he was out of town, wasn’t sure if he would make it to the Council meeting, so sent me a copy of the letter also. He didn’t like the late hour closing either.

Started working on a Festival task, but decided to check my regular mail.

Went to get my mail and a note from my tenant said “You have a flat tire. Be careful.” And yes the back driver’s side tire was very flat. Now these are brand new tires! Thankful for the note and that this happened in my driveway.

I called the # on the card I have for auto service and was told it had expired years ago. Called my Insurance agent and was given a different number and said I should have received a different card long ago and she would send that out. Called that # and was told there was no record of my account. Called the insurance agent back, got a different person who told me I had a totally different type of service than I thought, or the last one had told me I had. Have to pay for the service, then get reimbursed. So called Manitou Auto Shop on a lark. The person who picked up the phone said that the “boys” were about to go to lunch, but would see if “D” would take a later lunch and help me out. He did come by, put air in my tire, told me to drive to where I bought them for repair and said I didn’t owe him anything. I will have to bring Cookies to the shop for this lovely save.

Decided didn’t feel like changing clothes, and didn’t look that bad. Just not spiffy. Drove to Costco, was told there would be about an hour wait, so did some shopping. Got eggs I needed, but not gold potatoes. Indulged in many of the the offered food treats, as I was hungry. Even took a couple of treats to eat twice . . . not my usual way of doing Costco. When I got to the check-out, was told my card had expired the end of November and would I like to pay the $275 renewal fee right now. NO. Our accountant had my check over a month ago and should have taken care of this. Another clerk/manager came over and overrode the expiration and asked me to take care of this as quickly as possible. So went to the tire area and called our accountant. She had all the paperwork in her car, just hadn’t done it, but would that very day. Was told the problem with the tire going flat was there was some corroded area by the seal area on the wheel. No, they hadn’t noticed or cleaned that up when installing the tires. But did clean it up today. Really? Hope I have no more areas like that are hidden time bombs of trouble. Was ever so glad the flat happened in my driveway.

Got my gold potatoes on the way home and bought ice cream. I needed a treat!

Started chopping veggies to go in the soup, and had them boiling while I cleaned the turkey bones of meat. Then hurriedly made my Chili Relleño Casserole for MSAC meeting.

I had to give up watching my Laidig webinar, had at least wanted to check in and say “Hello”, but that was not in the cards for today.

Got the casserole in the oven just in time to for it to cook its 45 minutes. Changed clothes. My roommate showed up and I told her I would meet her at the City Council meeting about the Tattoo shop.

 Got to the MSAC meeting potluck and had a glass of wine to calm my nerves. And others did show up in time for us to eat and have the meeting before I had to leave. Missed having the social hour time that we had last year.

Got to Council Chambers and someone was doing a very long talk for the Community 3 minute item not on the agenda and the door was closed. Have no idea what that was about. My roommate was in there. Then the next very long item came on and the across the street landlord showed up . . .

Time to go today, will finish this later.


How Many Meetings In Four Days?

On top of having to make some big decisions, attend some webinars and figure out health insurance last week, I had 4 meetings, a “thank-you” party and 3 webinars to attend in just 4 days!

I made some calls about Health Insurance, and after a 45 minute time on hold, got a person who was helpful and came up with a denial for Connect Colorado and gave me a phone # to call for the next step. That call ended about 1:20 pm and for some reason, I was thinking the storm delayed Festival meeting started at 2:30pm and began to hustle to get the food together and print off the items we needed to look at and the agenda. The recipe for the gluten-feee apple crisp I wanted to make was really off for the amounts of what it needed to work, so had to add more ingredients to make the topping actually top it. Then realized that no one had arrived by 2:30 and the meeting was at 3:30. And I was the one who sent out the notification! So cleaned the litter box and vacuumed a couple of rooms. A new potential member showed up and that was good. Got lots accomplished.

Encountered a very unhelpful operator when trying to follow up on the Health Insurance next step. After about 4 calls that went nowhere, gave it up for the day as I had to be at a Marketing Task Force meeting at the MS Chamber. That went long. Some big discussions going on and not resolved by 4:40pm. Set another meeting date for next week, same time to work on this decision.

Headed off to the KRDO thank-you party for advertisers. I had a lovely time. Met some new people and reminded them about Commonwheel for the Holiday shopping. And a friend I had not seen in quite a while. When she mentioned some people who I had become ex-friends with when one had accused me of things I never did. I told her a little about the long rant he had gone into when I had stopped by with a hiking buddy to bring him a bottle of Dos Amigos Tequila to celebrate his birthday. Then realized I had gotten into a negative line of speaking that I usually avoid, especially in a public setting at a fun event and changed the subject. Got her talking about their kids and then mentioned something of ASM and how I was wishing I could find some local craftsperson to represent. She mentioned an item her husband makes that could be a possibility. Later, I did email him, but haven’t heard back, and realized after the Thursday webinar, that this whole thing did not make sense for me or doing it with any craftsperson.

I did some heavy soul searching and watched some other trainings that night. Came to the conclusion this program wasn’t where I needed to be. A quote from Don Juan in the book “Everyday Visionary” pretty much got me realizing it wasn’t my heart path and so that was why I wasn’t able to get into the steps. I have all my life been into promoting artists, my art work and now my nephew’s company. Purchasing and selling items from strangers, whether in the USA or from China, just did not resonate with me.

On Wednesday, the 19th, I had a Marketing meeting for Commonwheel to discuss future needs and ideas with 5 of us involved in marketing the Gallery and shop in general. The Festival was an addition to this, but most focus was on the Co-op’s needs.

Came home and tried to make some more calls about Health Insurance. The operator wasn’t helpful and so I decided to look for another phone number to call and after a long hold, left a message with another person.

Then had to go to a MSAC meeting which went past its normal 2 hours. When I got home I was exhausted. I think this very cold weather is getting to me a bit also.

Thursday listened to a very interesting and uplifting webinar with Ben C. that had valuable information even if I wasn’t going forward with ASM. It was very long and ended about 20 minutes before the ASM webinar was to start. On that webinar, one of the people who talked really brought it to my mind that this was not the program for me to be into rather than inspiring me to stay in it.

During the day and after the theater show, I backed 4 batches of cookies that needed to be at Commonwheel for the Holiday Market open Friday night. OK, I cheated, I had bought a tub of cookie dough earlier in the week when I went to Costco. When did I go shopping, can’t really remember, but glad I had done it.

I decided I needed to talk to my brother, and he actually picked up the phone. We chatted a bit and he said he would call the next day to talk more when he had more time. This was one of the few weekends his band actually didn’t have a gig.

Just after we hung up, the woman I had left the message with called me. She was so very helpful and cut through much red tape and got me set up in the best situation possible for my Health Insurance needs possible for this year and into 2015. We also discovered we had blood clots in common. I looked at the clock and realized I needed to get out the door to make it to the Millibo Art Theatre to honor my ticket that I had ordered for the show that started in about 40 minutes and it was a 20 minute drive. Ever so grateful for her. And the show was really fun. About 5 people I know performed in different sections of 10 Minute Max this year.

Saturday, I spent time in my feather studio making some fun pins and hair clips and a couple of masks to take with me when I worked the shop on Sunday morning for Wm. When I got home, I had a meeting with the other person working on books with on Sunday. That was uplifting and interesting.

And some times this past week, when I was feeling frustrated with the ASM project, spent time looking for images of Sinister Frogs and worked a bit on my Dream Journals. That is where I need to focus more the next few days.

My chat with my brother confirmed that I was on the right track to resign from ASM. I had thought that the 21st was the last day to do that, but when I emailed them, I learned I had until the 24th. When I contacted support to tell them that, I got a message one of the creators of the program wanted to talk with me on the 24th and set a time to do that. When he did call, I was clear that I was done with the program, and he said he just was checking to see if there was a reason to talk about my decision, but I was clear enough that he didn’t pursue the conversation very long and wished me well.

Sunday the “Galloping Wind” Author called  and needed to have me do some fixes, but had to wait until Monday to take care of them. He came by in the morning and showed me what needed changin on the cover and the gutter just wasn’t perfect either. I had to do some shopping for Thanksgiving, and then came home finalized his changes today, Monday the 24th. Plus, I caught some text errors while fixing ones he wanted me to correct.

I opened a Facebook post from someone who had condoned the horrific situation and people involved around the suicide in 2013 because the image was intriguing. He posted about these incredible muscians ad  have been listening to them as I wrote this. Ever so glad I got past the negative thoughts of the person sending the post, as this is incredible music.

Cold and the Crazies Over Run My Day

OK, just writing about today, not doing catch up right now.

Some days just seem harder to deal with than others.

I knew I needed to get up and do things, but really had a hard time getting out of bed this morning.

The morning started with an annoying challenge.  There was lots and lots of my roommate’s hair in the tub and in the drain was clogged with hair. I have a thing about gagging when dealing with hair, but did very well today and got it flowing a bit better, but not perfect. After my shower, I put some baking soda and White Vinegar down the drain in hopes to get it flowing better soon.

And there was an email regarding an ad with a deadline of today that needed some input. I had not responded to a couple of other ones, so felt needed to respond to this one.

I realized last week that my Peak Vista Card would run out sooner than I thought. So needed to get rejected from Medicaid again to go apply there for next year. But things are different this year, so had to start with Colorado Connect and get rejected there first.

I got on the phone about 10:05, my roommate wasn’t home and I had forgotten she has a conference call usually at 10 am and wants to use the home phone. She came in about 10:35, but I had been on hold for quite awhile and again, wasn’t thinking about her call. She did have her cell phone with her, and went to go get it. When she returned, I remembered her call. But she waved me away, so I stayed on hold. And glad I did. About 10 minutes later, almost 45 minutes on hold, a really great person came on the line. He was very helpful, and it helped a lot that he had been self-employed and knew the challenges of what I was trying to do.

These programs don’t want the info or final line from one’s taxes, they want income and very little expenses are allowed to be deducted. So while I don’t even hit the poverty line with my taxes, I look like I have a good income when I can’t deduct most of my expenses for my businesses. And I don’t just have one business, I have many and have a couple of rentals. So it is very complicated.

At the end, I was thinking my Festival meeting was at 2:30. And as this call ended about 1pm, I went into rush mode to get the food ready and the things that needed printed. I usually walk to the Co-op and use the copier there to save ink in the home printer, but didn’t have time. Didn’t print as many items as I normally would, so people would have to share.

I really wanted to do a gluten-free apple crisp using the apples gathered a couple of Sundays ago. When I went to get the silver variegated knive I use every day, it was no where to be found. This had me in a tizzy. I looked in my roommates room as she has a habit of keeping dirty dishes there to wash later. It was too chaotic to really do a search.

This is the knife my last crazy roommate packed when he was moving and told me it was his. He blew up when I told him it was mine and I wanted it back. A few days later, he came into the cottage while I and a friend were working to get it ready for a new tenant. He had his hand behind his back and said something like “Guess what I found?” And he pulled out a knife that looked sort of like mine, but not really. He had found his knife. Then he said “I guess we were both a bit crazy.” and turned and left. Weird.

So now it is missing again, and I am not happy. None of the other knives I have fit my hand as well and it is always sharp. It is the perfect size to peel apples and chop them. So I tried using a couple of others ones, but kept almost cutting myself and having to switch between the size of knife I used for peeling to one to chop them.

Then as I was putting together the recipe, first I could not find my Vanilla, but knew I had some. Went on to gather the other ingredients, and eventually found the Vanilla.

The recipe said to use an 9″x13″ pan, but just reading it, knew that was way to big. Even the smaller pan I chose was too big for the amount of “crust” and topping that was called for. At the last minute, I added some extra melted butter, oats and brown sugar to get enough topping to actually cover the apples. Put it in the oven, and went to do some printing.

When 2:30 came around and I realized no one was showing up, went and looked at my emails to everyone, and realized the meeting was at 3:30. So decided to change the litter box and do a small bit of vacuuming. And was able to get some things more straightened out in the area we meet. Took some boxes out to the car and some recycling to the bin outside. And all the yucky compost plus the apple peels to the compost bin.

I was in a very shaky state. Feeling frustrated with myself about the ASM program, not being able to find products in the US that I would like to sell other than just wholesalers. And on Sunday, my mastermind partner had got me thinking about working with local women to create a product. But that is just CRAZY thinking. It would mean starting another business, or directing them in a business that would mean they would be doing just one thing over and over, which I doubt would entice them. And yes, this energy was coursing through my mind on and off all day long.

Cut up some cheeses, put out salsa, gluten-free chips and crackers. Left the Apple Crisp in the oven to stay warm.

Everyone arrived on time. And a new person showed up. And she is #3 of gluten intolerant members of my committee.

The jeweler brought me some earrings I had admired, not sure if I need to pay her for them, or how much. Took me by surprise and I was in a rush mode to get the meeting started as everyone had a deadline of time to leave. So got it stared and then hurried through the agenda and the 2015 budget items a bit. Had to be very clear why it is not a good idea to cut back on any of the advertising if we wanted to have more artists next year, and keep them happy with being able to bring customers to them again. Just moving back to Memorial Park is not going to totally regain the momentum we had and lost by moving it to a safer, but not so accessible park the last 2 years.

The cheese and crackers were totally consumed by hungry committee members. Brought out the Apple Crisp, not knowing how it would turn out. Everyone loved it!

When they left, decided I needed a break, so watched Survivor and then did some searches for frog images for Sinister Frog.

But the worst part is my feeling very overwhelmed and not on track these last few weeks. ASM program took the second payment today. I need to look at the guarantee to see what I actually need to do if I can’t get myself on track with it. And the health insurance challenge is really wearing on me also.

So time to head to bed and sleep the night away. Have a very busy day ahead and I should do the next step of calling the Medicaid office to get rejected there so can go to Peak Health later this week and get reinstated with that program, or so I hope. It did take a very creative person on the staff there to look at my income and expenses so I could be in the program.

And I really just want to write some more books . . . what have I gotten myself into with ASM? Will the knowledge be worth having to use just for my Nephew’s business? Or where am I going with this? Need to sleep on it and wake up focused tomorrow to handle all the things I need to do before the Chamber Marketing meeting, then a fun event that is a thank-you for advertisers hosted by KRDO. Will miss my Tony webinar, but need the night off and this event was very fun last year.


My How Time Flies When Working On Many Projects

So on Friday, October 24, I met someone from Manifest at the storage unit at 10 am and got the last of the tables back. Still missing a tent. I decided to “borrow” the leaf rake that I had moved time and time again, yet had never been used at the the last 2 Art Festivals. Many days later my new tenants noticed it and and used it to clear the leaves in the yard. Love my new tenants!

I did some other errands, then got some work done at home. Went to the UCCS opening from Sean O’Mealie and another artist I didn’t know. Very interesting show and fun conversations with other friends that showed up there. When that closed I went to Navajo Hogan and had to park far away from the bar. I was hungry, so ordered Fish & Chips and ate with a Deja Vu member far from the group. She wasn’t happy being in her seat, but I convinced her that when the music started, we would just go dance and join in with the rest of the group. And that is what happened. Really fun band. The did not take a break for a long time, but when they did, I headed home.

Had to get up really early to get to the last Farmer’s Market. My new tenants wanted to come along. Stocked up on some things I usually buy at the end of the season. And bought a case of tomatoes that I told my new tenants “if they would can them, I would pay for them and split the bounty.” They were thrilled with this idea. They had a learning experience canning apples they harvested from a tree by the cottage. And I was sure they would have total success with tomatoes. And they are very yummy!

I decided to walk through town with my camera to Commonwheel to see if I was selling any more masks. Sadly no. But got some really fun pictures of the coffins waiting for the parade, then at the end of where they turned around, took photos of the hearses and coffins. I have rarely gone to this event, and I did not stay around for the actual races, but enjoyed the creativity exhibited by those who created the coffins for the races.

The Dead will Dance at Emma Crawford's Coffin Races Egyptian Dead Dancing at Emma Crawford's Coffin Races The Dead will Dance at Emma Crawford's Coffin Races

At 2:00 pm, I was ready for the call for ASM, but discovered that had been moved to Monday. But Module 1 was open, so went in and looked at the videos for that and some for Rapid Crush. Very interesting program. But how to finance it was still a challenge to be resolved.

I met my hiking friend at the MAT for “The Miracle Man” performance. Since I used my free tickets, I bought wine and a treat for both of us. Ran into other friends and had a good chat waiting for the show to start. And it was a very fun show. Plus, he snuck in some very heavy ideas amongst the humor.

On Sunday I met with my Z author and got his “Galloping Wind” book more ready for publishing on CreateSpace. He and my Sharing Inner Health friend both made a payment on their bills which made me think a bit of abundance was on its way to me. The rest of the day, I watched more videos and took notes. Connected with my brother about how this could help him and sent him some notes that he later told me had excited him a bit with the concepts it mentioned.

Monday had a Board meeting that I did some prep for, plus did some other Art Festival tasks.

On Tuesday, I had a marketing meeting at the Chamber.Ran some errands leading up to that. The had an Expert Media Show with Tony Laidig. We set a time for a coaching call next week. I was thinking I had 4 left, but discovered after the call,I only had 3 more calls.

Went for a hike on Wednesday at Catamount. The trail I have usually taken had a sign saying it was closed for the season. So headed off on another one. Here My hiking partner met a neighbor and I ran into Little Ones’ owner’s brother. Small world. It was very different trail, but lovely. Not so much up and yet had some wonderful views of Pikes Peak. 

Pikes Peak from Catamount Trail Nov 2014

I took many photos of driftwood and the peak. I kept seeing dancing images and birds in the driftwood. Both celebrating the wonder and beauty of being out in Nature, as my hiking friend and I were doing.

Driftwood on Catamount Trail

  On the trail I had a very interesting bird encounter. This little one landed in front of me, then hopped closer and closer. Very lovely energy. A little farther along, a very fun and happy squirrel posed first on a log near me, then up in a tree hanging on a branch. Both made me smile big.

Bird and Squirell on Catamount Trail

Then on the way home, I spotted deer in the same place as we had seen them before. We stopped and got out of the car to try to get some photos of them.

Deer near Catamount Trail

I did get a few good images, but they were mostly hanging out among trees and in shadows. This is a photo from the first time we saw them. I got home pretty late, so fixed dinner and watched Survivor. Then late that night, my roommate returned from her adventure with horses. Was glad to hear she had a wonderful experience and was home safe.

Thursday was a webinar with Ben Cummings and another at 2pm. Lots to learn. Still working on how to finance this program.

I also asked the Springs Hosting Company what it would take and cost to have them move the Ellis Web site to their hosting company. The owner wrote back for me to send him info about where it was currently hosted. He looked at it and told me he would move the site for free as soon as I got the hosting account set up. Have been working on that to get info from my brother to him and have the hosting paid for now. By the end of next week, or soon thereafter the site should be moved and I will be totally done with Netfirms. Yeah!

And still working on getting ‘Galloping Wind” up on CreateSpace. Step by step getting closer.

On Halloween, I worked all day at Commonwheel. When I arrived it was frigid inside. Determined that the pilot was not lit on the furnace. Called the landlord who called his handyman who showed up about an hour later. He got the heater working. Then he and his team began to paint the hallway and the basement. The paint fumes were awful! And I was dressed more in costume than for being cold, but I opened windows and the door to get some air into the shop.

At 1:30 two other Commonwheelers showed up in costume preparing to meet the 750+ children saying “Trick or Treat” that would be showing up at our door. All the downtown businesses hand out treats so the children can find treats without chancing going around in the dark in strange neighborhoods. The costumes on both the kids and adults were wonderful! So many different ones. Such creativity had all of us smiling.

Arlene & Kathy handing out treats

And then there were some scary characters. But all in good fun for the day and town.

The Plague next door on Halloween


Our most well known and beloved artist Rockey was sitting out to hand out treats which had many adults smiling for other reasons. So happy to see him enjoying himself in the sunshine.Rockey on Halloween

That was a long day, and I had planned on going to Stargazers to dance. I was going to change into a different more costume dress, but just put on my feather mask and headed out the door after getting a bit of dinner. Tiny Barge and the Big Chill are always fun to dance to, and somehow I found the energy to dance many dances that night.  Lots of Deja Vu members were there and the dance floor was filled with costumed dancers all night long.

I had to get up early on Saturday to get to Commonwheel to sign up on the calendar for shifts I wanted the first 6 months of 2015. I was slow, and got there to be #6 in line, but still got most of the dates I preferred. Then I had to return at 2pm to work a mid-shift for another member. Better paid than by most, but I was dragging a bit. And I had signed up to go to the Townhouse to dance with Deja Vu members that night. I got home and took a short nap/rest, then changed and headed down to the Townhouse. Not too many singles showed up, but enough to do some dancing with and visit and get to know some a little better. When the band took a break, I was ready to head home and sleep!

Sunday, my tenants and I went up to a friend’s house to introduce them to someone with a great garden and get them inspired. She showed them her greenhouses and many plants and herbs that grew yearly in the garden area. then let them loose to pick apples and showed them an “apple picker” to reach ones high in the trees. They were very happy and I gathered a bag also that I hope to get peeled and into a pie and perhaps some more dehydrated. A few days before this . . . maybe on Tuesday, I had peeled and sliced many apples that were getting old. I put them in the dehydrator I had found in its “hiding” place and turned it on. It was very noisy at first, but seemed to be heating up. When I came back about a half hour later, it was stone cold. I guess it just quit. At least it didn’t do anything dramatic, like start a fire or who knows . . . So I placed the pastry papers I had for some reason bought at the Dollar Store earlier this week on 4 cookie sheets and put them in the oven overnight. They came out very tasty. So may do another round of that with these apples after seeing how many there really are and if I can make a pie also.

WOW! I am almost caught up here and did it in an hour. Though I have to admit the images were done at another sitting, some for Commonwheel’s Facebook page and others on an night I thought I would do some writing, but got distracted . . . which night was that, can’t remember.

Monday I had my coaching call with Tony. I wanted to mostly discuss the ASM program and what to do if I could not find funding, which I was pretty sure was going to be the case. He had nothing but enthusiasm for the program and he is not a part of the group that created it or added the bonuses. But he also suggested if i couldn’t pay for it now, to be thinking about when they released it again, which he thought would happen in another 6 months. He and I have some life similarities. If I was 10 years younger and not so attached to where I live, I would be flirting with him. As it is, just glad to have him in my world as a teacher and coach. I hope to meet him in person either in February at the ASM conference, or certainly in Atlanta for the NAMS event in March.

I had finally put my ballot in the ballot box after discovering I could have ended many of the robo-calls and other political calls if I had voted earlier. I had no idea that they could learn who voted and who had not voted yet! Too late to end the calls, but voted.

I had been thinking I needed to get legal with having business licenses for my home business and my rentals. I had recently read an article in the Pikes Peak Bulletin that made me aware of how off the grid I have been with my businesses. But the person I wanted to talk to was not at work that day. So I am waiting and going to talk to my accountant before I do this. I don’t want to be hit with penalties, or get into a legal battle. And it also made me wonder reading through the paperwork if CMWL was doing the right thing with its sales tax that it seems is owed on items a business purchases in another town, but needs to pay more sales/use tax to Manitou Springs. Scary thought.

The Commonwheel meeting that evening had a strange comment from a member that was not true and for some reason she had to diss me in front of the whole group, including new members. I was pretty angry, but did not engage in a disagreement with her in front of everyone, and still haven’t quite figured out what to do with this weird energy. May just have to write an email correcting her misconception with facts, rather than engaging in a conversation. After the meeting the person who had provided half the food, was saying, “If someone doesn’t take this, it is going in the trash.” Not sure why she was so into wasting food, but I and a couple of other people rescued the food that could be eaten later. And feeling I needed to talk out what had happened, I asked a festival committee member and friend if she wanted to have a drink. She said yes. When we got to the Keg, there was my “arch nemesis” from the past sitting with our President. We couldn’t not sit with them. “Arch” ordered some chicken Quesadillas to share. When the order came, one person said “I am gluten-free” and the other said “I am vegan” so neither could share the food. I indulged as the food at the meeting had not actually filled my stomach. Arch talked and talked and talked, sort of interviewing the other two about various ideas she wanted clarification. When my friend drove me home, I told her I really needed to talk a bit about what had happened at the meeting and why I thought it very ironic to be sharing food from Arch. My friend had no idea what had happened years ago between Arch and me, and was totally enthralled with the story. And she totally agreed that what was said at the meeting by the other member was out-of-line and totally not true. She congratulated me on not engaging in any discourse during the meeting and waiting to simmer down and figure out what to do about this later.

I see on my calendar I had an 11am call on Tuesday, but cannot for the life of me remember what that was about. Ah, memory!

I put some emails out to a few people, including to my brother about talking more about this business.Tony’s Expert Media show sounded as if he took a piece of our conversation on Monday and made it more generic about how to “Get Out Of Your Head” filled with the past and focus on the future and getting things done. It also was similar to another show he had done over a year ago. Can never hear this too often I guess.

On Wednesday I had to run some errands, get some groceries, etc. I got back a few minutes late for the AZON training call. These tools are really awesome and I don’t want to lose this bonus.I decided to see how far I could get watching all the videos for Tony’s PhotoShop training that I could sell to others and think about ways to create more income if I don’t get to stay in the program. When I turned off the trainings, I saw an email from my brother asking if it was not too late for me to stay in the ASM program. I emailed him back saying I hadn’t asked for a refund yet, and was going to listen to a few more trainings and could maybe squeeze out one more payment, but that would be difficult. Told him I wouldn’t be home much the next day, but to call me that night.

Took a hike that was suppose to be gentle, but got into some uphill situations and scree areas that we would have to come back down. Twice I asked my hiking friend if we should turn around and she said we came this far, let’s go on. Then after we did turn around and got to more solid ground, she said she hadn’t wanted such a challenging hike. I told her the next time I ask if we should end walking on a challenging trail, she should speak her mind, not just say, let’s go on. So hopefully in the future she won’t continue on in a way she won’t enjoy the hike. And I admit, I shouldn’t have asked, but just said, let’s go back. We also got onto a wrong turn, but that was a lovely sidetrack and gave us some fun views of the city below. Neither of us fell, and the day was sunny and the surroundings were beautiful, so I did enjoy the hike. Really happy I was not sore this morning from the challenging areas we hiked.

My brother called exactly at the moment I was about to listen to a call with Aine for the Full Moon that focuses on direction. When that call ended and I called him back, he said he was too tired and would call me the next day.

When I laid down to sleep, I suddenly remembered that I will be seeing money from an investment I have that is being sold now. That money would more than cover the payments for ASM. I emailed Tony and Rhodes (who I had emailed saying I was going to get out of the program) saying I was looking for ways to leverage future $ to pay for the program rather than ask for a refund.

Today, I went for a body “tune-up” and was a bit stiff. She worked out some of the kinks and felt much better the rest of the day. Plus it felt good to go for a walk. There is a change in the weather coming, so glad to get some sunshine.

Little One was very crazy this morning. She was up on all my desks, meowing, needing attention, then hissing, then all over the desks again. Annoying that I could not figure out what was going on with her.

I decided I wanted to get as much done for the Commonwheel Festival meeting today so I can focus on what I need to do to listen to webinars and make my decision about ASM.

When my brother called, we discussed the things that would be helpful for Ellis Fab that I would be learning. At the end, he agreed to lend me the next payment, and if necessary the following one, as long as I could pay it back when the money from the investment came to me. No problem, I can do that.

I did get many tasks finished for the Festival meeting and have an appointment with our Chamber person on Monday that I will have to add that report to the Agenda.

I have a meeting with “Galloping Wind” author, but other than that, I will be doing more training and looking at ideas for what product I want to use for ASM training. I have some ideas, but need to do more research like they have shown needs to be done. Then look at how to find a supplier for that product. Still have one in mind that relates to products I can sell in the MLM product concepts or related to my books. Just have to see what fits in the guidelines of this program.

At the same time I will be looking at how to use the tools and get a head start on putting Ellis Flail Mowers and Blades on Amazon. I am hoping to use one of the AZON tools to guide me how to write the copy and the perfect keywords to use. I am still amazed that I found flail mowers and blades for sale there, which has inspired me and my brother to get moving on better marketing for this company.

So now I am going to do my dishes and head to sleep having caught up to today!

Skipping Ahead Past the Elections

Manitou Springs had a big issue on the ballot this election.

Should we prohibit Recreational MJ or allow it to be sold in our town?

I had friends on both sides of this issue.

At the same time this petition was submitted, two more bars were were approved to open in downtown Manitou Springs. This seemed very counter-intuitive to me. Protest the use of a plant for relaxation and health reasons, while supporting more options to indulge in alcohol.

I have always said that the biggest mistake the country made was to make Hemp illegal. Hemp has many uses and has no drug potential use. It is easier and better for the soil to grow than many plants, including tobacco. It could make a difference in our need to import oil, as it is a fuel that can be used in many ways. It can create cloth or paper saving many trees. I won’t go deep into this, but I hope the brave farmers in Colorado who are legally in Colorado growing hemp prove to the rest of the country how it is a beneficial plant that needs to be made legal again!

The second biggest mistake was to make MJ illegal. Why cause prohibition of a plant, but allow the distillation of plants to be consumed for the same concept? To get a buzz.

Now I have seen people addicted to MJ, but many more addicted to alcohol. I have seen people abuse MJ, but way more people in my world have been know to abuse using alcohol. I have seen people drinking become violent, but I have never seen anyone using MJ become violent. I have seen MJ help with many illnesses cope with pain and depression. Now some people may claim the use of alcohol might dull their pain, but more often than not, they will drink so much they also cannot function. And which one of these drugs do you think contributes to depression, rather than eases it?

And have you ever heard of a disease being cured or eased by the use of alcohol? Yet hundreds of children have been helped with a variant of MJ that has been created to relieve seizures. And the relief from pain and post traumatic stress documented by users has been growing.

I am hopeful that the two, yes, only 2 stores that are open in Manitou Springs will continue to set a positive example of how this plant can be regulated similar to alcohol, and causes fewer over all problems in our community and surrounding communities.

Manitou Springs has a new tax base to support its business and art communities and serve as an example of how educate its youth in using all mind altering substances in a mindful way, rather than abusing them.

Education is key!

How Many Things Can You Do In A Day

There are times when I look at my list in the morning and wonder how I can get even half of it done.

But what I do is chose what must be done, and get that done first. Then move onto the next must do item.

That is why this blog gets so far behind. It is at the bottom of the list most days.

The whole reading and the dark Spirit coming in has been a strange detour. First the reader and a Shaman told me that Spirit needed to cross over. they wanted to come to my home, which was fine with me, except it needed to be when my roommate was gone for a week. During that visit they were going  to help or force him to do that. Then it morphed into my being the portal, have to take responsibility for him still hanging around, and that I would have to take on this task. Well, I have paid for other readings that people tried to convince him to leave, and he is still here. I just mostly ignore him, or if he does show up, thank him for the good things he did, but tell him I don’t need or want to have his energy anywhere around me. And then go on with my day. So after many conversations, I just told them, I had no time or energy to learn a new skill and not sure how it was up to me to do this. Haven’t heard back since I wrote that. And this is a very condensed version of almost two weeks of conversations.

So in the mean time, I have gotten my “How To Plan A Sustainable Event” book finalized on CreateSpace and fixed the Kindle version. And today I received 20 copies to sell and share with people and start promoting it. There is an event I am trying to be at on November 8th, but need to reconnect with those people and should have done that tonight, but at the group meeting I got distracted and forgot about having that conversation.

I also finalized “Galloping Wind” and fixed its Kindle version. Just need the author to order a proof copy and then move forward. He has has some Real Estate work that has kept him busy, so not as on top of the book as he could be. But getting it done.

And met with another friend who we want to work together on books and other projects. First we got together on a Sunday and she gave me some very yummy heritage tomatoes when I left. And a book to read about Coconut Oil and all the healthy things about it. I learned some about her healing journey she had been on the last 2 years. Then this last Sunday, she came to my home with more tomatoes. We discussed many aspects of what we could do together and separately. I gave her some “homework” and she left here excited and I had some new ideas also for where I want to go with the Journals. I have a couple started, but got distracted. I am going to have withdrawals when I run out of these tomatoes.

I went to the Holistic Fair and found an interesting product there. Relates to natural healing and pain removal. It is a not launched yet, but not sure I want to get involved in another multi-layer company. I will continue to look into it, but next added another complication to my world . . .

I went on a webinar for the Amazing Selling Machine course offered. there were over 1,500 people on this webinar and only 2 prizes.  I won $1,000, which is the down payment for the course of $4,000. That seemed like a sign I should do this. So I signed up for it.

After looking at the web site and all the training and steps it will take, I am feeling very overwhelmed, and thinking I should have just taken the money and invested in other projects, but the guarantee is amazing. So here I am, focusing on this new project to see if I can actually do it.

I asked my brother if he could handle one piece and that interested him a lot! Then we got to talking about other products that could be created in a welding shop and I gave him some ideas that he thought might work. Later, I saw a YouTube Video of a piece of equipment and sent that to him and that was also interesting to him. Not sure where that will go, but at least giving him some leads that could coincide with this Selling Program.

Juggling more things than I know what to do with right now. Festival follow up tasks, hiking, books, connecting with others . . .

My new tenants showed up on Tuesday night, a couple days ago, the same day my roommate traveled to Wyoming. Both said the trips took much more time than they had planned or expected. But all arrived safely.

Tenants are very into gardening and canning and riding bikes and vegetarians. They seem to be really nice and interesting young people who will be a delight to have as tenants.

Watched the movie GMO-OMG and it really was an eye opening Oh My God sort of experience. Some pieces were really scary. It could have been a bit shorter for more impact, but then the information shared from the journey this young took was very interesting and presented in ways that really brought home what he was trying to share.

Karma Hour at Bristol Brewing Company was a bit of a stretch, since that was the Dark Spirit’s favorite hangout. Though is was in a new location and I only went there a few times with him, so not so powerful. But one of the men closely watching our member singer playing that night and had another member concerned, came up to our group and asked if we were all from Manitou. Then he introduced himself as my roommate’s ex R. I did not recognize him, hair seems a different color and I only met him a few times. But really put a chill down my spine when he did that. There was some money raised for the MSAC and had a lovely time with a friend who showed up an we had a bit of a visit and chat about various things, including writing books.

I went to Millibo Theatre to see “The Miracle Man” on Thursday night. But there were not enough people for the show, so they bought us a glass of wine and gave us Comp tickets for another night. Tomas, the actor chatted with us. I had another shiver when I had seen how he spelled his name and it was how my Aussie Con Artist Ex spelled his name.  I also chatted with Jim about putting some of his scripts into a form that could be sold on Kindle and CreateSpace. he was interested.

I invited my hiking partner to go to the theatre on Saturday and we did. Ran into other friends that night. Really understood why he needed a larger audience, as he interacts with them a lot. It was a great show! She liked it and the venue also.

On Friday, my hiking friend called me and wanted to know if i could be Spontaneous as she had tickets to a comic up at the Air Force Academy and the friend she had planned to go with had bailed on her. I wasn’t totally enthralled by the idea, but said yes. I first stopped at the Commonwheel Gallery opening, then dashed over to her house.

It was a lovely ride up there, but the show was really disappointing. He interacted with the audience, but not if a very fun way in my opinion. When he did his own material, I found that a bit more fun, but not really very entertaining, which is why I rarely go to a comedy club – actually only been to one. My friend said this show did not reflect what she had expected either.

The Millibo show was far superior and when I left there, my jaw hurt from laughing so much. Some of that show was just silly, but also intermingled some profound thoughts. Plus, how this tiny man found so much strength that he demonstrated when he had 4 men push against him, and they collapsed on themselves, but could not budge him. Anyway, you would have to see this show to understand how amazing he really was.

Before going to Milllibo dashed over to the gallery on Ruxton to see a couple of artists who had an opening there. They had quite a crowd and were selling well. Then afterwards I was compelled to go hear “Edith Makes A Paper Chain” at Stargazers for the final set of their CD Release party. Stargazers’ owner was at the ticket desk and just told me to go in for free as they were almost finished. Got one good dance in and a heard a few of their new songs. Felt good being there for them even if just for a short time.

Been working on the Festival Thank you notes and now have to gather some of the thank you gift certificates and get them handed out next week I hope to be done with it. But other tasks need to be handled as discussed at the Festival meeting last night.

I am very disappointed in my Etsy and Commonwheel mask sales leading up to Halloween. I even posted on 3 Facebook pages some fun mask pictures. It would be lovely if more would find faces to go play on before the end of the month.

The date to go to the Paint Mines with my Greek hiking friend came this week also. She had 2 errands to do on the way there and I had one. So it was a slow start, but since both of us had things to do out East of the Springs, got them accomplished. Her errand was with a woman that knows many of my friends also, but I had never met. Fun connection. My errand was picking up old magazines, but when I got them, not sure what to do with them. And they were not is the best of condition, so would be hard to resell. I had hoped they would be more diverse, but mostly woodworking projects. I had hoped to get my plumbing friend interested in writing some articles using these as “seed” articles, but may not work how I had hoped. And ASM has distracted me from even looking at them. Still 70 magazines should have some value, just not sure how they will get used.

It was a beautiful day! We arrived needed to eat lunch immediately. My friend had made me a lovely turkey sandwich. At the only picnic table near the parking lot was an interesting couple of people. I gave my card to them and will see if anything comes of that. I had decided we would just go walk in the formations rather than take a long hike first to some far ones. We walked up every side trail among the formations. I was totally enjoying myself and so was my friend. And saw at least 5 bunnies. Some poised for me very nicely. And a hawk danced in our sight for quite some time.

OK, wish I had time or energy to go and find some photos to post, but not going to happen tonight.

I have skipped over many other things I have done since the last post, including a Festival meeting, but these are the highlights. Time for sleep, as I have a hike planned for the morning. At night, I want to go to UCCS opening for an artist friend, then signed up to dance at Navajo Hogan with Deja Vu group. Just saw the music starts at 9pm, so that will make it a late night.

It would be great if I could do some of the preliminary and bonus trainings to get a handle on ASM a bit before the official opening of the program on Saturday. Which is also the last Farmer’s Market and Coffin Races. But I doubt I will get that done with all that is planned for Friday.

And Another Two Weeks Have Flown By

The day after the Dome Rock hike, I had a lovely Green Drinks “meeting” up in Crystal Hills. For some reason, I thought we were to bring food, so I baked some Bean Project gluten-free corn bread and added diced green chilies. I surprised the hostess with this, but it was perfect, as she had prepared vegetarian chili. Not a crumb was left. And I was able to hand off the dozens of plastic pots that I had gathered from under my porch and yard to a gardener after the dinner.

Next day, besides my business, worked on Sharing Inner Health’s web tasks. She has gotten back the School of Inner Health and needed many changes to incorporate that info onto her web site, not wanting to put up another web site for the School right now.

Saturday, even though I was feeling really tired, I felt compelled to go to the Sustainability Conference to see the vendors. Met up with a woman who we chatted about many things and found connections we had no idea we had. Future marketing and working together will come from this meeting. And another person there was a great connection for web tasks and concepts, including video.

Had a couple of meetings up at the Commonwheel storage area, but still don’t have everything back. A community member died in a car accident right after Manifest and that has shaken many people to the core. Very sad.

Also had to do showings of the apartment. Some very unlikely candidates and a couple possible. But the best candidates were the young couple from the Midwest. So I called them and asked if I was to settle upon them, could they send the deposit by Paypal and a copy of the signed lease. They said yes to both, and within an hour, I had both items. I have never rented to someone without meeting face to face and having them climb the metal stairs a few times, so this is a new experience. I do feel it was the right choice and look forward to meeting them on October 23rd.

I am giving up doing the Facebook and Tweets for the gallery for pay to someone who wants to do it as her committee job. She has a daughter that needs to be at 3 different schools and that makes it difficult for her to do other committee jobs. So I met with her and gave her insights of what I do and will let her take the reins for that, except for the Festival Facebook page that she doesn’t want to work on for this committee work. Will see if I can still get a small payment for doing posts about the Gallery there . . .

The Aine phone healing circle gathering was really beautiful. Talked about our guardian angels. I shared it with a few friends.

Started off October Art Month with a party called “Artini” where made some new and reconnected with other friends. Jerry my camera salesman friend was there and we talked a bit waiting for the drawing of the Las Vegas giveaway. He is allergic to my rose oil that I wear at public gatherings, but told me it wasn’t bothering him in this venue. One woman friend wanted to create a peacock feather bustle and we made a date for her to come and make sure what I had was what we would need to order for her. And I do need to order feathers also. That turned out as a lovely meeting with her and another friend, but I was shocked when I put in the order of the price and a possible delay in shipping as Michael, the owner got on the phone and told me that  at M. Schwartz they were very busy and might not be able to ship that week. I did a little plead, but will see when they get here . . . I really need pheasant skins for the blueish feathers I use around the eyes.

In the last month, I have sold two wild and large masks that I made years ago. I had almost taken them out when I brought some other masks in, but decided they made the space look more full. So glad I left them there! One had two really tall red Macaw feathers and the other was my full Aztec mask with curled pheasant tails. So glad they get to go play.

On Thursday, my hiking friend and I were going to just go to Lovell Gulch, but she said she would drive if we wanted to go to the Crags. I was up for that as I hadn’t been there in many years. Not since my nephew had visited. We did not find the trail head parking that I normally used. Not sure why we couldn’t find it, but headed off on the trail head for Devil’s Playground and the Crags. Not as many aspen as she had hoped, but it was a really lovely hike. Lots of fun driftwood roots and rocks to photograph. And we did make it to the wonderful 360 view.  It was hard to head back down, but we did. Another longer than planned hike, but oh, so inspiring and uplifting of spirit.

Crags Rock with 360 View


Reservoirs Viewed from Crags

Really, really need to catch up on my hikes on my hiking blog. Just been too much going on and lucky to keep up with this one.

Cedar Trees at Crags


Meanwhile, back at the computer . . . I have gotten my “How To Plan A Sustainable Event” on CreateSpace. It should be showing up there tomorrow. I ordered a physical proof and immediately saw some things that needed correcting. Now I need to add those corrections to my Kindle version, then do a launch to my personal email list and perhaps do a Free day or two for the Kindle version.

I began my next project of creating some journals. The first one is a Dream Journal and has some pages created. Been distracted since I started that last Sunday, but it is in the works.

Monday I tried to get as much done for Commonwheel as possible. I also had to supply the Pizza and all the food for the Festival’s “thank-you” meal for the membership at that night’s meeting. Some day I will pass this job off to another committee member, but not this year. Hell’s Kitchen gave me a great deal on the pizzas and I found some gluten-free cookies and other items at King Soopers. Did not get as much done for the Sponsor thanks as I had hoped. I did take the posters to get laminated at Office Depot, and they had a much better price than at Kinko’s, so will return there for future Art Festival lamination needs. And easier to park too!

The meeting that night was interesting as always. We have had a turnover of about a third of our membership in the last 48 months and so many other things have changed. I looked out and realized I have many new members to get to know and connect with over the next few months.

At the Chamber Marketing meeting on Tuesday, I strongly suggested they include advertising in the newish art magazine called “Colorado Journeys” and they agreed. The next day, I learned that Maria Battista will have one of the bronzes that is in the Commonwheel Gallery show on next year’s cover. Very exciting. And Commonwheel has an page ad split with two other galleries in Manitou Springs. Looking forward to seeing that next May.

Expert Media was canceled that night due to Tony travel schedule. So I worked on getting “Galloping Wind” that is already on Kindle ready to upload to CreateSpace. That version is being reviewed and ready for us to perhaps order a physical copy to look at for proofing. 

Marketing and better web sites are in my plan for the next few weeks, besides creating journals. I really wish Tony would respond to my coaching email, but he had some really big projects the last month, so hopefully when he returns from his trip, he will respond to the email that I plan on resending this coming week.

So that takes me to last Wednesday, when my hiking partner and I set out to go to Catamount and I was driving. The aspens still looked really inviting and as we drove up the pass, we talked about where else we could go. My hiking partner suggested the other trail at Dome Rock that we had never taken. So I kept on driving past the Catamount road and up to Dome Rock. This trail followed a river and we got to a point where it spread out in a long pond with an incredible view. The aspens and sun were absolutely perfect! The rocks had many faces in them that I tried to capture also.

Dome Rock Aspen Path

Just as we finished our lunch on our rocky perch overlooking the pond, a couple came up the path leading two horses. My friend really loves getting to see horses and asked if she could pet one on the head. We got to talking and she asked where the young girl was from. It turned out she had grown up, many years after my friend, just a few blocks from her home back in New York. Small world #1 moment. She raises and trains horses in the Gaucho style of riding and her horse was a winner in competitions. Small world in that “Gallop0ing Wind” talks about Gauchos as the first real cowboys.

Dome Rock Lunch View

I chatted with the gentleman and discovered he had an eco-tourism business in Alaska. Small world #3. I gave him both of my cards-yes, I have them with me even on hikes. I really hope he does email me and we can connect in some way about sustainability. We parted ways and headed back to the car. I had been worried that since this hike started going downhill, that it would be difficult going back, but it wasn’t at all. The downhills had been gentler than I realized and we were out in no time at all. Well, we did stop for many more photos again, as the sun was shining even more brightly and the aspens looked even more glowing than our inward journey.

On the way home, decided it was still sunny and drove up the road to Catamount just to see the aspens. On the way back out, we spied a group of deer. I turned around and drove down that lane. They hung out with us and I took some photos. One worked better for my “Sustainable Event” book than the scruffy deer picture I had in it. So that was a bonus for the day’s trip.

Thursday I focused on books again and tried to listen to a training and caught up with some emails and wrote up some bills for HieroGraphics for Z and Sharing Inner Health. I had created a flyer for myself for KM to take to the Holistic Fair along with my Essential Oils books also. A very computer day. 

Friday as I was getting ready to pack up a mask sold on Etsy, I felt compelled to check my email to see if another one had sold. There was a conversation from someone wanting to know if I could get a mask to her by next Friday. No problem, I assured her. So she ordered it and I then packed both masks.

So that was yesterday-yeah! almost caught up! And yesterday I was scheduled for a tune-up of my body at Sharing Inner Health. She was a bit behind schedule, so suggested I do a reading by Darlene first. That was very interesting and went longer than planned. When she began and asked for my Guides to come in, she was surprised by a very dark energy that came instead. I immediately knew who it was. She described the energy and actions of asking for forgiveness and a few other things so there was no mistaking the spirit’s earthly connection. It is time for him to “cross over” and leave all of us alone that he messed with when alive and still in the Spirit world. This is one of the stories I really need to write out, but when?

Although he never totally left the room, she was able to actually give me a reading relating to my question that I had come in with to receive some direction about. Very interesting and affirming that I am on the right path with my writing and publishing ideas.

I usually can let go of this dark spirit energy, but he was very determined to be part of this session, so we went back and discussed how to help him “cross over” willingly or not. But I can’t talk about it with my roommate and maybe no one else until after a Shaman steps in to help with this challenge. A shiver went up my spine as I write this, as much as I try to not let his presence come into my world, it is hard to ignore, as I am using the computer and monitor he gave me and sitting in a chair that was in his office. The chair may need to leave, but have to just keep doing clearings for the equipment. Feels like a sage clearing is in the plans for tomorrow.

I created some masks and have sold some on Etsy and at the Commonwheel. I do hope Halloween season keeps sending me some more mask sales both places to have a really good month and I can afford tires in November from those sales!

So today, I got up and photographed the masks, put two on Etsy. (I keep getting hints that I need to use some of the head shots with masks for books or journals or something.) Took 3 to Commonwheel and got them in there. Went to the Farmer’s Market. No roasted chilies, dang. I had a breakfast burrito instead of the sweet treat I had thought I would eat. Then up to the Holistic Fair, got lost trying to find it. Had some treatments. Connected with people about writing books and a possible new business opportunity relating to both sustainable practices and healing. Made a date to go up to one of my Essential Oils down-line to come to her home and maybe get some extra garden items and talk about what she is learning and wants to write about tomorrow. Stopped at Costco for 2 items, as that was all the cash I had on me. Enjoyed the beauty of autumn colors without my camera-yikes, I forgot that again. But it was alright, I just enjoyed what I saw.

 I need to decide if I am going to purchase the Thrive Themes and get more serious about using web sites for commercial purposes. This current theme doesn’t easily work for me that way. And I emailed the responses about old books and magazines with offers to purchase for what I could afford. Will be interesting to see if either or perhaps both accept my offers.

And once again for about the fourth time this week, I will not get to bed until about midnight. Gotta quit that. Makes the day too short by not being able to get up by 8:00 am. Not that I don’t work many hours, just would be better for connecting with others and going to meetings if I could start my day earlier.

FantaFaces Heads talking



OMG-Has It Really Been Two Weeks And No Posts?

Yes, I guess it has. My how time flies when your word is filled with multiple jobs and tasks that need to get handled.

And tomorrow I flip the calendar from the fun picture of a Blue-Footed Booby to Snow Leopard. Time to get serious about my publishing business.

Wednesday I was ready to go on a hike at Lovell Gulch. My hiking partner called to say she wuld be early, a first for her. And then she asked if I wanted to go to Deckers? I had given up on seeing Deckers and the S. Platte River this year. So I joyfully said YES! I was almost ready when she arrived and off we went. It was a really beautiful day.

South Platte River at Deckers

We were pleasantly surprised by all the different stages of plants up there. Some brilliantly in bloom, others changing colors and some gone to seed in a beautiful way.

Flowers at Deckers in Colorado

We hiked as far back as we could, until we reached a rather tricky section of the trail and decided to turn around and find a place to stop and eat lunch. My hiking partner took off her shoes and waded to a rock a bit off the shore of the river. I walked up a bit and took more photos. 

Sumac and view to South Platte at Deckers

The sun made the river sparkle and the colors of everything seemed almost surreal in some areas. The sumac was particularly brilliantly colorful red.

Sumac at Deckers

That brought back memories of my childhood in Illinois and the colorful leaves turning colors each autumn. I love autumn colors and miss the oaks and maples a bit. But this day I totally enjoyed the colors surrounding us.

The hike back always takes less time than going in, as we usually hike up going in on most hikes. We saw lizards and ducks and many birds in the air. All in all, a wonderful time out in nature.

And someday I need to get back to posting my full hikes on my Spirit Renewing Hikes blog . . .

I had to be back for an MSAC meeting, but that was at 6pm, and I made it time to change shoes and even walked there after our 6+ mile hike that day. I almost didn’t, but was glad I did, as it was a lovely night in Manitou Springs also.

I did miss a training by Tony for Adobe Illustrator that night, but I had decided with those trainings being on Wednesday nights, I would just have to listen to the replays.

The next day I worked all day at the Commonwheel Co-op. So glad for the shorter hours now. Maria Battista and Roger were hanging her one-woman show: “Renaissance: Sculpture as Poetic Pilgrimage” that had bronzes, sketches and jewelry. It took them all day to get it how she wanted it to look. It is a fantastic show! She is such a talented artist and a beautiful person in all ways. I took some photos to do the blog posts on the Commonwheel Facebook page. I did have some fun with people who bought a couple of my FantaFaces Masks that day.

My roommate had left for a music festival for the week, so Little One and I had the house to ourselves. I came home, fed the kitty and went to bed early.

I got a lot of work done Friday, then headed out for 3rd Friday Art Walk. This is always a fun time to connect with other artists and enjoy the food and drink offered at the various galleries. A couple of guys were playing the trumpet and the electric piano in front of Green Horse Gallery, making a beautiful noise in the night. I actually made it to the MAC for a friend’s opening there, then back up to Mountain Living Studio where she was serving very potent Margaritas. I staggered home, fed the kitty and fell into bed.

I asked my tenant again if she had made any decisions about staying or moving. It was a hard decision, but she will be moving out. That said, I had to post it on Craig’s List. I was going to get some signs made, but that never happened for various distractions came about before I got to doing that. A few days later, I also posted it on Postalets. I had decided to raise this rent by $75. I had never made that much of a leap in rent, but thought since I had a month and the cottage had so many people wanting it, I’d try the new rate for a week and see if I got responses.

I had so much to do that I decided to skip the Artist Studio Tour this year. Just wasn’t into driving around town to visit and enjoy art and food offerings at many friends’ studios. Mostly wasn’t into driving and felt I would rather spend time off hiking among the Aspens, which was my next scheduled hike.

And then there was Manifest happening on Sunday. I had volunteered to help with the demo booth set-up for Commonwheel members to do demonstrations. I got that done, then walked down to Memorial Park in time to join the Aqua Luz Yoga Spiral and ran into my hiking friend. We spiraled in and out, blessing some crystals that were then tossed into Fountain Creek. All over the country people were joining in to do a blessing of the waters like this. I wandered around to other groups, then went to dance to Mo Mungus. The music got moved indoors as the weather looked threatening, but it never did rain that day. Danced to the Reggae sounds, then got back with my car in time to take down the demo booth set-up, which is still in my car . . .

Monday, I worked hard to get some reports done for the Board meeting and did some work outside. I cleared out lots of things from under the front porch. There were dozens of empty plastic plant containers! I was very wary of the possibility of spiders after hearing of one of my Festival committee members 2nd encounter with a Brown Recluse. What to do with all these empty planters? I hate to send them to the landfill, not very sustainable of me. So I emailed a gardener friend and she said I should bring them to Green Drinks on Thursday, and if no one else wanted them, she would take them. So into my car they went.

The Manifest review meeting was canceled, as someone in the community had died in a car accident and others were not up for a meeting. So my car was still filled with items to return and that needed to go to the storage unit or get on my porch. And many plastic containers.

I had suggested to my hiking partner that we could go out east to visit a friend with a Clydesdale pony that was heading to a new home Oct. 6th, but with the weather predicted to be still very warm and the Aspens were calling us, she wanted to drive the Golden Tour Route and I wanted to go on a hike. We decided to do both on Wednesday.

I worked hard to get my book finalized, but just too much to do and I kept wanting to add more photos. I was also cross referencing the Kindle Book and making corrections there. I attended the Expert Media Show and got pretty far on the book, but had to quit so I would be well rested for the journey into Aspen Country.

I think this was the most beautiful Aspen trip, or one of the top three in my memory. Hiking with another friend for her 60th birthday 4 years ago to Pancake Rocks was pretty spectacular and the view up there was awesome.

I did get some very excellent images including this one with the barn in it. I was snapping photos while my friend was driving and even some of those came out really beautiful. But for this one, she had pulled off for the view and I got out and took a series of photos, including this one.

Aspens with barn in front

I think this is my new favorite image.

After the drive which we took the opposite direction than most of the traffic was going, as we started in Florissant and went to Cripple Creek and Victor, so that we could easily catch the road to Dome Rock and do our hike there.Aspen Path at Dome Rock

The colors this year were brilliantly golden with more reds and oranges than I have seen in many years. We hiked for 5 hours! I took dozens of pictures, my friend rested and enjoyed herself immensely being out in this incredible beauty.

Aspen Groves near Cripple Creek

I believe in always looking up in life and I have tried for many an aspen season to capture a photo or more that fits that concept. Some came close on this trip.

Looking up through the Aspens

But the sky didn’t totally cooperate and was filled with clouds when I found the group of trees I wanted to stand under and take photos looking up to the sky. A fun exercise and a different way of viewing the Aspens.

I gave us both a NingiaNitro as we were approaching the final uphill climb we both wanted to surmount. It really did give us a good boost of energy and we got to a lovely view point. I went a little farther as my friend rested and enjoyed the view. There were incredible driftwood logs and I was almost lured to go further, but remembered the last time I did that and how how the the uphill climb was to get back to my friend’s resting area. So headed back myself. We ate lunch and there was this ant who had to have piece of cheese to take back home. It was almost as big as he was, but he carried it away and hopefully to his nest.

We headed back and the aspens were glowing in the setting sun.

And now I haven’t caught up, but it is time for me to get some sleep . . . and my leg is swelling up from sitting too long so will do some oils and elevate it . . . until next time.