Continuing to Catch Up with The Art Festival Looming Closer

So where was I? Ah, yes – Saturday, August 2nd.

A dancing friend always has a Leo Birthday Party on the first Saturday in August. She backs up pans of veggie enchiladas and brownies. Her guests bring side dishes, wine, and flowers. It is held mostly outside and she lucked out this year. No Rain!

On the way there, I stopped at a liquor store. I had decided to bring Wine this year, just wasn’t up for cooking or even making a fruit salad as I had often done in the past. I also bought myself a bottle of Tequila. I was thinking I might need that to get through the next few weeks. And you know, I think I will have a drink while I type more tonight . . . Tequila, Cranberry and Ginger Ale . . . just what the doctor ordered, as my Dad used to say when having a cocktail after a long day at work.

I caught up with some friends and met a very interesting woman. I gave her my card and do hope she does contact me. She has some great stories to tell as I do about dealing with Doctors that cause more harm than healing.

Sunday, I basically wrote Tweets and FaceBook Posts for the upcoming Gallery Show and the Festival. I am sure I did something else, but can’t recall that now. This was the day I slept in late . . . trying to avoid experiencing an exhaustion factor that was building up.

My cottage Tenant’s whole family came to help her move out. I had wanted to talk to her Mom about a few things, and since she isn’t suppose to be lifting things, this was a good distraction for her. She works on design projects, and I will probably offer her the Tony trainings and see if she has any interest in the Mastermind gr0up. But more importantly, she is interested in Essential Oils and how they could help her family with dealing with depression and other health challenges. We had a lovely conversation and I gave her one of my books to read.

On Monday met with K from the Pikes Peak Bulletin. The owner of that paper and the Indy had told me he wanted to help support the Art Festival, but never called me back. So I called the Bulletin directly and K responded last week and set a meeting for Monday morning. She was a delightful person. She came back with an offer of 2 for 1 ads, that didn’t fit the Festival’s budget. So I proposed that since it had sounded like the owner had wanted to do something bigger mentioning the other paper first, that I told him we already had a partial sponsorship, what if they gave us the color for free. She came back a bit reluctantly, but agreed to do that. Sometimes I can negotiate really good deals. She was also very interested in learning more about Essential Oils and I gave her one of my books. Soon she emailed me back that she had read most of my book, and loved it, wanted to get together and talk about many things.

All of this good energy with people interested in Essential Oils and books and illustration has me really “chomping at the bit” for the Art Festival to be successfully concluded and see where I can take my own business in the next few months.

Meanwhile KCME was an ad concept I was thinking of letting go totally. Hated to do that, but with the cancellation that was equal to the cost of the underwriting there, just seemed necessary. Their marketing person called me, and we worked out that we would spend half of what we have in the past and still get an interview on their Culture show and some extra spots. This just reminded me that the other sponsor station probably needs info that hasn’t been sent them. And sometimes the person who agrees to sponsoring us, doesn’t communicate well with the person who has to create and schedule the Promos. Better get on that tomorrow.

A long Commonwheel meeting this first Monday night. Though actually less contentious than some of the recent ones had been. The Grant news kind of mellowed some members a bit. Still the discussion of why are we losing so many members right now was a bit challenging, but when it was pointed out that most members had left because of “Live Changes” that made it difficult for them to fulfill commitments, well, that calmed some members down a bit.

Really enjoyed the walk to and from the MAC. Beautiful night – no Rain!

Tuesday, Aug. 4, started with a Healing Circle session that Aine could not attend, so that meant the visiting person leading the session could not be in Presenter mode. There is someone who dials in, but does not pay attention at all to the session and refuses to Mute their line. This day it was particularly annoying. There wasn’t just some background noise of them fixing a meal, but they had actual conversations with someone that at times made what the presenter was saying totally impossible to hear. And she had a really lovely set of prayers that she was sharing with us. I had a hard time even staying on the line, as it was causing me to feel anger, rather than at Peace. And it meant there would be no replay of this beautiful blessing or if there was, it would not be pleasant to listen to with the background noise. I do not understand why this person even dials in if they are not going to actually participate in the Healing Circle.

I met with my handyman friend and looked at things the Cottage needed doing. We came up with more things than I had budgeted for right now. But today, one did come out to be less of a problem than it first looked when I talked to the tenant who was moving out and assured me that there had never been water leaking down from that area, but the ceiling had looked that bad since she moved in when her brother moved out. So that meant the fix Karl had done a while ago had actually fixed the leak that caused the ceiling area to look so bad, and he could just fix that without having to search for another leak.

Had a Chamber Marketing meeting where the Peak Live Remote was confirmed. Rain again. Glad I drove and didn’t walk there, that is a long walk, but a pleasant one in good weather.

Somewhere in the last weeks I ordered Reusable Bags and Banners that I had to get the designs done for the companies. And consulted on the t-shirts, but didn’t actually do the ordering and buying of the t-shirts. Was a learning experience for the person who wanted to send our t-shirt business to a friend of his. I do hope they look as good as the ones in the past with the sunset colors added.

Tony’s training that night was one of his “kick you in the butt” gently, to get you motivated to actually take action. He has shared so many pieces of advice and trainings for FREE on this show, it is time for all of his students to get moving forward and create some abundance for ourselves. So am glad I have been taking steps to create my Mastermind group, and of course, by the end of this, I had ideas for each one that they needed to hear.

Somewhere I missed talking about NAMS. Last week before the NAMS 12 in Atlanta, the creator of that event put out an email stating that they needed 100 people to sign up for NAMS 13 in March to be assured that would happen as a twice yearly event. I have always wanted to go to this, but not in August, so I paid the bargain price of $100 to get a ticket for March. Well, on the weekend, other coaches, including Tony Laidig offered the same price, but with bonuses. Tony’s bonus offer was to get any of his programs of equal or lesser value, including the one he was about to Launch that I wanted to buy, training for Adobe Illustrator. So I bought another NAMS ticket and will get that program for just $3.00 more than others will be paying for it. I will be looking  for someone to go to NAMS 13 in March, maybe one of my Mastermind group members will be ready to do that by then.

Wednesday, worked more on Festival details and then had an PM shift at the Co-op. I had great sales that day. Triple what the morning person did. I really need to get into my studio to create some masks. I have taken most of my items that I had on Etsy, off Etsy to keep the shop stocked. Am selling much better at Commonwheel right now, so that makes sense to have product there during the summer season when tourists are visiting from all over who like my FantaFaces feather creations.

The Edward Jones office in Manitou Springs closed. I didn’t get notice of that, but MSAC Board members had artwork there, and our President went to pick it up. I arranged to get mine from him on Thursday morning when I needed to do other errands. I picked up the leather thongs for my feather pendants and other errands. Went to Cartridge World to talk about how they could help me get the best printer for my business needs. I had taken my ancient OKIDATA there with a Fatal Error last week. I really didn’t want it back. So heavy, I couldn’t lift it myself. Had gotten my upstairs’ tenants boyfriend to help get it in the car. She wasn’t going to charge me as other places would for dumping an old piece of electronic equipment on them, if I bought my new printer from them. She talked me into an Brothers Ink Jet that was an All-In-One and would print legal size documents instead of a Laser. She had recently sold 2 others to very happy people. She quoted me a price lower than the same on on sale at Staples, and would fill the ink cartridges up for free. I gave is some thought, and ordered it. I get to pick it up tomorrow. I should be cleaning the desk area where it will go now, but here I am blogging instead.

Still not caught up to today, but I think I need to pause now and get some sleep. Have a very long day tomorrow – and even a bit of fun as a part of it.

And I probably need to think about adding some images in my next post or you will be totally bored with just my writing and I have been taking some fun pictures, mostly of flowers that are thriving in this very wet summer.

Commonwheel Art Festival Has Consumed My Time

Seriously, I haven’t posted since July 28th?!!! And it is August 12th.

The Commonwheel Artists 40th Anniversary Labor Day Art Festival I coordinate has consumed my time in ways it never has in the past coupled with the normal things I would be doing for it.

Then there is the Cottage tenant switch. Also a bit more time consuming that I had hoped at this time of year.

Then there is the rainy weather. I had to question a couple of times if I had moved to Oregon without telling myself. Thank Goodness the sun came out today and I got to sit in it a bit.

On the day of the Super Moon, it rained all day, then at 4am, I was awakened by a very bright light shining through my bedroom window onto my sleeping face. It was the Super Moon. I got up and walked out to absorb some its very beautiful energy.

Lets see if I can do a quick update of the days gone by since the last post.

July 28th, there was a Board Meeting. So much going on with the Co-op besides the Art Festival. Changes of members and the new POS system and now getting a Bar Coder Set up. I am very amazed at all our President has accomplished since taking that position on and dealing with all the flood issues, etc. I don’t think any past President could have accomplished half as much. And one of the Grants we/she applied for $10,000 was granted to us, but for $15,000. Wow! But very specific for use for the Shop, not Festival needs.

Posters, postcards and Flyers were scheduled to arrive and they looked great. The delivery person is someone I will be working with in my Mastermind group I am creating to work together starting in September. Introducing them all the Tony Laidig and the Expert Media Show program. And some other programs. I have bought and bought programs these last few weeks. All things I need to learn and so many have affiliate programs or I can just sell the programs after repackaging them. Those will all be showing up here soon and on web pages elsewhere. I am going to change my financial situation for the better very soon.

Next day had a Marketing Meeting at the Chamber. Got confirmed that there will be a Live Remote with The Peak at the Art Festival. That is a very good addition and will cost Commonwheel nothing. Part of an advertising package for events secured by the advertising company that the Chamber hired.

Ended the day, well, not really, but had a Webinar with Tony, then I am sure I did more work afterwards.

Met with Chief Ribiero and another Police officer on July 29th. Discussed emergency planning for the Art Festival. They have dire warnings, but having had 2 rainy days last year at Fields Park, will draw our own conclusions when we see what the weather brings us.

Big debate going on with a long time Festival Artist who missed the deadline by 13 days to cancel, who feel we should return their fee. Much negotiation and agreed to return half the fee this year and give them credit towards half booth fee next year. Commonwheel really can’t afford that type of loss of a double booth fee this year. We already are looking at being in the red, so not a good piece of news.

At 1pm, met with another person I want in my Mastermind group. She has technical computer experience and is an artist/designer. I blew her away showing her the possibilities and the tools that exist that she never had seen or had any idea existed. Ok, still giving myself away, but I believe if I gather some really good people together, we can work towards success better than going it alone.

Tony switched the Thursday webinar for the program I had bought to Wednesday. She hung out and watched some of that with me until she had to go to another meeting. Again, was amazed by the possibilities that are available for her.

Watched “So You Think You Can Dance” and was amazed again by the talented young kids on that show.

On Friday, I met with a couple of Festival committee members up at the storage unit. We pulled out the tents and sides and inventoried what was usable and what needed to be trashed. They figured out how to repair one of the frames. And one of them took the broken frame to a metal buyer afterwards. We are short good sides and the tops don’t have me totally happy. But had a good idea of what was in there on many levels – chairs, tents, signs, banners, etc. Took the banner to the Chamber days later when I went to the Marketing meeting.

I tried to listen to another webinar, but just couldn’t. Continued working on Festival details. I had thought I would go to the Singles Leo party, but the continuous rain and all that I needed to do, just couldn’t get motivated to do that.

I have written all of the Press Releases for the Art Festival for many years. Our Marketing person sends them out. She sent out the one I wrote about Food as focus, and got lots of Kudos for what a great job she did and that members loved it and they knew our patrons would also. GRRRR! And she didn’t say, “thanks guys, but Julia wrote this . . .” And there are more coming out soon. I woke up in the middle of the night with ideas for writing one that needs to go to the Patron News Letter and Pikes Peak Attractions, condensing the other 3, but with some different focal points. Still haven’t gotten that put on the computer. Really need an iPad so I could write on it rather than do it in my lousy handwriting. Someday soon!

First Friday, I haven’t driven around to that in quite a few months. But there were 2 artists openings, or so I thought I wanted to see. I found the first person’s at The Bridge Gallery. Interesting work and had a really interesting conversation with my artist friend. Then went off to search for the other person’s show. What I didn’t know was I had mis-read the email and she was just promoting The Bridge show. But it was auspicious that I went into galleries in Old Colorado City. Discovered why one artist wasn’t showing at the Art Festival this year. He turned 75 and was just done with doing Art Festivals. Can’t say as I blame him. Then at Hunter-Wolf chatted with a past Festival Committee member and he expressed an interest in doing the Security, for a higher cost than in the past, when I told him the trouble I was having getting security for a reasonable price this year. His offer is better than the ones I had found, but still about double of the past cost. More cost that will push the Festival towards being in the Red for the first time ever. Frustrating, but what can one do?

I had thought about going to a Book Fair in Denver, this weekend, but that just wasn’t going to happen. Rain and just too much to get done for the Art Festival. And did I really want to drive 1.5 hours and spend money? Not really. So on my way back from the Farmer’s Market I stopped at a Thrift Store and spent $10 on some books. One I think has big potential, the others, need to see what can be done with them. But now they are just in my pile of “Public Domain” books that I will work with in September.

Getting really frustrated about not getting out and hiking. But I do walk to any meeting and to the Gallery as much as I can even if it is raining.

OK, time to take a break . . .

Surprise Notice From My Cottage Tenant

On Friday, I had a meeting with another Festival committee member to once more try to get the Fields Park measured so I can place the booths and begin to figure out where artists and sponsors and our Info Booth will be placed. I realized that I needed to use the cement pad that had a picnic table on it and was surrounded by trees as the focal point for measuring form both sides to other objects in an attempt to have one reference point that never changes.

I had deposited a couple of checks at the bank before going to the park. I knew I needed to get some groceries on the way home. I easily convinced myself that I deserved more than just some eggs that I was running low on, but some other treats with the surprise check from Diamante. So I bought some Salmon, ground turkey and a couple of containers of ice cream. I had been craving ice cream when walking through Manitou Springs seeing everyone with ice cream cones walking around. The two containers cost less than one cone bought on the avenue, and will give me many more servings and treats these next few weeks.

I had decided to skip my morning shower as I knew I was going to get hot marking the park. I was determined to vacuum my house which is very dirty work. Then I wanted to plant the Chocolate Mint plant a friend had brought me weeks ago. Plus it was time to get the boxes of dirt from the chimney and raccoon adventure off my porch and up the hill in the back. I was pretty gritty by the time all these things were accomplished and it started to sprinkle just as I was doing the planting, but got it all done.

Next I tried to put the measurements to work. The pad as a reference point did work pretty well. Still, some things just will not match up properly. Those sloped areas and the treed areas with sidewalks that are not straight, just make it challenging. I printed it out, and put it in my car to measure one more time after the Celebration of Life I was going to in the morning. I had bought a large container of blueberries and some Vanilla Yogurt to take to that gathering.

I got my shower and washed my hair and dressed to go out dancing after lovely dinner.

I did go out dancing at Stargazers and Tiny Barge and the Big Chill did not disappoint. As always, had some great conversations with many other dancers there. And met a gentleman that was very interesting. He seemed to be attracted to another dancer, but we did dance a bit. Then at the end, we sat and talk after the band quit. He has known them for a very long time, and the drummer came up and said hello while we chatted. He was very convincing about the many reasons I needed to get a new phone, an iPhone in particular. Lots of reasons for business that I would easily come to love having one.

Long time since I have any thoughts about wanting to get to know a man. Just too many bad relationships in my past, but I have not given up on the possibility of finding a partner that actually is worthwhile and loving.

We texted a few times about various things, but haven’t heard from him recently. I may text my rental resolution when I get a confirmation from the person I am hoping will next rent the Cottage . . . but getting ahead of myself here.

I did stay out longer than I had planned that night, but I should have known it would be hard for me to leave a really good dancing band.

Saturday morning I had to get up early enough to go the Farmer’s Market for my weekly grocery shopping trip. And I decided I needed to go there and get the food back to the house before going to the Celebration of Life for JeriAnn at 9:00 am. I am not a morning person, so that was challenging. But I got it done. I will never forget the sight I saw on my way home from the Farmer’s Market. A car was parked in the Shuttle Loading Zone. Two shuttles were waiting to pick up the more than 40 people waiting to get on. A vendor was having a shouting match with the shuttle driver, and as she got into her car, flipped off the Shuttle driver. Do wish I had had my camera out at that moment to have captured that image.

I arrived at the Hillside Gardens just a little after 9am. Proud of myself. Lots of people, lots of stories to share, lovely music and songs sung in her honor. Wonderful food and cooling drinks. I wore a sparkling pin that JeriAnn had given me at my 55th (no presents please) birthday party a friend had held for me. At that time, my leg was just healing enough that I could dance the night away. And that is where the picture I use for all my books and other reasons got taken by a friend. That pin resides on my dresser where I see it everyday and am reminded that I am a shining star.

I talked to her sister about an idea that came to me of creating a book from all of the poems and songs JeriAnn wrote so they would not be forgotten. We will talk again in September after both of our big events are completed.

As I was leaving I stopped to take a picture of a metal sculpture that looked like they were celebrating life. I had a bad hold on the bowl with the remaining berries and it slipped and fell to the sidewalk and shattered into many pieces. I had been part of a couple of conversations about downsizing, but that wasn’t really what I wanted to downsize, but there it was, out of my life. Hope some birds enjoyed the blueberries.

I stopped by the Fields Park and did some more measurements. There were lots of people enjoying the park, and I tried not to disturb the family gathered at the picnic table, so might not have gotten all the measurements I needed, but I am now done with the measuring part of that project. Just gonna say it is good enough and work with it the best I can.

Both days, I stopped at Memorial Park to see the juried art show that was just filled with “crap” and a few artists. There was no where near the 75 artists there. Maybe 30 tents with at least 9 jewelers were set-up. It was sad to see the few legitimate artists among the imported items, including a booth of Egyptian Sheets, huh? Not one of the vendors had a Vendor Permit. I got 2 different answers when asked how they would be paying sales taxes. And one jeweler from Oklahoma very rudely informed me I didn’t know the law and she would be paying her sales tax with her own number after the event was over. There were no porta-potties. The Face Painter had come into MAC looking for the bathroom as the promoter had told her he had made special arrangements with the MAC for artists to use their bathroom. The Director of MAC replied, that “no special arrangements had been made, but you may use the bathroom.” Other vendors I asked about potties directed me to the ones on the side of City Hall. The only trash cans were the City’s. No bands ever played. And the poor musician trying to play under a small tarp like tent, was having real problems with his equipment the second morning. I chatted with one vendor who had done Commonwheel shows long ago. None of the vendors were very happy. The promoter obviously was relying on getting traffic from the people who were parking near the park and riding the shuttles. Two banners at the front of the park proclaimed “Art Festival”, a listing in the Bulletin’s Calendar and one small ad in the Gazette was the extent of his advertising.

That evening, my cottage tenant rang my doorbell and wanted to return the diffuser and some oils she had been using on Louie, her kitty who we had cat sat and was not in totally good health. I told her to keep using the diffuser a while longer and hold onto the oil and get him healthy. Then she told me she needed to move out of the cottage. The vet bills and a few other things were going to make it hard for her to afford the space. She wouldn’t break her lease, but if I wanted to find a new tenant sooner, she would be able to move out very quickly. I told her I had to think about it, as I had so much on my plate at this m0ment, showing the cottage wasn’t in my plans, but understood her plight.

I gave myself most of Sunday to work on other things and think about the Cottage. I bought the YouTube Training and the Content Training programs. My friend who I am helping with books had looked at the YouTube training and thought it interesting enough to invest the $27 in, but needed me to walk him through the steps. I was glad he called, as there was a better link with better bonuses than the one I had originally sent him, so that worked well.

My Inner Health friend wanted to see the cottage, but it wasn’t right for her. I took advantage of that showing to take some photos of the interior and exterior, as I decided I should just get it advertised as quickly as possible. And her telling me about other places she looked at and was living in currently and what people were paying for rent, I bravely decided to raise the rent not just $25, but $50. That was a really good choice, as it did not deter people from wanting to rent it.

 At about 9:15 I posted the Cottage for rent on Craig’s List. By midnight, I had had 7 or more requests to see it. So I set up showing times for Monday and Tuesday.

Festival emails and a conversation with the accountant at City Hall distracted me this morning. Plus replying and setting up showing times filled my morning. Then I had 3 showings. The first two were both really good candidates for the cottage. The person who delivers all the Festival printed items showed up perfectly between these showings and my last one for the day. We chatted and need to get together after the Art Festival to talk about web sites and books. We both have skills and knowledge the other can use. and we both need better income while still following our hearts and helping people.

Most fun moment of my day was catching a large beautiful moth that was in the house and releasing him back to the outside world. Holding him in my hands was a very special moment. Seeing him fly away made my heart sing.

And tonight on my way home from a Board meeting, I ran into the massage therapist who I have a disagreement with about whether she owed me one more massage from a trade last year. I told her I was wanting to just let it go, after all, I have given away many Essential Oils in the past, and was doing so that very day. I did want her to look at some of the new products introduced by Gary Young this year and learned she had forgotten she was a Young Living distributor. She had immediately removed her email from the web site after signing up, as was getting “too many emails”, and didn’t know how to access it. I told her I would send her that information. Then she suggested she could give me a half hour massage and we would compromise in the middle ground of our different interpretations of what was owed or not. I gladly agreed, as I had been ready to let it all go and move on to just being able to talk to each other again when we saw each other. And she does now live on Ruxton in an apartment between my home and Manitou Avenue, so that will make walking past her much more comfortable in the future.

I decided to see if the young man that is my first choice for the cottage who grew up in Manitou Springs, knows my upstairs tenant and his parents know an old friend of mine, wanted to sign a lease tomorrow and pay part of the deposit and would want to move in mid-August. Just then the phone rang and it was the current tenant. We discussed the timing and that would work well for her. I told her to keep the Eucalyptus Oil for Louie and in the near future before she leaves wanted to talk more about the Young Living oils, especially since the Purification had worked so well keep mosquitoes at bay on their camping trip last weekend.

I took the Craig’s List posting down, and emailed the young man. He just emailed back that he could meet with me tomorrow at 2pm and give me a partial deposit and sign the lease. One thing that was also in his favor is he likes squirrels. Learned that when I stopped to feed the half blind one before showing him the cottage.

It is late, but now I will go and email cancellations to the people scheduled to see the cottage tomorrow afternoon. I hate wasting people’s time and it will save me time also.

This is the fastest I have ever rented a space.


Stormy Days, Book Publishing And So New Things to Learn

There have been many storms these last few days. But nothing that has caused any new flooding in Manitou Springs. Halleluiah!

But my basement is very damp right now. The old ways water came in seems to have happened again. Didn’t have the heart to take a flashlight and see if the new area was also damp tonight

Spraying YL Thieves Spray down there to keep mold at bay. Doesn’t even really smell bad. But don’t want to forget to keep on this bit of prevention so I don’t have a future problem.

I worked a very long day at Commonwheel last Sunday. I was lucky. I had a mid-shift person. She even let me take a break and walk home to get my lunch eaten there very quickly. I had debated about buying a sandwich, as I had only packed fruits and energy bars with a lot going on in the morning as I was trying to get out the door. When she offered to let me take a real break and pointing out it would probably take as long at that time of day for me to get a sandwich anywhere, even if I called it in as take-out, as going to my home that was just a few blocks away, well, I went for a walk. We had a slow beginning of the day, but steady sales. Lots of people commented on “what a nice shop you have” when we engaged them in conversation. Always nice to hear.

As it neared 8pm and closing time, I decided to count the cash as it had been quiet for quite some time. Then people started coming in and I had 4 sales, all CASH! So I had to count everything again. Still, was happy to up the end of day sales by almost $100 when they all left.

I have been raiding my Etsy inventory to keep Commonwheel stocked. I really need to get into my feather studio and create more FantaFaces. I realized that I hadn’t ordered the kidney surgical steel ear wires, so did that. They will take a week or more to get here, so probably won’t have those on Saturday. But can make masks for both the Gallery and restock Etsy. Trying to order the leather thongs for my necklaces. Found the store, but was after they had closed. Gotta remember to do that tomorrow.

On Thursday, my Greek friend who I hadn’t seen in more than a month showed up at my door. We were both hungry. I suggested we go to The Loop Mexican restaurant for Fish Tacos. She eats a more restricted diet than I do, but she was willing to split a meal of these with me. She really enjoyed them. And so did I. I haven’t had many meals out, very restricted budget, but I deserved a treat and had a good time catching up with her travels and new paths relating to staying healthy she is exploring.

I have been working with Zoltan to get his “Galloping Wind” book published on Kindle, then on CreateSpace. When I was working on the Quark version for CreateSpace I discovered numerous errors in the Kindle version. Including two Chapter 12s. So as I worked on the Quark version, I corrected the Word document to download again on Kindle. After waiting so long to get this published, he was anxious to get it up before family from across the ocean arrived and he could show them he was once again a published author. This isn’t his first book, and won’t be his last.

I have suggested to him that we work and learn things together after the Art Festival so we can both find more financial freedom and success. I think he will also buy the very reasonably priced YouTube Video Training that I did. I also bought the upsell, as it has more training and more things I can repackage and sell.

Commonwheel’s gallery show “Under Pressure” had 18 artists in it and took me way more time to do the Facebook posts than usual. Trying to connect images to the right artist was a challenge for sure. And they also had some workshops that needed advertising in both Facebook pages I write on. Only added one outside the box fun thing to these posts. The song “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie seemed to be a real fit for this show.

I walked around town for a few openings. I had meant to go dancing at Stargazers, but after walking to 3 galleries, I was exhausted. Still hadn’t quite recovered from my summer cold. So I just crawled into bed early and began reading Gary Young’s “The Gift” that I had purchased earlier this year.

I have had a really difficult time getting in my car to run errands and go shopping. But I did, and got lots accomplished in that one bit of driving around. I was out of the friendly half-blind squirrels sunflower seeds, and a few other things prompted me to get out the door. I stopped at my favorite outlet store and discovered it was their last day in that location and they were moving back to a past location that is much closer to my home and in more of my errand routes.  Good news for sure.

I walked into the “antique mall” next to this store. I am always hopeful of finding old books or magazines here. Only once has that happened. But I found 5 fun videos on sale and spent a whole $2.50 on them. Mostly cartoony ones that I had heard about and never have seen. When I will have time to watch them, have no idea.

During this drive a Commonwheel challenge arrived by my phone. A member was very upset about having to pay a fine she incurred and even though a Board member and had been there when we clearly stated fines would all be enforced, she didn’t think she owed it. She was being very rude to our President who was there to train her and wanted to know if I as a Board member would concur to the idea this person was allowed to quit without the 30 day notice and remove everything that very day. This person has been a “thorn” in my side and many other members for years. I felt it would be best if she agreed to end her tenure at Commonwheel that day, to let her do it. And then change all the codes on locks and web site areas. We have had other people resign on happier terms lately, so it was really time to change the codes, which we should do yearly anyway, but haven’t. Stirred up some challenging conversations with quite a few members. Next Monday’s Board meeting should be very interesting.

On Monday, I walked to MAT for a Manifest meeting that actually happened. The last 2 had been canceled for health and weather reasons. This is a half mile walk there, and a bit farther back when I loop around to go to the Post Office.

A little later my Greek friend up at my door. She wanted to know it I wanted to go for a short walk. She was here to listen to the Concert in the nearby park, but that was more than an hour away. I almost said no, but being very behind on my hiking and I needed to get moving after being so sick, I said, sure and changed shoes. We hiked up the street, then turned off and went higher and higher. I took her up to the place I had sat on the rock to watch the 4th of July fireworks. It was even more daunting to look at how steep it was below that rock than in the dark.

As we headed back down, we noticed lots of purple spots on the road. There was an Elderberry, or Boysenberry Tree with ripe berries on it. Need to look this up, but not now. She was so delighted to enjoy this treat. And so was I. They were delicious. We had very purple hands when we were done. We ate every one we could reach, pulling the branches down for each other to reach just a little bit higher. Very fun and a tasty treat for sure. We want to go back in a few days, as there were many that were not ripe within reach. Will see if that happens.

Some how I need to do some postings on my Hiking blog . . . gotten very far behind, but as you can see I only seem to get time to post here once a week, so this does come first. Those I can catch up on, as they are mostly photos and a bit of description of the hike.

The Art Festival has me constantly working on it. Ads with deadlines, making sure everything is in place, meeting with people to get what they were working on into my hands, etc. I will be very happy when this is successfully over this year.

I walked to the gallery to bring in some inventory, from my Etsy stash, meet with 2 members about their Festival jobs, bring one somethings she needed, pick up items from the other. I walked to the bank to deposit a check I had been holding for an artist after jury and it had gotten buried. She reminded me that I could cash it when I saw her during Art Walk. I got to see the drilling equipment that was re-drilling the 7-Minute Spring well so it can be used at Sun Spa for water to bath in and drink again.

I had a really pleasant surprise today. I had not actually looked at my Diamante envelop, but when I picked it up, a check came floating out. A large check. That will be very helpful in the next month, as I want to buy some training programs to work on after the Art Festival is over in September. And it was noted that they think they will begin doing regular distributions early in 2015. Not sure how much, but anything will be appreciated. Thank you Mom & Dad for having made this investment that my Brother and I split after you passed. Will make me smile a bit more every time I see a check from there. I had worked at Diamante, and my Dad liked some of their investments. Some were cashed out while they were alive, but this one was left to us as it was not distributing and yet it is a very good investment. University Village in Colorado Springs where I shop all the time and it is thriving.

There are at least 3 trainings that I want to take in the next few months. All being offered right now. I can buy a couple and do the training later, sort of like how I am handling the Drag-N-Drop program I just bought. I do want to attend the live trainings for one of Tony’s offerings, so that will be challenging on Thursday nights, but at this time I don’t have meetings on those nights until the day before the Art Festival. I think I will miss that class. But there are always replays to watch forever in the members area.

One of these trainings has lots of things I can resell and are very relevant to marketing right now. I really need to focus on that aspect of a way to create financial change in my life. And it really does work with writing and publishing books, as a way to advertise them and at the same time guide people to the trainings I am an affiliate for already.

I swear, these, are the last trainings I can buy before I start implementing what they have to teach me and begin to generate some income, rather than being all outgo of $s.

The Art Festival needs to go back to a very part-time job again, which it was before the flooding, but took over much more time this last year than ever before. I believe that all the things I have put in place this year, will just be easier to continue in the next years, and perhaps if the flood mitigation works well, we can move back to Memorial Park next year. That would make the Art Festival so much easier to do than having to arrange for Shuttles and ways to guide people there. Plus just measuring this park so I feel that I can place booths in it in a way that works with a totally different layout than last year has been quite the challenge.

Am schedule to try and measure the Fields Park one more time. Have notes about what I need to measure to figure out how to draw it in a way that trees and mounds are not encountered in the wrong place when we actually mark the booth areas on August 29th.

Will do some driving errands also.

Then tomorrow night going Dancing for Sure! Tiny Barge is playing at Stargazers and they are really fun!

Stormy Week in Manitou Springs

This has been a week of rain storms and sirens going off warning of Flash Flooding.
Monday the new siren just a block from me went off along with both my phones and the radio and the siren in my home all at once.

Highway 24 was closed, people were turned away from town. That was the day I walked to MAT and got a ride back with a family from PA that needed to get to the Cog Railway.

Yes, Flash Flooding was possible. But the creek politely stayed in its banks all through town.

My cold was just about gone on Tuesday. Still not totally over it, but so much better. Actually getting some energy back.

Tony Laidig did a webinar on taking photographs at night that was interesting. I need to learn more about my camera to do some of the settings he suggested. But looking at my Firework photo, I was happy that I had gotten some as good as I did without this webinar.

I had wanted to write an email to the person who had taken so much of my money and recently declared bankruptcy, and that just poured off my fingers last night. It was a “put me in the place of you when you came asking for help and see if you can now find a way to make an effort to pay me back some of the money I loaned you to help you back then” note, not an angry note. No response yet, but who knows if she even opens my emails any more . . . or if she really does have a conscious and will ever make good on her promises before and during the time she was bankrupting everyone.

This morning was filled with getting things done for advertising for the Art Festival, things that need printing and on the web site finalized and sent to others to handle.

I had thought on Wednesday, I would get some things done and contact my Coach to set up a time for a call. But the Art Festival, then the rain distracted me quite a bit. And my brother needed some things done quickly for his Parish Gap Band web site. New drummer and a change of wording describing the band’s music and a new gig to post. That took up a bit of time getting the header redone and other pictures that needed switching out all over the web site.

In the early afternoon, my roommate went out to weed the very overgrown garden and quite a while later, I heard the rain start.

Then it hailed. She was out sheltering under a tree, and came dashing in soaking wet.

Heavy Rain & Hail Storm in Manitou Springs

There was a river of red mud coursing down Ruxton Avenue and hail piled up in the yard.

Heavy Rain & Hail Storm in Manitou Springs

Then it quit and the sky lightened and it looked like it would clear up.

So I walked down to my Manitou Springs Art Council meeting at Manitou Art Center. Our wonderful President brought two pies from Gooseberry Junction on highway 115: Gooseberry and Rhubarb and we all had half a slice of each. YUM! We had some interesting conversations and a new member joined.

As the meeting got near to ending, someone said, “Is that rain.”

Heavy Rain & Hail Storm in Manitou Springs

And a couple of us responded, “NO! That’s HAIL!” and we headed downstairs to see Hurricane style storm. A storm like many of us have never seen or only seen a few times. The water was coming down in sheets and it was hailing.

Heavy Rain & Hail Storm in Manitou Springs


Crazy drivers were going up and down the Avenue. Very lucky that no one got stuck or had an engine die in our area. Not sure what the town looked like farther east, but on the streets on the way down and afterwards around my house there was quite a bit of red gravel that had traveled down from the hillsides.

Heavy Rain & Hail Storm in Manitou Springs

Again the creek kindly stayed mostly in its banks, but Memorial Park was a soggy mess. I didn’t get pictures of that, as someone offered me a ride home, and I accepted. Although since the sky was clearing up, I was tempted to walk home, but I took the ride instead.

Heavy Rain & Hail Storm in Manitou Springs

Maybe tomorrow I will walk down there and take pictures of how it looks after two heavy rainstorms. I do have to go to the shop and have a CD of photos I want to leave at City Hall for a councilwoman, so will take a walk in hopefully not so stormy weather.

 Ruxton was pretty much a mess with lots of gravel on it.

Heavy Rain & Hail Storm in Manitou Springs

There was hail everywhere around the yard and in the garden areas.

Heavy Rain & Hail Storm in Manitou Springs

Our garden didn’t survive the second storm as well as it had the first one.

Heavy Rain & Hail Storm in Manitou Springs

 Hopefully the squash plants will survive, and maybe some of the other plants will come back. Sure wish I had picked some lettuce yesterday . . . And I want to see how the mint is doing. Of course, I am sure much of the catnip will survive, but I had thought of cutting some of it yesterday, but just didn’t find the energy to go into the garden and do that.

And then the sun came out.

Blue sky after Heavy Rain & Hail Storm in Manitou Springs

Though it did rain again after it got dark, as it is raining now.

I went into my basement, and there is water seeping in from a new area that I cannot capture it. It is coming up from below the half wall that separates the full basement area from the crawl space. And there was water in the barrel that has the sump pump. There was none there on Monday after that rain, but today was a different soggy story down there. Not sure what to do, but keep a watchful eye on the situation the next rainstorms.

It will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings for weather and how the creek and town looks.

It certainly seems that some of the mitigation work has made a difference. And the dredging of the creek really helped as the water rose, but didn’t get high enough to get out of its banks most places. If the dredging hadn’t been done, I think this would have been a different story to tell tonight.

Dredging Fountain Creek in Manitou Springs

And here it is past my time to get to sleep and I haven’t done any links or written to my coach. But fading fast, so will call it a night.


Slowly Healing and Dealing with a Bit of Depression

I have never been a good sick person. And it is all the harder when one has to take care of oneself and still try to keep up with the business aspect of one’s life that doesn’t stop when you just want to sleep the day away.

My time to totally get rid of this cold has been slow. The first week I was really miserable, but as time has gone on, feeling better every day. Still, the cough hangs on and don’t have my energy totally back yet.

The attitude of the Manitou Springs Officials about the promoter that is trying to sneak in another “Art Festival” into Manitou Springs during its busiest tourist time and also its rainest month, it the Park that Commonwheel was directed away from, well, that is just frustrating. It had me questioning what I have been doing to create a quality Art Festival over the last 40 years, with my sabbatical years not counted as time I coordinated it, but the Art Festival did start in 1975 and always only allowed in high quality art work. I guess we will see what we shall see on July 26 & 27. Will there actually be an Art Festival, or will it be canceled, or will it be filled with collectibles and other junk? And will there be any advertising? Or will he just rely on the tourist traffic that will be in town that weekend.

And since today we had Hwy 24 closed, opened, closed, opened again, causing the Police to direct people away from even coming into Manitou Springs and Fountain Creek ran fast and very muddy brown, would an Event in Memorial Park have been asked to close down?

The Art Co-op was told by an police officer to close as the water was rising pretty high behind the building.

I had walked down for a ManitFest meeting last Monday, only to find out it was canceled. There was a Commonwheel meeting that night, but not for 3 hours. So I got in a 2 mile walk, instead of just one that day. I could tell my lungs were still filled with crud, as it was hard to walk back home, uphill, then back again a couple of hours later. It was an interesting meeting. Our President asked for compensation for extra time she had spent training us on the POS system. People thought she should have asked before, but then she didn’t know that the system wouldn’t be up and running with less than 24 hours before it was to be used. I was kinda torn between yes, she deserved compensation, but yes, this wasn’t the perfect way to ask. Since I had been the first person to use the system, I saw how many glitches it had that we resolved that day because she knew who to call or where to look for a solution.

But it did have me wondering why I haven’t asked for some compensation for all the extra time I have had to spend, not just last year moving the Art Festival in just 3 weeks, but since then getting all the new pieces in place for it to be in Fields Park again, and the many extra meetings I have attended to get us some new and really great advertising. Then there is the addition of the Bristol Beer/Wine Garden. I am going to hint at the idea I deserve a bonus for the first time in many a year . . . but where that will go if the Festival doesn’t make money this year, which is a high possibility, how do I handle that?

Which leads to why I am a bit depressed. Financially I haven’t been able to create a better situation for me with my time eaten up by the Art Festival during the months I normally would have spent really focused on my own business. I did get the “How To Create A Sustainable Event” on Kindle, but it needs tweaking and promoting. I feel a bit guilty that I haven’t had time to read and implement all the suggestions my Arizona cousin has taken time to do for me. But I will very soon.

I have paid for classes and software that I haven’t had time to explore. A really interesting one of Drag & Drop ways to create Children’s books. I am not sure why it is that much better than my being able to work well in PhotoShop. There are lots of characters and backgrounds that come with it. But then, I have tons of photos and could create my own. Still the price was right, and it has some other software that comes with it to help create “path” books where a reader can chose where they want to go next in a story line. How to add those type of links can be tricky, so this could be very helpful when I do get back into writing more books.

And taking time to rest and heal my body has also pulled me away from sitting at the computer. But that is really important if I am to get through the next two months without a relapse or get even sicker.

I got myself motivated to get ink for one of the printers that isn’t working. The girl there told me all of her kids are sick in the same manner of symptoms as I have. She also gave me ink cartridges for free and told me they could help me find a printer to replace the laser printer if I want them to help. And at Costco, I ran into a “health nut” friend, and he told me he has had a nagging cough for over 2 months. I really don’t want to have that happen to me, so resting is a good idea along with many herbs and essential oils applied to my body and taken internally.

I brought some oils for my 1st Friday Tune-up and had Sharing Inner Health work them deep into my spine. I do think that helped.

One of my clients actually got his book on Kindle. We worked together and separately to make this happen. Yeah! Next is his book that needs to be published by someone else not connected to him. I keep putting off talking to CreateSpace to make sure I have things set up for HieroGraphics to be a publisher and that I can also have my personal space as an author. Just wrote myself a big note to do this tomorrow.

I do think I will have the Art Festival Flyer ready to go to the printer on Friday, maybe even on Thursday. Finally getting people giving me the information I need.

Then there is this odd virus that has popped up on my computer that resets itself whenever I delete it after a virus scan. Where it came from, how it got past Norton in the first place, I don’t know. I think I will look into SafeMac Virus Software. It just brings in ads, and sounds pretty harmless, but very annoying and another challenge I could do without!

My hiking friend is going on a trip, so she is not into taking a hike this week. I really need to get out in Nature in the sunshine after all this craziness and dealing with this cold.

I was suppose to go to Denver on Sunday for a reunion of the Great Book Group ladies, but just could not convince myself to drive for 3 hours round trip for a bit of camaraderie. I did get a quick chat with the organizer and she is going to plan another gathering in the Fall. I should be more up for that one, as I miss these ladies that I used to see about every two months, then haven’t seen in way over a year.

At the Gallery, when I returned from my trip, I saw that I had sold quite a few masks and hair clips. I raided my Etsy store for masks to get masks to my display quickly. I have spent a couple of sessions in my feather studio to create hair clips and masks for the Gallery. I noted that I hadn’t been selling earrings this summer, which was weird, then today when I checked in my masks, I saw I had sold some. I was going to stop by and figure out exactly which ones on my way home, but instead I did a “good Samaritan” thing that kept me from going back to the Gallery. When my ManiFest meeting was cancelled because people couldn’t get into Manitou Springs due to the Flood Alert, a family from Pennsylvania came by and asked what to do as they were not being allowed to go up the street to get to the Cog Railroad that they had 4pm tickets for. One of the people at the MAC suggested I ride with them and show them the back way to Ruxton Avenue that is my street and goes up to the Cog Railroad station. So I did that. It made them very happy and I did my “good deed” for the week and got a ride home.

I walked down to see what the creek looked like, but for some reason didn’t take my camera. It was very muddy, not too high, but running very fast. The best part was there didn’t seem to be much debris in it.

I almost forgot the most fun part of my last two weeks. When I went to a Chamber Marketing meeting, I went past the Fields Park and took a picture of the brown grass to ask what was going on. I stayed on El Paso and for some reason, decided to see what house was For Sale at the stop sign street near Rockledge B&B. When I came back down the street, there was a very strange creature laying on the lawn behind a fence.

Moose in Manitou Springs

I do wish I had gotten a better picture, but didn’t get myself energized to get out of the car to do that. And besides, I was debating what I was seeing, a very strange horse, or a Moose, and if it was a Moose, they are considered very unpredictable. Then again, there was an iron fence between us. It turns out a few days later this lady Moose was relocated to a new home, as she was getting too comfortable in the area, and could be a threat to people, especially when she headed down to the park where the pool is and many tourist and locals hang out.

On the 4th of July, I hiked up the road to find a place to sit to watch the fireworks. For many years they would shoot them off Red Mountain which is directly across from my house, but that got dangerous with our really dry winters and summers. So now they shoot them off Higgenbottom Flats near Hwy 24. The place I thought I would watch from had trees that had grown up and nowhere comfortable to sit. So I went up the road a little further and saw a rock that looked very stable at the top of a very steep area. I maneuvered myself safely onto the rock and waited for the show to begin. I did wonder if I could get up safely and considered asking one of the youngsters that gathered on either side of me to “spot me” getting up, but in the end, I just slowly got up and didn’t even get to prickled by the Yucca near me.

I do so love fireworks!

4th of July Fireworks in Manitou Springs




Communication Glitches Have Plagued Me Recently

I have to admit at the Young Living Convention there were a few communication glitches with my roommate.

The first night, when we were discussing about timing to get up and ready for the first morning, she reminded me she meditates for 2 hours each morning. I told her I needed 1.5 hr to get ready, so was setting the alarm for 7:00 am to be sure we could leave at 8:30. It wouldn’t take a full half hour to walk to the center, but wanted to get there before the whole crowd arrived.

I woke up and looked at the clock and it was 7:53 am! She was all dressed. I asked her why she didn’t wake me? She told me I hadn’t told her to do that, and thought I just needed to sleep. I repeated what I had said about needing 1.5 hr to get ready as I dashed to the bathroom, and she said that wasn’t saying wake me, it the alarm didn’t go off. Lesson learned the hard way by me.

She went to see what in the breakfast area while I did the very least amount of things it would take to get out the door in about 30 minutes. I had mentioned the night before that sometimes these places had instant oatmeal that she could eat (being vegan), but I didn’t like oatmeal. She came back with 2 cups of “porridge” and it looked worse than any oatmeal I had ever seen. She ate hers and some of the one she had brought for me, and saying she did not remember me saying I didn’t like oatmeal.

A couple of days later, we learned that was actually gravy for biscuits and gravy. Something else I abhor, and probably was a shock to her vegan system.

And of course, I wasn’t allowed to have any bit of feelings of being upset, as it was my fault for not actually communicating my needs properly. So the morning was a bit tense, and I had to breath out of it. At the center, I wanted to get a seat near a big screen not in the main crowded area. She dashed off towards the center, saying she would find seats and come back for me. I wasn’t totally happy with where she left me, so walked down the aisle a bit and found perfect seats with open space, an aisle in front of them. Great view, great sound. Claimed the seats, and stood looking for her a bit. Gave up and just settled in to listen.

Later, I saw her in  a crowded seat area not far from me and I let her know where I was sitting. Soon thereafter she came and sat by agreeing these were great seats. From then on we looked for seats on the open aisles or corners so I could stretch my leg with poor circulation easily, and not be cramped between others. Didn’t always happen, but most sessions that did work.

We did get a bit of dancing in three different nights. It certainly felt good to be moving to fun tunes.

A really fun thing that happened was at lunch, after a terrible wait in line and no lettuce at any of the salad bars, we joined a table that had people for Colorado and some associated with horse health. I looked at the woman across from me and asked her with her unusual name of Komitor and being from Colorado, if she was related to Deb Komitor, an artist friend in CS. Yes, she was her X-sister-in-law, but good friends.

My roommate in Manitou Springs and at the convention are both very interested in working with healing horses, and other animals, with natural approaches. To meet people from Florida and Colorado who did that work and training was truly amazing to have chosen to sit near these people when you realize there were 9,000 people at the convention to chose from as table companions.

But even more amazing, was that my convention roommate had actually contacted this person by phone when she was “parrot-sitting” for another mutual friend!

We had some really great conversations at this table, then had to hurry back to the meeting.

The last communication glitch really came when talking about when everyone wanted to leave. The driver had sort of given up on stating his preference, as had a communication glitch with my roommate also. She and I discussed when to set the alarm, or the wake-up call, that I was using since the first night. I suggested we get up at 7am to get on the road close to 8:30, but she said that meant she would have to get up really early to meditate. So I said, OK, 8am then.

I woke up at 7:05am and she was up and about, all dressed again, but hadn’t woken me, because again, I didn’t say, “if you do wake up early, wake me up at 7am.” She said she had woken at 3am and couldn’t sleep, so had meditated then. I had heard lots of bed squeaking at that time, but didn’t realize she actually had gotten up then to meditate.

Anyway, I got up and began the process to get ready. Decided to get some milk, cow milk, somehthing I haven’t used in a long time, from the breakfast area for my shake and ran into one of the other riders in the car. She convinced me to relax and enjoy a last fluffy waffle with her. Our driver showed up and said he would move the car around to our room’s door and let my roommate know I was breakfasting and would return soon. So we did actually leave closer to the time he wanted to leave.

The ride home was really smooth, and got home well into daylight time. I unpacked, took a hot bath and then as stated in the last post, awoke at 4am with a high fever!

Monday was a day of bad communication with Manitou Springs City Council about the Art Festival that was to be held July 26 & 27 in Manitou Springs Memorial Park that the Chamber and MSAC had just gotten questions about, and no one knew anything about. It took me 4 phone calls to get the information from City Hall about who was behind this. I learned days later, that the Chamber had called and was given that information from the person I was calling with one phone call last week. Why couldn’t they give me that answer as quickly?

And even my apology for saying if I sounded a bit harsh, or “hot” in my first response, which, when re-reading it, I was basically asking why they hadn’t given us the common courtesy of a notice of this application, but that it might have been because I was a bit feverish in reality.

It just got worse from there. I became a bad person, ungrateful for the honor they gave us for our 40 years in business – right actions speak louder than words, and their actions around this was not very honorable in my opinion.

They can’t grant a monopoly for any business and I should just “Peace Out.”

And even though everything I passed on to them was verified, including bad reviews at the Denver BBB and on FNO were seen, I was just bashing a competitor to gain a monopoly.

I had asked at least 5 City Officials, when trying to decide where to hold the 40th Art Festival, “What other events will be allowed in Memorial Park?” long after they had approved this, and not one mentioned this quote “Art Festival” The park is a real mess. A 15 minute rain shower created a giant muddy slip & slide during the WineFest and the Chamber said, another few minutes of that storm, and it would have been a very dangerous situation.

Not helping my healing, but had to write some of this up, so I could let it go a bit more.

I got quite a bit of work done for the “Under Pressure II” gallery show FB and Tweets I do, and will finish that up on Monday – do the posting.

Thank goodness, the Chamber and MAC leaders see the side of this I do, that diluting a well respected event with competition that is untested and has negative reviews is not very good for the city as a whole. Nor do we really need a badly run art event in our town that approved by City Council when we just got to the next step on the way to become a State approved Creative District.

 Again, not much I can do, but wait and see what the weather does and if he actually puts on an event of the quality he says it will be, or if it will be more like some that have garnered the negative reviews in the past.

 I think I am going to try to do some posts on my hiking site to catch up there a bit, or maybe just go to bed early to work on healing this what I still hope is only a cold.

I ran into a friend at the Farmer’s Market who has been on very healthy diets for years, and she said Isounded like she did when she had Pneumonia this winter. Yikes! That can’t be what I have, can it? I am very feverish on and off still. I bought some different herbs after getting produce and am trying some other ideas to knock this out of my system.

Been listening to videos from a site called Sacred Spirit to soothe my soul.


Quick Summary of the Last Week and Young Living Convention

Actually this is more than a week worth of summation.

On Monday, June 23rd I rode to the Young Living Convention in Salt Lake City with two people I had never met and my Sharing Inner Health friend.

I realized as we left town, that I had left my distance glasses at home . . . that was a bit challenging, but there was nothing to do about it except try to get seats close to screens when ever possible.

The driver travels all over the country to different conventions and his family, mostly going West. He was the smoothest driver I have ever ridden with in all my travels. He also had packed lots of dried fruits and nuts that he shared all week long. Wish I had eaten more of the Gogi Berries he offered, as that might have upped my Anti-Oxidant level to fight of this cold . . .

We all became friends as the week progressed and discovered mutual interests. And when we hooked up with another friend from Colorado Springs, we discovered she knew everyone in our group. They have all been to more YL Conventions than I have starting back when they actually met Gary Young in person and talked with him years ago.

At the first gas stop, I wanted to pay for filling the tank. But our driver said no, none of us could pay for gas this trip. He had planned it long ago and just having company was payment enough. We did take him out to dinner one night, but I am thinking I will at least send him a physical thank-you card soon.

One of the Rest Stops was Solar Powered, which I found very interesting and heartening that they did this so there could be lights at night.

YL WriteIt_Solar RestStop_9920

The 20th Annual Young Living Essential Oils Convention was packed with wonderful speakers and the new products that were introduced are amazing. Gary Young always surprises us each year with new ways of finding health.

The main focuses this year were new kits for special purposes. He created two complimentary kits of blends to help our Veterans, or anyone with PSTD. One was especially made for children and another was aimed at pets.

Then there is the new Oil that was named for the theme of the Convention: “Live Your Dream”.

But the most interesting products for some of us, was his step into the healthy food market. He is growing Eikorn that is an ancient grain with very low gluten. They have a pancake mix and spaghetti made with this grain. Plus he created a syrup that is healthy to go on it. Had a taste, and it is really good!

Einkorn Growing at the Lavender Farm

What seemed very counter intuitive was that the food that was served at the meals provided by the Convention was very heavy in gluten items. There were some very healthy choices, but many others that were based on wheat, like pizza.

Gary has two sons. Both are sort of miracle children. Mary Young was 53 and 56 when she had her children. That fact has amazed me more than once. the youngest is even more of a miracle. He was very sick after his birth and Gary was allowed to take him home as the Hospital could help him no more and expected him to die soon. Gary treated him with oils and he is now 9 years old. When he was 6, he was attacked by a loose dog that missed his jugular vein by about a quarter of an inch. This youngster is quite a handful.

Gary Young & Youngest Son on Stage

He takes after his Dad in some ways, but seems more into being showy than inspired by helping others. He is very sure of himself and can speak well. It will be interesting to watch him grow up.

The most challenging part of the conference was I had expected to get a briefcase type bag to use all week long. We did, but it was the worst designed carry bag I have ever encountered. I am sure they will hear about it from many people. On the second day and each day afterwards we saw people using past bags, and I had wished I had brought one from home that would have been much better. There was no place to put a water bottle or oils. The pens supplied didn’t work and the place to hold a pen was too short and they fell out. The zippered areas were not well planned and it had a strange configuration for the straps, that everyone kept trying to figure out what would work best. Then it had a Velcro strip that was to hold the top flap in place, but any unbalanced use of the compartments had it slipping and not holding its shape.

OK, just had to vent a bit somewhere about that.

The other major challenge was there were 9,000 people and it was hard to get seats at some of the workshops I really wanted to attend. This is where not having my distance glasses really was challenging. I took quite a few notes and did photos of many screens with my camera. Now to get them all into the computer so I can refer to them easily.

Gary also announced that there will be a Caravan For Peace in December of 2015. They will travel from Jordan, I think, to Bethlehem and end in Jerusalem. Should be an exciting adventure. Our Colorado Springs Friend wants to be on that Caravan. She has done many of the other trips, so I believe she will make it happen.

I met some very interesting people that I want to connect with soon again. One person lives in Oregon on a farm near where my brother lives. A very interesting person who is having some digestion issues that were similar to mine in the past. I think I gave her some good suggestions, and after an hour of waiting in line together for our product orders, we really liked each other. What I didn’t know was that my order had not been processed! So I couldn’t pick it up after that long wait. But meeting her made it worth the time spent in line.

My favorite speaker, other than Gary Young, was “My Name is John, I am your Friend.” He was very motivating and interesting to listen to on the last day. Have to go back into my notes to find his full name.

I bought some brochures and books that interested me. And some tear-off information sheets that I split packages with my Sharing Inner Health friend so we could each have more variety than if we had just bought some ourselves.

The BEST part of this adventure was going to the Lavender Farm a bit south of Salt Lake City.

Lavender  at Young Living Lavender Farm in Utah

Here we rode in a wagon drawn by Percheron Horses, watched a Jousting match and ended with music by Crystal Gayle that was very fun and uplifting.

Percheron Drawn Wagon

The lunch they served us here was the best food I had all Week long other than the Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant with everyone on Wednesday night.

At the Farm, I didn’t go to any more workshops. I spent some time with one of our non-traveling companions, then when her hip was bothering her, I wandered around and enjoyed the farm alone. Seeing the growing of so many of the plants that Gary talked about in a place of such beauty was awesome.

Wolfberry at the Young Living Lavender Farm

If Gary Young can get Wolf Berry Plants to grow in the US, I am guessing that that would be a major step towards having them in many more products. Seeing this sign and a group of the bushes on the farm was a delightful surprise.

And the distillery was really interesting to see. I drank a bottle of Juniper Water.

Distillery where the herbs are loaded.

When they distill each oil, they release water that is infused with that herb. It was pretty strong.

Distillery Below discharging water.

Gary has preserved dozens of pieces of old farm equipment. Including of course the first distillation tanks.

Old Distillery Equipment.

He had a barn filled with covered wagons. It made one really appreciate not having to ride in them ever!

Covered Wagon at Young Living Lavender Farm

They did not look comfortable at all. No padded seats.

One of the wagons that people got to ride in was a Stage Coach very well preserved.

Percheron Draw StageCoach

There was sleigh and other odd wagons in this shed. Not something that looks comfortable to be working all day riding on that red wagon.

Sleigh Ride anyone at Young Living Lavender Farm

He also has a collection of interesting animals. There were Shetland ponies, Brahma Bulls and one very raggedy looking Camel.

Camel and Brahma Bull at Young Living Lavender Farm

There was also a Reindeer herd and some Bison.

Reindeer herd and Bison at Young Living Lavender Farm in Utah

 Everywhere I looked, I saw all different sizes and shapes of bees enjoying the flowers.

Bees at Young Living Lavender Farm in Utah

My favorite ones were the big old Bumble Bees. Had trouble getting good pictures of them, as the seemed to always be on the move or had the heads stuck deep into the flowers and I got “butt” shots.

Bumble Bees Young Living Lavender Farm in Utah

There so many types of flowers there and the bees where having a great time. The one on the right is enjoying Clary Sage.

Bees at Young Living Lavender Farm in Utah

And then there was this beautiful Black Swan swimming in the pond that had paddle boats.

Black Swan at Young Living Lavender Farm in Utah

It took two to paddle, and I had no idea where my other friends were, so just walked around the pond and took photos.

The Farm is home to Percheron Horses. They have a lovely new barn to live in that is airy gives them lots of space in each stall.

Horse Barn & Percheron Horse at Young Living Lavender Farm in Utah

Gary Young who has twice been struck down so badly he was in a wheelchair, now Jousts! His sons are pretty skilled at the beginning skills that lead up to being able to Joust.

Gary Young Jousting at Young Living Lavender Farm in Utah

He built a full sized Jousting Arena on the Farm and that is one of the bits of entertainment we could enjoy twice that day.

Crystal Gayle and Friends ended the day with an outdoor concert. I couldn’t sit still, but wandered around listening to her music and enjoying the views.

Crystal Gayle & Friends in Concert  at Young Living Lavender Farm in Utah

And as I was walking up the road back to the car, having just turned off my camera, there was Gary & Mary Young riding past me. And the older son was courting a car full of young ladies just a few feet away.

Gary Young  at Young Living Lavender Farm in Utah

And as I approached the place we had gotten a perfect parking spot, I had to take a photo of the field of Clary Sage.

Field of Clary Sage  at Young Living Lavender Farm in Utah

The next morning, we headed back and had another perfect ride to Colorado.

Watching the upper level distributors get recognized was interesting. But I realized it would take a lot of work to get there. And as much as I love the Oils, I don’t want this to be my main focus in life. Still, I was filled with enthusiasm and ideas for how grow this business and some relate to my book writing. I want to use the web site referred to in “Discover Essential Oils For Optimum Health” in a way that all my down-line can benefit from it.

View  at Young Living Lavender Farm in Utah

I got home, unpacked, was feeling a bit achy – 9 hours in a car after many days of sitting and standing in lines, that was to be expected. So I took a hot bath and slept like a log until 4am when I woke in a pool of sweat with a fever and a scratchy throat. I haven’t been sick in the summer since childhood and here I had just returned from a very health oriented conference. I had taken all my supplements and used oils every day. Where this came from, I have no idea. But I was really sick, like last winter. I want to be done with it quicker than last winter’s bout of this dis-ease! And am on my way to doing that.

So I have been resting, doing some work, resting, doing some work, etc. And taking hot baths and dosing myself with more Vitamin C and B than one can imagine. And I am sure I have not overdosed as they both have signs that I haven’t seen that would tell me I have taken enough.

Then on Monday I got a call from the Chamber and an email from MSAC asking if I knew anything about an Art Festival happening in Manitou Springs Memorial Park on July 26 & 27th. I did not. Did some research, time I didn’t have to spend when feeling this sick, and discovered it had been approved last October when we were all dealing with the flooding. No one on City Council had thought to do any research on the character of the applicant or consult with the Chamber or Commonwheel about how having a second Art Festival would effect Commonwheel who has been around for 39 years at that date.

I contacted a well respected promoter and he defined this organization as being run by a “Scumbag” who has many complaints against him on every count. This promoter had convinced another city to not allow him to put on a Festival in direct competition to the established one in another small town up North.

And they are letting him do it in Memorial Park where our Festival had been for many years, but City Officials had directed us away from for this year as we don’t know if the flood mitigation will hold up to a major rain on the Waldo Canyon Burn Scar. And that park has no grass, so if it rains, it will be a mud slide, and if it doesn’t it could be a dust bowl if winds come up. Not to wish anyone ill, but will be interesting if the weather turns on him that weekend.

Now I have to find time to put up posts on both of Commonwheel’s FaceBook pages explaining we are not associated with that Art Festival in any way.

I followed one link related to advertising for this event, that I can’t find again, that led to an image of an old Commonwheel poster. That seemed very rude!

And then in one of his calls for entries, it said antiques and collectibles would be allowed. Plus although it says it is juried, it also says something to the effect of “all types of crafts”, which sounds like there could be some very crafty items there. What type of Juried Art Festival is that?

I did get quite a bit of work done on our Press Releases and a good start on the 4-fold flyer today. Still, am not feeling even close to 100%, so will head to bed and hope to add some photos to this tomorrow night.

Just had to write this up before it got too much farther out in time.

I was on the Tony Laidig webinar on Tuesday, just barely could see straight, but it was very interesting. All about scanning books.

I can hardly wait to get back on track with my writing! I am so grateful I got my “How To Plan A Sustainable Event” book on Kindle before I left. And my cousin in Arizona is reviewing it with lots of helpful suggests for me to incorporate for a quick update. Plus, it is inspiring her. So hopefully that means others will be inspired by it also.

Looking forward to watching Fireworks in Manitou Springs this 4th of July.

And now going to take more Vitamin C, dose myself with oils and head to bed to wake up closer to health in the morning.

Bees at Young Living Lavender Farm in Utah

How Fast Can I Catch Up This Week

I have just an half hour to work on this post.

I am getting ready to leave for the Young Living 20th Annual Convention in Salt Lake City with a friend and two people I have never met.

We will be driving there starting early in the morning tomorrow.

We were suppose to leave today, but then the driver decided there was little point to being there all day on Monday as it was geared to members that had higher ratings than we do. So we want to arrive in time for the welcome dinner, but not much earlier.

The driver will pick up on person on his way here, then my Sharing Inner Health friend and I will be waiting at my house for him to pull into the driveway and pick us up. We will head out on Highway 24 and go up to I-70 as I did with my hiking friend last year when I met my brother in Twin Falls, Idaho to exchange items from my parents home that was up for sale. Should be an interesting adventure.

Last Sunday, I decided to take a short hike on Intermann Trail off Bevers Lane in Crystal Hills Park by myself. I had a lovely time to be alone and reflect on all that has been filling my life. And some wonderful orange and black butterflies posed for me in a few different places.

Butterfly on Intermann Trail in Manitou Springs

And it was the day for yellow flowers everywhere I looked. There were other wildflowers, in fact some I had no memory of seeing in the past. I really had a hard time turning around and heading back, it was a perfect weather day and I really needed this time alone. I questioned if I would have gotten as many pictures of butterflies if I had been hiking with anyone else and I just wandered about on a few different trails, never gone down very far, as I didn’t want to have to hike back up some steep hill alone.

Michael Baum was having a Home Studio Sale, so I stopped by there and had a lovely chat with his wife and saw the many improvements she was working on to give their back yard and deck a clearer view of the Red Rocks Canyon. And I was hungry and thirsty so indulged in food which she encouraged as it was nearing the end of the Open Studio time and there was lots left.

All week long I kept working on my “How To Plan A Sustainable Event” book and actually did get it published on Kindle on Friday late that night. Hurray!

I wanted to go through the process before helping a friend get his book published. I needed to remind myself how to do some of the steps and had to look up a training or two in order to get it all done properly. Though when he showed up and we began the process, realized he didn’t have a Kindle Account and has some password challenges. Then he wanted to use a business name and didn’t have that tax number with him, so it didn’t get published that day.

I had to work at the Commonwheel Gallery two afternoons. One shift for myself and one for another member for pay and that helped pay for part of my upcoming trip. And one last entry into the Commonwheel Art Festival brought his application as I was closing on Monday night. Two past friends showed up and we all had a few minutes to catch up with our lives.

Working on a Tuesday meant I missed the Tony Laidig training that I so enjoy, and I will be missing the one next Tuesday when I am in Salt Lake City at the Young Living Convention. Better catch up with those quickly when I return or I will get way behind. As I am with the Kindle training and getting the sale page up for the Laidig PhotoShop training that I can sell myself.

Worked on getting all of the images from the Festival participants into various sizes to be used on the Web Site, FaceBook posts, Press Releases, the KRDO Sponsor TV ad and a video I will need to create quickly upon my return. I had decided doing them all at once made more sense than sizing them just for the web now, besides I needed them for the TV ad right now also. So just going through the process of sizing ones for each purpose actually was quicker because I could decide which ones to use for what purpose and not have to remember what ones I had used later.

I had a Manitou Springs Art Council meeting on Wednesday night. That meant I missed “So You Think You Can Dance, and will miss that next week also. Dang! I really love that show. Such amazing talent exhibited by these young dancers always inspires me to reach greater heights myself.

My Sharing Inner Health friend needed some items printed for her new business name. I was having printer “Hell” and it took a lot, but got them printed for her with the corrections she needed done. Then later in the week when I tried to print some business cards all my printers decided not to cooperate. I have some of the funkiest cards printed for an Event ever. I really wanted to have the “How To Plan A Sustainable Event” information to hand out. Just not very professional looking, but they have the information on them if people want to learn more about Sustainability relating to Event planning.

I did get the web page up for the book, but it is incomplete, as is the book, which needs some different photos and a really good bit of editing. But it has all the information and I feel good about having these things both done before leaving tomorrow.

A friend brought me a Chocolate Mint plant I had wanted to plant here, but just too much going on this week to get it planted. Especially with my roommate leaving also who is the real gardener in this household. It is really healthy and I am sure it can wait until I return to get in the ground.

 I did get all the images sized and a CD for KRDO that I have asked another Festival committee member to deliver. And I got all of the logos for all of the sponsors so I decided to ask the Poster Art Creator to do the final work on getting the poster done and sent off to KRDO this week.

I took photos of the new show “Alchemy” at the Commonwheel Gallery and had written the posts and Tweets last week, so was able to add the photos and put up the posts after the opening. Glad I had written the posts! And billed for it so will have a check upon my return.

Got the Smoothie Vendor to agree to use Paper Compostable Cups to resolve the Cold Drink Plastic or Compostable Cup challenge. Yeah! I’ll get him a T-shirt for helping us that way with just a minimum of grumbling. He had just bought a case of plastic compostible cups and these will cost a bit more, but it would have added confusion for the sorters and the public if all other clear plastic cups were recyclable and these couldn’t be because of the food waste that would be attached to them.

In exchange for getting my Sharing Inner Health’s friends flyers and letterhead updated and printed with all the proper information and a bit of work on her web site, I got a massage on Thursday from her. That felt great. Except the horrific pain I sometimes feel in my back happened while she was working on me. I breathed into it and with some more work it resided. Still, not a fun moment.

OK, my half hour is up. Just a few more sentences and I need to get to bed. I am mostly packed, just will need to add some oils and food finishing touches to be totally done. But those will come in the morning.

I called to see if I could get a hair cut and my hairdresser had a Friday opening. I went to remeasure some areas of the park, then to that appointment which was across the street from The Fields Park. Then to a meeting at the Chamber for the Web Site. Have gotten many compliments on my much shorter hair cut. Changes are hard for me, giving up my long hair, but the perm she gave me months ago revitalized and the curls are very cute, or so everyone tells me.

Walked on the ArtWalk. The Alchemy show was really well attended. Had fun seeing Lane Jewelry’s new space and the really amazing transformation they had done on their new location.

Learned of my friend Patty deBendett’s sad health state. And that her kids are not being very kind, which seems very surprising having known them all their lives and didn’t suspect this wicked side they are showing.

Yesterday worked with my friend on his book and finished up some Festival pieces.Connected with both tenants about garden watering and mail and newspapers being taken care of for me. And then there is the poor little half blind squirrel who needs a bit of food each day, not sure if that will work, as the cottage tenant leaves early, but she will put some out in hopes he finds it.

Just really glad I had today to pack and get more things finished up for the Festival relating to Sustainability and Advertising.

Off to bed now!

Butterfly on Intermann Trail


Oh yeah, need to pack the computer also . . . can’t imagine not checking emails for a week and what that would entail to play catch up on my return!

A Week Later After Meeting Overwhelm

This week was filled with meetings.

By the 6th one, I was not as on point as normal.

The best parts of the week was getting to work with a client on his book and getting my Kick-Starter “reward” for supporting the new Local Grocery Store in town.

I do know I did some work on my Book on Sunday, but not much. Probably worked on Festival items and prepared for the upcoming meetings. Oh yeah, I did some work on the print items Sharing Inner Health needed recreated with the new business name.

Monday at 9:00 am, I met with a KRCC representative to talk about the Music portion of the Art Festival. Instead of Commonwheel buying us morning treats, he offered to buy me a Chai, which I gladly accepted. He also had all sorts of potential solutions and a great new opportunity for getting the Art Festival more exciting advertising. We discussed that if KRCC can have some say in the music line-up, they will put a couple of musicians on the air the weeks leading up to the Art Festival. Wonderful advertising for the musician and for the Art Festival.

Plus KRCC has sound equipment to loan if we can pay the Sound Engineer a fee that was more in line with what we have paid in year’s past.

Then he mentioned SeptembeRama – Making Arts the focus of September. We might get to be the Kick-Off Event for that concept. The “What If . . .” festival happens the second weekend in September and ManiFest, which will have a booth at our Art Festival happens the 3rd Weekend. I forget what else he mentioned, but that makes it really a fun month just with those events. We all involve kids and music and many forms of the arts in our Festivals.

I decided to call an artist who was going to submit a late application that I am really anxious to see. He said he had forgotten he hadn’t done that and was leaving for Venezuela the next day.  He promised to get it sent before he left. And Google’s Doodle artwork by an 11 year old reminded me of his style of art work, without the animation Google had added for her. He really liked my telling him to check it out.

At 1:30 pm I met with a Festival committee member at the storage unit to discuss signage. He will be in Africa when the Art Festival is happening, and is willing to take on some big tasks before the Art Festival. It was a great meeting. He has ideas of placement and we discussed cutting most of the 4’x4′ plywood A-frames in half to be easier to handle and have more to use. He took one with him to experiment with and will get in contact with Fab Lab at the Manitou Art Center to see how they can help.

And we are loaning our stage “risers” to another non-profit who said they could help with signage in exchange for using these. So he will contact her and make that all happen as smoothly as possible. The “risers” are behind and supporting many items in the storage unit, so she will need a team to get them out and figure out how to get them back in so they don’t cause trouble when we take items out that need to be used before the Art Festival or loaded first onto a truck for transporting them to the Art Festival.

At 3:oo pm, I had a ManiFest meeting. I had dashed to the bank before that meeting and was hungry. I had a bowl of soup at the little cafe at MAC. Then when we got to the meeting, Seeds Cafe had brought food again. Wonderful Kale Salad and a veggie mix with fresh tortillas. I didn’t need dinner that night.

Two women were talking about having a “milestone” birthday in the next few weeks. I asked which one. Sixty. I said I was ahead of them. They both told me they had no idea I was older than them and that I looked really good. And one of them is a fitness instructor. Made my day!

At home I did a quick check of emails and got the T-shirt inventory started. Worked on the Park Map a bit, but didn’t get either project finished.

Started my Tuesday with a substitute person for Aine that was really sweet. I liked the 4 directions “prayer” that she did with us. Need to listen to that again.

At 2:00 pm there was a Chamber marketing meeting where the new Chamber Web Site was shown to us in a very unfinished stage. They have been working on this since last Fall I think and it is dreadful! The current one is so much better. No one was happy. The presenters seemed to think it was really good, but I don’t think anyone else in the room, other than the person who was the liaison thought it was better than the current one.

I missed the new Kindle Training Q & A Session and realize I will have to do this training next month. Every Tuesday is filled at 2pm except the one the first week of July. Though that may have a Chamber meeting . . .

Tony’s training at 5:00 pm was the second half of what one needs to do to be a success. I asked a dumb question, which made me realize I was not on point for myself and was feeling pretty tired.

Some new applications are coming in and that is time consuming.

I finished up the Park Map, only to discover there is still some measurements that don’t look quite right. Need to go back and figure out where some trees are and the actual space that is a bit slanted where the Beer Garden will go so we can have a safe path. And just now realized I forgot to send a pdf of that to the Beer Garden sponsor . . .

I also worked on the Agenda for the Festival meeting the next day. I had emailed out to members that I would appreciate if they could bring a snack as I was “meeting out” and just didn’t have the energy to feed them this time as I usually do. And they had responded positively.

Wednesday, I finished up the Festival Meeting Agenda and walked to the Post Office and Commonwheel to make copies. Stopped to smell some roses at the Cliff House garden that were really worth the effort. How I love the scent of roses! Dropped off my dues and the deposit receipts also.

I really wanted to get a short massage, but that person wasn’t in his office, so went on to pick up my Kick-Starter Reward from the Local Grocery Store. Those items will keep me from needing to do any more shopping before my trip, except for some things I want to have on my trip. I bought a type of tea I had wanted to support them and my taste buds.

I worked on rewriting the Food Vendor letter and realized there could be a big glitch if we ask them to use Recyclable cups for all cold drinks. The Smoothies that were accepted could not have their cups put in a recycle bin, so would need to be Compostable. So should we require all cold drink cups to be Compostable? No one has responded to this yet.

My roommate decided to vacuum and clean the bathroom some for the meeting. That was helpful and much appreciated.

I took our visiting cottage kitty back to his home as his owner was returning that night and I didn’t want to take a chance of him escaping when the Festival committee members showed up. He wasn’t thrilled with me leaving him there. But I am sure he will be glad to see his real person when she arrives that night.

One of the members did not show up which complicated handing out jobs. The others took on many things and we had a good discussion about signage and community sponsors. The one that is taking on the job to contact all the food vendors to make sure their paperwork was in order came early and we went over what she needs to do for that. A job she can do at home.

T-shirts were another big discussion. Use Tee-Spring to try to do some fundraising with this year’s poster design? And one member wants to let a friend of his bid on doing he regular T-shirts with the sunset colorization that most silk-screen artists will not do, or charge a huge fee to do. Gave him the inventory to share to see what a cost would be for the different styles.

And how to handle the “Group Booth” concept if no other members sign up? I had some ideas, but need to keep working on this. Luckily still have a little bit of time.

Everyone brought something yummy to eat. One person just got told she couldn’t eat Almonds, of all things, and brought a chocolate treat with Almonds that she then left with me. That was really dangerous as it is very tasty and I am a Chocoholic.

The meeting got over in time for me to relax and watch “So You Think You Can Dance” – my most favorite TV show. And the only one I will be watching for many a week now that Survivor is over. That ended my night on a fun note.

Started of my Thursday morning with a meeting in downtown Colorado Springs with the insurance person who had disappeared and the Beer Garden coordinator. He will have to purchase on his own. We discussed some other things and I realized I had forgotten to bring the map that was sitting on my desk.

On my way home, stopped at the pond to see if the Heron was there. He wasn’t, but I saw the Turtles my hiking partner had told me about. And of course, my camera battery died on me. Still got a couple of fun photos. And was good to walk out in the sunshine. The geese were congregating on the little island and a Mallard Duck swam right past me. A moment of nature’s beauty always lifts my Spirits.

How can I make money from my photographs. Keep putting that out there for my subconscious to find a solution to help create more financial security.

At 1:30 my favorite client showed up, well, a little later than that. We discussed the different books he has done and how to market them. We downloaded the image for the cover. (When I worked with it on Saturday, it really does look good I think.) He has a book that needs to be published without being attached to it and one that would be perfect for Home Schooled kids. I suggested he needed a web site and to get hosted by my favorite host, Springs Hosting. Money is tight, but I really think he needs to do this before the first book is published. Or at least put up a FaceBook page. He sees the possibility of it being made into a movie, and it does sound feasible from the outline of the story he shared with me. He found a font he liked, but had not put it on the Thumb Drive and couldn’t remember the web site it came from. Future assignment for him is to get that to me to work on the cover.

After he left, the weather made a major change. It hailed. Not to bad, but scary for the garden.

Saturday Sharing Inner Health came by and we finalized and tweaked the 4 items she needed with her new business name. My printer printed two just fine, then acted very badly and colorized things wrong. Need to figure out what ink cartridge is empty or what is going on with it. I really need to buy a new laser printer and a scanner that actually works with my most current computer. After my Young Living Convention I will look into that.

When she tried to print them on her printer, she couldn’t get her Quark to open. So will come by tomorrow night with her computer to see if I can figure anything out. I also think I might not have saved them with their .qxp extension, which would complicate matters even more. And I will probably open my older computer and print them as pdf in hopes they will print properly on the old laser printer that will only talk to my older computer with an older version of Quark on it. Technical challenges galore.

Saturday I worked on my clients cover and it is looking good, except I still need the font.

Worked on the cover and the header for “How To Plan A Sustainable Event” and created a web site with pages that have addresses I can use, but no real content. But it is up and that is a big first step.

Sent off some excerpts from “Sinister Frog” to the Cottage Tenant to see if she wants to do a cover image for this very wickedly strange book written by keyboard player in my Brother’s band Parish Gap, and long time friend of the family.

I need to write a note to my Coach – it has been a year, and I have not finished my last 4 calls. I know his time is now more valuable than when he made this offer, but I had no clue how my life would get swept away by the flooding of Manitou Springs and the amount of time that would consume. Tomorrow is another day, and perhaps I can get that written.

I got into my FantaFaces Studio and created 5 pairs of earrings, fixed one for myself, put a clip on a hair clip and created 3 masks with Ostrich Plumes. While working, I decided what I want to have for sale at the Art Festival if there is even a scaled back Group Booth. I will only have items made with Macaw and Parrot feathers for sale. I need to just have fun and play with all of these beautiful feathers in my studio upon my return. That way I could just have one or two of my small A-Frame boards for the display with very colorful and unique items that won’t be hard to handle.

And now I am once again very tired and have blogged late into the night. Need to come back and do the links and maybe add an image, but not tonight, just too tired.

But feeling good about how I had a really productive week. With all the connections I am making and the community involvement, I am sure the Art Festival will be very successful this year. And with any luck, won’t need so much attention going forward as it has this year. Will be really nice to get back to a normal routine for it and get more time to write, publish and market my own books.

I had hoped it would rain today, but it didn’t. Need to get some water on the garden tomorrow . . .