Roller Coaster Challenges and Solutions Tuesday

Challenge, solution; challenge, solution; challenge, solution; challenge, challenge . . . .

Woke to the sound of the trash truck and realized I had forgotten to take the trash and recycling out the night before. Put on pants and shoes over my night gown and dashed out with the remaining turkey trash. Saw the truck up on the hill, so thought I had missed it. Went back to get the recycling and as I pulled that cart out, the regular trash guy was pulling my trash bin to the truck. Good save. Raccoons would have been interested in food smelling trash all week long when the weather is predicted to be above freezing.

Put the turkey bones in two pots to cook, so could make some soup later. After an hour got ready in my home clothes, not really dressed for doing much more than driving and very short shop. Had planned on going to the bank with 2 check, and getting some eggs and golden potatoes from Safeway while letting the turkey cool off.

Saw an email suggesting we meet for the MSAC potluck at 5:30pm rather than 6pm, so those of us who had to leave early could enjoy dinner and have the meeting. Worked for me on one level.

Saw an email from the owner of the property across the street saying he had no letter from the Tattoo Parlor wanting to open next to my home and its hours. He emailed a letter to City Council and as he was out of town, wasn’t sure if he would make it to the Council meeting, so sent me a copy of the letter also. He didn’t like the late hour closing either.

Started working on a Festival task, but decided to check my regular mail.

Went to get my mail and a note from my tenant said “You have a flat tire. Be careful.” And yes the back driver’s side tire was very flat. Now these are brand new tires! Thankful for the note and that this happened in my driveway.

I called the # on the card I have for auto service and was told it had expired years ago. Called my Insurance agent and was given a different number and said I should have received a different card long ago and she would send that out. Called that # and was told there was no record of my account. Called the insurance agent back, got a different person who told me I had a totally different type of service than I thought, or the last one had told me I had. Have to pay for the service, then get reimbursed. So called Manitou Auto Shop on a lark. The person who picked up the phone said that the “boys” were about to go to lunch, but would see if “D” would take a later lunch and help me out. He did come by, put air in my tire, told me to drive to where I bought them for repair and said I didn’t owe him anything. I will have to bring Cookies to the shop for this lovely save.

Decided didn’t feel like changing clothes, and didn’t look that bad. Just not spiffy. Drove to Costco, was told there would be about an hour wait, so did some shopping. Got eggs I needed, but not gold potatoes. Indulged in many of the the offered food treats, as I was hungry. Even took a couple of treats to eat twice . . . not my usual way of doing Costco. When I got to the check-out, was told my card had expired the end of November and would I like to pay the $275 renewal fee right now. NO. Our accountant had my check over a month ago and should have taken care of this. Another clerk/manager came over and overrode the expiration and asked me to take care of this as quickly as possible. So went to the tire area and called our accountant. She had all the paperwork in her car, just hadn’t done it, but would that very day. Was told the problem with the tire going flat was there was some corroded area by the seal area on the wheel. No, they hadn’t noticed or cleaned that up when installing the tires. But did clean it up today. Really? Hope I have no more areas like that are hidden time bombs of trouble. Was ever so glad the flat happened in my driveway.

Got my gold potatoes on the way home and bought ice cream. I needed a treat!

Started chopping veggies to go in the soup, and had them boiling while I cleaned the turkey bones of meat. Then hurriedly made my Chili Relleño Casserole for MSAC meeting.

I had to give up watching my Laidig webinar, had at least wanted to check in and say “Hello”, but that was not in the cards for today.

Got the casserole in the oven just in time to for it to cook its 45 minutes. Changed clothes. My roommate showed up and I told her I would meet her at the City Council meeting about the Tattoo shop.

 Got to the MSAC meeting potluck and had a glass of wine to calm my nerves. And others did show up in time for us to eat and have the meeting before I had to leave. Missed having the social hour time that we had last year.

Got to Council Chambers and someone was doing a very long talk for the Community 3 minute item not on the agenda and the door was closed. Have no idea what that was about. My roommate was in there. Then the next very long item came on and the across the street landlord showed up . . .

Time to go today, will finish this later.


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