Squirrely Day at My House and For the Broncos

A Squirrel on my Porch Demanded to be Fed.

There is one squirrel at my house that has a cataract in one eye, so he doesn’t see very well.

But he is very bold about wanting to get fed. And he is the only one we purposely feed.

It was very sunny and warm around noon in Manitou Springs, so got dressed to go out to shovel the snow on my front public sidewalk.When I stepped out my front door, I was greeted by this little guy.

Half Blind Squirrel needing sunflower seeds

I could almost hear him say “Those are all empty, its cold, and I am very hungry.”

So I gave him some without the shells. And he thought “Ah, that’s much better.”

He finished those very quickly and looked up at me saying, “More, please.” And so I gave him a few more, then headed out to the sidewalk to shovel.

My first attempt didn’t work very well. So I walked back and got a heavier shovel that had a flat blade but isn’t an actual snow shovel.


Snowy sidewalk on Ruxton in Manitou Springs

That shovel worked much better. The snow actually chipped away from the sidewalk which made it much easier to remove.

One isn’t suppose to toss snow from a sidewalk into the street, so I get some extra exercise when shoveling along the fence by having to lift the shovel loaded with snow high enough to toss over the fence.

I actually don’t mind too much when the snow isn’t to heavy, as I feel the extra moisture in the garden area is better concept where it might actually get into the creek rather than just letting it drain away into the sewer.

It was such a beautiful day I walked up the street a bit and took some other snowy day photos, then came back and ate lunch on my front porch. I love my south facing porch that warms up enough even on days with snow on the ground that I can eat on it and bask in sunlight.

Got some work done on my Commonwheel Gallery show invites. Found some emails of past members I was missing and messaged some others on FaceBook in hopes of inviting them.

Watched the Broncos play the worst game of their season and lose to Seattle in the Super Bowl. At halftime, I ate a silly popcorn and cake dinner, with a bit of Tequila to sooth the pain of watching the Broncos play so badly. During the second half, I cut out newspaper articles that I wanted to use for information on other blogs.

Finishing up with my daily posts.

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