Stressfull Art Walk Friday And An Awesome Sky

Friday morning started with “Little One” arriving for her month long stay. She had started her life around here and I had had to find homes for her and her kittens. She is really beautiful Tortoise Shell colors. My long time potter friend had taken her in we think 2001 and she had loved where she lived with him and they became best buds. Now things were changing as he and his significant other were moving far away and in the process of building a home that wasn’t finished and their home in Green Mountain Falls was closing that afternoon. So she needed a place to hang out until the new home was finished. She has always been a hissy cat, and this morning and the next few days she exhibited that behavior often.

But not into being picked up and has a fussy meow that is hard to interpret what she is looking for when using it.

When released from the cat carrier, she immediately dashed off and found some place to hide. I will be using a bit of Young Living Peace and Calming around her to help her settle in over the next few days.

My tenant called me and asked if I would look at some ideas he had for making the floors much more beautiful than they are now. His Dad had refinished floors and his sister had one like he wanted in the two front rooms. I had never considered painting wood floors, but the images and the confidence he had in doing this sold me on the idea. And he also wants to lay some tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. They had done this at the store and showed me some really nice looking tiles. I just couldn’t say no to either project.

Then there were emails about new pricing for the t-shirts and I was just done with that. I told them what ever the committee decided, I would be fine with it. Though I am concerned we might not sell as many at the higher prices, what would sell would make a better profit. We will see how that all goes at the Festival and in the Shop over time.

I had dashed off to the bank to deposit the checks from yesterday and once again made it a long morning before stopping to eat. There were some odd Festival emails that I had to respond too. Seems I need to be the point person that everyone has to check in with or ask many questions of, which is normal. The day just seemed to be filled with many small annoyances, or I was really tired and not handling people in a cheerful manner. 

I had stopped on my way home from Fields Park at Memorial Park. There was just one parking space that I saw, so I grabbed it. I took time to size and put the photos for a couple of ideas where the memorial tree could be planted without causing problems for events in the future and sent that off.

The Cottage Tenant called and asked if he could come by and talk a little more about the floors in person. He arrived at 6pm. I was all dressed to go to Art Walk, but it was raining and that made me have to think about umbrella or no umbrella. I decided to wear my black hat and a jacket, as it was just lightly raining.

Took 3 Patty Pots to Green Horse for them to sell and add to a fund for her health challenges. They had come from Keith with 2 strange and one very sweet saying, but I wanted them gone and as they had sold her pottery there, thought that would be a good solution.

At Commonwheel, had some more food and a glass of wine. Took photos of the Wanyama Africa Gallery show to finish up the Facebook posts for that show. Then stopped at Mountain Living Studio for a Jalepeño Margherita. Tasty and fun. Chatted with some more friends who are headed to Wisconsin Labor Day Weekend. Brought up memories of vacations our family took in Wisconsin as I was growing up.

As I walked home, I noticed some very unusual clouds in the sky.

Adobe Sunset in Manitou Springs

Then they began to change and transform colors like one rarely sees in Manitou Springs.

Unusual Sunset in Manitou Springs

I chased the colors in the sky with my camera for quite some time.

Pink & Orange Sunset in Manitou Sprngs

I was really enjoying this celestial show of colors and shapes. I don’t think I had ever seen so many different colors and cloud formations all in one sunset anywhere.

Golden Angels & Orage Tree Sunset in Manitou Springs

I wasn’t the only one taking pictures. Everywhere I went, someone had a phone or camera out capturing this awesome show. And I was ever so glad I had my best camera with me on this walk.

When I got home, I couldn’t even do the dishes, I was that tired. I just fell into bed and asleep.

At 11pm, I woke up and Little was meowing. I went to see if she needed food, but she was rubbing on the floor in a manner and place that made me think of giving her some catnip. She loved that. And we played with a string for awhile, then I headed back to bed.

My alarm was set for 6:30am to get up for the runners and needed to sleep deeply to be ready to do that.

And now it is time to get some sleep, as I have stayed up late posting. Someday I will get caught up and hopefully do a nightly / daily post to not get so far behind. Right! And Little needs some attention, perhaps her food dish is empty . . .

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