Sustainable Commonwheel Art Festival Not as Successful as in the Past

When I heard the number for how much waste was diverted from the Landfill this year, I was a bit disappointed. Then again, I had to realize that the main person who has headed this up the past 3 years was in Minnesota at a conference. And so were about 4 other people who had been very helpful as Bin Guardians in the past. Still there were many people who put in a lot of time and effort to reach the 70% diversion this year. And that is still a huge amount of waste that was either composted or recycled compared to it all going to the Landfill.

Commonwheel Art Festival 2014_Food

I was told at the waste facility a great deal of compostable waste was in the Landfill containers. I believe if we had compostable bags for the Food Vendors that would help bring the numbers up. They are so overwhelmed and busy during the Art Festival, it is expecting a lot of them to be totally aware of how they handle all the compostable materials. Much of it got bagged into plastic bags, which meant some of the more focused Bin Guardians had to slit the bags to dump the waste.

Commonwheel Art Festival 2014_Bins

So we will see what happens next year.

And I sent my Sustainable Festival book off to someone who has helped with this the Art Festivals Waste Wise side since the very beginning after tweaking it a bit more.

I was totally exhausted the next few days. But had many things to catch up with as follow up after the Art Festival and in my own life. It has taken days for me to feel even close to back to a normal energy level. Thanks to my Sharing Inner Health person, I did get a longer Tune-up session as no one was showing up in the time slot after me. Then her next person was late also. That was my Greek hiking partner, so I offered to walk with her to my house and back with my camera so she would have something to do besides just sit and wait until the person who was on time was finished.

I had wanted to get a picture of the Horse Chestnut tree with its spiky fruits and a picture of the house again.

Horse Chestnuts at Sharing Inner Healt

Which reminds me, I need to go put those images on that web site tomorrow.

I had asked my friends who watch “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Survivor” if we wanted to watch the “Dance” finale over dinner on Wednesday. She emailed me and said she would fix dinner, and yes, let’s do that, as she knew I needed a break. I did bring Gluten-Free cookies for her husband and she sent me home with a loaf of her Chocolate Desert Bread. It was a lovely evening.

On the Friday after the Art Festival, I returned keys and did a couple other errands. Then I bought myself a lunch at Wendy’s and sat at a picnic table in the Garden of the Gods. I walked out onto an very easy trail from there. The Sage was shimmering silver and the strange alien purple flowers were very beautiful.

Garden of the Gods Sept 2014

But I still wanted to do a longer hike and get into the rock formations. So I drove over to another parking area and took a trail I had never been on before. I was very fascinated by the two red rock faces and the white sphere.

Garden of the Gods Sept 2014I took many photos of them from all different angles. Each twist and turn of the path took me higher and gave me different views of these formations that I had seen from other areas of the Garden of the Gods. But this trail got me very close to them.

Garden of the Gods Sept 2014-2 Formations

And I found them even more fascinating the closer I got.I am always amazed at the trees that seem to be growing out of solid rock. The contrast of the green against this white rock which also is a stark contrast to the red rocks that surround it fascinate me.

It was very hot this day. I did have plenty of water with me and my meal had me feeling comfortable fueled for the hike. I was enjoying the continuation of sunny days after all the rainy ones this summer. Still I wouldn’t have minded a bit of cloud cover over me. And as you can see there were clouds in the sky, but they all missed covering the sun. I found myself enjoying the heat for the most part. But did sit on a shaded rock to just drink in the beauty of this special place I am so blessed to be just 10 minutes away from and can drive through or hike many times.

Garden of the Gods Sept 2014-Pikes Peak

I saw this stoney formation that looked like its out reaching arm was holding Pikes Peak. And then there was the smiling face in the cloud above the Cedar tree. I am so far behind on my hiking web site, but at least am almost caught up here. And can share glimpses of the hikes that have renewed my Spirit these last few days.

On Saturday, I slept later than planned. Headed to the Farmer’s Market and took coolers so I could go to the What If . . . Festival without having to take my produce home. I missed all the members of the Deja Vu Singles group, but ran into other friends while watching Edith Makes a Paper Chain. Then enjoyed the Chalk Art on the sidewalk. The most fun thing was the cardboard box maze created by Concrete Couch.

09-09-14_What If Boxes_LifeUpside_3091

Watching the children crawl into this maze and then pop out with smiles on their faces was very fun.

And then there was the dragon . . .

What If Dragon_72FB_3095

Led by young lady that made me think of Alice In Wonderland by how she was dressed. All in all, a very delightful experience.

I had a few more trainings with Tony Laidig. But have missed most of the ones for Adobe Illustrator. He announced he may be doing only one more training this year, then taking a break from trainings, except for the Expert Media Show. That would give me a chance to catch up with some I have bought, but not watched.

On Sunday morning my other hiking friend called just as I was getting dressed. She wanted to know if I wanted to join her on a short hike in the Garden of the Gods. It was another glorious day, so I said yes. Got dressed, had a quick breakfast then met her at the trail head. Yellow was definitely the color of the day for flowers.

Yellow Flowers in Garden of the Gods

 This is a pretty easy loop with great views of Pikes Peak.

Pikes Peak Garden of the Gods

And once again, it was a very warm hike. So glad I had put ice cubes into my water bag.

When I got home from this hike, my Greek hiking friend rang my doorbell. I wasn’t up for another walk. She had some lovely Einkorn based cookies to leave with me. Yum!

I had to get Facebook Posts and Tweets done to thank a few people, but more importantly for the upcoming Gallery One-Woman show. I spent some very focused time doing that. I will be sad to see the pay checks for this go away, but someone wants it as her co-op committee job and she does Pinterest also. So we will she how that all works out. We need to soon to discuss what she does and doesn’t want to do. I know I will still be doing the Festival Facebook postings, and I hadn’t gotten paid for those before, other than when I posted Gallery posts on this page. Changes are coming.

I went up to the North Library to see the 36 Views of Pikes Peak show. Good thing I did! It was the last day. Buy I couldn’t pick up the photos or Tina’s painting, as it wasn’t scheduled to come down until that night.

36 Views of Pikes Peak at North Library

I actually had two photos selected.

My 2 Views of Pikes Peak at North Library

After the whirlwind glitch filled attempts to get them printed and delivering them late, I was very glad to see them there. “Serving up Pikes Peak” came from a hike on Ute Valley Trail. I did a bit of manipulation to get it perfectly aligned, but thought it was a very fun image.

Though I think the one with the water wheel should have been there also. But the Peak was a bit subdued in that one. I am still planning on doing a book with inspirational sayings with many views of Pikes Peak that I had started before this exhibit. September is “Book Month”, but not sure if that is one that will happen in September. Still, in the works.

Stopped by the place I bought the printer. They say no printer will print landscape legal without being very expensive. She did give me the promised inks and they offered if I bring it in, to show me how to force it to print landscape legal pages. A future project, as I only need that for the Festival Park Map.

Talked to my upstairs tenant and she is thinking of moving out when her lease ends late October. If she does, I am going to raise that rent quite a bit. And will talk to some people who might be in the market for a new space. Still with utilities included and hearing what other places are renting for, I am sure I can get my asking price this time. Especially with such a tight market for apartments and people wanting to live in Manitou Springs.

A piece of good news came when I called a banker where I have a car loan that is just $13 from being paid off. I did this to help raise my credit score and it worked well. After such a short time from the bankruptcy because of B. L. defaulting on all the loans I had made to her & another “holistic” practitioner, this is really amazing and good news. Now if I can just get my income to look more solid, I will feel much more comfortable when  my house loan changes in 2017. Wish me luck.

I did make some progress on clearing up some of the chaos in my home today. And harvested some catnip and peppermint to dry. Then took photos of my masks and earrings to post on Etsy tomorrow.

I believe I have almost caught up to today. Yeah!

And with adding all these photos, it is late again. And my bed is not made . . . Time to give Little One her last feeding she is telling me, then get my bed made and crawl into it for a good night’s sleep.

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