Taxes and Dancing and Hiking on My Current Tenants Moving Day

Focused on work to clear the way for writing.

On Friday, and early Saturday, I also got most of the images my nephew and brother needed done in a way they liked them for Ellis Brush Mowers. I sent off 300 dpi ones to my brother to create a brochure, and put some on the web site to show his newest equipment creation that was finished and mounted on a Bobcat.

Ellis Brush Fox Flail Mower on a Bobcat

The amount of odd buildings, wires and trees that were behind these photos that he took, you can see just a glimpse of in the window reflection. I could not clear that in any way that looked better than leaving it there. And I finished the one they wanted for a new promotion, that I won’t talk about until it is in print. That was a fun project, but took a bit of back and forth communication and lots of time to get it how they wanted it to look.

Friday I also listened to the Tony Laidig webinar I missed: Your Genius Factor. I kinda multi-tasked and wrote an intro for myself for the Facebook page. I had heard many of their stories before, but listened totally when something new was discussed. My intro got really long. Then I tried to write a shorter one, and it was pretty long also. I have been so many things, hard to define just who I am. And I am working on many aspects of my life right now. But a couple of threads that showed up was most everything I have done has some art connection and relate to my ability to network and help others. Then there is the essential oil and health elements that are threaded into my world in many ways. Hard to define myself in just a few sentences. So I didn’t really try. Just put the shorter of the two on the FaceBook group page. Have a few more tasks to accomplish before next Wednesday’s session.

On Saturday, I got my tax information to the point that I am ready to talk with my accountant about a few final items and how to handle some expenses and income. That feels really good.

I have seen lots of information come in from people for Commonwheel’s 40th Annual Anniversary show I am curating. I will work on that Monday after my hike. As a publisher who wants to present it as a possible feature story needs some solid information by Tuesday end of day. DEADLINE!

Saturday night, I drove to Stargazers to hear Spirit Machine. A musician friend and fellow MSAC Board member was there. Another band was playing first, and they sounded like a long Jimi Hendrix song, jamming well together, but not danceable. And actually not even fun to listen to at all. Good techniques, but just not what I came to hear. My friend suggested we go to another bar where her son was going to be in Downtown Colorado Springs, so we headed there.

Her son didn’t show up, and was kind of a bluegrass band with a very young crowd that filled every sit and there was barely standing room. The took a break shortly after we arrived. She said hello to a friend she knew in the band, then we walked to another very close bar. We got great seats facing the stage. But that band didn’t start for another 30 minutes. We chatted and got assurance from some kids sitting near us that the band was worth waiting for and would be very danceable.

I had had two glasses of wine at the Manitou Hair Emporium Grand Re-opening, and had chugged the Margarita I had gotten at Stargazers, so just drank a Club Soda with Lime. We both had two of these. And when we got ready to leave and pay our bill, our waitress said they were free. So we left her a very nice tip.

When the band began to play, they were very good and fun to dance too. Unfortunately the dance floor is concrete and my feet didn’t like that very much. We stayed and danced until a little after 11pm. My friend wanted to go to another bar in Manitou Springs, but since it was “Spring Back” clock night, and I had a date to go hiking the next day, I passed on going with her there.

Now I am almost caught up with my blogging. Maybe not daily, but journaling the daily happenings.

Today, I got my newspapers in from the driveway just in time for them to not get run over by many vehicles. My cottage tenant had trucks and friends and parents come to help her get moved out very early from her moving deadline. She has so much stuff in that little cottage, it is amazing!

The day was glorious. Blue sky and very warm. Wouldn’t guess that it had snowed just 36 hours ago. How I love Colorado!

I called my friends that were going to meet at my house for the hike today, and told them that they couldn’t park in the driveway. They were able to park near Kathleen’s new office and walked over here together.

Now my Greek friend is in pretty good shape, but I didn’t think as good of shape as me. And although Kathleen is a marathon runner, when they suggested a walk/hike, I didn’t expect it to be a major mountain hike.

When talking with them this morning, Kathleen suggested we go up a new trail next to the Incline. At that point in time, I knew I had guessed wrong. Luckily, I had decided to pack my Camelback pack rather than a smaller hip pack. This meant I had lots of water and food if I needed it.

The trail began very mellow compared to the Manitou Incline. But it soon turned steep and took us uphill quickly. I have hiked this area many times from different directions. The Ute Trail is what they were skirting to make it a little less steep, with more switch backs, less straight up. On the down trails, it got a bit snowy, but I just hiked slower and carefully, and it was more mushy and muddy than slippery.

Incline and New Trail in Manitou Springs

But during the decision making process of which pack to take, I had forgotten to put my extra battery for my camera in the pack I took. That meant that I didn’t get many pictures. But some I took were very interesting, and a couple could be useful in the next Flood Book with a view of Manitou Springs downtown below the Williams Canyon. Plus, that picture made me really appreciate how much better pictures it does take than my last camera. The clarity of details on the buildings I zoomed in on was amazing!

But the not having a view-finder makes it challenging to get the shots I think I am getting sometimes. Still, most work for what I am looking for in an image. Would have been good if I had taken one a little more to the right, my house might have been seen in it.

Downtown Manitou Springs from Trail

Then I ran out of battery and realized I hadn’t put the extra one in this pack. Dang! Well, just had to hike with out a camera and enjoy my time in this beautiful mountain area so close to my home without taking photos.

We took about two hours to complete the hike. I am sure Kathleen could of done it quicker, but my Greek friend and I took more breaks to catch our breath and enjoy the views. And I did take some pictures, which always slows the hike down. We all had a good time and talked about other trails and hikes that are spurs off this one.

When I got home did my normal email viewing, and decided I had too many relating to the Commonwheel’s 40th Anniversary Gallery show I am curating to work on that right now.

Emailed my new tenant that he might get to move in sooner than expected. That I would do some inspecting and fixing of the property when the current tenant finishes moving out, then let him start moving in, and painting if he wanted to lighten up the wall color a bit.

Enjoyed my dinner and a little entertainment, cleaned up the kitchen and some space in the living area during the entertainment.

And now I am doing my blogging / journaling to catch up on the last few days.


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