The Second Week Of The Merry Month Of May

May 8 – Friday–
–Emailed Gwn with what I had spoken at City Council and a written summary of what I had told the Chamber Marketing Task Force at the meeting she had missed. Thanked her for offer to meet, but maybe next week would work better.
–Still haven’t gotten FB new request handled. New wrinkle, for me to post on the shop FB I need to use my personal FB also. So don’t want to set up that until I have the Fetival one set-up.
–Found some images for showing what crowds look like at the CMWL Art Festival. Will do a page hopefully when working Sunday.
–Discovered cash and 2 checks that should have been turned in after last year’ festival for t-shirts bought. Hid the envelop so very well from myself, I forgot it. Do remember thinking there should have been more $ to turn in, but accounting didn’t even question it when comparing to the t-shirt sales report. Need to handle this differently this year.
–Scanned and sent off the PARAB report to City Manager & Public Works. Confirmed our Monday 9am meeting.
–Fixes for Future of Wellness web site.
–Finished Squirrel Crossword Puzzle w/ solution page.
–Finished the 3 Squirrel Glossary Word Searches and solution pages.
–Rewrote one of the poems for the Squirrel Bonus PDF.

May 9 – Saturday–
–Hail, Hail and more Hail today. Yesterday areas of Colorado Springs got pummeled by hail and Manitou actually had some sunshine.

Hail on the stairs May 9, 2015
Today Manitou got pummeled and it is still on the ground Cold and nasty day. There was about 6” of solid ice when it ended. Couldn’t lift the cover off most of the plants when it ended.

Hail Storm May 9 2015

Hail Storm May 9 2015
–I ran out and tried to cover poppies and other plants with the cloths I had on the porch from doing this last year. Now they are being bent over under the weight of the cloths and hail upon them. Hope some survive. So very odd weather this late in May. But I doubt that they will.

Shredded Poppies & Rhubarb
–Made sure the bucket that doesn’t empty itself in the basement got emptied early today. The pipe is draining a lot right now and nothing should be melting. Really wish I could figure out where this water is coming from!

–Put together a PowerPoint for the Creative District Convene report. Meant to spend no more than an hour, but took at least 2 hours with hail tasks interruptions.
–Gathered some photos for my meeting on Monday. Put them on the Fest Computer to create the report when I work at Commonwheel ALL day Sunday, Mother’s Day. And the weather is predicted to be just as bad, so may be a quiet day at the shop.
–I think I have all the images I need to finish up the Squirrel Bonus PDF. Turned them into illustrations by using layers creating the bottom one with Poster Lines and the top or middle one using Dry Brush and then making it transparent. Will be interesting to see how they look. And yes, I got more involved in doing this than planned.
–Posted the Squirrel book cover on FaceBook. Wonder if I’ll get more posts than my weather images and video?
–Posted the Pre-April Awesome Posts on LifeUpsideDown-WriteIt.
–Published my HieroGraphics FB page! and posted the Squirrel cover there.

May 10 – Mother’s Day Sunday–

–Sad shredded items in the garden. This Poppy almost bloomed just before the storm. Frozen now.

Poppy that tried to open just before hail storm

–More shredded plants. Poppies, Hollyhocks, Kale and Chives all shredded by the hail.

More Shredded plants after the hail storm in May

–Worked Commonwheel all day. The sun actually came out. Lots of people in town.
–Beat my goal of $500 when I thought the weather would get worse. Almost doubled it.
–Got many pieces for the Monday morning meeting created and printed.
–Took the night off at home. Popcorn Dinner, “Once Upon A Time” 2 hours, 2 drinks and raspberries.
–Went to bed early to sleep well before 2nd of 3 early morning in a row.

May 11 – Monday–
–Did struggle getting up. But got to City Hall early. Realized I had left the map on the printer at home. Luckily I had driven. Went to get it and just on time.
–L was there presenting his idea for a Labyrinth on the raised area in Memorial Park. Kept saying it would not interfere with Festival needs. Need to go talk to him about this.
–They gave me an hour and some direction for next steps.
–Gave the new Flood manager my books after Jason asked if I would leave them there. Yes, gave away 2 more books – “How to Plan a Sustainable Event” and “Lessons from Past Floods” book.
–Stopped at Chamber & talked with Leslie.
–Got the proper number to call about the Mason Lodge and Parking at theFestival from Daryl who was volunteering today.
—Driving errands when I purchased Tian Gi from Vivian Rice, Kitty food & Litter bought and some treats from Kings for myself.
-Noticed the front steps were scrapped up. Had to have been from when renter had shoveled hail off of them using the wrong shovel. Not good. They are not wood, but a very expensive material that can’t be filled in.
–KM called. She will bring a thumb drive and do the corrections herself on the version I had fixed the jpgs in last week.
–Went to Mona Lisa Fondue with good friend AR. Had a really lovely time catching up. Really miss having more time to spend with her. Split a salad, a pot of fondue and a bottle of wine. Came home an fell into bed and read a bit, then a good night sleep.

May 12 – Tuesday–
–9 am Aine session. Had a hard time getting up, but glad I did, then was fully dressed by time for this session.
–Worked on Agenda for Festival meeting
–KM didn’t need my help, so that time was cancelled.
–Person I was to meet at the shop for office planning also canceled.
–Put the info for City Council onto a CD rather than Thumb Drive.
–Found old paper copies of all the measurements I did in the Park.
–Didn’t realize how warm it was outside until went to leave to take CD to City Hall and then go to the Marketing Task Force Meeting. Manitou Springs App creator was very passionate, loud and interesting.
–Had a call from the gallery saying she was selling 3 masks, but not enough mask boards. Couldn’t do much to fix that while I was at the Chamber. Sale did happen.
–Cleared some newspapers after eating dinner while watching The Voice.
–Listened to Proven Content #2 Webinar.
–Added some Awesome April posts to LifeUpsideDown-WriteIt.
–Rained at night. Hopefully not so cold it will turn to snow . . .

May 13 – Wednesday—-
–Agenda for Festival Meeting. Email time of meeting. At Park if not raining.
–Created Mask Boards, printed Care & Feeding, gave to JC to take to Shop & staple.
–Gave JC a chair to use at CMWL new office space.
–Gathered maps to take to Park.
–Checked bad emails, found 2 real ones I hadn’t answered among them. Answered.
–Sent out emails to ones I could correct and some cards in my office.
–Drove to shop, copied agendas and a bill for Ribbons. Checked what sold yesterday.
–Safeway for Festival food. Chicken, cookies, berries and cheese. Easy.
–Box prepared for Open Apps Job. Later did Excel and instruction.
–Updated Job List and printed.
—-Ordered Feathers at 2:45. Michael gave me good price on the White Cocktails, so ordered 2lbs. Ordered 1 lb of white hackles also. And Irr Cocktails, 3 Ring-neck pheasant skins, Wings & #2 Silver Pheasant (swore wouldn’t, but easily can make $25 from it). This will be an expensive order, but need to dye feathers in colors I am missing for earrings and masks, and the best price for white feathers in awhile.
–Had hoped to meet at the Park to look at layout, but raining . . . AGAIN! The sun came out after I emailed & texted everyone to meet at the house, not the park.
–Small Festival meeting- 1 person called in sick, another traveling. Accomplished things. Some good reports and helpful ideas.
–Doing dishes, shut down computers, watch TV or read for an hour. Maybe do the minutes . . .

May 14 – Thursday—-
–Shop worker having computer challenges. Said if couldn’t find the other person who can work on it remotely, I would come down after a phone call was finished. She found him and got it up and running, called just as I was putting my shoes on.
–YL order of items for injured friends: Pine and Deep Relief for myself. Used points for the products and shipping. Asked about the Thieves Cleaner that had not ever been sent me after the March Denver workshop. Will send that also.
–Festival Tasks in the morning
–Discovered the original poster art wasn’t there as layers – emailed to get it from creator & asked person who changed to be more careful in the future.
–Noon until 1:30 worked on Westword ad – created new ad layouts to use. Sent for ideas.
–Creative District meeting at 4pm, means missed Proven Content Live show. Did watch the other episode. Did a report on the Outdoor Art in Ft. Collins. Contributed many “Strengths” to the discussion. Connected with Steve Wood & Chi about moving the Little Library. Gave my card to a Junior in High School Student to connect with for the Art Festival and volunteers. Told her of the Commonwheel Scholarship no one applied for and will make sure she knows of it next year.
–Dead Dogs Playing – Pot Luck in Chrystal Hills with friends of A&C. A’s Mom was there, so glad I brought the Gluten-Free crackers and cheeses. Got her a “desert” of fresh fruits that made her very happy. Really funny “concert”. Great lyrics we couldn’t hear, but were on printed sheet. Just silliness played. Smiled a lot.
–Home and read some of Brunson’s Book, then fell asleep.

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