Turn a July Day Around

July 1 – Wednesday
–Checked Fest emails. Answered a couple. Checked other emails.
–Correen arrived early. Talked a bit about Coloring books and her secret “idea” that hasn’t been worked on yet. Walked down to Green Horse. Dar has a new puppy. So cute. Went to lunch with Sharon and Correen at Townhouse. Nice to sit in the sun.
–Back at house told the “Keith” story after showing her the Rockey book and talking more about coloring books.
–Tried to get marbled image, then a feather mandala into black and white line drawing. Neither worked. Give it up!
–Inner Circle meeting. More about what Tony is doing than any real training. Talked of things that won’t help me much.
–Mel fixed dinner.
–Now back on computer to get something accomplished.
Fireworks Movie 4th of July 2015
July 2 – Thursday – So many ways to turn a day around
–Woke to very grey skies. Called my hiking partner and she wasn’t into even a short hike. Weather forecast she heard was it would start raining early in the day. (Never did in Manitou.)
–Headed over to Post Office and to take the new Festival Storage Lock key to Commonwheel.
–Ran into a Creative District friend. She was walking the same direction. Wanted to find a gift for a friend going on a trip. And we talked about book writing. She didn’t find a gift at Commonwheel and I suggested she stop by my house to see the books I have published on CreateSpace.
–Looking at my Essential Oils book, she mentioned something about a specific oil good for keeping bugs away but that it smelled bad. I let her sniff Purification and she loved it! It keeps bugs away and has a bit of that one oil in it, but smells much more pleasant. I did have an unopened bottle and it was in her price range for a Bon Voyage gift for it turns out a mutual friend.
–She was interested in being a distributor for essential oils and I mentioned I had a half off voucher to sign up with. She took it and will do that in the next couple of days.
–Called a potential food vendor for the Art Festival. Caught him at a perfect time. He doesn’t have a gig on Labor Day Weekend. Had enjoyed doing the WineFest. Sent him an application. Sounds like we will have “gourmet” Cheese Steaks this year.
–Drove to the bank, forgot the new check. But deposited checks for me and Festival.
–Stopped at the small Farmer’s Market in Manitou Springs. Bought some colorful eggs, Kolorabi and radishes.
–Got home in time to catch a call from a member who can do Balloon Twisting on Saturday, the day the professional Balloon artist couldn’t. Replacing our long time balloon artist who moved away. So glad to still have this to offer for kids at the Festival.
–Had the urge to write up the note I want to send the people in Aweber that joined one of my lists long time ago. They will either stay or unsubscribe. Offering my revised version of “As A Man Thinketh” by James Allen as a sign up bonus. Have go in and do some fixes, as it is related to Vivian Rice’s book on many pages. Easy to change.
–Worked on getting the Dream Journals closer to being ready to publish. Web site a little more figured out. Need to ask to be an affiliate with Hay House, but want it to look a bit more finished before putting in that request.

July 3 – Friday –
–Started out on Festival Tasks again. Got info to Balloon artist, worked on the flyer, & revised the Eco Requirement letters for artists and food vendors & sent to be proofed.
–Created a 3-up flyer to invite artsts to our show. (Forgot to add closed categories.)
–Long chat with the new Food Vendor. He might know one more to invite . . . and he is excited to be coming to ours this year.
–Walked to Commonwheel via the Post Office. One replacement check, no new apps. Made copies of bills, checking deposit and the flyer I made up for handing out at the Pikes Peak Art and Music Festival tomorrow. Got someone to go with me too! More fun that way.
–Hurried to Inner Health for Tune-up, but she was behind schedule already. We settled upon a date for my full massage owed and when to work on Module 7. Plus she had problems printing the Module 6. When I looked at that at home, many of the images were in the wrong file type, including some as bitmaps and TIFs. Fixed the 2 pages that were unreadable for her students.
–Chatted with tenants about becoming YL distributors using a $20 voucher and they want to do it. Heading out for a job interview and some other things, but will connect with me later this weekend.
–Put my new phone system on line. And a few other tasks I have been putting off done.
–Am I creating a “Swiss Army Knife” web site with Transformation Tools for Life? And that would be a bad idea? Or am I just making it more complicated than it needs to be? Something is holding me back from completing tasks to get the Dream Journals finalized and proofed.
–Did research on Dream Interpretation books on Hay House. Need an affilate link for this company as Amazon won’t pay me affiliate fees because I live in Colorado.
–Also looked into how to link to Tony Laidig programs. Discovered the link I thought went to PhotoShop Instante Expert went to a Jay Boyer program. So glad I tested it!

July 4 – Saturday –
–Went to America the Beautiful Park with Ace to solicit artists for Commonwheel’s Art Festival. Had a gate fee of $5. Took CC, so told him to charge 2 on CMWL Fest card. He charged just one, and I said I needed 2. Gave me the 2nd entry for free. Have value of getting $5 off Georgia O’Keefe show at FAC and beers that weekend. I don’t drink beer.
–Some good artists. Some disgruntled by the promises of the promoter of what the show would look like. Some may apply this year, some next year to Commonwheel.
–Heading home, message on my phone of “Smoke seen behind the Cliff House.” Scary. Later, message arson of a house on Cañon Ave. Not a good thing for Manitou.
–Got to the shop to work the 2nd shift. I sold 3 times what the morning person did.
–Noticed many young people came in tonight and so many tattoos. So much art on the bodies of some of them . . . mind boggling.
–Nervous about the fire so close. But no warning to leave nor did I smell smoke. Later find out a disgruntled girlfriend poured gasoline on the porch, blocked the door and set fire to a building that housed 4 families and had pets inside. Pets did die and people had to jump out of windows to escape. How can someone have so little respect of lives and property to do such a thing? And then set fire in a town that had barely escaped the Waldo Canyon Fire?!!
–Walked up to Mabel WilliePark and past it to sit on the side of the road for a perfect view of fireworks. Coreen came up and joined me. Tried to take movies on my camera.


Should have tried with the phone also, but just kept watching and enjoying the beauty. Stopped at Cupit’s on the way home. Never been in this house of hers. Nice. Helped a lost young barefoot girl get back to the B&B on Ruxton when I left.

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