Very Full ThursDAY-Oh Deer!

I was scheduled to meet someone from the the Manitou Springs Parks in the morning to discuss some issues and learn how the water and electric worked. They showed up close to on time, but didn’t have the proper keys to unlock the electric panel. So while waiting for him to go get it, looked to the south and saw a lovely deer, then two spotted fawns appeared behind her.

Doe & 2 spotted fawns at Fields Park in Manitou SpringsI had my camera with me and was able to take a few photos as they hurried along.

But I had to hold my breath as the Doe crossed El Paso Blvd. and then the two fawns came dashing after her. A car had stopped for the doe, so everyone was safe this time. Still, will worry about them now as this is a well traveled road.

The electric panel is really an improvement from generators and the water access is way better and safer than what we had to use last year. Should make the food vendors very happy.

Next the Beer Garden Sponsor and coordinators showed up and we discussed where it would be set-up up. And since they were doing the music tent, aligned that in our minds also. Talked about how the waste would be handled and the type of cups that would be used. Hopefully they can use recyclable cups for both the beer and the wine to make sorting very simple during the Art Festival. They are really nice people and I am sure this will be a great addition to the Art Festival and profitable for us all.

I hung out afterwards and made some measurements of the food court area. It is very difficult to draw out with trees and curving sidewalks. I know I will have to come back again, but got a good start on it.

Came home really hungry! I hadn’t meant to stay that long, but the weather was nice and I was enjoying being outside, so it had made sense to do the measurements.

Then Karl had some more things to show me in the cottage. This is getting really expensive. And I will have to pay this bill over a few months, but many things will be taken care of to make it a better space for the new tenant.

I made a start on the Food Court layout, and it did not look like I had measured many places that would have helped me get this done. Did some Facebook posts to stay ahead of that project, but still need to take time to do all of them leading up to the Art Festival.

Then had a 5pm Webinar with Tony Laidig that went for almost 2 hours. Really good information and I am getting really excited for Tuesday’s Webinar and all the giveaways that he will be doing.

The Cottage Tenant showed up just as the webinar ended to pay his rent and the other half of the deposit. We went over and looked at what was being done and he wanted to make some measurements. I asked him if he was good with technical things and he said yes. I asked if he could look at my new printer and see if he could help me set it up. He was agreeable to that and quickly got it set up for me. I could have done this, but it would have taken me much longer and he just whizzed through all the steps with total confidence and it works great. He told me when I was ready to set up the Fax feature to let him know and he could help with that if I needed assistance.

What a great decision I made choosing this young man to rent the cottage.

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