A week of Commonwheel Festival Focus

June 19 – Friday
–Walked to Commonwheel, then PO, then D’Vine Wine. Got a good prize from them again for the Art Festival prize drawing. Talked about the Rusty fundraiser being in a better, more high end attendee place than just a house concert. May get some wine.
–Picked up an envelop at CMWL in the Fest box, but was really for the Gallery. May invite him to apply to the Art Festival, grabbed the email.
–Called the “artist” who wanted to know if an Icon booth would be approved. I told him with what he was describing, didn’t sound like a fit, but needed to see images and go thru the jury process like anyone else. He got miffed and asked if I was cutting him off because “I am a Christian?” That made me realize I had given him more time than any late applicant and once again repeated I could not make a decision without the other 5 members of the jury looking at the work. He wanted to email images and I said no, need to send an application with both fees just like any other late applicant. And I ended the call with that concept.
–Drove to Dollar Store, Petco for Litter and Costco. Bought a new phone as can’t get this one to answer any more. Not good at this time of year.
–More cloud pictures.

Lovell Gulch Clouds


Lovell Gulch Clouds
–Art Walk around Manitou. The Tattoo neighbor was at the Italian Gallery. I was not in the mood for conversation. She did compliment the garden. I didn’t want to get involved with asking why the shop was closed. Said I was meeting someone and left.
–Nice shows everywhere. Conversation with old friends and a son of a past Commonwheeler at MAC.
–Home, short rest. Catching up with the last few days. Should do a post . . . and I did. Finished up May Posts in Life Upside Down-Write It.
–Did some good research on Journal Cover ideas on Amazon. Looked at titles and what people wrote about them and how many pages. Good research session!

June 20 – Saturday
–Farmer’s Market and stopped to get bread & pretzel rolls. Just enough cash.
–Eating lunch at noon time and just finished when the sharp back pain started. Stretched out and it went away. What the heck is this caused by?
–Worked the rest of the day on my Dream Journals. Shortened them both a lot! Just too many pages compared to other ones I researched last night.
–Watered the gardens at 5pm.
–Fixed Chicken and Steamed Chard for dinner and so I could have chicken for lunch on my long day at Commonwheel.

June 21 – Sunday
–11 long hours at Commonwheel with no cooling system working. At least I had a mid-shift who was very interactive with the people who came into the Gallery.
–Got some emails handled for self and Fest on down times.
–Also got some images prepped for a Fest Video on slow times.
–Came home and cooled on the front porch reading the Sunday paper.
–Did a MAP Coning and then to sleep.

June 22 – Monday
–Festival Tasks including finding receipts I had sent to Accounting and the report said “no receipt”. About an hour wasted finding and resending and printing them.
–Asked Marketing to post the extended call on print media. And I posted it a couple of places.
–Walked to PO. Still now new apps.
–Watered the gardens.
–Worked on Dream Journals. Finalized 2nd cover. Found some large images. Put small images in the journal that has very few cloud images.
–Walked to Commonwhee Board meeting. Not a Quorum. Have to have an email vote on what we discused and was motioned.
–Celebrate JCs birthday at the Keg. Listened to SK about how she lost the job she so loved and just had a short time and we had been so happy for her. Sounded like a disgruntle male had been looking for any small mistake she made to get her gone.
–At home did a bit more on the Dream Journals. Finished adding the large images.

June 23 – Tuesday
–Festival Tasks: Put the Festival jobs matched with members names to send out to them. Asked for some people to fill in jobs and looking for Security, etc.
–Walked to PO, no new applications. Dang!
–Met Chi in Memorial Park and looked at places for the Little Library to move to. It needs books!
–Walked to Chase Bank. Measured where a food truck could go on Old Mans Trail.
–City Hall to figure out permission to put up flags. Needed to talk to someone not there, she called later and will get me an email about yes.
–Parking Authority. Familiar person. Complicated to get permission to use the Mansions Park Parking area. Talk to Brad at City Works, who I need to talk to about barricades by garages on Lovers Lane in Commonwheel parking spaces.
–Took pictures of clouds and maybe got a good one of a “little brown bird” for kids book from Public Domain story I have.
–Connected with hiking partner for tomorrow’s hike.
–Tony Laidig Expert Media Show about “The Cost of Free” webinar. Ended talking about the Coloring Book all day class this Saturday. Can’t believe it starts at 7AM! And may miss the Farmers Market, unless I can do that in an hour break . . .
–I know what I will base my first coloring book on: MASKS! May include some of mine, but I bet I can find some awesome public domain -free- mask images to use.
–Gonna post some of this on this site tonight and work on finishing clouds into the Journal with the most cloud pictures.

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