Communication Glitches Have Plagued Me Recently

I have to admit at the Young Living Convention there were a few communication glitches with my roommate.

The first night, when we were discussing about timing to get up and ready for the first morning, she reminded me she meditates for 2 hours each morning. I told her I needed 1.5 hr to get ready, so was setting the alarm for 7:00 am to be sure we could leave at 8:30. It wouldn’t take a full half hour to walk to the center, but wanted to get there before the whole crowd arrived.

I woke up and looked at the clock and it was 7:53 am! She was all dressed. I asked her why she didn’t wake me? She told me I hadn’t told her to do that, and thought I just needed to sleep. I repeated what I had said about needing 1.5 hr to get ready as I dashed to the bathroom, and she said that wasn’t saying wake me, it the alarm didn’t go off. Lesson learned the hard way by me.

She went to see what in the breakfast area while I did the very least amount of things it would take to get out the door in about 30 minutes. I had mentioned the night before that sometimes these places had instant oatmeal that she could eat (being vegan), but I didn’t like oatmeal. She came back with 2 cups of “porridge” and it looked worse than any oatmeal I had ever seen. She ate hers and some of the one she had brought for me, and saying she did not remember me saying I didn’t like oatmeal.

A couple of days later, we learned that was actually gravy for biscuits and gravy. Something else I abhor, and probably was a shock to her vegan system.

And of course, I wasn’t allowed to have any bit of feelings of being upset, as it was my fault for not actually communicating my needs properly. So the morning was a bit tense, and I had to breath out of it. At the center, I wanted to get a seat near a big screen not in the main crowded area. She dashed off towards the center, saying she would find seats and come back for me. I wasn’t totally happy with where she left me, so walked down the aisle a bit and found perfect seats with open space, an aisle in front of them. Great view, great sound. Claimed the seats, and stood looking for her a bit. Gave up and just settled in to listen.

Later, I saw her in  a crowded seat area not far from me and I let her know where I was sitting. Soon thereafter she came and sat by agreeing these were great seats. From then on we looked for seats on the open aisles or corners so I could stretch my leg with poor circulation easily, and not be cramped between others. Didn’t always happen, but most sessions that did work.

We did get a bit of dancing in three different nights. It certainly felt good to be moving to fun tunes.

A really fun thing that happened was at lunch, after a terrible wait in line and no lettuce at any of the salad bars, we joined a table that had people for Colorado and some associated with horse health. I looked at the woman across from me and asked her with her unusual name of Komitor and being from Colorado, if she was related to Deb Komitor, an artist friend in CS. Yes, she was her X-sister-in-law, but good friends.

My roommate in Manitou Springs and at the convention are both very interested in working with healing horses, and other animals, with natural approaches. To meet people from Florida and Colorado who did that work and training was truly amazing to have chosen to sit near these people when you realize there were 9,000 people at the convention to chose from as table companions.

But even more amazing, was that my convention roommate had actually contacted this person by phone when she was “parrot-sitting” for another mutual friend!

We had some really great conversations at this table, then had to hurry back to the meeting.

The last communication glitch really came when talking about when everyone wanted to leave. The driver had sort of given up on stating his preference, as had a communication glitch with my roommate also. She and I discussed when to set the alarm, or the wake-up call, that I was using since the first night. I suggested we get up at 7am to get on the road close to 8:30, but she said that meant she would have to get up really early to meditate. So I said, OK, 8am then.

I woke up at 7:05am and she was up and about, all dressed again, but hadn’t woken me, because again, I didn’t say, “if you do wake up early, wake me up at 7am.” She said she had woken at 3am and couldn’t sleep, so had meditated then. I had heard lots of bed squeaking at that time, but didn’t realize she actually had gotten up then to meditate.

Anyway, I got up and began the process to get ready. Decided to get some milk, cow milk, somehthing I haven’t used in a long time, from the breakfast area for my shake and ran into one of the other riders in the car. She convinced me to relax and enjoy a last fluffy waffle with her. Our driver showed up and said he would move the car around to our room’s door and let my roommate know I was breakfasting and would return soon. So we did actually leave closer to the time he wanted to leave.

The ride home was really smooth, and got home well into daylight time. I unpacked, took a hot bath and then as stated in the last post, awoke at 4am with a high fever!

Monday was a day of bad communication with Manitou Springs City Council about the Art Festival that was to be held July 26 & 27 in Manitou Springs Memorial Park that the Chamber and MSAC had just gotten questions about, and no one knew anything about. It took me 4 phone calls to get the information from City Hall about who was behind this. I learned days later, that the Chamber had called and was given that information from the person I was calling with one phone call last week. Why couldn’t they give me that answer as quickly?

And even my apology for saying if I sounded a bit harsh, or “hot” in my first response, which, when re-reading it, I was basically asking why they hadn’t given us the common courtesy of a notice of this application, but that it might have been because I was a bit feverish in reality.

It just got worse from there. I became a bad person, ungrateful for the honor they gave us for our 40 years in business – right actions speak louder than words, and their actions around this was not very honorable in my opinion.

They can’t grant a monopoly for any business and I should just “Peace Out.”

And even though everything I passed on to them was verified, including bad reviews at the Denver BBB and on FNO were seen, I was just bashing a competitor to gain a monopoly.

I had asked at least 5 City Officials, when trying to decide where to hold the 40th Art Festival, “What other events will be allowed in Memorial Park?” long after they had approved this, and not one mentioned this quote “Art Festival” The park is a real mess. A 15 minute rain shower created a giant muddy slip & slide during the WineFest and the Chamber said, another few minutes of that storm, and it would have been a very dangerous situation.

Not helping my healing, but had to write some of this up, so I could let it go a bit more.

I got quite a bit of work done for the “Under Pressure II” gallery show FB and Tweets I do, and will finish that up on Monday – do the posting.

Thank goodness, the Chamber and MAC leaders see the side of this I do, that diluting a well respected event with competition that is untested and has negative reviews is not very good for the city as a whole. Nor do we really need a badly run art event in our town that approved by City Council when we just got to the next step on the way to become a State approved Creative District.

 Again, not much I can do, but wait and see what the weather does and if he actually puts on an event of the quality he says it will be, or if it will be more like some that have garnered the negative reviews in the past.

 I think I am going to try to do some posts on my hiking site to catch up there a bit, or maybe just go to bed early to work on healing this what I still hope is only a cold.

I ran into a friend at the Farmer’s Market who has been on very healthy diets for years, and she said Isounded like she did when she had Pneumonia this winter. Yikes! That can’t be what I have, can it? I am very feverish on and off still. I bought some different herbs after getting produce and am trying some other ideas to knock this out of my system.

Been listening to videos from a site called Sacred Spirit to soothe my soul.


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