Fruit on the Floor

Arts & Crafts Festival focused day with a few interesting side tracks.

Looking out my kitchen window I saw a squirrel ever so beautifully posed. He just didn’t move in the tree. So got my camera and took a few pictures through the window. Noticed that there were actually two of them. In my bathrobe, I went onto the porch, climbed over a few obstacles and took a couple of pictures from there, but not as good an angle as from the window. So very cute. Made me smile and got me more awake. Always glad to have a bit of nature distract me and make me happy to be living where I live.

The sun was shining when I got up, and considered hiking. Called my hiking buddy, but she didn’t answer. And as the morning wore on, it got cloudy, colder and uninviting for hiking. So I talked myself into waiting a day or two when the weather was predicted to be warmer.

I also decided it wasn’t worth driving to the grocery store for blackberries 2/$4 when that was all I needed. Surely there will be berries on sale in the next few weeks. Then my roommate told me where she had meetings, and one was near the grocery with that special. I asked her if she had time and the inclination if she would stop and pick some up. And when she returned home, she had a couple of packages and decided that the asparagus looked good and would go well with the Cod she had planned on fixing for our dinner.

The email I sent last night about asking for help with Celebrating our 40th Anniversary had just 2 responses. I will take any help I can get with this project. Though one actually added a bit of work/research for me to do, that I may try to pass off to a Festival committee member if possible.

Settled in to create the agenda for the Commonwheel Festival meeting on Wednesday night. That always means I have things to take care of as I read assignments from the last meeting that weren’t finished. Phone calls to make and emails to send. This has become an all day task, so glad I started it the day before, not the day of the meeting.

And I have been trying to find time to rework the “sponsor invite” letter using the concept of the 1-sheet book promotion that I learned from an Author webinar taught by Tony Laidig and Elle. Wanted to capture the feelings of what we want to tell a potential sponsor to make them want to be a part of this Arts & Crafts Festival. What is in it for them, not just how it would help the Commonwheel Festival. Sent it off to the committee to see what they think. The other one someone wrote was just too uninviting in my mind. And I have always told some story about the Arts Festival when talking to sponsors before, and have landed quite a few myself with that method. Some are still with the Festival 10 years later.

When I took a brunch break, I reached into the refrigerator for a banana and the blueberries underneath it jumped out and spilled all over the floor. Wish I had taken a picture, it was an interesting look. Really glad I had vacuumed yesterday. Gathered them back up and washed them off. Reached for that banana again and another one stayed hooked to it and the peel came off on one side and it landed on the floor. Cleaned it off and put it in my cereal and ate it without further incident.

My friend who helped me yesterday and took one of the muddiest and oldest scrapbooks home, emailed me with a picture of great wording on a flyer from the 20th anniversary show. I can use that! She said that each page had so much mud on it that she had to empty her bucket after cleaning it. Really glad I had copied many of the items in there for the 25th anniversary show and that notebook was no where near the basement when it flooded and muddied!

Had an interesting webinar on Expert Media Show with Tony Laidig. If you are interested in having an online business, his free Tuesday night webinars are a great place to begin learning. He has a membership site where you can watch all of the trainings he has done. He has many, many topics that are as good a trainings as some webinars I have taken for a lot more cost from other trainers.

My hiking buddy called during this webinar, so I called her back after it was over. We set a date for Thursday, looking at the weather warming up more by then, to hike in Red Rocks. So glad to get a hike in this week. Still hoping to get to the Botanical Gardens and the Orchid show before the month is over. Just so many meetings and a couple of Holidays to work around . . .

Now a spider is crawling across the wall in front of me. I think I will ignore this one tonight.

My book client needed a final copy of the manuscript in Dropbox, so did that for her.

My brother called just as I was about to sit down and enjoy a lovely dinner my roommate had prepared. As rare as his calls are, had to ask him if I could call him back. So we set a time for tomorrow night after the Festival meeting.

Have one more piece to do for the Festival meeting. Need to rework the Job List a bit. So many people who did some big jobs are no longer members of Commonwheel. That will need to be addressed soon.

One more blog post, then either to bed, or work a bit more on the Festival tasks. Getting late though . . .

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