How Many Things Can You Do In A Day

There are times when I look at my list in the morning and wonder how I can get even half of it done.

But what I do is chose what must be done, and get that done first. Then move onto the next must do item.

That is why this blog gets so far behind. It is at the bottom of the list most days.

The whole reading and the dark Spirit coming in has been a strange detour. First the reader and a Shaman told me that Spirit needed to cross over. they wanted to come to my home, which was fine with me, except it needed to be when my roommate was gone for a week. During that visit they were going  to help or force him to do that. Then it morphed into my being the portal, have to take responsibility for him still hanging around, and that I would have to take on this task. Well, I have paid for other readings that people tried to convince him to leave, and he is still here. I just mostly ignore him, or if he does show up, thank him for the good things he did, but tell him I don’t need or want to have his energy anywhere around me. And then go on with my day. So after many conversations, I just told them, I had no time or energy to learn a new skill and not sure how it was up to me to do this. Haven’t heard back since I wrote that. And this is a very condensed version of almost two weeks of conversations.

So in the mean time, I have gotten my “How To Plan A Sustainable Event” book finalized on CreateSpace and fixed the Kindle version. And today I received 20 copies to sell and share with people and start promoting it. There is an event I am trying to be at on November 8th, but need to reconnect with those people and should have done that tonight, but at the group meeting I got distracted and forgot about having that conversation.

I also finalized “Galloping Wind” and fixed its Kindle version. Just need the author to order a proof copy and then move forward. He has has some Real Estate work that has kept him busy, so not as on top of the book as he could be. But getting it done.

And met with another friend who we want to work together on books and other projects. First we got together on a Sunday and she gave me some very yummy heritage tomatoes when I left. And a book to read about Coconut Oil and all the healthy things about it. I learned some about her healing journey she had been on the last 2 years. Then this last Sunday, she came to my home with more tomatoes. We discussed many aspects of what we could do together and separately. I gave her some “homework” and she left here excited and I had some new ideas also for where I want to go with the Journals. I have a couple started, but got distracted. I am going to have withdrawals when I run out of these tomatoes.

I went to the Holistic Fair and found an interesting product there. Relates to natural healing and pain removal. It is a not launched yet, but not sure I want to get involved in another multi-layer company. I will continue to look into it, but next added another complication to my world . . .

I went on a webinar for the Amazing Selling Machine course offered. there were over 1,500 people on this webinar and only 2 prizes.  I won $1,000, which is the down payment for the course of $4,000. That seemed like a sign I should do this. So I signed up for it.

After looking at the web site and all the training and steps it will take, I am feeling very overwhelmed, and thinking I should have just taken the money and invested in other projects, but the guarantee is amazing. So here I am, focusing on this new project to see if I can actually do it.

I asked my brother if he could handle one piece and that interested him a lot! Then we got to talking about other products that could be created in a welding shop and I gave him some ideas that he thought might work. Later, I saw a YouTube Video of a piece of equipment and sent that to him and that was also interesting to him. Not sure where that will go, but at least giving him some leads that could coincide with this Selling Program.

Juggling more things than I know what to do with right now. Festival follow up tasks, hiking, books, connecting with others . . .

My new tenants showed up on Tuesday night, a couple days ago, the same day my roommate traveled to Wyoming. Both said the trips took much more time than they had planned or expected. But all arrived safely.

Tenants are very into gardening and canning and riding bikes and vegetarians. They seem to be really nice and interesting young people who will be a delight to have as tenants.

Watched the movie GMO-OMG and it really was an eye opening Oh My God sort of experience. Some pieces were really scary. It could have been a bit shorter for more impact, but then the information shared from the journey this young took was very interesting and presented in ways that really brought home what he was trying to share.

Karma Hour at Bristol Brewing Company was a bit of a stretch, since that was the Dark Spirit’s favorite hangout. Though is was in a new location and I only went there a few times with him, so not so powerful. But one of the men closely watching our member singer playing that night and had another member concerned, came up to our group and asked if we were all from Manitou. Then he introduced himself as my roommate’s ex R. I did not recognize him, hair seems a different color and I only met him a few times. But really put a chill down my spine when he did that. There was some money raised for the MSAC and had a lovely time with a friend who showed up an we had a bit of a visit and chat about various things, including writing books.

I went to Millibo Theatre to see “The Miracle Man” on Thursday night. But there were not enough people for the show, so they bought us a glass of wine and gave us Comp tickets for another night. Tomas, the actor chatted with us. I had another shiver when I had seen how he spelled his name and it was how my Aussie Con Artist Ex spelled his name.  I also chatted with Jim about putting some of his scripts into a form that could be sold on Kindle and CreateSpace. he was interested.

I invited my hiking partner to go to the theatre on Saturday and we did. Ran into other friends that night. Really understood why he needed a larger audience, as he interacts with them a lot. It was a great show! She liked it and the venue also.

On Friday, my hiking friend called me and wanted to know if i could be Spontaneous as she had tickets to a comic up at the Air Force Academy and the friend she had planned to go with had bailed on her. I wasn’t totally enthralled by the idea, but said yes. I first stopped at the Commonwheel Gallery opening, then dashed over to her house.

It was a lovely ride up there, but the show was really disappointing. He interacted with the audience, but not if a very fun way in my opinion. When he did his own material, I found that a bit more fun, but not really very entertaining, which is why I rarely go to a comedy club – actually only been to one. My friend said this show did not reflect what she had expected either.

The Millibo show was far superior and when I left there, my jaw hurt from laughing so much. Some of that show was just silly, but also intermingled some profound thoughts. Plus, how this tiny man found so much strength that he demonstrated when he had 4 men push against him, and they collapsed on themselves, but could not budge him. Anyway, you would have to see this show to understand how amazing he really was.

Before going to Milllibo dashed over to the gallery on Ruxton to see a couple of artists who had an opening there. They had quite a crowd and were selling well. Then afterwards I was compelled to go hear “Edith Makes A Paper Chain” at Stargazers for the final set of their CD Release party. Stargazers’ owner was at the ticket desk and just told me to go in for free as they were almost finished. Got one good dance in and a heard a few of their new songs. Felt good being there for them even if just for a short time.

Been working on the Festival Thank you notes and now have to gather some of the thank you gift certificates and get them handed out next week I hope to be done with it. But other tasks need to be handled as discussed at the Festival meeting last night.

I am very disappointed in my Etsy and Commonwheel mask sales leading up to Halloween. I even posted on 3 Facebook pages some fun mask pictures. It would be lovely if more would find faces to go play on before the end of the month.

The date to go to the Paint Mines with my Greek hiking friend came this week also. She had 2 errands to do on the way there and I had one. So it was a slow start, but since both of us had things to do out East of the Springs, got them accomplished. Her errand was with a woman that knows many of my friends also, but I had never met. Fun connection. My errand was picking up old magazines, but when I got them, not sure what to do with them. And they were not is the best of condition, so would be hard to resell. I had hoped they would be more diverse, but mostly woodworking projects. I had hoped to get my plumbing friend interested in writing some articles using these as “seed” articles, but may not work how I had hoped. And ASM has distracted me from even looking at them. Still 70 magazines should have some value, just not sure how they will get used.

It was a beautiful day! We arrived needed to eat lunch immediately. My friend had made me a lovely turkey sandwich. At the only picnic table near the parking lot was an interesting couple of people. I gave my card to them and will see if anything comes of that. I had decided we would just go walk in the formations rather than take a long hike first to some far ones. We walked up every side trail among the formations. I was totally enjoying myself and so was my friend. And saw at least 5 bunnies. Some poised for me very nicely. And a hawk danced in our sight for quite some time.

OK, wish I had time or energy to go and find some photos to post, but not going to happen tonight.

I have skipped over many other things I have done since the last post, including a Festival meeting, but these are the highlights. Time for sleep, as I have a hike planned for the morning. At night, I want to go to UCCS opening for an artist friend, then signed up to dance at Navajo Hogan with Deja Vu group. Just saw the music starts at 9pm, so that will make it a late night.

It would be great if I could do some of the preliminary and bonus trainings to get a handle on ASM a bit before the official opening of the program on Saturday. Which is also the last Farmer’s Market and Coffin Races. But I doubt I will get that done with all that is planned for Friday.

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