My How Time Flies When Working On Many Projects

So on Friday, October 24, I met someone from Manifest at the storage unit at 10 am and got the last of the tables back. Still missing a tent. I decided to “borrow” the leaf rake that I had moved time and time again, yet had never been used at the the last 2 Art Festivals. Many days later my new tenants noticed it and and used it to clear the leaves in the yard. Love my new tenants!

I did some other errands, then got some work done at home. Went to the UCCS opening from Sean O’Mealie and another artist I didn’t know. Very interesting show and fun conversations with other friends that showed up there. When that closed I went to Navajo Hogan and had to park far away from the bar. I was hungry, so ordered Fish & Chips and ate with a Deja Vu member far from the group. She wasn’t happy being in her seat, but I convinced her that when the music started, we would just go dance and join in with the rest of the group. And that is what happened. Really fun band. The did not take a break for a long time, but when they did, I headed home.

Had to get up really early to get to the last Farmer’s Market. My new tenants wanted to come along. Stocked up on some things I usually buy at the end of the season. And bought a case of tomatoes that I told my new tenants “if they would can them, I would pay for them and split the bounty.” They were thrilled with this idea. They had a learning experience canning apples they harvested from a tree by the cottage. And I was sure they would have total success with tomatoes. And they are very yummy!

I decided to walk through town with my camera to Commonwheel to see if I was selling any more masks. Sadly no. But got some really fun pictures of the coffins waiting for the parade, then at the end of where they turned around, took photos of the hearses and coffins. I have rarely gone to this event, and I did not stay around for the actual races, but enjoyed the creativity exhibited by those who created the coffins for the races.

The Dead will Dance at Emma Crawford's Coffin Races Egyptian Dead Dancing at Emma Crawford's Coffin Races The Dead will Dance at Emma Crawford's Coffin Races

At 2:00 pm, I was ready for the call for ASM, but discovered that had been moved to Monday. But Module 1 was open, so went in and looked at the videos for that and some for Rapid Crush. Very interesting program. But how to finance it was still a challenge to be resolved.

I met my hiking friend at the MAT for “The Miracle Man” performance. Since I used my free tickets, I bought wine and a treat for both of us. Ran into other friends and had a good chat waiting for the show to start. And it was a very fun show. Plus, he snuck in some very heavy ideas amongst the humor.

On Sunday I met with my Z author and got his “Galloping Wind” book more ready for publishing on CreateSpace. He and my Sharing Inner Health friend both made a payment on their bills which made me think a bit of abundance was on its way to me. The rest of the day, I watched more videos and took notes. Connected with my brother about how this could help him and sent him some notes that he later told me had excited him a bit with the concepts it mentioned.

Monday had a Board meeting that I did some prep for, plus did some other Art Festival tasks.

On Tuesday, I had a marketing meeting at the Chamber.Ran some errands leading up to that. The had an Expert Media Show with Tony Laidig. We set a time for a coaching call next week. I was thinking I had 4 left, but discovered after the call,I only had 3 more calls.

Went for a hike on Wednesday at Catamount. The trail I have usually taken had a sign saying it was closed for the season. So headed off on another one. Here My hiking partner met a neighbor and I ran into Little Ones’ owner’s brother. Small world. It was very different trail, but lovely. Not so much up and yet had some wonderful views of Pikes Peak. 

Pikes Peak from Catamount Trail Nov 2014

I took many photos of driftwood and the peak. I kept seeing dancing images and birds in the driftwood. Both celebrating the wonder and beauty of being out in Nature, as my hiking friend and I were doing.

Driftwood on Catamount Trail

  On the trail I had a very interesting bird encounter. This little one landed in front of me, then hopped closer and closer. Very lovely energy. A little farther along, a very fun and happy squirrel posed first on a log near me, then up in a tree hanging on a branch. Both made me smile big.

Bird and Squirell on Catamount Trail

Then on the way home, I spotted deer in the same place as we had seen them before. We stopped and got out of the car to try to get some photos of them.

Deer near Catamount Trail

I did get a few good images, but they were mostly hanging out among trees and in shadows. This is a photo from the first time we saw them. I got home pretty late, so fixed dinner and watched Survivor. Then late that night, my roommate returned from her adventure with horses. Was glad to hear she had a wonderful experience and was home safe.

Thursday was a webinar with Ben Cummings and another at 2pm. Lots to learn. Still working on how to finance this program.

I also asked the Springs Hosting Company what it would take and cost to have them move the Ellis Web site to their hosting company. The owner wrote back for me to send him info about where it was currently hosted. He looked at it and told me he would move the site for free as soon as I got the hosting account set up. Have been working on that to get info from my brother to him and have the hosting paid for now. By the end of next week, or soon thereafter the site should be moved and I will be totally done with Netfirms. Yeah!

And still working on getting ‘Galloping Wind” up on CreateSpace. Step by step getting closer.

On Halloween, I worked all day at Commonwheel. When I arrived it was frigid inside. Determined that the pilot was not lit on the furnace. Called the landlord who called his handyman who showed up about an hour later. He got the heater working. Then he and his team began to paint the hallway and the basement. The paint fumes were awful! And I was dressed more in costume than for being cold, but I opened windows and the door to get some air into the shop.

At 1:30 two other Commonwheelers showed up in costume preparing to meet the 750+ children saying “Trick or Treat” that would be showing up at our door. All the downtown businesses hand out treats so the children can find treats without chancing going around in the dark in strange neighborhoods. The costumes on both the kids and adults were wonderful! So many different ones. Such creativity had all of us smiling.

Arlene & Kathy handing out treats

And then there were some scary characters. But all in good fun for the day and town.

The Plague next door on Halloween


Our most well known and beloved artist Rockey was sitting out to hand out treats which had many adults smiling for other reasons. So happy to see him enjoying himself in the sunshine.Rockey on Halloween

That was a long day, and I had planned on going to Stargazers to dance. I was going to change into a different more costume dress, but just put on my feather mask and headed out the door after getting a bit of dinner. Tiny Barge and the Big Chill are always fun to dance to, and somehow I found the energy to dance many dances that night.  Lots of Deja Vu members were there and the dance floor was filled with costumed dancers all night long.

I had to get up early on Saturday to get to Commonwheel to sign up on the calendar for shifts I wanted the first 6 months of 2015. I was slow, and got there to be #6 in line, but still got most of the dates I preferred. Then I had to return at 2pm to work a mid-shift for another member. Better paid than by most, but I was dragging a bit. And I had signed up to go to the Townhouse to dance with Deja Vu members that night. I got home and took a short nap/rest, then changed and headed down to the Townhouse. Not too many singles showed up, but enough to do some dancing with and visit and get to know some a little better. When the band took a break, I was ready to head home and sleep!

Sunday, my tenants and I went up to a friend’s house to introduce them to someone with a great garden and get them inspired. She showed them her greenhouses and many plants and herbs that grew yearly in the garden area. then let them loose to pick apples and showed them an “apple picker” to reach ones high in the trees. They were very happy and I gathered a bag also that I hope to get peeled and into a pie and perhaps some more dehydrated. A few days before this . . . maybe on Tuesday, I had peeled and sliced many apples that were getting old. I put them in the dehydrator I had found in its “hiding” place and turned it on. It was very noisy at first, but seemed to be heating up. When I came back about a half hour later, it was stone cold. I guess it just quit. At least it didn’t do anything dramatic, like start a fire or who knows . . . So I placed the pastry papers I had for some reason bought at the Dollar Store earlier this week on 4 cookie sheets and put them in the oven overnight. They came out very tasty. So may do another round of that with these apples after seeing how many there really are and if I can make a pie also.

WOW! I am almost caught up here and did it in an hour. Though I have to admit the images were done at another sitting, some for Commonwheel’s Facebook page and others on an night I thought I would do some writing, but got distracted . . . which night was that, can’t remember.

Monday I had my coaching call with Tony. I wanted to mostly discuss the ASM program and what to do if I could not find funding, which I was pretty sure was going to be the case. He had nothing but enthusiasm for the program and he is not a part of the group that created it or added the bonuses. But he also suggested if i couldn’t pay for it now, to be thinking about when they released it again, which he thought would happen in another 6 months. He and I have some life similarities. If I was 10 years younger and not so attached to where I live, I would be flirting with him. As it is, just glad to have him in my world as a teacher and coach. I hope to meet him in person either in February at the ASM conference, or certainly in Atlanta for the NAMS event in March.

I had finally put my ballot in the ballot box after discovering I could have ended many of the robo-calls and other political calls if I had voted earlier. I had no idea that they could learn who voted and who had not voted yet! Too late to end the calls, but voted.

I had been thinking I needed to get legal with having business licenses for my home business and my rentals. I had recently read an article in the Pikes Peak Bulletin that made me aware of how off the grid I have been with my businesses. But the person I wanted to talk to was not at work that day. So I am waiting and going to talk to my accountant before I do this. I don’t want to be hit with penalties, or get into a legal battle. And it also made me wonder reading through the paperwork if CMWL was doing the right thing with its sales tax that it seems is owed on items a business purchases in another town, but needs to pay more sales/use tax to Manitou Springs. Scary thought.

The Commonwheel meeting that evening had a strange comment from a member that was not true and for some reason she had to diss me in front of the whole group, including new members. I was pretty angry, but did not engage in a disagreement with her in front of everyone, and still haven’t quite figured out what to do with this weird energy. May just have to write an email correcting her misconception with facts, rather than engaging in a conversation. After the meeting the person who had provided half the food, was saying, “If someone doesn’t take this, it is going in the trash.” Not sure why she was so into wasting food, but I and a couple of other people rescued the food that could be eaten later. And feeling I needed to talk out what had happened, I asked a festival committee member and friend if she wanted to have a drink. She said yes. When we got to the Keg, there was my “arch nemesis” from the past sitting with our President. We couldn’t not sit with them. “Arch” ordered some chicken Quesadillas to share. When the order came, one person said “I am gluten-free” and the other said “I am vegan” so neither could share the food. I indulged as the food at the meeting had not actually filled my stomach. Arch talked and talked and talked, sort of interviewing the other two about various ideas she wanted clarification. When my friend drove me home, I told her I really needed to talk a bit about what had happened at the meeting and why I thought it very ironic to be sharing food from Arch. My friend had no idea what had happened years ago between Arch and me, and was totally enthralled with the story. And she totally agreed that what was said at the meeting by the other member was out-of-line and totally not true. She congratulated me on not engaging in any discourse during the meeting and waiting to simmer down and figure out what to do about this later.

I see on my calendar I had an 11am call on Tuesday, but cannot for the life of me remember what that was about. Ah, memory!

I put some emails out to a few people, including to my brother about talking more about this business.Tony’s Expert Media show sounded as if he took a piece of our conversation on Monday and made it more generic about how to “Get Out Of Your Head” filled with the past and focus on the future and getting things done. It also was similar to another show he had done over a year ago. Can never hear this too often I guess.

On Wednesday I had to run some errands, get some groceries, etc. I got back a few minutes late for the AZON training call. These tools are really awesome and I don’t want to lose this bonus.I decided to see how far I could get watching all the videos for Tony’s PhotoShop training that I could sell to others and think about ways to create more income if I don’t get to stay in the program. When I turned off the trainings, I saw an email from my brother asking if it was not too late for me to stay in the ASM program. I emailed him back saying I hadn’t asked for a refund yet, and was going to listen to a few more trainings and could maybe squeeze out one more payment, but that would be difficult. Told him I wouldn’t be home much the next day, but to call me that night.

Took a hike that was suppose to be gentle, but got into some uphill situations and scree areas that we would have to come back down. Twice I asked my hiking friend if we should turn around and she said we came this far, let’s go on. Then after we did turn around and got to more solid ground, she said she hadn’t wanted such a challenging hike. I told her the next time I ask if we should end walking on a challenging trail, she should speak her mind, not just say, let’s go on. So hopefully in the future she won’t continue on in a way she won’t enjoy the hike. And I admit, I shouldn’t have asked, but just said, let’s go back. We also got onto a wrong turn, but that was a lovely sidetrack and gave us some fun views of the city below. Neither of us fell, and the day was sunny and the surroundings were beautiful, so I did enjoy the hike. Really happy I was not sore this morning from the challenging areas we hiked.

My brother called exactly at the moment I was about to listen to a call with Aine for the Full Moon that focuses on direction. When that call ended and I called him back, he said he was too tired and would call me the next day.

When I laid down to sleep, I suddenly remembered that I will be seeing money from an investment I have that is being sold now. That money would more than cover the payments for ASM. I emailed Tony and Rhodes (who I had emailed saying I was going to get out of the program) saying I was looking for ways to leverage future $ to pay for the program rather than ask for a refund.

Today, I went for a body “tune-up” and was a bit stiff. She worked out some of the kinks and felt much better the rest of the day. Plus it felt good to go for a walk. There is a change in the weather coming, so glad to get some sunshine.

Little One was very crazy this morning. She was up on all my desks, meowing, needing attention, then hissing, then all over the desks again. Annoying that I could not figure out what was going on with her.

I decided I wanted to get as much done for the Commonwheel Festival meeting today so I can focus on what I need to do to listen to webinars and make my decision about ASM.

When my brother called, we discussed the things that would be helpful for Ellis Fab that I would be learning. At the end, he agreed to lend me the next payment, and if necessary the following one, as long as I could pay it back when the money from the investment came to me. No problem, I can do that.

I did get many tasks finished for the Festival meeting and have an appointment with our Chamber person on Monday that I will have to add that report to the Agenda.

I have a meeting with “Galloping Wind” author, but other than that, I will be doing more training and looking at ideas for what product I want to use for ASM training. I have some ideas, but need to do more research like they have shown needs to be done. Then look at how to find a supplier for that product. Still have one in mind that relates to products I can sell in the MLM product concepts or related to my books. Just have to see what fits in the guidelines of this program.

At the same time I will be looking at how to use the tools and get a head start on putting Ellis Flail Mowers and Blades on Amazon. I am hoping to use one of the AZON tools to guide me how to write the copy and the perfect keywords to use. I am still amazed that I found flail mowers and blades for sale there, which has inspired me and my brother to get moving on better marketing for this company.

So now I am going to do my dishes and head to sleep having caught up to today!

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