Needing a Lift

Today was one of those days that I just felt in a fog.

And I had to figure out ways to lift that fog and be productive.

Having this cold drag on, and on, and on hasn’t helped.

So I granted myself some FaceBook time. Always fun, and usually find some uplifting posts by my myriad of friends out there.

Reading about others who were much more ill than I this Holiday Season made me feel very grateful for how easily I am getting through this cold.

One friend had a combo flu/bronchitis/sinus infection, another got pneumonia, others had a version of the flu that has lasted for WEEKS – Yikes! I really am lucky that I caught it early and dowsed myself with lots of Vitamin C & other supplements, hot tea and essential oils & took hot baths, which combined together stopped it from getting worse quickly.

I went out into the sunshine and shoveled snow. Blue sky above and an easy bit of shoveling in the chilly, but not bitter cold got my blood circulating. I breathed in the crisp clean air and felt much better. I felt very blessed to be enjoying winter in Colorado rather than what others are experiencing to the North and East of here. I never have missed the Midwest Winters that I grew up with and left far behind when I came to College in Colorado.

Still feeling a bit off when I came in, so I went up into my feather studio and created 3 masks and did some set-up for more. Creating some art and thinking of the people who will get to play wearing one of the masks always helps to get me out of a funk.

Being in my feather studio also reminded me that Carnivale is coming to Manitou Springs in the not to distant future and I better create some wild and crazier masks for that event.

I took a short nap. The cold still dragging my energy down a bit, then got up and had a fun, easy dinner and came in to my computer office area to catch up with some work, including this daily blog.

I have never been one to let the “blues” keep me from moving forward on some level every day.

So now it is time to totally shake off the “blues” by getting a good night sleep and awake ready to face tomorrow as a bright new day.

This rock formation made me think of this expression “And Lifts his Noble Chin . . .” which I needed to be doing myself today. Always better to look up and at all the possibilities that are offered to me for this new year than to mope around. And I do have some very interesting new connections relating to books, helping others get published, and getting mine finished, that have just entered my world. Great way to start a New Year with New Connections that relate to some of my passions.


Every time I have hiked by this formation in the past, I saw something different.

But I think the concept of someone facing a new day with courage will be ingrained in my vision for some time now.
And the two rock formations in the background have opposite expressions, one is looking a bit grumpy, one at peace with the world.

Which One is a Reflection of You Today?


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