The Challenges Continued Early Wednesday Morning

On Wednesday morning, my roommate is not talking to me and leaves the house without discussing what is bothering her. Lovely way to start a day.

So I start my day as normal, get my supplements lined up and take the first group with a glass of water while reading the paper. Go take my shower, and think I hear a voice. There is no message on my phone, but a missed call from Commonwheel’s marketing person. I put my “green” shake together and call the number back. Her husband answers and tells me she was back in the Hospital again. I had meant to call her yesterday since she had told me she would be at the Monday meeting, but didn’t show up. But all the other challenges kind of took precedence over making a call to her. Later I discovered he had called my cell phone and left a message, but this news took me by surprise.

It is our Holiday Season and the busiest time of year for our Co-op. I asked him to read me what was in her calendar. It did sound like most of the important marketing tasks had been taken care of. He said he would leave that calendar on the porch for me to pick up later that day to see if there was something he was missing.

I had thought I had a webinar that morning, but couldn’t find the link for it, so spent time looking into the Marketing for Commonwheel to see what would need attention.

Called Commonwheel’s President. Neither of us sound to enthused about doing her job right now, but whatever we do, we will get paid for. I got into her email account and saw that there wasn’t much that needed immediate attention. That’s good. Still mulling over how much I want to do when I need to focus on my own business after the ASM detour I just took.

I had a hair appointment at 1pm that I was very much looking forward to, so drove to get the calendar, dropped $ at Chase bank and saw I was almost out of gas. Really didn’t need another car challenge, so went to get gas before the hair cut and still arrived on time.

Came home and looked at the calendar, seems to have everything under control for a few days, so gonna focus on some Festival tasks. And one person sent an email that she was interested in doing a couple of the Awards, so forwarded that info off.

Galloping Wind had a few errors in it that I have no idea how the correct type got messed up on the Copyright page. So I fixed that for no charge and then decided to do a spell check on the whole book section and chapter by chapter. Found a couple of double words in sentences and thought horse race should be 2 words, rather than one word. Fixed them all for noting no charge in my time calendar.

At 5pm there was a Laidig webinar for a new class, Picture Book Triad and he started off saying that this would be a long session. Now I had promised myself I could watch the 2 hour Survivor show and work on putting up catnip tonight. It was a very interesting webinar filled with lots of very detailed information on how to do this concept of creating books. About 7:10 when he was in Q&A I decided to go turn on my show and put some soup on for dinner. Not sure how much longer he talked, but I could listen to it later if needed.

I really needed an entertainment break and wanted to get the catnip into some of my many empty plastic supplement pill bottles so I could give it away this Holiday season. That project took me all the way to 11:30 pm. Now I just need to make labels.

My roommate did not return home that night. In the morning when I tried to call, realized I did not have her new phone number anywhere, and I had erased it from the phone days ago . . . Called another friend to see if he had it, no. So called her boyfriend. She was with him and they were visiting his Mom in the hospital. She took the phone and said she wasn’t ready to talk about it. And she probably would not get home in time to talk with me at home before I went to my Green Drinks that night. And she didn’t.

I worked on the cover for “Sinister Frog” and some Festival tasks and thought more about the marketing tasks, but glad none are pressing to get done. Lucky we have no regular gallery shows with artists that need to be contacted, and it looks like much of the advertising for Holiday Market is done. But then there are the ads for Pottery by the Pound that will need attention soon . . .

Green Drinks was at an address challenging to find and ended up parking in a lot and just walking to where I thought it would be. I noticed my lights didn’t go off totally, but for some reason didn’t let that stop me from going to the meeting. Talked to the owner about the great lighting that was in room focused on paintings. Traded one of my “How To Plan A Sustainable Event” books for a DVD about PermaCulture. Met an interesting younger couple. She bought my other book. If I had had another one, I could have sold it also, but wasn’t properly prepared. This event was one of the most enjoyable ones I had attended, had time to talk to many people and just relaxed.

I told a woman I would give her a ride home. When we approached my car, the lights were still on. Not another car challenge. Thank goodness it started and we got home safely. I thought I had tried everything to push or twist to get the lights off, but they stayed on. I looked in the manual, no help. Called my plumber friend and he came down and pulled out one of the fuses. That worked. Such a good friend.

My roommate had come home and gone to sleep before I got home. She left the next morning before I got up to do her two days with an overnight job. And then she would be taking off early Sunday morning. She emailed me but didn’t say anything. Just had the flight agenda that I am sure she wanted me to print out, so I did.

Called my mechanic and he told me to look for a button on top of the steering wheel. Now I thought I had pushed that yesterday with no results. I pushed it, put in the fuse and the lights went off. “Operator Error” big time. Had to tell my plumber friend this later. He just shrugged it off, saying happens to all of us.

The rest of today has been uneventful. I sent off 3 versions cover ideas for “Sinister Frog” and added a gig to Parish Gap web site. Worked a bit on the Festival Ads For Artists text, but couldn’t stay focused on that totally.

My proofer showed up with my book, not totally finished proofing it, but could see she had some comments on the text beyond just typos. I walked her to her Tune-up and a little more until the sun was no longer on us. Then walked home and worked for a bit longer. Walked to my “Tune-up” and the psychic who had done the “bait & switch” on me was talking with my proofer standing in the doorway. She did move out of the way, but could have done without that little challenge encounter. Mentioned I had a disagreement with her to my proofer, but didn’t go into details when she asked why I wasn’t doing a reading with the psychic that day.

Listened to a webinar that was really a sales webinar. He did give me a better idea of what the program I bought could do when used properly, but then it had costs I hadn’t expected. He was selling a monthly fee program that would do all the work for you and save you all the other costs. I quite listening during the sales pitch.

I really need to get the Festival Artists Ads done and send the application to Colorado Tours tomorrow. Then see if I could get at least one of the Dream Journals finished. (Goal)


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