A Long Day of Getting Ready for the Art Festival Jury Session

Monday was a holiday for many people, but I spent it getting things done for the Art Festival jury session on Wednesday.  This post crosses over a bit with one before where I talk about what I did on Tuesday, the day after the Holiday Monday.

I discovered that I didn’t have PowerPoints for all of the categories. Jewelry and Mixed Media were missing. I knew the member doing them wasn’t at work that day, which was the only place she could work on these for me. Left a message as she didn’t answer her phone all day. I also had to create quite a few last minute slides of the work of applicants that I had not gotten to her last week or had shown up in the mailbox at the gallery over the weekend.

I had to write all of the Acceptance (food and artists), Rejection (food and artists), Wait List letters that needed to get copied to put in the envelopes during the jury session. Plus create a chart of how many were accepted in each category and print out maps of the park to decide exactly how many spaces we had to fill with the new arrangement of booths and the addition of the beer garden.

This made for a very full day of computer work for me.

I have to admit I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and am trying to figure out how to not have so much to do for the Festival in the future. But after the jury session, the real work for advertising and more pieces will need to be done and I am scheduled to be gone for a week at the end of June, so can’t get behind or will not enjoy my trip to Young Living’s Convention.

Now along with my knee that keeps swelling, I have had to nurse my shoulder and arm. Making me not a very joyful person physically, but most people I have been working with don’t realize just how much pain I am in, as complaining is not my style. Just hope I can get back to hiking again soon. Not that I have had time to hike . . . and have made some short jaunts around town to the Commonwheel and the Post Office on foot to enjoy the flowers.

 The iris that came from my parents’ home in Oregon years ago haven’t bloomed in quite some time, but are about to bloom now and I can hardly wait. A few have opened up, but so many more are just about ready to open I am really excited to see this garden area in full bloom again.

I really want to do an entry for the Pikes Peak Photo show!!! And that is due on June 1st – need to go read the instructions to see if it is still possible for me to get an entry or two in by that date.

Cloudy Pikes Peak & Birds

And how could I forget the beauty that ended my day. I decided to walk out to the porch where my roommate was laying down on the couch to see what the sky was doing. It was a very interesting color, and then I saw a wonderful sight: A rainbow over the building across the street.

I grabbed my camera and walked out to the street to get a better look.

While I was snapping pictures, and my battery was getting very low, it became a double rainbow in one section. That gave me a bit of a joyful burst to end my day and think of as I went to sleep later.

Rainbow in Manitou Springs

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