Working at Commowheel and In the Garden with Stressed Shoulder

After a night’s sleep, I woke up pretty stiff.

Allowed myself to sleep in a bit later than normal. I was scheduled to work the afternoon shift at the Commonwheel Artists Co-op for pay for another member, so did have to get moving. My shoulder was pretty sore, but could have been much worse if I had fallen down those stairs. So used more essential oils and rubbed on it as best I could. Gradually felt less stiff and a hot shower did help loosen up my whole body.

I went to listen to the basement pipe, and there was no sound. Did mama move the babies on that rainy night? Not sure yet.

My tenant’s boyfriend and I decided to cut down another small tree an he perfectly created an easier exit ramp for Mama if she hadn’t left to encourage her to get everyone into a new den away from people. They didn’t think they had heard anything at night either, but we didn’t want to jump to conclusions as we did before and have Mama Raccoon stay longer because her easy access had been removed.

He also volunteered to clean out all of the houses gutters the next day if it really was a drier day as the weatherman predicted. And check out what the chimney looks like and figure out if he can put a screen on it. What a blessing that would be for me! The roof is really angled, as it is an old Victorian home and the slope is scary. When I was younger, I did climb on it and push raccoon poop off one area every year and cleaned my own gutters. But haven’t been able to do that in recent years for various reasons beyond just getting older – health issues that I really need to write about soon to share how I overcame some very challenging health issues.

 I decided to go to the Post Office to check for more Festival applications, but there were none.

When getting ready for to work the gallery, I forgot to grab some FantaFaces masks I wanted to take to the gallery and was feeling pretty stiff again. I did massage and rubbed more Young Living Essential Oils into my arm before leaving home. The morning shift only had less than $100 in sales, so I thought it might be a slow day. Luckily it was not. I had a rather busy time and ended with close to $900 in sales, so felt pretty happy with that turn-around. Even sold another mask, so will take some masks off Etsy and put them in the gallery where they are selling. Gotta love the tourists and their fresh way of looking at things!

I did a MAP Coning that evening and it did seem to help quite a bit. I heartily thanked whichever Guardian Angel that had kept me from falling down the stairs and saving me from what would have been a very painful experience. I asked for healing of my knee and my arm. I am afraid I was feeling a bit cranky that my knee was really acting up also the last few days, and I am sure the almost fall hadn’t helped.

Sunday I had thought as an alternative day to go to MeadowGrass or a Singles Barn Party, but just couldn’t talk myself into driving anywhere and felt really behind with yard work, so stayed close to home. I worked on getting some of the plants I had bought into containers and planting some seeds in the front garden. My tenant’s boyfriend decided he could clean the gutters and needed some help at times, but mostly just took care of it himself. Later we stepped back and looked at the chimney from below, and found some screen that he could use. He went up and cleaned out a mess as far as he could reach, but we still were not positive the raccoons were all gone. Next time he is down and we feel it is empty, he will get the screen attached.

That evening they had invited friends to come over for a barbeque. They were looking at the charcoal grills when I said we should check out the gas one and see if it had fuel. It did and that was a better solution than buying charcoal and lighter fluid. I kind of invited myself to join them and went in to defrost chicken that was in my freezer. They went off to get some groceries.

 The male (brother) cottage tenant was getting moved out and his sister was getting moved in finalizing the end to her staying at the flood plain cottage. The driveway was very full of cars and trucks. The upstairs tenant’s friends arrived, a bit of a challenge in the driveway, but got them parked. My roommate’s boyfriend came to pick her up, more maneuvering, but luckily when the trucks had left to take some items away. Glad I do have so much space out there. It was filled to the max. And the father caught a small tree with the mirror of his truck. He was very apologetic, but it was not an important tree, and actually was crowding an older tree. He offered to cut it down and dispose of it, which I said would be fine when he had the chance later in the week.

Their mother was excited to have a garden to work in and went to work weeding and planning how to get a lawn on one side. The father helped her paint the bedroom a lovely light blue and did some other work getting her settled.

A fun coincidence was when the upstairs tenant’s friends came, I was told that Dave was a grill master. Now it was Dave and David that had lived upstairs and in the cottage a few years back that had been the grill masters at that time. And here was another Dave who was a great grill person. I had a lovely time with these younger people. We all contributed something to the party for food and they had Sangria that I drank and enjoyed along with other shared food. Even as the night became a bit chilly, no one wanted to go in or home, so jackets were put on and the conversation continued into the darkening night.

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