How Many Meetings In Four Days?

On top of having to make some big decisions, attend some webinars and figure out health insurance last week, I had 4 meetings, a “thank-you” party and 3 webinars to attend in just 4 days!

I made some calls about Health Insurance, and after a 45 minute time on hold, got a person who was helpful and came up with a denial for Connect Colorado and gave me a phone # to call for the next step. That call ended about 1:20 pm and for some reason, I was thinking the storm delayed Festival meeting started at 2:30pm and began to hustle to get the food together and print off the items we needed to look at and the agenda. The recipe for the gluten-feee apple crisp I wanted to make was really off for the amounts of what it needed to work, so had to add more ingredients to make the topping actually top it. Then realized that no one had arrived by 2:30 and the meeting was at 3:30. And I was the one who sent out the notification! So cleaned the litter box and vacuumed a couple of rooms. A new potential member showed up and that was good. Got lots accomplished.

Encountered a very unhelpful operator when trying to follow up on the Health Insurance next step. After about 4 calls that went nowhere, gave it up for the day as I had to be at a Marketing Task Force meeting at the MS Chamber. That went long. Some big discussions going on and not resolved by 4:40pm. Set another meeting date for next week, same time to work on this decision.

Headed off to the KRDO thank-you party for advertisers. I had a lovely time. Met some new people and reminded them about Commonwheel for the Holiday shopping. And a friend I had not seen in quite a while. When she mentioned some people who I had become ex-friends with when one had accused me of things I never did. I told her a little about the long rant he had gone into when I had stopped by with a hiking buddy to bring him a bottle of Dos Amigos Tequila to celebrate his birthday. Then realized I had gotten into a negative line of speaking that I usually avoid, especially in a public setting at a fun event and changed the subject. Got her talking about their kids and then mentioned something of ASM and how I was wishing I could find some local craftsperson to represent. She mentioned an item her husband makes that could be a possibility. Later, I did email him, but haven’t heard back, and realized after the Thursday webinar, that this whole thing did not make sense for me or doing it with any craftsperson.

I did some heavy soul searching and watched some other trainings that night. Came to the conclusion this program wasn’t where I needed to be. A quote from Don Juan in the book “Everyday Visionary” pretty much got me realizing it wasn’t my heart path and so that was why I wasn’t able to get into the steps. I have all my life been into promoting artists, my art work and now my nephew’s company. Purchasing and selling items from strangers, whether in the USA or from China, just did not resonate with me.

On Wednesday, the 19th, I had a Marketing meeting for Commonwheel to discuss future needs and ideas with 5 of us involved in marketing the Gallery and shop in general. The Festival was an addition to this, but most focus was on the Co-op’s needs.

Came home and tried to make some more calls about Health Insurance. The operator wasn’t helpful and so I decided to look for another phone number to call and after a long hold, left a message with another person.

Then had to go to a MSAC meeting which went past its normal 2 hours. When I got home I was exhausted. I think this very cold weather is getting to me a bit also.

Thursday listened to a very interesting and uplifting webinar with Ben C. that had valuable information even if I wasn’t going forward with ASM. It was very long and ended about 20 minutes before the ASM webinar was to start. On that webinar, one of the people who talked really brought it to my mind that this was not the program for me to be into rather than inspiring me to stay in it.

During the day and after the theater show, I backed 4 batches of cookies that needed to be at Commonwheel for the Holiday Market open Friday night. OK, I cheated, I had bought a tub of cookie dough earlier in the week when I went to Costco. When did I go shopping, can’t really remember, but glad I had done it.

I decided I needed to talk to my brother, and he actually picked up the phone. We chatted a bit and he said he would call the next day to talk more when he had more time. This was one of the few weekends his band actually didn’t have a gig.

Just after we hung up, the woman I had left the message with called me. She was so very helpful and cut through much red tape and got me set up in the best situation possible for my Health Insurance needs possible for this year and into 2015. We also discovered we had blood clots in common. I looked at the clock and realized I needed to get out the door to make it to the Millibo Art Theatre to honor my ticket that I had ordered for the show that started in about 40 minutes and it was a 20 minute drive. Ever so grateful for her. And the show was really fun. About 5 people I know performed in different sections of 10 Minute Max this year.

Saturday, I spent time in my feather studio making some fun pins and hair clips and a couple of masks to take with me when I worked the shop on Sunday morning for Wm. When I got home, I had a meeting with the other person working on books with on Sunday. That was uplifting and interesting.

And some times this past week, when I was feeling frustrated with the ASM project, spent time looking for images of Sinister Frogs and worked a bit on my Dream Journals. That is where I need to focus more the next few days.

My chat with my brother confirmed that I was on the right track to resign from ASM. I had thought that the 21st was the last day to do that, but when I emailed them, I learned I had until the 24th. When I contacted support to tell them that, I got a message one of the creators of the program wanted to talk with me on the 24th and set a time to do that. When he did call, I was clear that I was done with the program, and he said he just was checking to see if there was a reason to talk about my decision, but I was clear enough that he didn’t pursue the conversation very long and wished me well.

Sunday the “Galloping Wind” Author called  and needed to have me do some fixes, but had to wait until Monday to take care of them. He came by in the morning and showed me what needed changin on the cover and the gutter just wasn’t perfect either. I had to do some shopping for Thanksgiving, and then came home finalized his changes today, Monday the 24th. Plus, I caught some text errors while fixing ones he wanted me to correct.

I opened a Facebook post from someone who had condoned the horrific situation and people involved around the suicide in 2013 because the image was intriguing. He posted about these incredible muscians ad  have been listening to them as I wrote this. Ever so glad I got past the negative thoughts of the person sending the post, as this is incredible music.

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