Mineral Springs Dedication June 2015

June 13 – Saturday
–Mineral Spring Dedication. Talked with the Greens about sculpture for Art on the Avenue. And they said really nice things to me. Made me feel they appreciated me.

FB-Where Water Comes From_4772
–Talked with Pete Lee a bit. Thanked him for being at Manitou’s special moments.
–Heard a councilman who wasn’t going to run for re-election changed his mind. Told him that made my day!
–Drove around Crystal Hills and took photos of Iris blooming.
–Farmer’s Market. Got some Organic Greens for $1.00 a bundle. Stopped at Safeway for cat food.
–Had lunch on the porch. Still feeling a bit of a tummy upset.
–Worked a shift for myself at Commonwheel when another member couldn’t work hers. Told her to work an extra one in July, but I didn’t want to just trade for one of mine.
–Took the Festival computer and sized more images for Web, FB and PR. So happy Robyn is helping with getting the images on the web site. Really appreciate her help.
–Posted on Facebook more garden shots. Took photos of Iris and Peony.

June 14 – Sunday
–Juiced Carrots and some greens in the Bullet.
–Worked for 4+ hours in the garden. The Poppies have new starts coming up, so cleaned up the bed more. So glad to see they were not dead underground after the hail damage. Planted the berry bushes near the far wall. Kept saying I was quitting, then pulled more weeds.
–Took out Squash starts and put them in little plastic containers for someone to take home and plant. Charlie showed up near the end of my time in the garden and took half of them.
–Fixed Bison and Chard for dinner.
–Did a MAP coning. Couldn’t stay focused. Need to do another soon.

June 15 – Monday
–Was going to do some work for myself, but decided to see if I could finish up the image re-sizing for the Web, PR and FB posts for the Art Festival. Kept working late on it and got it done after the MSAC meeting.
–Some glitches of who was and who wasn’t on the list I sent Robyn. I think I have it all right and done until others come in as new applicants.
–Working on getting a time to meet with Chi about Little Library. Had seen its door was missing and emailed her about that, but she had already fixed it.
–Webinar at 5pm that I had to leave for MSAC Board meeting just as it got interesting.
–MSAC Board meeting. Interesting mural proposal discussion from some young artists. Looked at other sculptures to place. Talked of the new web site and fundraiser. After guests left, I brought up some of the things that upset me at the Creative District meeting. Needed to be said and we are looking at ways to get past the negativity.
–Walked back with Audrey, who bought a “Discover the World of Squirrels” book and gave her the remaining Squash starts and some Lilies that hopefully will grow for her.
–Rained and rained hard into the night. I kept working late wanting to be sure no siren went off.

June 16 – Tuesday
–Got past financial reports to JC for Grant research, then she said she had gotten them from our accountant.
–Walked to PO and picked up another application.
–Posted on Festival Facebook page about 3rd Friday show.
–Worked on getting the sponsors corrected on the Festival FB header and sent to Robyn to change on the web site if she has time.
–Expert Media Show – deep one. “What am I doing here?”
–Emailed Tony about finishing coaching and a couple of questions for Inner Circle response.
–Connected with Shelly to go hiking Wednesday at Lovell Gulch.
–Did Bills. Still need to decide about the Cruise. Got a notice I have a roommate and was charged another payment.
–Wrote checks for Vivian and Edie. How can I sell more books? Not just for them, but for me.
–Catching up with many days for this journaling tonight.
–Only rained a little bit.

June 17 – Wednesday
–Went hiking in Lovell Gulch outside of Woodland Park. Really beautiful. Fields of Wild Iris, the yellow Toadflax and another yellow flower, plus a flower I don’t know the name of put on quite the show. Indian Paintbrush showed up singularly, then near the end in profusion.

Lovel Gulch Indian Paintbrush

Got totally distracted by pine cones forming in all different shapes and colors at the beginning and end of the hike.

Pine Cones on Lovell Gulch Trail

The weather held off until we were nearing the end. A few sprinkles. Clouds on and off. No butterflies, except one would pose for me.

Lovell Gulch Butterfly

–Lots of purple flowers including Wild Iris and a Columbine.

Lovell Gulch Purple Flowers


Lovel Gulch Wild Iris


Lovell Gulch Columbine

–No reply from Tony. New Grandbaby is quite the distraction I guess.
–Phone call from a long time artist at the Art Festival. Got into Sausalito, big money there, but he was torn about missing this show. Told him we would miss him, but shouldn’t miss going where there were people with lots of money to spend.
–Downloaded photos and did a post on Facebook and on my hiking web site.
–It did rain enough to water the garden, but now it is predicted to be dry the next days.

June 18 – Thursday
–Worked all day on the Press Releases for the Art Festival. What pieces I am missing still need to be added.
–Updated the excel with the checks that came in and the late applicant that was accepted.
–Logos for all the sponsors found and sent to helper with the Fest Web page.
–Mel had a bush and rose bush that needed planting. I helped decide where and started pulling up tall weeds around the house.
–Late dinner of rice & quinoa with a bit of garden parsley and sage. I had picked some tiny lettuces – people pay big money for a baby lettuce salad, so enjoyed that als
–Worked a bit on Clouds for covers of the Dream Journals. Not finding the perfect ones.

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