New Fence Section and Old Rose Removed at the End of May 2015

May 25 – Monday—-.
–Kept falling back to sleep, so I guess I really was very tired.
–The sun was shining. Called my hiking friend. She wasn’t up for a hike. Didn’t trust the weather to not rain hard today.
–Something told me to open the Festival email. Committee members working at the gallery needed direction about inventorying the T-s and how to put them out and where to find the ones that were not out. Called and got that moving in the right direction.
–Dug and dug and dug . . . about to give up when I got the really old, dead rose bush’s roots to come out of the ground.

Dead Old Rose Root Removed

It was very dead and very deeply planted.

Dead Old Rose Root Removed
–As a “Reward” I fixed my self a decadent holiday breakfast. Einkorn pancakes with raspberries & dark chocolate bits and berry syrup. YUM!
–Sitting on the porch eating my meal, I watched two dudes talking, throw a jacket on the most unstable part of my front fence. I thought I need my camera, then I should go tell them to not lean on it, then one of them did . . . and it crashed with him on it into the garden. Stinky dudes, they did put it back up. I asked if that had looked like a safe place to lean? “Gee, didn’t think about it.”
–I called my handyman who had been suppose to fix this weeks ago. He came down and screwed one of the long boards behind the most bent board into the posts. Will come tomorrow and work on this some more. He had had food poisoning AGAIN! from food he ate at his own home. Was looking a little green still today.

–Looking at the root, it made me think of Star War creatures. What do you think it looks like?

Dead Old Rose Root Star Wars character

Dead Old Rose Root Star Wars character
–I then worked in the garden until 4pm. Cleaned up more of the dead poppies.

Shredded Poppies after hail storm

–Moved 2 Hollyhocks and a large different type of Poppy out of the garden bed that we want to plant herbs in this year. Hope they all survive. Put them in the corner bed behind the Poppy bed next to the Trading Posts wall.

Shredded Hollyhock

–Then I started pulling weeds along the back area. Freaky as I was right along the edge of the wall with the creek roaring below. Kept reminding myself to be careful every time I moved my feet to not fall in. I was obsessed.
–When I took bundles of weeds to the back, I moved a shovel and discovered the dead blind squirrel my housemate was going to bury. I dug a hole where we have buried kitties before and but him in the ground. We had fed him for many years, but his eye suddenly looked worse, then we never saw him again until they found his during the backyard gutter project.
–My body is a bit sore . . .
–Tried to do a bank transfer for the Tony Coaching program, but bank site was wonky.
–Finished setting up the Squirrel Bonus using Aweber and on my HGB web site. Hope this is the start of a list. Maybe not perfect, but at least it is there.

Mama Squirel Climbing a Tree
–Posted on Facebook about the rose root and gardening I did today.
–Posted on a couple of Groups about the Squirrel Book. A few comments showed up.

May 26 – Tuesday—-.
–Woke late, but just in time for the Aine meditation.
–Karl was out in garden working on the fence replacement for 2 sections. No concrete under the post nearest the Ruxton Trading Company building. Cut up the old fencing into burnable pieces. My hiking buddy doesn’t want them. Will ask others with a fireplace if they could use the pine and cedar to burn.
–Momma and baby squirrel playing in the yard. Took some pictures.

Mama & Baby Squirrel at Play

Hopefully some will be useful.

Baby Squirrel Eating
–Drove to bank with tenants rent check, picked up Festival apps at the PO.
–Sat down to my decadent lunch and the phone rang. Food vendor needing a application that wasn’t at the shop. Told him I would print it off and he could come get it. Reheated my food and enjoyed the comics on the front porch.
–Realized I needed to add copyright info to the workbook. Then added some more info. Reloaded it into the bonus download section. Also put it on the HieroGraphics Books web site.
–More positive comments on Facebook about Squirrel Book in the groups.
–Write a letter to Indy for Sustainable Festival relating to article about Meadowgrass. Too long, asked to edit it.
–Eye Migraine just before Expert Media Show and now another one at 10:30pm.
–Expert Media Show was on editing videos. I bought the Fire Sale video package and the upgrade. Both can be resold and have trainings with them.
–Created the letters for the jury process for the 2015 Art Festival. Update & changed all the information. Will read them once again before I publish them.
–Posting on Life Upside Down-Write It the 2nd week of May. Almost caught up.

May 27 – Wednesday—-.
–Made the “parking spaces for the art Festival” phone calls. One person wil call me back, another yes, if . . ., message for Briarhurst.
–Fest job for BH suggested again.
–Copier Jam when trying to print the Legal sized letter. Bought this copier to do legal sized items and it has frustrated me since. Got it done.
–Quick lunch before walk with hiking friend up Cañon Avenue to the Governor’s ribbon cutting for the Phase 1 & 2 Mitigation Flood work in William’s Canyon.

Colorado Governor Hickenlooper

Colorado Govenor Hickenlooper, Manitou’s Mayor, Mark Snyder and a few other officials cutting the ribbon.

Flood Mitigation in Manitou Springs

Dedication Plaque Phase 1 2 Flood MitigationCompletePretty impressive work.

Flood Mitigation in Manitou Springs

Great that so many governmental agencies helped fund and worked together to get this done in a timely manner and on budget.

Above the Flood Mitigation Channel

  My camera battery died! Just recharged it. Used Phone for the last photos of people speaking and cutting the ribbon.
–Stopped at PO to pick up 2 more Festival apps. Will bring what I have to AM at the Board meeting Thursday night. Really wish about 25 more would show up!
–Wanted a power nap, but Little Kitty was hogging the bed. Her shedding has made her very Hissy lately.
–The fence is done and looks great. Wider spacing for the slats, more light and visioning into the garden area.
–Got the copies printed and matched with the colored paper and someone to do them next Monday for the Festival Jury. Had to reprint them when noticed hadn’t changed the name from “Arts & Crafts” to “Art Festival”.
–Put together info in case BH can be convinced to get some prizes.
–Said “No” to doing the Art Walk Map for volunteer time. Emailed Nat that decision.
–Downloaded photos from Celebration and did a Facebook post with them.
–Mel did a “leftover” dinner. I did dishes.
–Emailed AR our pictures from the Mona Lisa outing and the Squirrel Book with cover and the Bonus workbook.

Ann and me at Mona Lisa's
–Answered brother’s email about doing a forum for Ellis. Had some other suggestions for using the Blog that already exists. See what happens.

May 28 – Thursday—-.
–Will she, won’t she buy Rockey’s book?
–Decided to do the year-long $97/month coaching with Tony Laidig. Make it or lose all is sort of my concept right now.
–Did some Fest Computer Tasks for Jury.
–Walked to the PO, then took the Envelopes to the Shop for Ace. Also took the items to be copied. Didn’t want to get caught in a rain storm with all that precious cargo.
–Spent 3+ hours on getting the Fest office area more sorted out. Some things to just give away discovered that belong to me. Still not perfect and one of the plastic “shelving” units is collapsing. And things are in sepearte areas, not in notebooks, nor are they in “date” order. But there is actually some space there. Gonna keep the colored papers that were from Marketing for the Festival. Saves new purchase and plenty for what we need. I did use my own legal paper for the jury Artists Accepts.
–Got caught in a conversation with the “Hippie” Shop owner. Started talking about the missing Star sculpture, then went many directions. He mentioned having “grant envy” or confused why Commonwheel got them and he didn’t. “We all suffered from the flooding.”
–D’Vine Wine wasn’t open until noon, so went home for a short time. Then back to ask for the “10 person tasting” prize for the Art Festival. She will talk to the owners, but pretty sure it will be a yes. And then I mentioned the “Save Rusty” campaign and asked about doing a label for him, maybe donate some for the House Concert, of for some sales.She mentioned they might have some bottles that would be fun to label and donate. Still need to talk to the owners.
–Put “Save Rusty the Snowman” on Facebook and shared it a few places.
–Had to skip the Laidig training for Proven Content to go to the Board meeting that got moved from Memorial Day Monday to tonight.
–Was told the Ts can be on the top shelf by Wall Artist. Not sure who said differently.
–Never opened my personal computer . . .

May 29 – Friday—-.
–Started my morning out in an unusual way. Skipped protein shake and shower. Went directly to the garden.
Worked until Greek hiking partner showed up. Walked and had lunch. She had something for Rockey, so she did that afterwards.
–Stopped at PO, a few more apps. Later apps showed up at the shop and Shop worker had cardboard for me and brought that and apps to my house. Grateful for that.
–Decided to go back and work more in the garden.

–I am so sore . . . Got everything planted: 2 rose bushes, lavender, other flowers, the Cherry tomato plant and herbs.

Herbs planted in Manitou Garden

I had some hesitation about where to put thing, then just did it. Moved more Iris from where the Roses were going to be planted.

Weeds gone and raspberry starts planted in Manitou Garden
–Fence talk with neighbors. Encouraged them to just go for an option they have to buy a home that had much love from its previous owners. Would be really exciting if they do it. And they would still be close neighbors. Bonus.
–Haven’t heard back about Rusty or Art Festival from D’Vine Wine. Breath!
–Two loads of laundry done also.
–Pictures of beautiful Iris in the garden and at the Episcopal Church on my walk.

Iris Twins In Manitou Springs
–Pictures of a raccoon being cute.

Raccoon on Guard in Manitou Springs

And a few of a squirrel early in the day.
–Just as was about to get the hose all laid out in the garden, began to rain. Went in and washed my hair and showered. And it had quit raining. So went out and finished the hose project.
–Yelled at a young boy about to do a daredevil trick on slippery pipes above the raging creek. He backed off. I really didn’t want to see a human disaster in front of my eyes today.
–Fixed Chilli Relleños for dinner. Had 3 matched pairs, so just did it. And had a Tequila drink. Feeling it now. Really wanted a Hot Fudge Sundae, but resisted. There are brownies from Mel in the kitchen.
–Catching up here and then will put some on the web site.
–Feeling like most of the gardening is in place. Just need to water and weed during the next few months.
–The House Concert’s date needs to change and maybe a new venue. One person’s relative is very ill and another member is getting married that day!
–Really feeling sore as I catch up with my web site. Time to head to bed and rest in hopes of feeling great in the morning.

May 30 – Saturday—-.
–Farmer’s Market wasn’t there . . .
–Rockey’s Book of Love Day #1. Yes, I bought it.
–Walked to CMWL with a folded item & change in instructions for member to do when copying items for the Jury of applications.
–Visited with Rockey a bit. But other ladies were vieing for his attention.
Stopped at the PO and picked up a few more applications.
–Ace dropped off the box with the ones she had opened and put into Excel just as I sat down to eat lunch.
–Decided I would buy the book. It is just to beautiful to pass up. And lovely stories inside along with the illustrations by Rockey. It will be treasured by me and hopefully by someone in my family in the future. If no younger family member wants it, it is sure to increase in value and be sold when I age . . . after all the stories are read.
–Opened the other applications. Emailed people who made check mistakes. And a couple of food vendors whose apps I did not see. Everything in Excel and filed.
–My right leg has been really bothering me, today was no exception. Printed out Excel.
–Greek hiking friend wanted me to join her in some of the activities. Said I would come out for some of the music later perhaps.
–Created 7 pairs of earrings, then went to the Cliff House to hear the Storys play. Chatted with Rockey as the 2 musical acts changed out. Gave him a kiss on the cheek.
–Chatted with David Ball in the hall before leaving. Really need his story for the updated version of the “Flood” book. After seeing the mitigation work, maybe am about ready to do that.
–Home and 3 more pairs of earrings. Cut up 29 mask boards from the cardboard delivered yesterday.
–Walked out to dump cold water on plants just as Greek friend was walking up. Offered a bathroom break and the phone to call home.
–Head to bed or clear up the living room a bit or check emails and facebook for 30 minutes? Went too look up some info on Comcast email and got lost in FaceBook instead.

May 31 – Sunday—-.
Four hours of working with Joy on getting the application images into the computer.
    Hardly any problem children. Still took that long. She brought brownies and gorp, which she left.
–Wanted a break and laid down, had to talk myself into getting up and going into my studio for a few hours.
–Studio time. “Got the Blues” music and lyrics. So much more time to make masks with the feathers not as quality as in the past. And the new White Feathers will also be challenging.
–Made 3 Fantafaces masks using the crown concept that I had set-up the other day.

Mixed up Masks & Earrings

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