Sales Tax Ready to Mail and a Bit More Organized Office

I did end up spending all day in my office.

My Annual Sales Tax Report is finished and ready to mail!

Plus I got a good start on all of my tax preparation to get to my accountant for this year’s IRS and State Tax filings.

When I am finished with that, my filing drawers will be much more organized than they have been since I was evacuated for the Waldo Canyon Fire in July of 2012. That was the start to my being even more disorganized than normal. Grabbing important files and then never actually putting them back in their proper places . . .

It was a beautiful sunny day and a friend tempted me to go hiking, but really felt I needed to get my Sales Tax Report done, and found other items that needed attending to sooner than later.

I did spend my lunch time sitting on my front porch soaking up the sun and reading the Sunday papers.

As much as I love my computer, I really enjoy reading real news papers and books, rather than reading on a computer. Its the dinosaur side to me. And they are easier to read sitting out on a sunny porch than a computer screen.

At the end of the day, worked on a business card for Sharing Inner Health for Kathleen’s new business name and contact information. Next she needs me to create her a web site. Business card and logo finalized first, then on to a bigger project for her.

And my brother wasn’t happy with how I jazzed up the Parish Gap band web site. So I turned it back into what looks boring to me, but hopefully will make him happy. If you are ever in Oregon and see they are playing near you, go check them out. Really great performers who play a mix of original, current and past favorites.

I have some time still tonight to look at the Structured Water Book I am helping to revamp. That will also help me have a better understanding of the product and all of its benefits.

Or I could listen to the webinar I missed on Thursday, but I think I feel more like being productive than learning tonight.




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