Struggled with Feeling Exhasted All Day Long

An Early Morning contributed to feeling exhausted today.

I had a 9 am meeting for the Creative District application I am helping get prepared for submission on March 4, 1014. Unfortunate, I hadn’t gotten to bed before midnight, so that meant for the 3rd night in a row, I didn’t get 8 hours of sleep. And it is beginning to challenge my energy level and ability to perform at my highest ability.

I struggled getting up and dressed. Dragged myself out into the cold to walk to the MAC for the meeting. I refuse to allow myself to drive that half mile unless I am going to need to drive other places after a meeting there. The bracing chilly wind did wake me up a bit. I am not a coffee person – not good for my nerves, so didn’t drink any at the meeting. Only one other person besides the director was there. But what we needed to look at and discuss, that actually was enough. Glad we didn’t set another meeting date as the submitter has everything she needs that we could help with done. And it was a short meeting so few people. This is one of the things my talents are valuable for, and it is near to my heart as something I had wanted to see happen a few years ago. I couldn’t step up to do it, and no one else in the City did either. Thank goodness for Natalie and her devotion to the arts in Manitou Springs this application is happening now.

I volunteered to talk to a person in City Hall, across the street from the meeting place and on my way home, to see if we could get one more piece of information needed for the Creative District Application. She couldn’t actually pull up the data we needed easily, but would see what she could do for us by early next week. At least got the process started.

Got home and started to take a short nap when I realized there was a Tony Laidig training called “Your Genius Factor” that I had signed up for just starting. Some of the information was similar to a shorter training he did on this in the Expert Media Show. But it was a good reminder, and got me to thinking about how to better tap into my Genius to create abundance in my life on all levels, especially relating to a healthier financial situation.

Do I take this class? It is on Wednesdays and only one of the 3 classes can I attend live, as I have meetings on the other two Wednesdays.

Will I actually be able to breakthrough whatever is holding me back from sharing my Genius in ways that don’t just help others find abundance, but I create financial abundance for myself?

I do imagine I will take the class in search of the missing piece for me to create abundance for myself.

And at this moment I am extremely exhausted, so not in my most positive modality.

I was able to take care of some Facebook posts that needed correcting since the Children’s Show in the Gallery at Commonwheel was canceled. The current show is being extended. So I needed to remove or update posts that said “Display It Again” was ending on February 24th. I need to get a bill for my time for that work that I have done this month to our accountant, but not today.

Keep spacing out that I have laundry going . . . ah, the last bit is in the dryer now.

My brother called today and asked if I had enough PhotoShop skills to attach a picture of one of the mower pieces Ellis Brush Mower makes to a tank for an advertising campaign. Some of the pictures he has sent me are very cluttered with other businesses signs and logos and cars and equipment that I have removed. I remove anything that draws focus away from the item that they want to sell. Hasn’t he noticed what I have done when adding these photos to the web site? Guess not. So I assured him I could do this. And he needs me to find the stock photo of a tank for this idea they have. Well thanks to Tony’s training I should easily be able to do that!

Was suppose to ship a mask today. It is packaged, but didn’t get that ready before the Post Office closed. So will get it mailed off tomorrow before I head to a health appointment.

Macaw Blues FantaFaces MaskLooking at my Etsy site, I realize I need some more colorful masks there, as those are what are selling. I will spend time in my studio on Saturday listening to the radio shows I enjoy and creating some colorful masks for Etsy before it is too late to send them off for anyone that will be at a Mardi Gras Celebration in early March. That always helps to have time creating masks that I know will go out into the world and bring joy to whoever wears it.

Strangely, and sadly, my masks at Commonwheel haven’t been selling as I had hoped they would with Carnivale coming on March 1, 2014. Not sure why not. Not a one sold during the 20% off sale. I had contemplated raising their prices earlier this year, but not I am not inclined to do that with such slow sales at their current prices.

Then I attended a second webinar by Tony Laidig. The final one for the class I bought relating to creating Children’s books. I really need to finish up some tasks that will clear up time for me to focus back on books. Felt inspired, just need to find the time to follow through on my many ideas.

Plus I need to schedule my last 4 coaching calls with Tony that have been delayed way longer than either of us had expected. Flooding and health challenges are partially to blame. I still need to finish up a few things by the end of this month so I can clear the way for getting back to writing about what I am passionate about. Going to write him a short email now to get reconnected.

I hereby declare that in March I will create at least one new book and finish one or more that I have started last year before the flooding of Manitou Springs!

As I am sinking into true exhaustion now. So it is time to head to bed early and sleep deeply to awake refreshed in the morning.

Will vision myself floating on a bed of clouds and ask my spirit guides to show me some paths to follow to find my true purpose in life and how to share it in a way that benefits myself and many other people.Dream Clouds




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