The Day After Manitou Springs Carnivale Parade

Manitou Springs Carnivale was the second coldest.

After a 50 degree sunny day on Friday, we awoke to snow, fog and very cold weather for Carnivale.

But that didn’t keep the fans from lining up for the Gumbo Cook Off Tastings.

Gumbo Cook Off Snowy CarnivaleAnd many fun people showed up to be in the parade.

Too much preparation happens to not show up!

Juggler Skeleton Bus Hoops_1974

FantaFaces masks showed up on a few faces. Kelly Snyder and her husband Mayor Mark Snyder wore theirs despite the snowy weather.

Fantafaces Kelly Irr MayorAnd my neighbor Sara with a hoop was talking to a man wearing one also.

My fingers were frozen by the end of taking pictures of the parade!

I mean, really frozen, they hurt when I tried to warm them up at the house.

But I went back out after they were warm, sans camera and danced until about 6:30 pm.

Coreen & Shanti Toll at Manitou Springs City Hall

Councilwoman Coreen Toll and her husband Shanti came for the parade and then I caught up with them at the Townhouse Lounge. When that band took a break we went to the Keg where we danced to Arch Hooks. Great music was playing all over town.

Later, I ran into Sara and the masked man at Swirl while eating gumbo. I told him I had made his mask. He asked my my name, and I told him Julia. He took off the mask to confirm I was telling the truth, as I sign them, and yes, Julia was the signature.

I stopped at Commonwheel for a “pit stop” and looked to see if any had sold recently. A couple had sold the day before and 4 on Carnivale day. Glad to see that! When I left Commonwheel, Sara & the masked man were on the sidewalk and they grabbed me as I got to them. Walking in a threesome, went back to the Townhouse for a couple more dances. I ran into a couple of other friends. Chatted during the band’s break, but I needed to go home and get off my feet.

I came home very tired. Laid down and couldn’t get back up. Luckily I had eaten gumbo a couple of places, so wasn’t starving.

But that is why there was no post yesterday.

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