Festival Discussion at the Chamber & Commonwheel Work Day

I guess I am writing longer posts than anticipated, as I didn’t get to my full day at Commonwheel in the last post.

Tuesday morning I had a meeting at the Manitou Springs Chamber or iManitou with Leslie to discuss issues relating to the Art Festival on Labor Day Weekend. I discussed the Beer Garden proposal that I wasn’t happy with, and she agreed it wasn’t a good deal how they original proposed handling the financial side of it. Even with the 50/50 split that I countered with, the management fee seemed high to her, but then this is a 3-day event and she is used to doing 1-day events.

We discussed how the Chamber could help with advertising, send out emails for us and connect with motels for extra parking space for visitors to the Art Festival and so much more. We talked for about 1.5 hours and I had not realized that until I got ready to leave.

The shuttles were a focus and major discussion. We looked at the routes the ones that the City of Manitou Springs planned on running that would help us out more this year than last year. They will run into mid-September with longer hours and one is routed to turn around at The Fields Park where the Festival is held.

When I got home I saw my apartment tenant had put her rent in my mailbox, so I drove to the bank to get it deposited to help with my financial juggling. As I pulled back into the driveway, my Greek walking friend was just getting ready to walk to Inner Health. I mentioned I was hungry and so was she. So we went to the Maté Factor and split a Turkey Reuben sandwich and I used a coupon for a free Peach Iced Maté. I decided I had too much to get done before my webinar that night to walk, and it was kind of chilly anyway . . .

I went to put the items I bought at Lowes in the cottage and take some photos. I discovered that the new tenant was doing more than just painting, he had moved in some of his furniture and kitchen items. So I didn’t get photos of an empty space. Hopefully I won’t need them for many years to come and he will stay there quite a while.

Westword in Denver and I chatted about doing advertising for the Art Festival in their Summer Issue and online ads and an email blast like they did last year for the same cost. I amazed her describing what we had gone through last year. She wants info about the 40the anniversary that I need to remember to send her soon to see if we can get a story in that paper also.

Commonwheel’s Marketing person sent art for the ad I liked better, but still wasn’t thrilled with and made one more suggestion. I really liked the font for one bit of text and wondered if that could be used for the bigger text with the Show’s name. On Wednesday, she did that change and made it more of a Ruby Red that looked much better! Ruby is the color and stone for a 40th anniversary, so was glad to see this red she chose actually worked with them more arty text.

I did some FaceBook Posts and Tweets for Spectrum of Spring – ah, a paying gig! Didn’t take me too long, but felt good to add the photos that I took with the show up in the Gallery. And I played on the idea using Suzi’s Clay baskets for Easter Baskets that would last long after the treats were gone.

Tony Laidig’s Expert Media Show Tuesdays free webinar was on AutoResponders and was helpful in some ways, but mostly was just a push for me to get motivated to pay more attention to my business as soon as the 40th Anniversary Old Spokes Gallery show is up in the Gallery.

I worked late into the night on the Old Spokes Artist Statement File.

Got up just in time on Wednesday morning to get ready for my 9:30 am – 6pm shift at Commonwheel Artists Co-op. Grabbed a couple of my Flood Books to restock, as I had sold one recently. Took some clear page sheets to “wrap” my books I had down there.I want to have only one that is a sample and gets handled by the public to keep the others clean and undamaged.

I sold two of my Discover Essential Oils books today. It does pay to talk to people in the shop in many ways. I almost sold a Flood book also, but that person changed to wanting the Essential Oils book when she discovered it and told me she has been curious about them for quite some time. I made sure they knew I could be contacted if they had questions regarding essential oils after they read the book.

I had a decent sales day and I got some work done on Festival needs, started to redraw the Park with the new layout idea. I know I will need to go back and measure again, as some things just are not landing how it looks like they should from the first measuring.

I had some interest in my FantaFaces masks and jewelry, but none got bought today. Handed out my card for future reminders to those who looked at them.

I can see I have lots of work to do on the Old Spokes Artists Statement File tomorrow, but not tonight, not going to get sucked into that again.

And I want to add another post about my hike in the Paint Mines Park to my Spirit Renewing Hiking blog. This time I get to add some of images of the most colorful formations we walked above and into.

Colorful Formations in Colorado Paint Mines Park

Now you might understand why it was so hard for me to leave that day.

Just kept wanting to walk down another trail deeper into the formations where I was in total awe at Nature’s artistry.

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