Nearing the End of May 2015

So sorry for the duplicate posts of May 15-21. 🙁

At least had some different pictures, not sure how I mixed that up . . . but going on now.

May 22 – Friday—-.
–Checking emails for Festival. Attended to some tasks.
-Realized I had missed a meeting at Commonwheel to look at the basement. Haven’t heard back from the person I was to meet. Maybe she missed it too . . .
–Emailed a B&B owner who makes great muffins and asked if she would make some for the Save Rusty, the Snowman fundraiser. Realized the MSAC website isn’t totally functional, so didn’t want to direct people there yet for this fundraiser.
–While Roomer & her BF worked on the gutter fix, I planted tomatoes, squash, berry starts and more in the front garden. They put in the proper flashing and then created an amazing gutter configuration to take water away from the foundation back there. Maybe this will also help with the water in the basement problem . . .
–Showered and Took a short power nap.
–Listened to a webinar by Jeff Herring.
–Changed and went to StarGazers for Tiny Barge and the Big Chill. Danced the night away.

May 23 – Saturday—-.
–Walked in the rain to the Commonwheel Gallery to bring mask boards & the “Care & Feeding” info pieces I forgot the other day. Took note of what I had sold so I could make items to bring in tomorrow.
–Stopped at the PO to pick up applications. Still need to see at least 40 more to even feel slightly happy about the number of booths we can have.
–Sun came out. Almost talked self into working in the garden, but didn’t. Rained again.
–Talked with upstairs tenants about what I had planted and where they could plant some of their tomato starts in the front garden.
–Talked also about the bathroom project they are working on.
–Did a schedule fix for Parish Gap. Quick email check & Deja Vu greetings.
–Sized all items to go on Etsy and the CMWL web site. Retook the photos for CMWL web site. Realized I need to use a different background for the jewelry items to make it work quicker than the black one that needs to be cleaned up of dust.
–Put items on Etsy.
–Worked in my feather studio. Only 2 masks, but got Crown one’s set-up and Wings for more in the future.
–And here I am catching up with computer items.

May 24 – Sunday—-.
–Made 4 more Mask Boards. Walked them and the notes to add items to inventory for the web site and 2 masks to Commonwheel. Sprinkled, almost sun, then drizzle of rain on the way home. Getting the info in the computer on my return also took longer than I had anticipated. And I think I made some errors. Discovered I had put in a Blue Macaw necklace when it should have been Green. Will have to fix it next shop visit.
–It got busy as I tried to do this. Helped WM out.
–Came home to “lunch” created by my roommate. I never have been a fan of many foods mixed together, but that is how she cooks. It was a meal I didn’t have to fix, so that was good.
–Got the sabre saw from the basement for tenants to use on their bathroom project.
–They had heard racoon sounds in the chimney, but never mentioned it to me. Need to spray some YL Purification at the bottom to discourage them.
–Wrote emails about muffin donation for Rusty, asked MZT for info if she had any Cripple Creek hotel prize and others relating to the Art Festival. And asked a member if she could do some help for the Jury as she won’t be around during the Festival. And trying to get the projector for the jury which is now at the shop, found out after I got home.
–Gathered the letter info for creating the Jury letters.
–Thought I could finish The Bonus for “Discover the World of Squirrels” but it took longer than I had expected. Illustrations refined for the poems and getting it in order with a table of contents. Then the maze alone distracted me for over an hour.
–For some reason I am really tired. Not sure I can do the AWeber part for the bonus.
–Think I will put some more of these posts on web site, then play on Facebook for a moment.

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