Two Urban Hikes Today One About Faith

I hiked over to the new home for Transition Town Manitou Springs with my Greek hiking friend.

It is all about having faith.

They are working on buying a half acre lot with a historic Victorian home on it that is in the flood path.Transition Town's New Home in Manitou Springs

The bridge was destroyed and water got very close to the house, but didn’t damage it too much. The owner is aging and ready to downsize. And just getting the yard looking decent would take more energy than a single young person would have.

Transition Town Manitou Springs wants to make this an example of many ways to work with the environment, mitigate flooding, grow food and raise chickens.They are working on a rent-to-own plan so they can demonstrate that their business plan is solid and have finances in place to buy it as soon as possible.

This picture shows where the bridge used to be. They are not sure if they are rebuilding one, or working with the Bottling Plant to use their access. I can hardly wait to have a greener photo after they have put in some garden areas and plants begin to grow here.

My friend who just sold her school will be having her private practice here. Sharing Inner Health will offer Craniosacral and Lymphatic Therapies. She and her partner will also teach classes demonstrating Raindrop Technique with Essential Oils.

This hike gave me a chance to get a photo to put on her brand new web site.

And although it was the second mini-hike of the day, it also was very healing to remind me how others are not allowing the flooding of our town stop them from making progress in their business goals and dreams.

In the parking lot of the brick building, which is a Bottling Plant that bottles Manitou Springs Mineral water and only sells it to Japan was a strong reminder of the flooding.

Flood Debris by Manitou Bottling PlantAnd behind the building was a stack of sandbags in ready for the next flooding.Creek and Sandbags stacked in Manitou Springs


This right next to Transition Town’s new home.

The creek bed is much different than it was a year ago before the flooding.

And this is after some debris has moved down the creek. But the creek sides are much higher than before.

Gotta have Faith!

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